GREECE: No buckling – support for Syriza still rock solid


Every day another German, Dutch, French or Belgian nitwit talks of “lots more work to do”, “some progress”, “intensive talks” and alleged Greek perfidy. Even Merkel was at it today. But the truth remains that five years of austerity have left the Greeks in no mood to compromise….as a new poll out today confirms in spades.

Earlier this week, one of the most trusted of the Hellenic pollsters, Macedonia University, carried out a large-scale voting study to check on the state of play among the Greek electorate. It represents very cold comfort indeed for Troika 2.

* Syriza is more than twice as big as any other party. It would get 36.5% of the vote, to a dwindling 15.5% for Nia Demokratia. Just so we have a parallel here, on almost exactly the same vote, the UK Conservative Party now has a clear majority. Before the EU/EC/ECB bullies lost their senses, Syriza had just 5.5% of the popular Greek vote.

* With a personal positive rating of 36%, Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras has a rating nearly three times that of Nia Demokratia. Seven times more Greeks are very positive about Tsipras compared to the meagre 2% who feel the same about ND leader Antonis Samaras.

* Although To Potami (‘the River’) has a mere 6% of the votes, its leader Stavros Theodorakis gets a 21% favourability rating. This is to be expected (he is a well-known TV journalist) but his popularity and pro-EU stance makes him very de rigueur with the Troikanauts in Brussels and the CIA-State Department axis that runs Washington foreign policy. (I am reliably informed by an Athens student body, however, that his real ‘raison d’etre’, as a way to ease Syriza out of total power, is something of an open secret among the educated young).

* Just 1 Greek in a hundred has a very positive view of Evangelos Venizelos. So add this to the 2% feeling very positive about the olive-stone megabrain from Kalamata, and it becomes clear just how representative of Greek aspirations the previous Troika1 negotiators were.

The rumour that those very favourable towards Venizelos include his mum, his priest, 6 chauffeurs, 4 chefs, 44 yacht crew and 73 restaurateurs has been hotly denied by PASOK’s media centre.They insisted this afternoon that a total staff of 272 constantly required suit-alteration tailors are also devoted to Big Benny, and would continue to be so.

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10 thoughts on “GREECE: No buckling – support for Syriza still rock solid

  1. They are quite incapable of talking any other way, it’s their FERtile mindset – they being the Federal Europe Robots and the Frantic Excrement Refinishers (DTP, as was).


  2. thanks for this JW. i was reading MSM this week on how support for the greek leaders is evaporating… of course i trust what you write more…


  3. I’m half Greek and a lifetime of summers where the shops were full of customers buying stuff, and life was good under the Drachma and without the Euro and without the rule by the EU dominated by German politicians.

    We can now see why we had two world wars not to be ruled by German politicians.
    Too late now.

    But SYRIZA has done a u-turn demanded by the EU and not abolished the hated ENFIA property tax.

    The EU cannot comprehend that ownership of various houses and flats is not wealth in Greece, but the basic citizen income that makes it possible for Greeks to survive all the losses of money from austerity.

    The rents are an income, when all other money is gone.

    The homes and flats were gained FREE, inherited from great grandparents, from a happenchance turn of fate in Greek history.

    Homes sold under Turkish rule were returned to the families.

    Then builders came along in Athens and offered a flat free if they sold up their little house.

    The little house gained initially by throwing up a makeshift wall and roof overnight and so claiming a land plot.

    The big families of the past, shrunk with the years to as low as 1 child families.

    So families with up to 12 or more from the generation of the great grandparents, inherited to a smaller number of
    great grandchildren.

    So the ENFIA on homes, flats, gardens, rubbish land plots of olives that are worhtless and cost more to cultivate than anything they make (mostly used for food for the family only), means the poor Greeks, not only pay a property tax but also pay income tax on land and rents.

    When the rents have had to massively reduce, because the ability to earn an income has shrunk to nothing.

    Capitalism has been all but wiped out in Greece. The young are emigrating as great as they did after the second world war and the civil war. This is how I came to be in England with an English dad.

    Little shops inherited for generations, in central Athens, lay shut up for years now, when these were a source of work for so many.

    So no shop for income or rent out to someone doing business there, no rent for income, property tax on homes even if empty.

    And the IMF want huge repayments on an economy destroyed by the EU and IMF.

    This is not capitalism.

    It is milking a debt colony like we did in empire. It’s feudalism of old.

    I don’t think the EU would understand the basics of capitalism and commerce if it bit them up the arse.


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