Trolley geeks constantly telling me that some posts at The Slog are ‘disappeared’ because I don’t know my publish from my delete button might be interested in a BBC piece that slipped into the public domain yesterday – and was then picked up by several Greek websites.

The gist of it is this: The BND secret service once run by the delightfully tonto Wolfgang Schäuble has been routinely spying on its EU ‘partners’ working directly for the US National Security Agency (NSA).

The NSA regularly – ie, daily – supplies German agents and BND technical centres with updated lists of names, mobile numbers and IP addresses to monitor. Used under the cover of the usual “combating the war against terrorism” bollocks, it transpires now that the Chancellery has known the full strength of this deception for seven years…since 2008. Equally disturbing is that there are so many EU-based companies on the lists, the espionage has involved the commercial as well as political sectors.

Schäuble was Federal Minister of the Interior in the First Merkel cabinet from 2005 to 2009. This was his second term as Head Spook of the Bundesrepublik, and over the years he built an unparalleled reputation for using the media as propaganda weapons. In October 2013, Schäuble was accused by the former Portuguese Prime Minister, José Sócrates, of regularly salting the European media with ‘stories’ against the government prior to the Portuguese bailout.

In August 2007 Wheelchair Wolfie told the media and the Bundestag a blatant pack of lies about the use of Trojan malware in ‘suspected’ computers. The man now bidding to run the eurozone Fiskalunion told Spiegel that “such cyber spying will only be carried out in a handful of exceptional cases, and only target those suspected of planning terror attacks”.

At the time, Federal Commissioner for Data Protection Peter Schaar wondered in an interview with the Frankfurter Rundschau “how the high-court mandated “core privacy” can be maintained in light of such a strategy”.The answer is of course that it couldn’t be….and hasn’t been.

But the true extent of Schäuble’s perfidious hypocrisy can only be appreciated in the context of his feigned outrage just ten months ago at the ‘revelation’ that America had been spying on Germany. The current top spymaster Thomas de Maiziere said there was “disproportionate and serious political damage” compared to the scant advantage gained by the spying. And Shifty Schäuble said, “This is so stupid, it can only make you weep.” Well, it takes one to know one: personally Wolfie, your austerity codswallop makes me want to scream, but each to his own form of frustration.

Not just people in Greece but also other EU members should pay close attention to this latest in a long line of revelations about Herr Schäuble. He is a scheming, machiavellian deceiver with the ethics of a scorpion, and a trust factor of -82. He lied in 2007 about surveillance, he persuaded Papandreou to lie about the size of Greek debts in 2010, he has persistently lied about “the cost” to Germany of Greek default, he lied about the Spanish ‘recovery earlier this week, he lied about the situation in Portugal during 2012, he lied to the Cypriots in 2013, and he orchestrated a foul FinMin attack on Yanis Varoufakis last week. This last bit of bullying has now backfired on Whining Wolfie, but lest we forget, here’s a reminder: the eurozone is about to get an amoral secret policeman as its head of eurozone fiscal matters….a man happy to let the US ride roughshod over EU citizens’ privacy, happy to work with an ECB Chairman at the same game, ever-ready to depict the Greeks as cardboard Untermenschen, and willing to pull any stunt – however despicable – in order to “win”.

Just as Conservative Party policies on austerity, EU Treaty renegotiation and national debt reduction have been shown up as irrelevant, impossible and unachievable respectively, so too the Labour hierarchy’s traditional stance on standing up for the vulnerable small people, equality before the Law, and the ethical use of security surveillance is once again shown clearly to be incompatible with EU membership. And both Parties continue to be committed to a ‘special relationship’ with a US whose CIA, State department and bought Congressmen represent the greatest threat on the planet to peace.

You will look in vain or this story in the British media, for it is absent. You see, its Truths don’t suit any of the media ideologues – from Alan Rusbridger to the Barclay twins. So from my humble role in the mediascape, I offer this plea: even if you vote for someone else, on my knees Mrs Worthington, don’t, don’t, don’t put a cross against either of these two rotten UK Establishment degeneracies.

Footnote: over the last four years, The Slog has had four posts removed without explanation. Two of them were about ECB Chairman Mario Draghi, one about Angela Merkel’s role in the DDR, and one made allegations about Boris Johnson ‘sitting on’ the Elm House enquiry.

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  1. “Capitalism is the astounding belief that the most wickedest of men will do the most wickedest of things for the greatest good of everyone.” – John Maynard Keynes


  2. Sorry, that’s a variation on the JMK quote (I thought the grammar was suspect!). The original is:
    “Capitalism is “the astonishing belief that the nastiest motives of the nastiest men somehow or other work for the best results in the best of all possible worlds.”


  3. Whilst not surprising, it does prove that differing forces of great power are at work,which will win through??? & on that point i get the feeling that Miliband is on the outside but wanting to get into the club,Sturgeon is most defiantly on the outside & seems to want to stay there?


  4. The same can be said about socialism,communism ,when ever they fail it is a corrupt form of it & since were in a form of capitalism the world is mostly capitalist & i would agree a terrible form of it that needs destroying,but will hanging on discredit capitalism to the point of other forms taking over,if only this was fought out,in the election but were left with tinkering to kick the can down the road & being left with what very few actually want?


  5. It will always have to be a non-pure version of capitalism, since the pure form would require a totally free market, and that is a thing with a remarkably short shelf life. Adam Smith himself explained why:

    “People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or some contrivance to raise prices.”


  6. Great so socialism has caused all this mess then. I think we should try capitalism then we wouldn’t have to put up with all these mandarins causing havoc all over the globe.


  7. A trust factor of only minus 82 !!! Wolfie is slipping from his usual minus 97/98 zeniths ….
    I shall note this as a competence shortcoming which needs major improvement
    when his yearly appraisal comes around . Thank you Mr Ward….


  8. To believe in socialism, is to believe that the state has the right to use force & violence against its own citizens to achieve a perceived “good”. Each morning my children are forced under threat to their parents to go to school to be indoctrinated what ever some random bureaucrat decides is “the good” for my child. Socialism demands that some individuals be sacrificed for the good of the group. The Road to Serfdom explains very well why socialism will always lead to tyranny, like NAZI Germany. The fathers of the USA knew implicitly that they had to limit the actions of the state. When you look back at mans history the biggest offender against human rights has been the state. With in one year you will see sovereign defaults throughout the world and their will be massive civil unrest all because government thought they knew better how to spend OUR money. An honest man does not consume more than what he has produced. Rome collapsed for the same reasons the west is collapsing today; unfunded spending commitments. Now the state will turn on its own citizens for any pocket change you have at the back of your sofa. They have started with capital controls in France, Spain and Greece. Some countries have already stolen their citizens pensions and this is what is coming to the UK. We are no different to the whipped slaves of Egypt, it makes no difference to me whether its a pyramid or an NHS hospital or an Online Uni or 100 million IT project at the BBC, I am being FORCED to contribute to this waste. There are only three proper functions of the state, Military to protect us from foreign invaders, the Police to protect us from criminals and justice to sort out civil matters between its citizens. Below is a link to the meaning of money and describes just about every situation;



  10. We no longer live under a form of capitalism, not even crony capitalism, as some term it.
    We now live under a form of Fascism where our idiot politicians do the bidding of the banksters & multinatioal corporations.
    They do not represent the wishes of the general populace.
    Our ‘democracy’ is pure window dressing, camouflage.
    PCR characterises the US now as an oligarchy, & Putin issued instructions to his foreign service people about a year ago to no longer regard the US as a democracy.
    1 hr 20 mins PCR interview:
    Or, put in search box: Paul Craig Roberts 2015 : Washington’s Path to War with Russia

    John Doran.


  11. Capitalism v Socialism. As I see it we have what we could quite accurately call Social Capitalism. Sadly it exhibits the worst characteristics of both while losing the good aspects and neatly explains both our current social and economic failure


  12. I agree, its the merger between Corporate s Banksters and the state. Its a disgrace how Europe, UK & USA are behaving. This is a corporate takeover.

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  13. I have no idea which planet your on Phil but socialism isn’t mentioned only the positioning of people in society & whether their likely to uphold or change things in any direction & therefore by the press they get are either in or out the loop or loops.


  14. Whilst i agree wholeheartedly what was the weapon of mass destruction Capitalism,free markets & when that went protectionism but capital is the driving force behind them all


  15. Peter a lot of truth in that,but i do believe & hope humanity is slowly turning towards a better future,although it could at any-time become nasty,as new ideas (i hope not ideology) form that future


  16. I can agree with that, hence my comments above. I’m not quite sure what your diatribe against socialism had to do with the conversation though. All I was pointing out is that a market must be regulated to some degree otherwise it very quickly runs out of control.


  17. To all and sundry

    The output of this thread seems eminently clear to me. Never vote for an ism. That’s why my vote will always be for mutuality.


  18. Pray tell us why every motion cannot be decided by the population as a whole on the desktop or mobile device. Job done.
    That’s MUTUAL.

    We know that Schauble, Draghi, Merkel et al deserve no respect. We burn effigies of them all every weekend while chanting ‘out out out you unelected bags of rotten SHITE’


  19. How did the BND (Bundes-Nachrichten-Dienst, Federal Intelligence Service) get started?
    Once upon a time there was a Nazi “General-Major” by the name of Reinhard Gehlen. He did some nasty jobs for Hitler leading spying operations etc. on the Eastern front.
    He knew a lot and after the war he offered the Americans to help them establish a post Hitler secret service with some old friends. The American allies thought that to be an exceedingly good idea. That was how a “new” German secret service came about led by an old Nazi war criminal, assisted by the CIA and informally called “Organisation Gehlen”. In 1956 that organisation got a new name: BND.
    There you are.
    A Nazi / American daughter organisation of the American spying organisations from the start.
    Most Germans do not know this story. They are very much surprised that the BND, financed with German taxpayer money,
    gathers intelligence in German companies, in Austrian, French, EU political circles etc. for the Americans…
    They mostly think the BND was working in the interest of Germany, whatever that interest might be.


  20. GoodbyeEU

    Correct in every detail. It’s not that the Americans are better with rockets than the Russians: they just captured the better rocket scientists.


  21. “You will look in vain or this story in the British media” … except it’s been carried by the BBC, The Guardian (2 online reports yesterday), The Independent, even The Daily Mail! … sometimes your paranoia really does get in the way of the truth, John.


  22. ‘ Rocket scientists’? 6 days from a GE, and Garry’s silence from Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath is stunning. This man erased the economic cycle, came close to destroying the entire UK economy, and now has succeeded in abolishing the Scottish Labour party. I shall be introducing him to the Upper House at the end of the month.


  23. “The leaks from a secret BND report suggest that its monitoring station at Bad Aibling spied on France’s presidential palace and foreign ministry, and the European Commission.
    The US National Security Agency also allegedly spied on some European firms.
    German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere denies claims of a cover-up.
    The BND reportedly collected information on European firms at Washington’s behest to check if they were breaking trade embargos.
    According to the reports, the BND did not target German or US officials in the surveillance, as they are protected by a BND-NSA agreement signed in 2002.”


  24. Not really. No front page carried it anywhere. And I was talking about online. What do you reckon awareness of this story is in the UK…3%? 2%?
    But 75% of Brits think it’s all the Greeks’ fault and they should leave the eurozone in disgrace.
    This is paranoia?


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