Twin Geeks

The Daily Telegraph is rapidly turning into a bigger joke in the Street of Shame than The Sun. In the same website column last night we read:

dtimmigration1It’s a success! We’re tolerant! I’nt immigrants brirrant, eh?

Four inches further down we read this – no change of visual, we’re cutting costs here:

dtimmigration2Send them back! They’re spiralling out of control! We’d be done with them if it wasn’t for that fat Commie bastard Vince Cable! Immigrants eh, doncha hate ’em?

So what Theresa May has actually done here is slag off Vinny ‘Flamenco’ Livewire for a huge success by not controlling it on her watch, when she was, um, supposed to be stopping that same ‘it’ which is, er, a huge success.

Not for nothing is she known in these columns as Theresa Mayormaynot.

Iggle biggle baggle boggle dunbles dingles ecky thimbles.

Tomorrow in your Tearaway Telegraph: Why we should quit the EU and then reform it.

This Sunday in your Soaraway Schizograph: Why we should reform the EU and then leave out of spite


  1. The DT has been famous for a while for putting two opposing points of view about the same issue side by side. Maybe they are trying to see who is paying attention?


  2. I thought it was a good sign that papers included different viewpoints. Even so, the second article is just reporting the opinion of the Tory party rather than the paper. The first article correctly points out that immigration can’t be legislated away, and in fact makes the Tory party approach to it look rather stupid, but then tries to obfuscate that by attributing some of the problem to the “successful” UK economy.


  3. It is beyond understanding , that in England, which is one of the most overpopulated countries on the planet we allow uncontrolled immigration from both the EU and 3rd world countries. A certain amount of this immigration has been due to our politicians participation in illegal wars in Iraq,Afghanistan ,Libya ,Syria and Ukraine.
    The remainder is economic migration by people seeking a better life. Undoubtedly there are many immigrants who wish to avail of the opportunity to take early retirement on our Welfare state, as we are considered a ‘soft touch’ worldwide.
    A Welfare State and uncontrolled immigration are a contradiction, it is unsustainable.
    We have a creaking infrastructure , with NHS waiting lists, housing shortages, overflowing schools, high unemployment, transport gridlock , power & water supply limitations ,
    Uncontrolled immigration and multiculturism destroys a Nations social solidarity and loyalties. It removes the core beliefs and value systems of society.
    It is a neo liberal tactic to divide and conquer and exploit the workforce to enforce low wage ,low skilled consumers.
    Political correctness is another neoliberal move to silence the objectors and keep them cowed by labelling them as racist or homophobic and keep them ‘on message’.
    The abnormal becomes the norm. It is an insidious programme worming its way into our culture.


  4. @ SL. Well said. ‘ Mass immigration’, and ‘rubbing the Right’s nose in diversity’ was initiated from 2000 by one Andrew Neather, a speech writer for Tony Blair.The consequences are plain to see. Was this done with the consent of the electorate? Answers on a postcard…..


  5. Listened to a Radio Scotland phone in this morning , if the level of EU in out debate stays at the same level as this mornings show, it is going to be a long and boring campaign.
    Second thought for the remains of the labour party , completely ignore the debate , do not stand with the Tories, do not get involved , you will be even further damaged than you are at the moment. This is Cameron’s folly he did it to stop his voters switching to UKIP , as it transpired his voters stayed true as they always do, and most of the UKIP switchers came from Labour and Libs. Stand aside and let the Tories and UKIP get on with the infighting. The UK government will get nothing from the EU renegotiation of much worth, and it will come down to a straight in out vote for the “little Englander’s” and those who have lost out in the neo-liberal new world order.


  6. william.

    Neather, Blair’s mouthpiece, has lied all his life…it’s his job. Why believe anything that comes out of a liar’s mouth? Nothing that comes out of the likes of Neather is there to inform, rather it’s there to deflect, confuse and distract anyone who’s listening and playing right off against left…as if that still exists.

    So, I’ll assume that what he means is that mass immigration wasn’t ‘to rub the right’s nose in it’. After all, Cameron is supposed to be right of centre and what’s happened over the last 5 years? Surprise, surprise, immigration is on a higher and higher trajectory with no end in sight.

    I, therefore, assume that, as this policy is being implimented around the Western world from the entire political establishment. (see the United States and the Mexican border for evidence) those in power want to completely demolish stable societies that are, in general, willing to afford immigration on a managed, sustainable level.

    Why would you want to destablise solid societies? Chaos. Set one set of people against the other. Men against women, hetrosexuals against homosexuals, Christians agianst Muslims, lower class against upper class, rich against poor.. I even heard a BBC 5 Dead phone in this morning setting gingers against everyone else. It’s the result of setting up a victim culture.

    Why chaos? Because, when this breaks down…and it will, the powers that be will ensure it does….there will be chaos on the streets and in people’s lives.and what’s left of the middle class and their mouthpiece’s such as the Daily Telegraph will be shouting ‘DO SOMETHING’ from the rooftops. And the political and corporate elite will do exactly that …by taking more power, putting on more restrcitions, shutting down free speech.

    In fact, you only have to look at todays’ disgusting proposed new ‘extremism’ laws to see where this leads.


  7. john
    The establishment do have form when it come to deceit
    We will see what comes of the confiscation of private housing association property.
    Churchill made all private property state property.
    If they(military /civil servants )wanted a large posh manor house… so as they could play at being the local squire? they took it over, f/all to do with need , usually in the wrong place and miles away from the aa guns and balloons and unpleasant low life.


  8. Can’t agree more Salford lad. I’ve been saying this for years based on my observations of Londonistan.


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