THE MEDIA: Here is the news…..but where is the searching analysis behind the news?

Asked on a UK quiz programme who was shot dead in Dallas in November 1963, a thirtysomething contestant answered, “J R Ewing”. Fourteen senior FIFA officials have been arrested and charged with corruption in relation to World Cup venues and other serious issues. Tom Hayes, 35, who worked for UBS and Citigroup in Tokyo, made £4.8m in five years at the banks, during which he organised manipulation of the London interbank offering rate, known as Libor, on an almost-daily basis, it is alleged. A U.S. airman “with no apparent motive” walked into a Wal-Mart Supercentre in North Dakota early yesterday and opened fire with a handgun, killing one worker and injuring a second before turning the gun on himself, say police. A new study has claimed cash could be obsolete withing the next ten years and will be replaced with smartphone, credit card and tablet transactions. A woman has waived her right to lifelong anonymity to allege that a well-known politician was part of a VIP paedophile ring that sexually abused children in the Staffordshire countryside in the 1980s and 90s.

An increasing number of educated Westerners are ignorant. An increasing number of sporting institutions are crooked. Almost every banking, bourse and central bank around the world over the last five years has been caught illegally manipulating econo-financial reality. People with access to firearms kill people with what appears to be increasing regularity. The authorities want cash abolished, even though this is bad for economic recovery. VIP UK politicians stand accused of paedophilia on an industrial scale, but the motives of accusers remain the subject of fierce debate.

The news we get today – plus briefings, leaks and allegations that influence what version of the news we receive – serve largely to confuse through the medium of partial information. They’re also easily turned into rampant mob reaction with terrifying ease. Variously, “events” can be used as distractions, propaganda, hidden spikes rammed into bigger stories, and incitement. There are a number of reasons why this is so, but it takes two to tango: gargoyle-controlled media persuade poorly educated and time-starved citizens across the piece. Their chief weapon is puerile superficiality.

Here is my take on this, for what it’s worth….

The problems we face in the West are, at ground level, culture, education, and constitutional Law. In most of Europe and the US, the culture is shot to shit; in most places, the education is narrow and gullible; and constitutional law is being trampled on a daily basis. Hardly anyone in mainstream media writes about this, most voters never think about it, and pols keep insisting it’s a figment of the imagination.

Further below that, elites run almost everything from Wall Street to Warsaw – so there is a political process problem, social despair issues, and an economic version of capitalism that remains what it’s always been: an excuse for a few hogs to get fat, own media, and/or pay off the legislators, the police – and increasingly, the bureaucrats. Every single tenet of neoliberal economics has been found wanting in practice, and flawed in philosophy.

The analysis of this (in both digital and old media) is risible. Awareness of it among the political class is virtually non-existent. The level of commentary is at the lowest possible level of common denominator….this year so far, for example, an endless stream of rumour, guesswork and fictional truth-bending focused on Greek debt – and why it’s all the fault of the Greeks themselves. Next week maybe – Syria and why we like Assad after all. A week later, why Putin is just a mad old Commie who needs putting down. Mixed in generously are bond-yield spikes, QE, growth figures of 0.05%… fact all the events, but none of the analysis my generation took for granted. How silly we were to do so.

So the only way one can make progress in my medium is to pinpoint an area people do care about, because it involves money. As I couldn’t GAF about money personally, this is proving something of an enervating task for The Slog, when there are more fundamental causes of our myriad problems….but these are largely ignored in favour of that now ever-present participle “Breaking….”.
But OK, let’s say I stick largely to the econo-fiscal news and analysis. I ask you now to consider how simple the base problem really is – at least, to me:

1. Global monopolist multinational business cannot grow without a ready (and dangerous) supply of credit and regular replacement/innovation consumption.

2. The banks are neither providing credit for consumers nor start-up capital for entrepreneurs. So upstream or downstream growth within the system is impossible without a radical change of policy.

3. The radical change adopted by the elites has been to reduce the mass wage levels, throw wage-earners out of a job, reduce the welfare they get, and introduce Zirp to decimate the incomes of the credit-free retired. If one had set out to go from Slow all Engines to Dead Stop, it couldn’t have been more perfectly designed to achieve the task.

The nub of it is the San Andreas level of tectonic tension between the aims of the system and the needs of the Citizen:

The first needs low wages to compete, the second needs high wages to consume

It must sooner or later self-destruct. But when it does, the overriding culturo-constitutional fix will be fudged, and at best grey functionaries – or at worst psychopaths – will come to power…indeed, they are already doing so. One thinks of the Brussels fraternity, and the current UK leadership cabal, respectively.

They will not address the associated problems of population control, community devolution, developing beyond oil, water conservation, a deconstruction of globalism –  or exhaustive research into what’s really happening to the climate of this, the only planet we have.

Two complementary strategies are vital to the self-denial of my prophecy. First, the snipping of the umbilical cord between egomaniac owned media and the commercial elites. And second, more mutual engagement between the various Resistance movements online…in the context of planned and legal opposition, rather than robotic slogans promising violence.

My tags for this piece focus on the news. My categories focus on the analysis. I wonder what the result will be in terms of persuasive hits.

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49 thoughts on “THE MEDIA: Here is the news…..but where is the searching analysis behind the news?

  1. Perhaps they think none of it matters anymore as, for us the citizen, it’s all over bar the shouting? Who knows? One thing is for sure, things are not returning to the way they were, maybe privately they have a very different view as to the way things are, and their only concern is self preservation. As IP pointed out, it does odd that we here seem to be the only ones who think this way, does it not?

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  2. john
    From the hip!……..Does Uncle Sam want a bigger slice of the action? … More dosh going through FUFA mits , than most countries exchequers.
    Only read 2 paras ! I’ll go back and finish !


  3. This Slogpost is so good in so many directions, congrats JW.
    There is no recovery planned. Armageddon, WWIII, chaos confusions economic collapse & approx 95% depopulation is planned.
    Austerity unto death is planned.

    A cashless society is the banksters ultimate wet dream: it equates to total control.
    10.40 mins.
    Aaron Russo became shot dead when he wouldn’t go along with the Rockefellers program. 9/11 predicted 11 months ahead.


  4. Lord Christopher Monckton was science adviser to Maggie Thatcher, & chief policy adviser to Nigel Farage at YKIP. Monckton attended the recent Vatican climate summit. He carries immense credibility.
    He is among the world’s top experts on the global warming/climate change scam & UN Agenda 21, the aim of both of which is a one-world Totalitarian Govt & a vast depopulation:
    A 51 minute video.
    Or, put in search box: Agenda 21’s globalist death plan for humanity.
    6 out of 7 billion to go?


  5. “As I couldn’t GAF about money personally” That’s probably because you have enough to get by on?:-)


  6. Absolutely. The analysis in the mainstream media is risible.
    Why would the Americans suddenly be so interested in FIFA and the New York Times first with story?
    Well, perhaps because FIFA were about to vote on whether to kick Israel out of FIFA and the New York Times is the mouthpiece of US intelligence.

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  7. MRO

    I wish. Two divorces are bad news. Today, I need a new income stream. In the future, who knows? My point is this: I don’t GAF any more.


  8. And I for one rejoice! A multipolar world is better than a unipolar one, if only very marginally. Duopoly is better than monopoly.


  9. And here we go again….
    I assume that what you mean by “the Vatican climate summit” is the Denier jaunt to Rome where they DIDN’T do anything, because the Pope actually understands and accepts what the science is saying. That the climate is warming because of human CO2 emissions. And has said so publically and often. In other words, Monkton and the Pope are on opposing sides.

    Monkton is only considered an expert by climate science Deniers; to the rest of us he’s a pontificating idiot who makes the same errors over and over and over. Rather like you JDSean :-)
    Answer me this – if global warming is all just a scam – why are surface temperatures still rising, ice caps and glaciers still melting, oceans still acidifying, the stratosphere still getting cooler, ecosystems still shifting toward the poles???
    People like you, JDSean, have effectively prevented (and are still preventing) any effective action to be taken to combat global warming – efforts which should have started in the 1970s to have the greatest impact. Now all that is left is mitigation. Not much of a future to leave your descendants, is it?
    The likelyhood is high that both the Greenland ice sheet and the Western Antarctic ice sheets are irreversibly destabilised – the melting has started and we have no known way of stopping it. There’s about 30′ sea level rise. Yes, 30 feet, coming inexorably over the next century or so. Decades of constantly losing land and infrastructure to the sea…
    And then there’s the inconvenient fact that soon, within a few decades, global temperatures will be outside the range that all homo species evolved within. Our species and our agriculture are not designed for a hot world…
    Now let us briefly touch upon melting permafrost (again, unstoppable) – the giant craters and sinkholes forming across northern Russia; the extreme early and fierce wildfires; the non-stop release of ancient methane adding yet more warming potential to the atmosphere.

    Finishing with the usual link – maybe one day you’ll get round to following it, I can but live in hope that you won’t be content to stay an ignorant Denier forever…


  10. Interesting article JW, but point 3 more or less sums up the issue of why.

    3. The radical change adopted by the elites has been to reduce the mass wage levels, throw wage-earners out of a job, reduce the welfare they get, and introduce Zirp to decimate the incomes of the credit-free retired. If one had set out to go from Slow all Engines to Dead Stop, it couldn’t have been more perfectly designed to achieve the task.

    To stop wage rises in developed countries one needs an influx of desperate people from the third world to take jobs, any jobs, to both fill the labour needs and keep home grown labour in its place.

    This as now been achieved, hence we [the masses] and the media can openly complain about mass immigration without going to jail. How to stop this mass immigration from the third world and force our home grown labour to work harder [be more productive] Easy freeze benefits etc, whilst allowing tax free incomes to rise, If you are employed, great, one as more to spend. This plus low inflation is good for workers. If on benefits, tough, but then again if 30%+ are immigrants and/or first generation immigrants. This will start to deter more immigrants as the golden goose is dying, if not already dead. But these immigrants will cope without to much problems that might cause unrest. The main problem will be with our home grown underclasses who will find themselves left behind even further. How does one keep them happy without spending too much tax payers money? I don’t know the answer to that one, but somehow it will have to be resolved.

    I do not think this is just a UK Plc problem, but a first world problem.

    Your first point last

    1. Global monopolist multinational business cannot grow without a ready (and dangerous) supply of credit and regular replacement/innovation consumption.

    The next trick will be a slow increase in the standard of living in the third world, followed by increased consumption. This will serve the triple purpose of a] regular replacement/innovation consumption. b] this will allow the increase of credit, creating a market for Bankers, Insurance companies etc. c] It will encourage the third worlders to remain in the third world, by allowing their living standards to increase faster. But only for those who limit the size of their families to first world levels. Large families will be deterred by a mixture of carrot and stick.

    The Elephant in the room; Does the planet we live on have enough resources to sustain us all till we can achieve a population that is low enough to manage the earths resources. So as to give everyone a chance to have a reasonable standard of living.
    It as to be achieved somehow in a civilised manner, without a mad scramble to grab all the earths resources for on section of the worlds population.


  11. Lupulco,

    large families are encouraged by high child mortality, the explosive growth in population over the last century is driven by increasing longevity and reduced child mortality.
    More children survive and live for longer.
    However once child mortality starts to fall fecundity rapidly starts to follow.
    The UK can only achieve a fertility rate of 1.9 by importing people from parts of the world where child mortality is still high and so large families are common. (any fertility rate less than 2 means the population will die out eventually).
    The places we import from are getting rarer over time.
    The children of these immigrants are westerners with a fertility rate approaching 1.6 and falling.

    Overpopulation (if there is such a thing on a planet the size of, well a planet) is a myth, the total global population would fit into New England.

    Read this


  12. If China and India do not support you Rowan , and they do not, then you are just pissing in the wind.
    At least your legs will get some warming . . . briefly. :-)


  13. Same thing, Ghost.
    HSBC, got a slap on the wrist fine of 5 weeks profits for 10 years of laundering drug money.
    The Taliban had Afghan poppy acreage down to almost zero in 2000. After a 14 year occupation by the Rothschild owned US/NATO Empire, the poppy fields are at an historic high,
    Book: Pawns in the Game, by William Guy Carr.


  14. Yes, here we go again, Rowan, because you insist on repeating your lies, from the same old lie factory.

    The 97% consensus claimed is a lie. 77 people replied from 10,257 polled.
    Look up the Oregon Project: over 30,000 scientists protesting the scam, inc 9,000+ PhDs. Not publicised by our controlled media.
    Put: 97% consensus in wattsupwiththatDOTcom’s search box.


  15. CO2 is one of hundreds of factors determining our climate, & not among the most important:

    The effectiveness of co2 as a greenhouse gas diminishes logarithmically above present levels. The IPCC knows this, & admits it in convoluted language, so it can’t be called a liar, but it’s not what is pushed in our corrupt MSM.



    The Pope’s top aide tried to pack the meeting with warmist scientists only, & tried to exclude Monckton’s party.
    Monckton is a staunch Catholic, btw.

    This is how agendas are advanced, like in “Yes Minister”, or “Yes Prime Minister”: temporary office holders are puppeted by their supposed aides.


  17. JD – it is tiresome when you fail to address the questions posed to you and instead shoot off on another tangent.

    If you had actually bothered to read the Cook 97% consensus paper for yourself, or followed the many discussions about the paper on (and other climate science blogs), you would already know that your claims about the consensus are bogus. But you’re either too lazy or too ignorant to find out for yourself.

    As I have stated many times, WUWT is a science Denier blog. It’s described as such on Wikipedia (despite Anthonys efforts to get his followers to change it). It makes ludicrous claims, often contradicting itself from one week to the next. And don’t get me started on all the “Claim: …..” articles he posts, which are usually a misrepresented press release and no links to the papers he “claims” are lies. A decent site would link to the press articles, papers and background research under discussion – not Anthony, though, he can’t be bothered.


  18. There has been no rise in surface temperatures, according to RSS satellites, which can’t be tampered with, for 18 years 5 months. Put: No Warming 18 years 5 months in the search box at
    Many interesting articles. I like Monckton’s one on Obama’s ignorance.


  19. Put: Sea Ice in the search box at:
    Arctic sea ice, which Gore predicted would disappear by 2013, is back to 2006 levels, & both the sea & continental ice in Antarctica is growing. Also look at the header bar here for The Definitive Data section: sea levels, heavy rainfalls, hurricanes, temperatures, tornadoes, 100 Deg temps, no correlation with CO2.
    The only correlation is with the data tampering at USHCN.
    Even the MSM have been forced to acknowledge this disgraceful tampering.


  20. It’s interesting you denigrate as a “denier” site:
    Denier tries to associate sceptics with holocaust deniers, a filthy little tactic, & very indicative of those who use it.
    Site stats: 232,532,960 views, 30,876 followers, & the following categories of contributors:
    Humour: 2
    Lukewarmers: 10
    Political Climate: 10
    Pro AGW views: (such as yourself Rowan) 6
    Skeptical Views: 51
    Tools: 5
    Transcendent Rant & way out there Theory: 2
    Unreliable: 1 ie Skeptical Science – John Cook.
    For (1) Deletion & amending of user comments, & (2) undated revisions of article contents, post publication, after significant user comments.


  21. Hopefully on the theme of intelligent analysis:
    Entering the debate too late as usual because I always expect some more articulate person than myself to have had the same idea; I was wondering why the pieces of the Air France plane which crashed recently in the Alps were so small and scattered over such a wide area?
    I would have thought that a braced hollow structure (fuselage) would have crumpled on impact when driven into an immovable object (mountain) absorbing most of the energy with a few relatively large parts such as wings and tail unit breaking off due to their different rate of deceleration. Instead we have debris over some 10 acres, with the first reports (from a General no less) emphasizing this fact as was shown by the previous crash in Ukraine of the Air Malaysia plane where a mixture of body and aeroplane parts rained down on the population.
    Assuming for one moment that the air liner had similar properties to those that ‘penetrated’ the twin towers, how could you explain all the small pieces of aluminum with little weight and kinetic energy but with a high air resistance being distributed from point of impact over such a large area?
    Remembering the reports of fighter planes seen in the area it would seem that any stories about the pilots’ whereabouts and mental attitudes are superfluous.


  22. Would that be standing room only?
    Plus the growth of population can only be limited by either man itself, or Natures way,
    While the earths resources are finite, we only have one planet.


  23. thanks ….interesting blog
    There has been a steady decrease in quality of news media true…
    At one time the BBC set the benchmark for quality with its news broadcast which fed back to other channels and created healthy competition. It also effectively set the standard for internet news pages. Also the the diverse range of programmes serves to raise awareness, education, and general demand for quality and improvement. This format and standard has been exported.
    The internet has effectively diluted and negated this principle by cheapening the written word. Still many believe that its on the internet its true!
    Dumbing down of both supply and demand for quality is still in full swing and its difficult to see a logical conclusion.
    As a result news and to a big extent ‘science’ and ‘statistics’ have become politicised and polemic rather than objective and factual. The climate change nonsense above is a good demonstration of this.
    Everyone tends to scapegoat the ‘elites’ as though there has been some conscious effort to deprive people but I dont see any evidence of this? Is there any? Unfortunately Market Forces are the culprit. :)


  24. 1) untrue – land and ocean temperatures have risen as expected, still within trend lines. 2015 is currently the hottest year recorded thus far; the past 12 months were the hottest recorded thus far. Tamino over at OpenMind has some good posts on this topic.
    2) untrue – ice has never recovered from the disastrous 2007 melting season, and ice volume levels are the lowest recorded for this time of year. Antarctic SEA ice is expanding because it is all melting off the LAND ice caps there. Antarctic total ice volume is decreasing and several ice sheets are now dangerously destabilised.
    3) untrue – if you are seriously trying to claim that CO2 does not acidify water you need to review your A-level physics. My daughter is laughing her socks off right now at this ludicrous claim.

    Can you not see the illogic in claiming that overpopulation isn’t a problem, when we live on a finite sized planet?

    I claim WUWT is a Denier site because Anthony Watts denies so much science, that’s all.
    Deniers of the holocaust say it didn’t happen, despite the evidence.
    Deniers of AGW say it isn’t happening, despite the evidence.
    In both cases, the evidence is dismissed by Deniers as a “grand conspiracy”, often as a prelude to a “new world order”.
    Enough said?


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