mogulsDear Labour, it’s time to put Citizen Rights before petty politics

Being the Party of the Working People, as of course the Conservative Party is, brings with it many responsibilities, not the least of which is to stop them going on strike. It’s for their own good anyway, because if they strike they’ll only be fired anyway, and then have to live on benefits, which The Party will withdraw after a while anyway.

A couple of days ago – and before the Election – I took a pop at Sajid Javid. Said ‘keep your eye on this jerk’ or words to that effect. Well, the new Business Secretary didn’t take long to get going. He said two days ago that the Tories will not “hide away from the changes we want to make” as the Government prepares to introduce a raft of new anti-strike laws. Public sector strikes will not be able to go ahead unless they are supported by 40% of workers who are eligible to vote.

Isn’t that a cracker? At the Election, the Tories got 24.4% of those eligible to vote. Now they’re in government, demanding a 40% quorum for strike action. You see, those who want double helpings always have double standards.

This is not a political issue. In a liberal democratic State, the Citizen has the right to withdraw labour from capital. It is actually there in the Treaty of Rome….which, being EU members (for now) we sign up to. Or not. We might as well not: nobody else in the Eunatic Asylum does.

While Culture and Media Secretary, Javid allegedly did some of the groundwork for the rise of Murdoch from the ashes. Having perverted politics, football, the police, the Rule of Law and mass market newspapers, Mr Murdoch now requires only the BBC in order to have the full set.

Attacks upon the BBC began within twelve hours of the Election result. Wherever one sits in British politics (and I don’t sit anywhere these days, as nobody cleans the seats any more) the Beeb clearly cannot be biased to the Left and Right at the same time.

This is not a political issue. In a liberal democratic State, the Citizen should be able to go to an apolitical TV or online broadcasting source for information. It won’t happen overnight, of course: but the BBC nag will be given a lead saddle while the Murdoch stallion gets free dope, the BSkyB bid will make a return, and a clone of Fox News will be spewing out Conservative non-violent extremist drivel 24/7 sooner rather than later.

Veteran Sloggers are probably bored by now with the number of times I have said to the BBC knockers, “Be careful what you wish for”. All those of you Righties who see the news desk as a den of Commies, all you Lefties moaning about pro-Tory coverage, and all you deranged paedo-hunters who see Beeb DJs as guilty of trumped up charges, congratulations: you just gave the Corporate Dictatorship an advance to Mayfair.

Please, please, please Left-wing persons, don’t now indulge in an orgy of 1970s fancy dress parties formerly known as demonstrations….which then become violent thanks to three nutters in the crowd. It plays into their hands.

Do something more subtle and constructive. Do what Kate Hoey did yesterday: set out your views clearly on how to create a Common Front. Engage with everyone who supports Citizen Rights as a democrat. Kate increased her majority – complete against the tide – by 20%. Not by being popular but by being genuine.

And if you want someone to chuck bias at, you can start with Google: Kate’s missive to the Labour Party seems to have become an unletter. I can’t imagine why. No doubt some smartarse will now find it….but if you type in ‘new Kate Hoey letter to Labour’ and get nothing, then what’s the point of Google? Do no evil. Oh no. Don’t do evil, just do what you have to. Comme il faut, as we say in this neck of the woods.


  1. After spearheading the systematic anti UKIP campaign on behalf of all of the MSM for 90% of the election run up, the beeb have lost any support from me they might have otherwise got. OK I know First Past the Post is the biggest culprit but who knows, another one or 2 % of the vote might have netted 4 or 5 more seats for them if they had they been given a chance..


  2. Re me ol’ mate Kate:
    Googled new Kate Hoey letter to Labour.
    And immediately up came – top of the page
    Sadly the letter was from: Monday 3 March 2008 19.30 GMT
    The most recent Katew Hoey letter was on immigration dated June 2014 (ditto Yahoo and other serach engines)
    BUT Google says:
    “Some results may have been removed under data protection law in Europe.”
    So where do I find Kate’s letter then, John??
    Certainly not in the Grauniad


  3. The Left is really having difficulty coming to terms with the fact despite all predictions the Conservatives won the election fair and square and THEY LOST. Personally I cannot stand David Cameron but he did win. With such a wafer thin majority however he’s going to be a complete hostage to his back bench MP’s and things may get very bumpy very quickly once the honeymoon period is over.


  4. Radio 5 live on here (under duress) and the only thing that seems to exist in the BBC’s world is internal strife in UKIP, all other issues seem irrelevant to them. I would love the BBC to prosper again but until they can eliminate their biases and ideological crusades they will never have my respect.

    I think JW is right, the BBC is now so co-opted by various groups desperate to appear ‘balanced’ that they now speak only to themselves, programming seems to occur largely by accident as a by-product of the internal dialogues.

    I think Thatcher knobbled the BBC and it has never recovered and is now a whipping boy for one and all. With the toxicity of the licence fee regime I think there is little hope of redemption.


  5. I don’t think Dave’ll have much problem getting most of his neoliberal, loosen-the-laws, tie-down-the-unions, f**k the BBC, let Murdoch screw us all, right-wing extremist back-benchers to agree with Osborne and Javid.
    David and Javid eh. Dave & Jave??


  6. Dave’s first rebellion is likely to be on defence with many on the back benches very unhappy that the defence spending budget is going to dip below 2% of GDP with the armed forces chronically short of cash.


  7. Because the Inflexible Rusbridger Stalinist Highgate Censorship Over Facts (IRSHCOF) rule applies.

    Alan is an unconscious believer in the Brechtian Good Lie. ; – ((


  8. Mark
    The only winners of any election should be the majority of citizens. But yes, given Labour’s cynical acceptance of FPTP, the Tories won fair and square. The People, however, lost Unfair and somewhat Trapezoid.


  9. Is defense really only 2% of GDP, wow, back in the much abused late 70’s defense and health were almost equal in % GNP terms. No wonder we cannot afford some F35’s for our 2 aircraft carriers. As for Trident replacement, will I still be able to watch the subs sail past my window, for much longer.


  10. The senior management of the BBC should be answerable to a board, the majority of whose members have been voted for by the public and the remainder by other groups of employees – on screen talent (LOL), management, production, other employees. The turnout would probably be higher than for the general election. In one swoop all talk of the democratic deficit would be gone. The management would be faced by conflicting demands. So what? A national broadcaster is meant to give everyone a little of everything. It might be no bad thing as it should lead to greater variety.


  11. Of course Murdoch has a bleeding obvious agenda. We should be grateful he doesn’t try and hide it.
    The average Joe seems to quite like the idea of paying to sit in his armchair and watch football, golf, America’s Cup, American Football, blockbuster movies, new drama and whatever, and Sky News -which I am told is plenty OK.
    In a liberal democracy, you can’t tell the average Joe what to do with his disposable income.
    So unless the Monopolies Commission grows some teeth about market-share -and who can say BBC don’t have an unhealthy monopoly themselves- not much will be done about the Dirty Digger..
    BBC turnover is over £5 billion (£3.6 billion from licence fee), BSkyB’s just over £7 billion.
    BBC is huge, lazy, biased and unwieldy. It should be split into 4 at least, and their share of the licence fee variable.
    It should compete against itself.
    The BBC Trust -whatever they do- should be an executive board which ensures the charter is rigorously enforced, not this silly bunch of privileged goody two-shoes friends.

    BBC are their own worst enemy. I have no left/right axe to grind, I would like to be left alone to decide for myself almost everything, without a government enslaving me for taxes, or a nanny state tell me what I can and can’t do. And I don’t need a union to tell me when to withdraw my labour.
    The BBC is pretty obviously working to their very specific agenda, and has been for years. Dimbleby, Marr, News and Current Affairs, Global Warming are cringingly pink. How many screen minutes did UKIP get before the election when they expected a fair share of publicity, and how many now, since there are some factional cracks to exploit? mmmmm.

    The bigger problem is corrupt politicians; two years ago, we were hoping for lots of non-aligned candidates and single-issue independents to vote for. Look what we got, almost all MPs are party faithful. I am sure almost all of them can be bought by special interest groups of all colours. Cameron may think he can’t be bought, but he is a man of straw.
    He even says he will keep the Speaker in place ……….


  12. First of all the concept of a public ownership of an electronic broadcasting corporation. Is insane. While I agree that the broadcast media frequencies are public property and therefore the state must be the entity to parcel out the licenses to the individual broadcast channels. the State should have no part in the production or control of the content and except for prohibiting of excessive violence or pornography, no roll in establishing standards for such content . Instead the state should endeavor thew bring in the largest number of independent ownership possible, liming broadcast organization to one channel per corporation, and distributing all the available frequencies by lottery with the qualification thresholds set as low as possible. The Idea of any organization being ” unbiased” is a Chimera, and the Beeb is a prime example


  13. Router that’s harsh,I believe the country owns two F35s. That’s one for each aircraft carrier. It’ll be fine, but it is odd that there seems to be more Russian military aircraft about these days.


  14. i press so many wrong buttons mainly the one that says “post comment” before I have spell checked thoroughly. since it seems that my two fingered technique gets worse with age this is a real problem.


  15. I think you’re basically right, John. There is a still a case for a public service broadcaster, and the bias in the rest of the media when debating this issue only serves to strengthen that case. BBC news is also renowned the world over, and I think it is important for us as a nation that it is preserved. Indeed, I am convinced that one of the reasons the BBC is under attack from rivals is that it is undeniably British – something that its foreign-owned rivals deeply fear (just as they fear the kind of political strength of the workers through strikes that you mention, actually. Their goal is a powerless British people with British institutions sold off).
    However, what about the majority of the BBC’s output that is commercial? It seems to me that there is no reason why the licence fee should pay for any of this, and that it should either be paid for with advertising or on a subscription basis. Possibly the BBC should be free to maintain its current output but use some of the proceeds to pay for their public service function.


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