Today is international trendy phobia day. That is to say, there is no intention whatsoever to help people who suffer from Lesbiaphobia, Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia. Good gracious me no: this day is to celebrate the police coming down hard on those who are phobic about LGBTism.

All day, the Met has been tweeting about how every LGBT who’s ever been harassed by people phobic about them should come forward.

Next week: A Rally by the Anti-Agoraphobia League in support of wide open spaces, and the disgraceful bigotry of those phobic about them. SMASH SPACIST SCUM NOW.

I’m making two very simple points here. First, the above dig at all this tosh is merely pointing out that ‘phobia’ is a classic “framing” word designed by the Establishment to suggest that anyone who perhaps doesn’t like the contemporary obsession with minority sexual tastes is sick and in severe need of help. And a policeman’s cosh. And a spell at Her Majesty’s Pleasure…whatever it might be.

Second, what we’re witnessing here is politicised pc cops licking the ring of an insane culture – rather than working out how to solve high-volume crimes they no longer understand. The senior officers are cynical careerists trying to distract from the fact that cyber-crime, electronic transfer crime, digital ID crime and white-collar professional crime is out of control….and simply not reported. Just as in the 1920s J Edgar Hoover denied the existence of the Mob because he couldn’t catch any of them, so too the cops (and especially the Met) try to make LGBT bullying Public Enemy No 1. It’s pure spinbollocks.

My own Public Enemies No 1 & 2 are unwarranted privilege and bullying. Trust me, they aren’t mutually exclusive. But much as I detest knuckle-draggers who bully those with a harmless minority sexual orientation, the real level of those crimes is almost homoaeopathic compared to the ones outlined in the last paragraph.

There is another dimension to this that bugs me. For those in the Labour Party who haven’t yet caught onto life on the ground, the appeasement of demanding minorities does not win elections. What wins elections is getting more votes than one’s opponents on the basis of guts – not gullible drivel.

Like it or not, democracy is about majority rule, and respect for minorities. Not the obverse.