At the End of the Day

I wonder if it has ever occurred to election candidates (in these days of post-vote horse-trading) that it would be a great deal more democratic – and honest – if they told electors before voting day to whom they thought their votes should go if, after a certain point in the campaign, it was obvious they couldn’t win?

I find myself attracted to the idea of minority candidates and king-makers reining in their egos and applying some public good ethics to the direction of their supporters…if only to do some good, rather than no good.

Far more attractive, of course, is the idea of people voting with their ideals and then getting real representation based on a proportional list system. But in the absence of that, this isn’t too bad a second-best.


More immediately, an astonishing BBC exit poll tonight suggests the Tories are way ahead of Labour on seats, despite a LibDem loss of 47 seats – and an SNP rise from 8 to 58. I have my doubts about this, but having been about to declare for Labour based on the latest polls this afternoon, on the basis of the ex it poll we will be getting more of the same. Even with Conservative MPs plus the rump of ten LibDems, the Coalition has (on the basis of the exit poll) the overall majority it needs. On the side of this exit poll is a much larger sample…and the empirical record of voting behaviour as opposed to stated intention.

Either way, Harriet Harman has just analysed this exit poll and concluded that the Coalition has been “wiped out”, but then she is an incorrigible idiot with a very high IQ.

The main struggle for power in my garden this morning was between a red squirrel and a pair of jays, who went to war over the ownership of the large ash tree out at the front of Sloggers’ Roost. It seems to me to have been a case of standoff, and each side retreating to fight another day. As I can’t stand Jays (colourful but capable of the worst kind of genocide against other species) my vote goes bigime to the red squirrel – a plucky chap who has been nesting here for three or four years now.
Meanwhile, other parts of the property are more peacefully reassuring. Mr & Mrs Pigeon, Red Sparrow Hawk and Nightingale have all returned and will (I hope) have a successfully reproductive Summer.
Enjoy the night. Me? I’m going to bed.

5 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. Not interested in Democracy I never gave the right to anybody to kick me as an infested dog.

    Mr Ward, ain’t to bothered can;t comment actually studying the censorshiop rules of ISP’s it is truly amazing.

    The real point is it is not my duty to give a better quality of life to another to my detriment.


  2. About; The system of representation, To quote Mr Rotten, “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?”

    With regards to the Sloggers’ Roost backyard ruckus , it reminded me of this video clip( mute the sound if you don’t want the extra? drama);


  3. Well, it looks like the CIA got their blittle pony in again.

    We can now continue being amerca’s little bitch.



  4. And there it is. The UK is about to get exactly the government it deserves. Which, incidentally would have been the case no matter which of the “big two” got voted in.

    No option for “none of the above” on the voting card = no democracy.

    The only thing that grates me really about this is that this morning, Cameron has probably convinced himself that his time in power has been a populist success, that everyone loves him and that the voters have given him a mandate to carry on f**king them every way he can.


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