KINGSHORSEEmily Davison died for Social Justice, not mere votes

The Suffragettes got the vote when they weren’t allowed to vote. They did not get the vote by voting.

The more glorious parts of English/British history – you know, those eras when we were on the road to that liberal democracy we’re now about to lose – had 0% to do with voting.

The destruction of the Divine Right of Kings was achieved by a Parliamentary rebellion and Civil War.

The 1832 Reform Act was passed by the Duke of Wellington’s government under extreme duress from protesters besieging the Palace of Wesminster.

The Safe Shipping Act produced the Plimsoll Line on ships because Mr Plimsoll threw an epi in the House of Commons.

The Labour Party got off the ground because of a series of constituency deals between the ILP and the Liberals in the 1890s.

The 1910 Parliament Act producing near total male suffrage became Law because George V created enough new Peers to force it through. The electorate were not involved.

Women got the Vote by chucking themselves under horses, going on hunger strike and tying themselves to railings. Votes had nothing to do with them getting the vote.


During the recent disastrous General Election for the Left, I was angered by the attempt by them to blackmail abstainers into voting on the basis of us somehow “owing our right to Vote” to those who engaged in voting for change in the past. This involved much hypocritical use of the Suffragette Movement. That analysis and its equally silly conclusion is yet more rearrangement of historical facts to suit the ideologues.

My grandmother Melissa Mountain was an activist Suffragette and exponent of Free Love. Last Thursday, she would’ve abstained in disgust at the near-total lack of real choice for those of us of a radical not-Right-not-Left bent. The Suffragette movement was about socio-gender justice – not the engagement with a deaf elite using a fixed electoral system.

Social Justice: that’s what the next five years in the UK should be about….not Left v Right.


I’m for decency, liberty, personal responsibility, strong community, functional family and lots of other things ending in y.

I am not Right or Left because I believe the terms to be a curse upon the decent majority.

I am not a Socialist and never have been, because its ideas are 0% correlated with social anthropology.

I will never be a neoliberal, because its ideas are opposed to everything I stand for – see “I’m for” above. It is insane, indefensible, and an excuse for the greedy to behave badly.

I have been anti-globalist for forty years this year. The first agency I co-founded (Aspect) openly rejected the Saatchi claptrap in favour of locally marketed products. We rejected all multinational clients on principle. I wrote regularly and vociferously in the comms trade mags about why Ted Levitt was a fanciful twat.

I’m a communitarian mutualist, and the problem with that is it sounds so tree-huggy/Swampy/Mediaeval. But a good 60% of my career was entrepreneurial…and that continues. I think I’m a grounded company officer who can read the balance sheet and use common sense. But if me making money doesn’t bring benefit to the wider community, then it’s inhuman. The daftest of endlessly daft things gushed by Friedman the Real-Life Failure was “The only responsibility any company has is to the shareholders”.

I reject that idea completely: who educates the company’s workforce? Who keeps them healthy? Who protects them from asset-strippers? Answer: the social weal.


But here’s the problem as I see it – expressed again in The Slog’s “Why Labour lost” piece last weekend: the Left will not engage with anyone who answers “No” to the question “Are you a socialist?”

This was always nuts, but the arrival of the SNP and UKIP in Britain now means Labour must do the maths or die. Within five years we are going to be England – or Engwales or whatever. That England will be neoliberal forever unless Labour COMPLETELY returns to what it should be: the protector of the wage citizen from the multinational banking bourse and capital juggernaut.

The future for radicals like me is not a political one: it is as a campaigner for the Citizens – their rights, their fulfilment, their communities and their families. It is in pursuit of a Constitution backed up by the Rule of Law, Equality before that Law – and a depoliticised civil police force devoid of pc careerism. And finally from now on, as someone dedicated to spearing all those who seek to undermine liberal democracy through monied or otherwise corrupt influence for the pig roast.


Starve the Beast – I’ve been advocating this now for five years. If that involves illegality and violence, I don’t want to know.

But there are a dozen ways to get the munneeeee taken out of politics…if only the agitprop tendency would listen, rather than just transmit. If only it would engage, rather than spit insults at those unable to accept their petrified Catechism.

The neoliberal Conservative Establishment see this sort of action as a serious threat to their goals. Hence the invention of the ludicrous Orwellian double-think term, ‘Non-violent Extremist’.

Those in favour of rabble-riots who want to go down in pointlessly glorious flames – carry on as you are. Those who want to slay the dragon, join me in forming a movement above voting for clones – an apolitical movement aiming to take Mammon out of politics, and replace it with the Benthamite social good. Drag the blind legislators back to the Constitution and the Rule of Law by making life profoundly uncomfortable for those who donate to that nightmare future.

Encourage, enthuse, enable….but above all, engage.

Earlier at The Slog: How disinformation about the Greek debt is a plague on the free press.


  1. You say “If that involves illegality and violence, I don’t want to know”. Fair enough, but that wouldn’t have got the Suffragettes far, nor many other causes now widely regarded as being in the right. In any case, surely illegality is in the eye of the beholder – what about non-violent extremism?


  2. In his speech at the recent victory parade in Moscow President Putin thanked the British, French and Americans for their contribution to the defeat of the Nazis. His words were a stark contrast to the refusal of western leaders to attend the celebration. Somehow their pettiness demeaned their actions whilst his gracious behaviour enhanced his.


  3. ‘His gracious behaviour’? Have you visited Russia recently? Opponents in the press. murdered. Newspapers and TV ,for the most part, controlled by Putin. Sweet heart business deals, with the favoured few. A ridiculous Palace at St. Petersburg, and the new one on the Black Sea. An illegal invasion of Ukraine. Military manoeuvres in the Baltics and, now, around the UK. Compare and contrast tanks in Red Square with the Cenotaph. I am grateful that many Western leaders subscribe to’ pettiness’.


  4. Sweet William, you are out of your depth – or a paid troll. I live in the USA and work in East Europe including Russia, and the oligarchy there is no different from the oligarchy in the USA or, increasingly, in the EU – vide last year’s paper by Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page, which you really should read.

    As for Russian ‘aggression’, you could try to learn a little history. Maidan was a CIA op, and part of a neocon strategy to cut Russia /European links and both economies. The Russian response to extensive US and NATO provocation has been remarkably restrained.

    You would not look so foolish if you did a little research.


  5. As for “illegality and violence” you’ll get feck all done stamping your feet! remember the Iraq war, a million people took to the streets in a peace full protest ,it achieved nothing, democracy eh?


  6. @William.
    you are repeating Western media propaganda claptrap.
    Russia did not invade Ukraine . If you are referring to Crimea, Russia had a lease arrangement on a Naval base at Sevastopol, with the agreement to have 25000 troops stationed there. Those troops were used as security when a referendum was held in Crimea on the decision to secede from Ukraine. 97% of the population voted to join the Russian Federation ,and the voting was overseen by Western observers. No one died during this referendum.
    The blatant coup in Ukraine was financed and controlled by the security services of the USA, UK and EU, and Victoria Nudelman ( Asst US Sec of State) was recorded selecting the leaders of the Ukraine junta.
    The Donbass area of Ukraine ,(Donetz & Lugansk) did not wish to be subject to this illegal Govt and declared independent Republics.
    Subsequentally the Donbass has been attacked by Ukrainian forces .Up to 6000 civilains have been killed and 50,000 military. ( unreported in the controlled Western media). Hospitals ,schools ,housing and infrastructure have been destroyed by Ukrainian forces shelling.
    Over a million refugees have fled from the Donbass to Russia. (again unreported).
    If you wish to be aware of what is going on in the world ,do not rely on the Western media. Much of its propaganda is by omission of the facts.

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  7. @ PaulC,Salford Lad.. So Putin is a benevolent dictator, like Catherine the Great, a revamped Stalin, or a democratically elected President in an an open and free multi party democracy? Your answers, please.


  8. Votes vs Protests? This issue is a sideshow. I’m with you on your globalisation rant that’s the real problem. As the great global game is being played out, Engwales (if it comes to that) will be further marginalized and ignored and that’s sad.


  9. Another good post John , found this quote in a book about Jack Kennedy,
    If your Majesty asks, ‘What must be done for the benefit of my kingdom?’ the high officials will say,’ What must be done for the benefit of our families?’ and the minor functionaries and the common people will say, ‘What can be done for our benefit?’ The former and the latter will attempt to snatch these advantages from one another, and the kingdom itself will be endangered. In a kingdom of ten thousand chariots, the sovereign’s assassin will be the head of a family with one thousand chariots. In a kingdom of one thousand chariots, the prince’s assassin will be the head of a family with one hundred chariots.
    To own one thousand chariots out of ten thousand, or one hundred out of one thousand, may not seem like such a bad lot, but if gain is put before justice, men will not be satisfied until they have everything.
    MENG-TSEU died 289BC
    Evidence that the mentality of globalisation is ever with us.
    My favorite moment of the election was nothing to do with the election , but the editor of the Sun chasing the two Scotland yard detectives away from the Old Bailey , accusing them of wasting public money in prosecuting them for attempting to bribe public officials, and the police men failing to point out to this person that they were not to keen to be lectured on morality by an employee of the company who hacked Millie Dowlers phone, but they did not. Nor did Ed attempt to tackle the globalisation elephant in the room, he walked past it on the other side, when so many of “his” people were hurting.
    My second favourite moment the thought of a portion of the English electorate rushing from the sofa to vote Tory, in the fear that the rampaging Scots might get further than Derby this time and join up with the Northern English and Londoners to do them out of their property price inflation and Buy to Let properties and force them to confront our economic reality.
    I’ll leave your readers with a final question did anyone see any evidence the Ed was up to the job, I m still thinking and looking but in retrospect I see little evidence.


  10. I tend to agree, John. The reality is that a) The system is fixed so that anyone serious about real change cannot win and b) That most people will do what the establishment-controlled media tell them to, thus making ‘democracy’ merely a rubber-stamping exercise.
    I response to RouterAl, I don’t see any evidence that Cameron is up to the job either. Miliband at least made some good calls on Syria and Leveson, while Cameron merely does what his puppetmasters tell him to. I also believe that the story about floating voters being scared of the SNP-Labour is a convenient excuse for an otherwise inexplicable result.


  11. Router Al – yes yes yes. Nothing new under the sun old bean. Trouble is, with a dumbed down population ignorant of their (and world) history, you are even more susceptible to ‘rinse and repeat’. Perhaps the Bhudda had a point….. Sigh….


  12. When they write laws to criminalise assembly, criminalise protest, whistleblowing and the like, it is difficult to say within the law.


  13. @nfw – Quite. Whenever a protest threatens to be effective, it will almost always be made illegal. A brief analysis of public order laws passed in the past thirty years would seem to attest to this. It would not surprise me if the N.V.E. designation is the beginning of censoring discussion on the internet. Perhaps in the foreseeable future, posting on the internet about certain subjects that cause discomfort to the PTB will become illegal.

    O.T. What is Lord James talking about when he relates the story of Foundation X ? I have to confess I have no idea, but it does seem to raise an awful lot of questions.


  14. We are not given our rights by charter, acts, cartas, declarations letters, cave paintings…etc but by God, no one can take take away our divinity but ourself.
    But, evil owns this world, it owns the left, the right, Putin, Cameron, fake religions etc And a house divided against itself will not stand…
    If ever it was obvious that elections are fixed, manipulated by the powers that be, it was in 2015.


  15. Indeed, what started as an economic union to facilitate trade morphing into an enabler of the Putsch in the Ukraine. Welcome to the EU.


  16. William:
    Putin isn’t the issue; it’s the behaviour and policies of the EU/USA that concern me.

    Like the quote “I’m from the government and here to help” has not been a success in middle east
    nor Ukraine which resulted in rogue governments and death to thousands of their citizens.


  17. Your rights are not granted to you by government or rule of law.


    Governments use laws to limit or remove your rights.


  18. In a post-mortem on Labour’s debacle on the radio, I heard a Labour MP remark on an incident that surprised her during the election campaign. She asked a voter why she was supporting UKIP. The voter replied by saying that UKIP was the party for working people. The Labour MP was shocked and asked in that case who Labour was for. The voter said people on benefits.


  19. @William.Try this:

    “EU officials are completely wrong regarding Islamist attacks in Europe and the migration to the Union of people fleeing wars. Thierry Meyssan shows here that all this is not the accidental consequence of conflict in the broader Middle East and Africa, but a strategic objective of the United States.”

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  20. What also wan’t reported in Westen media is that the Chinese were sat next to Putin, they had troops parading in Red Sq and they had their ships joining in the commeration. I believe Chinese attendance tells us exactly who Putin’s mates are in any future conflict.


  21. JW,

    Would you do me a great favour and pleas define the aims and rules of ‘social anthropology’ and your definition of ‘mutualism’ and your definition of ‘socialism’?

    As I am confused (a too frequent occurrence of late), as I can not see how your admiration of social anthropology and mutualism are not just manifestations of core tenets of socialism, please put me out of my misery and enlighten me.


  22. Damned sneaky, getting the Crimean populace to vote to be invaded.
    The Russians even had 14,000 military on the ground before a result could be announced. Unbelievable.
    Then they rubbed it in even further by taking advantage of the 11,000 additional bodies they were able to bolster their numbers with, having a long standing agreement with Kiev, that no more than 25K should be stationed on the peninsula.
    Don’t ever enter into an agreement with the Russians, they may just honor it.
    Or invade you with humanitarian relief convoys.
    Yay! :-)


  23. Why is an “inexplicable result”? I find it highly amusing that the “lefties” can never accept that the quiet, inteligent, so called “right” have won and they LOST the election.


  24. “Labour COMPLETELY returns to what it should be: the protector of the wage citizen from the multinational banking bourse and capital juggernaut.”

    That’s just not possible because the Labour party is stuffed full of fabians – even if they pretend otherwise it’ll be a complete lie.


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