GREECE CRISIS: Syriza boosted by Daily Mail reports that Greece is ‘disgusting hellhole’

dacreteethDacre…a prick owned by a toad


Hard on the heels of a Daily Torynaff report claiming that Turkish border guards were allowing huge members of Syrian asylum seekers to cross into Europe aboard holiday ferries serving the Greek islands comes a report in the Daily Mail asking: “How many more can Kos take? Holidaymakers’ misery as boat people from Syria and Afghanistan seeking asylum set up migrant camp to turn popular Greek island into ‘disgusting’ hellhole.”

It speaks volumes for the hearts-of-stone values of Daily Mail readers that they view abject human misery as hugely secondary to their enjoyment of a package holiday. Indeed, the Mail article features British families relaxing on sunbeds only a few metres away from migrants that – obviously – are spoiling the view. There is no irony in the juxtaposition: it is the migrants who are guilty.

Oh dear. I feel a red mist coming on.

One of the most attractive things about Greece for a Grecophile Brit like me is that it was (until it was Troikered) everything Daily Wail readers hate – viz: fun, unpretentious, unpredictable, easy-going, young and largely unspoilt by high-rise package holiday carbuncles.
Daily Mail readers take caravan holidays in Wales or – if they’re really adventurous – Germany and Scandinavia. They cut the crusts off cucumber sandwiches, will shoot anyone who criticises the Royal Family, are gagging to restore the death penalty, and pronounce ‘bucket’ as ‘bouquet’.
What the Dacre Mail does is pander to their myriad bigotries – and by doing so, this petit-bourgeois tabloid has become easily the most commercially successful news site on the internet anywhere – seriously: it is mining an infinite vein of fool’s gold.
Being a confirmed pacifist, I could not of course countenance all Daily Mail readers being sent to concentration camps….despite the fact that the one thing these Nazis need to do is concentrate on using the left cortex now and again. No: instead, I would sentence them all to receiving tickets to a Royal Garden Party.

They would tell their complete nuclear family, every acquaintance in a 20-mile radius, and write to the local paper about the honour bestowed upon them. They would spend upwards of £3000 on dresses, hats, car valets and tailor-made cavalry twill trousers in anticipation of the Big Day.

And then they’d turn up…..only to be told that the tickets were counterfeit.

They would suffer death by a thousand humiliations for the rest of their pointless, curtain-twitching lives. You see, a life sentence will always be a more agonising – and therefore richly deserved – fate than one second’s pain as the trapdoor opens and the rope tightens.  Gilbert & Sullivan were not entirely superficial in their lyrics.

Prison is the most dysfunctional system ever invented for the purpose of reforming the unfortunate: the only thing it breeds is reoffending by the inveterate, and the only thing it serves is mindless retribution – one of the many poisonous things the Daily Mail devotee desires….for other people.

Given that context, Prison in the Community is the most deliciously non-violent punishment a pacifist could devise for all those respectable Brownshirts – who would anyway be far better off reading English translations of either the Völkischer Beobachter, or Der Stürmer.

The more brutal judges might, however, sentence them to five years in Kalamata…but this would be a mistake, for they would all take out citizenship – and then join Chrysí Avgí, that is the Greek neo-Nazi Party Golden Dawn.
I invite my Greek friends to see the Daily Mailer’s views about Greece as the supreme compliment. Ζήτω Ελλάδα!

28 thoughts on “GREECE CRISIS: Syriza boosted by Daily Mail reports that Greece is ‘disgusting hellhole’

  1. Brit Daily Mail Holidaymakers…and….Scheuble/Troika/EU/ECB/IMF bear an eerie similarity – surely there’s something they’re not telling us…..!


  2. The asylum seekers situation looks dire from here, in front of a web page.
    About time the general western populace recognizes that the Med as a holiday destination is shrinking.
    Can they be bothered to ask why?
    MH17, why? etc. etc.


  3. Guess these holidaymakers are from another planet. The peoples that cause their “misery” and discomfort are mainly the hundreds of thousands of war refugees from the ex-states of Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan et al. They are fleeing their homelands that our civilized eurounion and others helped to devastate by turning them into Hell on earth. Empathy and love dont live here anymore.


  4. Wow. Stereotype, much? Aren’t you simply doing what lefties always accuse others of doing? Or are you too arrogant to recognise the hypocrisy?


  5. Emmanuel
    The parochial, smug selfishness of these gargoyles beggars belief: they make me ashamed to be English.


  6. Oh man, that was one ‘coffee spitter’ of an article.

    So many of the ‘Daily Mail’s’ hang em and flog em brigade (that would most definitely like to both hang and flog me) are parodied down to a T in those few paragraphs.

    Absolutely brilliant.

    Another slogger now writing from France …


  7. Unfortunately the two publications to which you refer ceased printing in 1945. Something to do with the glorious Reich being brought to its knees by quislings and hirelings . But your suggestion they should be reactivated gives a very radical idea …….. always working towards the greater glory of the Grrmanic- centred EuroState. Thsnk you agsin Mr Ward.


  8. Of course everything is far from perfect concerning migration policies and practices. But HoliDaily blackMail should start its report with why those immigrants left their home countries and if the reasons have anything to do with wars over oil pathways.


  9. Completely off topic: ‘Killer robots will leave humans ‘utterly defenceless’ warns professor
    Robots, called LAWS – lethal autonomous weapons systems – will be able to kill without human intervention’
    It’s a scary article.
    Think I mentioned this a while ago…. I am really starting to believe in this ‘depopulation’ theory.


  10. Killer robots will see the light of day and one percenters will be the among the first purchasers after government. They will become protectors of wealth and property for the elite.


  11. fascinating ….
    as so often, the numbers reveal the mood of the people.
    Have a look at ‘best rated ‘ replies to the article.
    Forget the pc. Personally, I agree with the crowd. The economy is improving, I’m making money, and I don’t want to see any more nignogs.
    How is it that this slogblog boasts continuous gloom and doom on the economy, and yet wants to host the entire 3rd world in Britain. The solitude of Sloggers Roost is an excellent faux chateau to broadcast this out of touch drama.
    Needs saying old chapter.


  12. +1
    Lots of nonsense and yes men agreeing all the time.
    Even a 5 year old could tell you that Greece is letting the nig nogs in to force the hand and blackmail the troika twerps into extending their loans. Greeks will lose tourism again. Bunch of bent thugs always on the make for another loan.


  13. You’d be happy if the asylum seekers turned up at your village or camped outside your house, John?
    Because that’s basically what they are doing by arriving in Kos illegally.


  14. Speaking for myself I would be bloody annoyed if they pitched camp outside Caratacus Towers. They would get what food and help I could give – my annoyance would be directed at the fools, knaves and charlatans who strut about the world stage, buggering everything up and caring not a jot. Those people I could cheerfully take to sea in a rickety boat with no life-jackets and a well-charged cattle-prod.


  15. Oh c’mon John
    Mr Dacre knows absolutely how to pander to his lovely Brit Mid Class bigots.
    But you tell us nothing new about he Maily Dale.
    I think we all knew that already.
    But it’s good for the occasional RANTipoo!!


  16. Turkey gets rid of Syrians and Greece gets to stick it to the EU through a leaky southern border. Not to difficult to see what is going on. One mans migrant is another mans illegal immigrant. In 50 years Notre Dame will be a Mosque. Deal with it.


  17. I was against our intervention in Afghanistan, marched against the Iraq war, knew Libya would be another disaster etc. However, you’d have to be extremely naive to think it’s a good idea for Europe to allow more muslims to settle here. I’ve visited a total of 7 muslim countries, including some held up as shining examples of progress and democracy. I can assure you they are all hell-holes. Not necessarily because of poverty and overpopulation, but because of the gibberish the people are barinwashed with from cradle to grave and which intrudes into every aspect of life and which is reinforced every hour of the day. We are facing a zombie apocalypse.


  18. But Tom & Caractacus, we are talking HOLIDAYS here and VICTIMS….not feckless travellers staying put near your HOME.


  19. What would have happened to Europe in WWI and WWII of all the men of fighting age in the allied countries all got on steamers to America?

    Why, as France suggests is it the job of Western troops to risk their lives in Muslim lands, fighting Muslim battles whilst 30 million Muslim men of fighting age (with thousands more arriving daily) hide in Europe?


  20. . I don’t read the Daily Mail or Telegraph . That said I gave to ask why in the last few years so many want to come to Europe. Clearly the West’s interference has had a major impact ,allowing the radicals to gain a foothold when before their tyrant leaders kept them in check. So now they are coming to a town near you,undoubtedly with the radicals mixed in. Greece being financially screwed is now going to see its last remaining profitable business,tourism ,affected by large numbers of migrants arriving ,squatting,begging,possibly engaged in criminal activity,even terrorism and say what? Welcome? We will look after you financially? Half the Greek population is out of work yet they are supposed to accommodate these people? And where will they be next week? Queuing up at Callais,that’s where,as they are going to go where the benefits are best.
    Come and look at towns and cities like Slough,Bradford and thousands of other places to see the results. Already faith schools are being set up spouting their racist bigoted separatist views. History has taught us nothing ( N Ireland ,West coast of Scotland) . You think these migrants are going to integrate? No chance! They want to set up the thing they hated in their own countrie.They are not for the most part educated,so we will be paying for that,putting a huge burden on our education and health services paid for by taxpayers. They will also have an impact on salaries generally as we have seen from the Eastern European invasion. Perhaps the cause of their migrating would be a cheaper option.


  21. John I feel you are a little too hard on the average Brit. Me mums family may have a bit to rosy a view of Kate and Wills and the rest of the Windsor clan but that is just about the entertainment side of things., Just look at all the twits here in the USA who are all concerned about the Kardasians or what Justin Bieber ate for breakfast. Its the same thing. Anyway you are also IMHO a bit too snobbily “down” on the Golden Dawn boys and Girls In Greece, again IMHO because they have a decidedly UN rosy view of the Banksters and the rest of the crooks who have run Greece into the ground ever since WW2. I like GD even though this admission probably classifies me as a Nazi by some liberals standards, precisely because they are the ONLY political group is Greece who realizes the extent of the problem and has actual plans ( Verses the liberal daydreams of the Syrizia leftists) to do something about it. No they do not play coy games with the banksters asking them to forgo a complete rogering for a few blow jobs, They insist the rapist pullout completely and are prepared to metaphorically ” cut it off” if he don’t.
    Yes I am well aware that this sort of thing can get out of hand, why just look at America in 1776, for instance. . .


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