At the End of the Day

At the End of today, does anyone who cares know which way is up any more?

Perjury is no longer lying under oath in a criminal court of law, apparently: it is lying in a way that could have been material to a verdict. Really? I don’t remember ever being told that before. Coulson lied about being involved in phone hacking. He was found guilty of phone hacking. Why did the Judge not give the jury a chance to decide if they believed a man found guilty of something he’d earlier denied…when it was his word against a man accused of perjury?

11th hour negotiations have been going on about the Greek debt issue. Half the Greek debt is owed to the ECB, which can write it off with zero ramifications. Half of the remaining half was incurred using the fractional reserve banking system of lending, which invents half the amount. The real Greek liability is 25% of the claimed amount, and it’s been the eleventh hour now for nearly seven weeks. Can these people add up, and have they discovered how to suspend time?

A Syriza MEP makes a request of the EC fiscal commissioner Lord Hill to be given details of the export deal accountancy involved in selling to the Greeks, in a bid to garner evidence for a charge of odious debt. Hill refuses to do so. Why is he allowed to do that when it is every MEP’s right to ask for information he needs to defend himself? Is Lord Hill under the impression that the Treaty of Rome has been nullified by the Lisbon Accord?

If all taxpayers by definition must have a bank account, what’s the difference between a taxpayer bailing out a bank and a bank customer bailing out a bank? Two answers: in the latter case, 1. the State gets off scott-free; and 2. the ‘out’ is replaced by an ‘in’. Anyway, we are no longer bank customers, we are creditors. Apparently it’s always been that way. Anyone ever open a bank account and get told the bank will nick the lot if they go up the pictures? No, I thought not.

For four years from 2010-2014, the Greek austerity programme produced a deepening recession in that country, proving every single IMF and FinMin economic projection wrong. Then Syriza get elected early in 2015, and in just two months it had made the recession “much worse”…in fact, Greece had “slid back into recession”…quite a feat given that it never came out of it.

In 2014, Andy Coulson was fund guilty of illegally invading privacy on an industrial scale. He was sentenced to 18 months and served four. His fellow defendant Rebekah Brooks – who’d been his CEO and with whom he was sleeping – apparently knew nothing about phone hacking. She got off. Coulson faced a further charge of bribing public officials. The cps decided it was “not in the public interest to go ahead with that prosecution”. Coulson never faced trial. Now he’s found guilty of lying under oath, but not guilty of perjury. The Judge ordered that there was no case to answer. The lady on the top of the Old Bailey is apparently blind to the existence of power and privilege. But it looks like her hearing is very acute indeed.

I can tell you exactly which way up things are. Corporate interests in the shape of multinational business, big banks and globalised media are right at the top – the only people that matter any more in the West. We the citizens are right at the bottom, waiting for yet another rock-hard quince to land on our heads.

We are the ones to blame, not them.

In the last General Election, of those turning out to vote, 37% voted for the Party actively promoting this model of politics. A further 30% voted for an Opposition that stood by and gaily watched the process happening, without ever once alerting the British people to the danger. Another 8% voted for a Coalition partner that had blithely colluded in the process of selling our birthright to the corporate sector. And a final 5% voted for a Party using what it sees as a foreign Parliament for its own Machiavellian ends.

All up then, 4 out of 5 British people voted for a cross section of the greedy, unprincipled and incompetent mediocrats who had between them over forty years created our current cultural, social, sovereign and economic mess.

Throughout the election I said “Anything could happen, but nothing will change”. I urged people not to vote for the same old same old. I was shouted down. 1 person entitled to vote in 3, however, did what I did. If we’d all voted Labour, it would’ve kept the Tories out. Would that have materially changed anything? I don’t think so.

1 person in 8 voted for a Party demanding a completely different approach to business and immigration. And 1 Person in 25 voted for giving a lot more thought to sustaining our water supply in particular, and environment in general. Both of those Parties did, however, put forward some policies of quite outstanding irrelevance and impracticality.

This tells us quite a lot about just how much attention the British electorate is paying these days. It’s not an entirely uplifting reality.

When I first started blogging in 2003, I used to write quite often, “The elite really do think we’re ignorant, stupid and lacking in any discernment”.

Tonight, I can be far more definite. I know that 80% of the electorate is ignorant, stupid and lacking in discernment. The elites know this too…and they can see the number rising inexorably with every general election. One would imagine that someone being anally raped with a broomstick spikey end first, day in day out, would notice. But 4 out of 5 Brits don’t feel a thing. Either that, or they enjoy it: who can be sure any more?

“I like Tony Blair, he’s a safe pair of hands”. “To be fair, you have to see this Greek thing from the German point of view”. “People who knock Simon Cowell are just jealous of his success”. “Rupert Murdoch cleaned up Fleet Street and made top-class football available to every family in the land”. “I don’t care what you say, Jeremy Hunt is doing a good job under difficult circumstances”. “Who cares what Baron Green did or didn’t know at HSBC…he knows his stuff about exports, and that’s what we need”. “Austerity has been proved to work in Britain, and the Left just can’t stand that”. “George Osborne has got the workshy off the sofa and created a million new jobs. I call that a success”. “The reason Labour lost is simple – we weren’t left-wing enough”.

I’m sure a lot of you hear the same robotic, starry-eyed wishful thinking and selfish, amoral cynicism all the time as well. For over half a century now, one new development after another has been hailed as a “realignment of British politics”. We have lurched from 1960s consensus to 1970s radical chique to 1980s loadsamoney and then finally the capitulation of New Labour to corporatism disguised behind socially liberal pc legislation about everything from fox hunting and smacking kids to LGBT and the gender ceiling. All Camerlot has done is gratefully pick up the pieces, and carry on with the process.

Throughout the entire process, two things have been missing: the common sense to retain the important achievements of the past; and the creativity to think of something better.

When the econo-fiscal reality finally hits at some point in the near future, we will see millions of bamboozled faces, and dozens of new laws (or “legal instruments”) taking an even further grip on truth, dissent and State access to privacy. I’m beginning to seriously doubt whether – even when it becomes obvious they’ve been conned – the British people will know what to do – or indeed, whether they can be bothered.

32 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. excellent analysis…..
    Is it possible that when the majority of the population wakes up to the reality of their position, they will turn to violence?
    In all probability, when the truth sinks in, and Camerlot and co have been found out because of the sudden pain felt by the people – the violence in the streets will start again, quickly leading to the underbelly of resentment – racial civil war that the authorities will be happy to stand back and watch. Divide and Rule.


  2. The people are deceived by Media lies, distracted by irrelevant issues (see FIFA –Sepp Blatter) etc. Befuddled by soap opera celebrity culture and Saturday footie.
    They have no concept of how they are being ground down.
    They are too tired just getting by and keeping their debt laden heads above water
    There will be no change, until their bellies are hungry and their arses cold.


  3. June marks two great anniversaries for Britain. 800 years since signing of Magna Carta which promised access to justice (admittedly for the Barons) June 15th, 200 years since the end of Napoleonic Europe with the Wellington’s victory at Waterloo, June 18th.
    So, that’s a defeat for TPTB and another for Europe.
    Fat chance of that happening again


  4. Mr Ward, as a silent follower of your blogging Id like to relate a work story from today;

    Lunch in MacDonald’s with colleagues and german friend: after we’d finished our healthy meal we started to discuss greece and how they can possibly pay back more, I suggested they might do a Cyprus on it but my colleagues disagreed and said to quote them “if those lazy greeks just paid their feckin taxes they’d be grand”. I played along with it for a bit…..they continued and said that no one in the Helenic state, public nor private sector pays any income tax, vat etc. and they just keep electing coniving politicans who promise to continue the practice yet giggle behind their hands while asking the poor germans for more mula.

    I couldnt get over their attitudes and opinions…..complete bollox as youd say but where do they get it from?

    Bewildered and sleepless in Cork,



  5. There’s a interesting ‘concept’ that been circling industry for a while now, they encourage people to not concern themselves about anything that is ‘out of their circle of influence’. Of course not much in the way of what that circle of influence is, just don’t bother with it if it looks like it will be a bit difficult. Clever eh?


  6. Its hardly surprising the electorate is so delusional: they have been fed illusions, The principal illusions is that banks lend on other people’s savings to businessmen to increase production.That one went down the Swanee when the BoE published the quarterly bulletin “Money creation in the Modern Economy”in 2014 which explained that banks just create new money on the spot and don’t “lend” anything. It follows that a Sovereign Money scheme whereby the State creates its own money instead of borrowing off the con-artists, is more honest and efficient.For starters the State could stop most “bank lending” going into property, although a land value tax could do this more indirectly.The Greens had Sovereign Money and Land Value Tax in their manifesto BTW


  7. You make a good point KFC, (excellent post by the way JW) – We are having this precise fun in my dank corner of the NHS, a new computer system that was going to ‘link everyone together on one platform’ has just landed. As you would expect, the whole thing is a dangerous debacle with people who should be looking after vulnerable people spending half their day trying to navigate/access a system designed by deranged psychopaths.

    KFC’s point about ‘just do your bit – ignore the rest’ is an extension of the well documented ‘bystander effect’ phenomenon. The problem is that everybody thinks someone else is going to fix the issue and therefore when it becomes obvious that everyone is just offloading problems on everyone else, precisely nothing is achieved. I could go into more detail but this is already becoming political and so I’m not going to comment further – just keep an eye on the news.


  8. Well said, trouble is the ramifications of what you suggest are so vast that wars will be (and in the opinion of many thinkers – are being) fought to prevent such change.


  9. @DBC Reed. Indeed. The bank of Canada used to provide loans virtually interest free mainly for infrastructure projects from its creation in 1935 right up until 1974. Canada’s economy flourished. In 1974, someone at the Bank of Canada made the decision to join the B.I.S. and to borrow money at interest from private banks instead. A court challenge to this decision is currently in progress as an enormous proportion of Canada’s national debt is now interest owed to these private banks. Interest that would not exist if the pre-’74 situation had continued. Strangely (or not) there has been very little coverage of the case even though the public interest group responsible for the court challenge (COMER) is represented by Canada’s best-known constitutional lawyer, Rocco Galati. This apparently unilateral decision by a central banker back in the ’70’s offers a perfect example of the anti-democratic, traitorous actions of the plutocrats and their minions.


  10. DBCR
    ‘Fractional reserve banking’ they call it. A bit like calling the Nazi death camps ‘gas-fired holidays’.


  11. Of course this is the intended destination. To strap everybody into the fiat/fractional reserve system with no alternatives, every and all transactions will be subject to scrutiny. This of course makes little difference to the drones who operate from payday to payday slaving under their debt load. Anybody with any sort of wealth will be targeted and milked for their wealth whilst the Sun readers are propaganised about ‘tax dodgers’ and ‘greedy fat cats’ – who are now just people who managed to put some wealth by during a long career.

    Of course the oligarchy will be exempted from this harvesting since they will simply say ‘we’ll move to Shanghai if you move against us’ and that will be that.

    Cynical – upon re-reading the above… yes.


  12. Impoverished Psychologist – Martin Niemoeller summed up the bystander effect perfectly: :-

    First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a communist;
    Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a socialist;
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a trade unionist;
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out – because I was not a Jew;
    Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak out for me.


  13. Top analysis, thanks JW.

    So the financial news we’re fed is crap – a huge crash on the way.
    The environmental news we’re fed is BS – a 30 year cold snap is likely looming, not global warming, & cold kills.
    The political news we’re fed is pure lies – Osama bin Laden did it (9/11), WMD (IRAQ), Putin aggressor (UKRAINE) etc, etc, etc.
    The “GREEN” crazies advocating depopulation are calling for EBOLA, as aids is too slow;

    Conclusion: We are living on Planet LOONYTOONS, & the murderous loons are running it.
    We live in the most interesting of times, ever.

    Salford Lad has it right, as usual.
    John Doran.


  14. look at them dropping their macdonalds rubbish on the road…I know you would think the council would do something.
    Is the conversation between people who fall for the government ‘we will do everything for you, honest guv’ just pay here con.


  15. @canexpat Amazing story ! Wonder why we haven’t heard of this legal challenge over here? (snigger)
    Canada has a distinguished history of not believing what they’re told: the Social Credit movement which campaigned on regaining control of credit creation from banks and distributing it as monthly National Dividends to all citizens did well over there. Better than in Britain where it started.
    John is not quite up to speed when referring to fractional reserve banking.The BoE Bulletin referred to shows that the banks don’t even have to have a reserve from which to multiply up loans.


  16. Another assiduously encouraged popular illusion is that house price inflation is not inflationary and does not reduce demand by lumbering the young with high mortgage repayments and rents. It also increases homeownership(!!).Also wage increases are always inflationary no matter how much validation by increased production.
    I seriously suggest that the whole economic Doomsday scenario we are now in could be remedied by Sovereign money and a bit of from here-on Land Value tax where the tax kicks in only when land values head up.


  17. This has reminded me of another apparent miscarriage of justice in Scotland.
    Eilish Angiolini, head of the Scottish legal system, (Procurator Fiscal) has seemingly been engaged in a cover-up in the Hollie Greig case.
    Hollie, a downs syndrome girl, alleged in 2000 that she had been abused by her father & a ring of his friends high in the Scottish legal system, including police & a judge, from the ages of 5 to 15,

    It would seem that there is a possibility that Scotland is ruled by paedophiles.

    Hollie’s uncle apparently got too close to exposing the truth & became beaten to death & torched in a car.
    There are websites devoted to denigrating Hollie’s Mum & those close to her, which, to me, lends credibility to their case.
    Robert Green has been jailed a couple of times for his vigorous & brave support:


  18. From the media, Josey: it’s a non-stop stream of Grecophobia and europhilia.

    My grandma Mary Theresa Mahon came from Mallow, just outside Cork.


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