COULSON VERDICT: Britain moves on from no Rule of Law to the new rule of law.


Suddenly, perjury is OK if it isn’t ‘germain’

The Slog suggests an answer to why our judiciary is no longer independent, no longer to be trusted -in fact, merely the stinking reflection of a culture floating along in the sewers.

Major top-hat-tip to Peter Jukes, one of the few diligent, creative and inspiring journos we have left. On Twitter today, he points out that almost every press title and news station covering Andy Coulson’s ‘acquittal’ has him found not guilty of lying under oath. This is quite wrong: the Scottish judge used a dodgy precedent, got it wrong, and acquitted the former Newscorp phone-hacker of materially lying under oath. But split infinitives are as nothing compared to the disgrace of divided Judicial loyalties.

Follow the link for a proper forensic account of this new travesty from Tommy Sheridan’s lawyer. It explains with logic a five-year-old could follow why Coulson’s lies at the original Sheridan trial indirectly sent him to prison.

Then try and answer these five questions:

1. A similar ‘selective choice’ MO to that used by the cps in acquitting Rebekah Brooks was employed by the Scottish cps to allow Coulson to answer a charge of telling ‘material’ lies under oath. Shooting off your toes once is unfortunate. Doing it twice suggests deliberate self-harm. Why did the two services do that?

2. Perjury is perjury: the precedent wilfully misread by the Judge allowed Coulson to leave Court acquitted of ‘material perjury’. There is no difference, and the precedent was never meant for cases like this one…even if it was applicable. Why did the Judge apply it?

3. Why has Andy Coulson been found guilty of mass phone-hacking, but been sentenced to just 18 months, eventually serving a mere four months in an open prison before being released?

4. Why just eighteen months, when 3,000 rioting looters in Croydon got banged up for an average of 3-5 years in just over six weeks of trials…but it took nearly fifteen months to bring Coulson and Brooks to trial?

5. Why was the media reporting of the verdict as “total acquittal” so perfectly aligned in its willful sloppiness?

It seems that in Camerlot Britain, stealing a pair of running shoes is a more heinous crime than illegally invading the privacy of thousands of citizens.

It seems that in Camerlot Britain, telling lies under oath is OK if they were ‘white lies’.

And it also appears that, the day after an Alton Towers ride severely injured several people, tweets appeared on Twitter from personal injury lawyers quoting the near-disaster and pitching for the business?

I think that there is an important link here between judicial verdicts and legal firm misbehaviours. It is this:

Sooner or later, amoral lawyers become bent judges

As with a bent designer bus-stop bench, it’s much easier to lean on a bent Judge.

I do not ask for trial by media here; I ask only that all those of good heart and sound mind finally wake up…and ask themselves whether the sequence of Newscorp events over the last four years really can be explained away and then forgotten.

I ask that a crowd-sourced appeal be launched to have this ridiculous verdict quashed, and a new trial begun.

I ask that British citizens with something between their ears read this direct answer from Benito Mussolini when asked to define fascism:


And finally, I leave you with this Slog limerick to consider:

Arise the brand-new rule of law:

innocent power and guilty poor

Earlier at The Slog: Britain’s new export to the EU – perversion of justice

27 thoughts on “COULSON VERDICT: Britain moves on from no Rule of Law to the new rule of law.

  1. bye bye British pie, put the chevie to levie but justice was dry on the day that the truth died!
    The consequences of this are far reaching but more damaging to the perpetrators all for it leaves them disgraced in all decent folk mind! & another weak link that can be used against them in the future.these actions only out those that would have stayed uncovered


  2. Spot on. I have spent the last 5 years constantly amazed at the tricks lawyers and Judges go to in order to rig Judgments for improper purposes. These corrupt people have developed this into an art form which very few people understand, and even fewer give a damn about.

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  3. Cameron, Coulson and Brooks. Birds of a feather flock together.
    I suspect the Judge in question was under considerable pressure, pressure of the kind that said, “If you want to keep being a judge, be a good boy old chap”….


  4. ‘Germain’ should be ‘germane’:

    ‘ . . < classical Latin germānus . .
    4. Relevant to the matter under consideration, pertinent.
    a. With to.
    . . 1945 B. Russell Hist. Western Philos. i. xvi. 142 Socrates proceeds to give an account of his own philosophical development, which is very interesting, but not germane to the main argument . . ‘ [OED]


  5. Forgive the vernacular but this whole croc of shit stinks from start to finish. It makes me feel so angry and impotent knowing that there’s not a damn thing to be done while the game is so blatantly rigged.


  6. Rigged…just like the whole paedo scandal ! Endlessly postponed, with committees and inquiries and police investigations – Operation this, and Operation that. Apart from a few show-business patsys, how many of the bastards have even been arrested, let alone tried, convicted and thrown in jail ? (the real evil bastards, I mean…the politicians and police chiefs and church leaders etc.) None ! It’s just business as usual for the sick, perverted, public school freaks ! I’m with you John…people should absolutely NOT vote, en masse, so that no one can claim a mandate to govern; then the money has to be removed from politics, altogether. Paedos and corporate lobbyists…exactly on a par, in my estimation. And as for champagne socialists like Tony Blair, allegedly wanting £330,000 for a twenty minute speech on world hunger (are you kidding me?) in Stockholm…spend the fu**ing money on feeding the fu**ing hungry !!! Sorry…bit off topic…but I’m pissed off, and it is the same, in principle…all about corruption, and abuse of the system, by the establishment !


  7. we have got to get used to the fact that not only is it rigged but it always has been. thats its purpose. we have the chance while we are alive to turn into turds and float near the top….


  8. Craig Murray opinion;
    Andy Coulson lied under oath, repeatedly, in the Tommy Sheridan trail. He has not been acquitted of lying. He has been acquitted of perjury, by the judge, Lord Burn, who ruled that whether he told the truth or not would not have affected the outcome of the Tommy Sheridan trial. It is very important to note it was Lord Burn who took that decision – he dismissed the jury who were given no chance to have their say. So Coulson is protected from a stretch in Saughton pokey, and more to the establishment’s purpose, the conviction of Tommy Sheridan stands.

    Coulson lied about phone hacking in the Sheridan trial. Coulson has form. “Lord” David Burn also has form. He was part of the Megrahi “defence” team of advocates who failed to ask a score of glaringly obvious questions about the holes in the prosecution case and payment of witnesses in the fit-up of the century. The Scottish legal establishment is a sewer and Judge, Lord Burns is an Establishment bumboy.


  9. You see? The Establishment never fail to astound us. There are no depths to which they will not plumb. One should bear this fact in mind, should the financial Armageddon ever arrive which, I personally doubt, for the game is always rigged in their favour, and when it’s their game, their ball and their rules, how can they ever lose?


  10. The courts are a rats’ nest of dysfunctionality and, to be perfectly honest, always have been, no news there. The entirely reasonable expectation that they exist to serve out justice is all too often badly misplaced and ends in disappointment. In November 2013 I was prosecuted in the county court by the DWP after they forgot to rig the magistrates who had, some months earlier, thrown their case out. The court bundle included a thoroughly perjurous witness statement from a DWP employee, complete with a signed statement of truth, in which this individual stated that he had met me and that I had said certain things to him. I had never met him and, of course, had not said the things referred to because…. I had never met him. The judge simply ignored this tissue of lies and found for the DWP, referring the matter back to the magistrates’ court. At the mags, who this time had clearly been carefully selected, concerted efforts were made to stop me speaking at all in my own defence, both by the mags themselves and by the specially imported, and no doubt very expensive, prosecuting lawyer. When I refused to be silenced, a DWP employee suddenly developed a coughing fit which lasted for exactly the duration of my testimony. You really couldn’t make this stuff up. To say that it was a farce and an utter charade would be a very considerable understatement. Our once famous, although never infallible, system of justice has been progressively perverted over recent years in the interests of procedural convenience and administrative streamlining to the point where it is now, as often as not, nothing more than a sick joke. Most people do not realise how bad things are because, either through good sense or good fortune, they have managed to avoid the process altogether. Last year I found myself in the family courts due to my ex partner, an alcoholic, obstructing clinical assessments for my two children who both have learning difficulties and general symptoms of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. The assessments had been fully supported by a number of professionals including the local head of child protection, the community paediatrician, and the children’s GP. The outcome was that I was branded as a child abuser by CAFCASS and was made to withdraw my application. The whole affair was so deeply insane, there really is no other word, that I have been forced to acknowledge, on the basis of sound empirical experience, that we now live in a society that is very sick indeed with little prospect of things not getting worse. Lawyers are professionally amoral, it’s an essential job requirement, and those that eventually join the ranks of the judiciary inevitably carry that taint with them – some more than others, of course, but when they stop looking for the truth altogether, and are openly encouraged to do so by unsound legislation and corrupt oversight, then we have the perfect recipe for confusion and misery. And that’s what we’ve got.


  11. O/T from Coulson but a genuine question: Shouldn’t anyone who pleads not guilty to a simple charge (“I didn’t do it”) but is found guilty (“Yes you did”) be automatically convicted of perjury as well? Seems logical.


  12. I fail to see the problem. Sheridan is a liar and was sent down. Coulson was a liar, and also sent down. In this instance, the judge correctly interpreted the law of perjury. End of story.


  13. William Sheriden lied that is for sure,however what he never lied about was the fact that he was encouraged to do the work he performed,Coulson lie was to give the impression that Sheriden was a rouge & acting alone,justice may well have been served on Sheriden but his sentence was lengthened because he was a rouge,this perverted the course of justice ,because it enhanced Sheriden;s sentence not mitigated it,the lie also allowed Coulson & others to form a defence that would have been much weakened if he had told the truth,Coulson lies have damaged the judiciary reputation in more than one case,& now brought into disrepute,no wonder they want to get rid of the human rights act,they control the courts,they pick which laws & who is prosecuted under them,Great Britain isn’t great any more because of such judgements read Sheridens lawyers comments is this a biased trial or a fair trial,information not allowed, stopping the truth coming out & distorting justice
    I for one do not recognise the justice system in this country i wouldn’t swear on oath or give my word or do jury service,why bother when others don’t care for justice, just themselves!!


  14. @ Hiero
    So sorry to hear of your ongoing harrowing experiences with the law – isn’t it possible to appeal their decision?
    In contrast, my own experiences with the Court of Protection judges have so far been positive. Ditto with several lawyers, engaged on different occasions, the most recent under ‘legal aid.’ In each case, the issues were quite complex. However, like everyone else, I’ve also read of appalling miscarriages of justice – I guess it’s unpredictable and the luck of the draw, which is an unacceptable state of affairs.


  15. @alexei
    Greetings and glad to hear that your experience with the Court of Protection has been satisfactory – there are some horror stories from that neck of the woods too by all accounts. Admittedly, my own experience is more than somewhat prejudiced by the extreme dishonesty and denial of the alcoholic, but I was quite unprepared for the equal dishonesty of the CAFCASS reporter who quite simply ignored the testimony of various professionals. I won’t go into the boring details, suffice to say that it was an eye opener even for an old cynic like me. An appeal would, I’m afraid, be pointless and anyway I don’t have the energy or the money to waste – £7k for three hearings, at two of which I was unrepresented because my well known lawyer proved unworthy of her reputation, was more than enough for me to get the message! The comm paed, bless her, was devastated, the rest just turned their backs. No doubt some areas of the law are worse than others – the family courts are notorious, particularly where fathers are concerned, and luck is always a factor with these things. However, I would unhesitatingly say that in all too many cases justice is simply not on offer and that there are clear ideological reasons for this, many of which are examined regularly on this blog. I doubt that things can get better before they get worse, which is all rather sad and depressing. Meanwhile, we carry on and do the best we can! I hope that your own parenting situation is stable and gives you some cause for optimism, at least. Atb, Hb


  16. I, in turn, would like to request every reader and poster on this site to spread a link to this site and the many eloquently written, razor sharp, witty and intelligent articles that are found here.

    In an age where the light of truth is dimming and more and more honest voices are being drowned out by carefully crafted lies, propaganda, disinformation, platitudes, sound bites, cliches and the cocophany of irrelevant, specious straw-man ‘discussions’ and ‘debates’ , humanity needs sites like this.

    Finally, I would like to ask you all – What sort of world would we be living in when voices such as these become silent ?

    Take a long, hard look at the historical precidents for this.Stalinism, nazism, communism and fascism.

    “Your silence will not protect you.”
    – Audre Lorde

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
    — Edmund Burke

    There is no cruder tyranny than that which
    is perpetrated under the shield of Law
    and in the name of Justice.

    – Montesquieu (1689 – 1755)

    And most importantly of all, I refer you all to the quote at the end of Mr. Ward’s excellent article above.

    Time to wake up from our blissful slumber.


  17. CPS. Criminals Supplied with Succour Why do the duediciary openly treat us with “contempt “, Why do
    news-papers knowingly spread propaganda in this “Land Fit For Criminals” Communist are now in control
    the police work with their “partners”, re: social services, education & head-teachers, NHS, the court-service
    insolvency service( for thefts & frauds re;RBS distressing SMEs, freemasons a group infiltrated by a race of
    zealots involved in deviant ceremonies involving child sacrifice, satanic rituals denied by Sarah Derbyshire
    BBC and of course judges And yet officially recorded and acknowledged by the Royal Commission Inquiry
    NSW police paedophiles ( give it a Google ) and then Sgnt. Fluit NSW police paedophiles.

    It is all spelled out writ large ! this is the tactless truth ! not conspiracy theory ??? the Authorities are rotten
    and what is,nt filth dressed up as a Civil Servant, Public Official are the biggest cowards and traitors that
    have betrayed millions of us, including those that perished in two world wards Brit. Gerry, Italian, Frenchie
    all wasted for zionist corruption who infiltrate every authority in the world including Europe.

    Why did they bother with a trial ? they wanted to steal public money in front of your eye,s Legal Fees !

    And now Madoffs, crowd want to steal FIFA because of the filthy Lucre, just like the Glaziers took Man. United
    from a club in profit to massive debts. They want it ALL and a pathetic public is indifferant ! Wake-Up you
    stupid sod,s they are raping your children ! What chance Judge Goddard Rotherham Child Abuse inquiry ?

    The UK will prove to be far worse than New South Wales.


  18. Huge chunks of this piece have been lifted word for word from the Tommy’s lawyer blog. I think that’s a bit off frankly, given the guy is crowd-sourcing his costs. A credit would’ve been the least he could do.


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