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Brit EC commissioner blocks Syriza question about murky exporters to Greece

Lord Hill – Juncker’s EC finance bully-boy – was born Jonathan Hopkin Hill. He is a former political lobbyist and PR consultant, and was Special Adviser to Cabinet Minister Kenneth Clarke. That means ‘pro-Europe’ mainstream, and it isn’t in code. That and his lobbying/PR shit background also make him the perfect EU envoy for David Cameron, as he steps up his campaign to join Angela Merkel in her sausage fridge, and go down in history as the man who reformed Europe, ho-ho.

You’ll get some idea of his Lordship’s commercial expertise by reading a little on his background. He was educated at Highgate School – an independent all-boys school in the Highgate area of north London – before going to Trinity College, Cambridge where he read History, graduating with the degree of Master of Arts. Hollywood casting metro-euro-elite-wishfully-unthinking Camerlot twit.

As his boss is Jean-Claude Drunker, JHJ is theoretically in a position to appreciate the Greek dilemma, and how it came about. So you’d think he would lend a sympathetic ear when faced with the mountain of glaring evidence suggesting that German suppliers to Greece played fast and free with brown enevelopes (and submarines that never turned up) during the pre-Papandreou years. For that would make Drunker’s point: there are two sides to this, and it is barmy to destroy the euro on the basis of a dispute about Greek-owed funny-money that Mario Draghi could write off with a stroke of his Mont Blanc pen.

The fact that Jonathan Hopkin Hill is not doing this tells us two things about him. One, he is a toady working for the Cameron-Merkel rapprochement camp. And two, he is a blindly idealist Eunatic incapable of grasping just what a lousy fiscal, economic and cultural disaster the European Union has become.

Dave has decided to turn a blind eye to German hypocrisy, as the price for trying to winkle some meaningless ‘deal’ out of Angela Mirakle. So Siemens corruption and disappearing subs are strictly Unhistory. Hill has been given his mission, and he is following it to the letter.

And talking of letters, this is an extract from the letter sent by by the Vice-President of the European Parliament and SYRIZA MEP Dimitris Papadimoulis, requesting information about the responsibilities, and information gathered, of auditing firms approving the accounts of German companies such as Siemens, Daimler, MAN and ThyssenKrupp:

“…which accounting firms handled the consolidated accounts of the company Siemens, Daimler, MAN, ThyssenKrupp both in Germany as well as subsidiaries / branches in other EU countries – such as Greece where corruption scandals have been investigated, and what forms of investigation and punishment have been imposed upon them by the authorities supervising auditing firms in Germany and Greece?”

This is not so much a loaded question as a primed nuclear bomb. It holds one of the keys to Greece putting together its case on odious debt. But the key itself is being locked away in order to protect the innocent. Despite the question being entirely valid, if you are a eurofanatic, or in the German elite, it then becomes A Question Which must not be Asked.

So fearless Brit and fine upstanding Highgate-to-Oxbridge person Lord Hill has refused to answer specifics in the Papadimoulis letter. Instead, he offered the MEP this pathetic woffle as a reply:

“In the light of observed procedures in recent years, shortcomings in the Community market for audit services, and any significant weaknesses in controls, led to new Community rules passed by the European Parliament in April 2014. These require examination of all such procedures to be compulsory. All Member States must comply with this, and implement the new rules, by June 2016.”

So if I can put into words what this exchange was about, it goes like this:

Dimitris Papadimoulis: May I look under the carpet please?

Lord Hill: the carpet has been removed because we decided to clean the floor instead.

People still in doubt about Britain’s future business partners around the globe should take heed of this mini case-history. We are a nation losing its freedom of speech, Rule of Law and personal liberties….hooked up with a Superstate that is also in the process of subjugating legality to the needs of the corporate State. Having Camerlot controlling the UK (with no effective Opposition) is bad enough: giving him his ‘Yes’ answer in whatever referendum finally materialises means the end of British Parliamentary sovereignty – and the final victory for increasingly crooked (largely unelected) agents of Mammon to run our lives behind remote closed doors.

It will be as if Hitler had won, but with none of the Nazi Party disorganisation to ensure the Fourth Reich implodes sooner rather than later.

From here on, it is every thinking EU citizens’ duty to offer passive resistance to that future Union. The immediate step is to support Greece to the hilt. The second step is to ensure the failure of the euro. The third step is to look at a different, less federated Europe where we apply best practice from every Member State – not the worst excesses of Berlin and EC inflexibility.

In the UK, we just had a General Election in which one Party made EU membership the big issue. The others offered nothing but surreal silence. This is an Establishment stitch up for their benefit, not that of the citizens. If UKIP ditches Farage and puts in a more rounded leader with more intelligent colleagues, I would vote UKIP next time. The tragedy is, it ain’t going to happen: it is our misfortune as a Nation to have a Resistance leader with all the sensitivity of Sepp Blatter.


  1. Have to disagree with your last paragraph John.
    If UKIP ditches Farage then there will be no UKIP.
    You may not like Farage but he has built and carried the party to achieve four and a half million votes. UKIP policies may need a bit of updating but Farage is a good and confident orator and the other party leaders fear him.


  2. Minor quibble. Lord Hill may have an MA but an Oxbridge MA is not like any other. Don’t be fooled. The Oxbridge MA is a sham. He will have graduated with a BA degree and then after 5 years and no further educational efforts paid £10 and had it upgraded to a MA. Those of us who had to slog for one elsewhere know the difference.


  3. Good article JW, your conclusions are especially strong, the EU is utterly corrupt and self serving. Cameron landed himself a millstone with the EU referendum which he hoped to trade away, now he is busy finding ways to skew the question and the campaign to secure a YES vote.


  4. Great stuff John. Thanks. I have passed your comments to UKIP HQ and you will hopefully be kept up to speed with leadership developments. BTW, have YOU ever thought of becoming…………….? Oh no, perhaps not.


  5. there is no alternative to Farage. Just like the labour party the rest are unknowns. Personally I like his style.Who has the political strength to stand up to the “yes” juggernaut that will come down the road nearer the time of the vote. We will be listening to all sorts of scare stories about coming out of the EU and it will need a voice to dispel and cut through the bullshit. Who but Farage?


  6. I do get your point, however the Farage issue is a bit of a red herring in my opinion. The elephant in the room is as you suggest the huge vested interests who want the EU hegemony to continue and have their hands on too many of the levers of power.
    I can’t see how the debate will remain focused on the real issues at stake since there will be a concerted drive to label the NO campaign as ‘racist’, ‘xenophobic’ or other similar emotive terms.


  7. The fact that “the rest are unknowns” is exactly the problem with UKIP – it looks a like a one man band. If Farage is seen as the face and the voice of “Out” then the out vote will be lost. The “In” side merely have to sell the idea that a vote for out is a vote for Farage and they will have won.
    The campaign – both in and out – should be as free from party politics as possible.


  8. I don’t believe for one moment that if we voted to leave, Cameron would act upon that decision by the electorate, he would merely find ways to nullify or ignore it. He/they are determined to keep us in at all costs. Hence Greece will still be in this time next year. No one ever leaves.


  9. KFC No one ever leaves ?

    ” You can check out any time you like.
    But you can NEVER leave”

    Welcome to the Novitel California ….


  10. Freedom of speech can never be lost, unless a Matrix style glued mouth fix is applied, or one’s tongue is cut out.
    One may get sent to jail for speaking one’s mind, but when there are enough people in jail and on hunger strike the statutes will change.

    Your decision not to speak freely is yours John, don’t lump me in with it.


  11. I have met Farage on a number of occassions. He is intelligent, versed fully in issues that matter, and he is great leader. He is surrounded by some very dubious types, in terms of : intellect, committment to getting out of the EU, behaviour, honesty, and open decent treatment of the volunteers who make up the ground troops. One woman regional organiser tried to get an educated old lady of sixty thrown out of the UKIP Torquay conferefnce because she simply asked about why complaints could NOT be put first to the person being complained about, with full reasoning made evident. That a simple question of natural justice should provoke an attempt to evict an old woman from a conference. Walter wolfgang in the labour conference, actually shouted in the conference hall. UKIP hugh ups have had the chance to sort this woman out , many times. They don’t care.


  12. Oh, please….
    ‘Andy Coulson was cleared of perjury today after a judge ruled that even if he had lied under oath it did not constitute perjury.
    Just what was it then, if not perjury?


  13. Farage is indeed the face of UKIP, and he can come over very well at times. On the other hand UKIP will undoubtedly eventually founder if it continues to be run as a one man band. Regrettably Farage seems reluctant to delegate or share power with others. Worse, from the point of view of those who would like to see us come out of the EU he does not appear to be willing to sit down with other organisations and thrash out an agreed strategy on a joint campaign. The British people need to be offered a single, convincing, well argued case for leaving, one that demolishes the lies and half-truths being put forward by the EU fanatics. The money and the media will be almost entirely on their side, so differing arguments from a divided opposition will inevitably lead to disaster. Will Farage be willing to give and take in order to reach a compromise strategy? On past form I suspect the answer is “No”.


  14. The destruction of the rule of law,soon people will/have lost the faith in justice & will ignore the laws they want enforcing,because of the laws they refuse to enforce on themselves this is not without consequences


  15. We need to continue to shout about the corruption and double dealing in the EU. Keep Farage, he may have his failings but he built UKIP up to 4 million votes and a couple of miles closer to a realistic understanding of the corruption in the EU.


  16. It shows up in neon lights that the judiciary has absolutely been corrupted and is part of the enemy ! They have long since forgotten their duty to the law is paramount even over parliamentary instruction. The introduction of secret court sessions was the beginning of the end of the rule of law….. This will not end well for those who brought about this situation !

    Where will they hide in the storms to follow – the laws being flat ????


  17. Agree with your point on Farage JW but only because he/ UKIP are political and the No to EU referendum body need to be people led not by business, politicians or media propaganda machines, but someone like Richard North and allies over at There’s no yes in autonomy, No to EU!


  18. Avo
    In twenty five years and three elections, Farage has never won a single Westminster seat. He resigned and then begged himself to return and carry on.
    We can do better than this man, and we must.


  19. Cameron stands no chance of getting any meaningful changes and he knows it and what’s more he doesn’t care because it fits his personal agenda……it’s a charade game.

    Everyone should have been aware of this before the election and if considered a serious issue should have voted ukip….


  20. You said the nation is losing it’s freedom of speech.
    On an individual level freedom of speech is not anybody’s to take away, you can be a coward and stop speaking, or you can speak your mind.
    If you and others are cowed into not speaking when the punishment is a bit of bad publicity in the rags, or a very short stretch in jail, or a fine then the nation truly is lost, because those punishments will just get harsher and harsher over the years, and before you know it the punishment will be life in jail, torture or death, and you will never have the chance of speaking freely again.

    If enough people speak freely and refuse to kowtow to politically correct shite then the tide will turn.
    It’s up to you, don’t blame the government for taking something away that is not theirs to take away.


  21. The short answer to Papadimoulis’ inquiry is: (a) you find the auditors in the publicly available Annual Reports of those companies and (b) auditing is not a supervised profession. There are laws and accounting rules and if they are violated, auditors get sued.


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