UK ELECTION SCANDAL: Why Karren Brady, the Barclay Twins, Piers Morgan and Rupert Murdoch should all face perversion charges

dicky27415Compared to the current UK crop of truth-twisters, Nixon was a Babe in Arms

You have to go back to the antics of Haldeman, Erlichman and Dick Nixon’s ‘plumbers’ in order to equal the sheer scope of Dirty Tricks media manipulation going down in the UK 2015 General Election. And the latest example really is – without any bias whatsoever – by far the worst we have seen to date.

The ‘story’ featured below takes the Grant Shapps view of news as propaganda, and his definition of the Truth to be ‘because it’s in the papers’:


In fact, the ‘5000’ small business ‘names’ have been shown clearly to be the result of a conspiracy involving CCHQ and the Telegraph to add signatories who had not in any way been informed of their inclusion….some of whom violently disagree with the ‘open letter’ content. Administered by the fragrant Karren Shady, the letter campaign has unfortunate echoes of the write-in campaign fiction in 1972 to change the US Constitution and give Nixon a Third Term…for that too was almost entirely orchestrated by Creep.

The Tories and the Telegraph now face an avalanche of ‘signatories’ – including the paper’s own Sales Director and AstraZeneca boss Pascal Soriot – falling over their knickers to say they didn’t ‘sign’ anything.

I hope this turns into a Watergate, but something in my water tells me it won’t. Values and ethics have, after all, changed out of all recognition during the last 43 years.

Nowhere more so, I might add, than at the Trinity Group, owners of the Mirror titles. In October 1998, the Bank of England monetary (rates) committee was about to meet, and senior Mirror journalists were meeting to decide how the rates decision should be covered. The line, it soon emerged, was that the Mirror would ‘prove’ that MPC members had a conflict of interest on the mortgage rate, given their own lack of need for a mortgage.

Only the use of illegal computer-hacking methods could deliver such information. Volunteering for this task was senior news reporter Gary Jones. Jones cut his teeth at the News of the World, during the period when Piers Morgan was News of the World editor. Later, Jones followed Morgan to the Daily Mirror.

Jones used private detective Jonathan Rees of the now infamous Southern Investigations to hack mainframe information on MPC members’ mortgages. The subsequent story written by Jones and Oonagh Blackman headlined:

“As millions sweat on a home loans cut, we reveal it’s ALL RATE FOR SOME –

Homeowners will have their mortgage rate fixed today by financiers so wealthy that they won’t be affected if it rises or falls.”

The piece came up with five members who had no mortgage. It was something of a weak argument, up there with the ‘Squaddie Iraq murders’ that finally got Morgan fired. But it was very obviously obtained using the sort of illegality with which the Romping Arse now claims he’s never been associated. Tell that to Paul McCartney – whose spat at La Caprice with Heather Mills-McCartney miraculously landed in Morgan’s lap without any illegality being involved.

And finally, let’s not forget the increasingly solid evidence that Rupert Turdoch has instructed all his UK-based News International hacks to rubbish the Labour Party and SNP, whose potential alliance would probably see his Empire of Spite finally broken up in Britain.

The Toff-educated Digger – having run the Blair administrations and corrupted the Met Police – is now busily engaged in an attempt to subvert the actions of the Crown Prosecution Service which is on his case.

There are many villains in this pathetic farce of an Election. But none are so guilty in my eyes as the media moguls and their infinite desire to pervert the vital principle of a free press.

21 thoughts on “UK ELECTION SCANDAL: Why Karren Brady, the Barclay Twins, Piers Morgan and Rupert Murdoch should all face perversion charges

  1. We are witnessing the death of truth, politicians will now bat away a question which if answered with fact would counter their party line. The ‘meedja’ are now just a sad band of ideologues with axes to grind and nests to feather.

    A debate on the ‘issues’ no longer possible except in places like this.


  2. I truly do not understand where the ridiculous idea that the media was once a great and wonderful bastion of freedom against the overbearing State comes from, other than rose-tinted memories. It never really has been except for a brief time in the 1960s when being anti-Establishment was all the rage. The error in IP’s comment, “The ‘meedja’ are now just a sad band of ideologues with axes to grind and nests to feather.” is in the word ‘now’, it is not just ‘now’, it is the norm.

    Same with John’s last line, But none are so guilty in my eyes as the media moguls and their infinite desire to pervert the vital principle of a free press It is and has been a ‘free’ press only because the 18th century politicians could not find a way to stop the then nascent news industry without cutting off their own access to what they saw as a truly exceptional and useful tool for propaganda. The vaunted ‘freedom’ of the press is the freedom to use mendacity, dishonesty, deceit and all the other tricks of the trade in order to promote their prejudices, grind their axes and feather their nests while occasionally throwing in a sop to aid the true public interest when it doesn’t cost them.

    My eyes were opened in school when our teacher brought a handful of newspaper titles into class and asked us to compare the coverage of the same events. Whether it was political, business or even sport you could see that each paper brought it’s own slant, perspective and most importantly prejudice, so much so that across the range black became white and truth became fiction, when it wasn’t fiction becoming truth.

    You won’t get truth from the media unless you pick and compare sources and then try to find the origin, for it is just as often that the story has no foundation other than a press release by a vested interest not worth the paper it is written on. Without a great deal of diligence all you will get from the media is your own prejudices either ‘confirmed’ or offended.

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  3. Was the Telegraph’s Sales Director really a signatory?! (Surely too brazen even for this Brady Bunch of fools.) Is this not a mis-reading of a Tweet from Aurum Solutions on behalf of its Sales Director?


  4. For sheer desperation, yesterday’s DM takes some beating with a story that Ian Brady (Moors Murderer) supports UKIP.

    And for tomorrow’s headline, in different vein – Varou-sackedis



  5. Gary, one could say that about the current crop of career politicians .
    Q As for Peter Charles, good summing up of the current? situation. This is not to denigrate JW, the nearest place one can get to free speech in these sort of blogs.
    But for how long before the thought police and the legal briefs use the legal system to shut it all down. Or as me thinks the average age of your readers must be about 68/70 only 10 more years to go. So TPTB can ignore us.


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  7. There is no Freedom Of The Press, for there is No Freedom any longer, not True Freedom, as I once knew it to be, Freedom of Thought, of Mind, of Expression, of Word.

    “There goes The Last DJ’ sang Tom Petty decades back…and now, we have the same with our media. Gone are The Hacks Of Old who wanted to break a story, researching, writing with strength, truth and eloquence…

    They’ve been replaced by The Company Men & The Whores who ‘celebrate mediocrity’, who do what The Top Brass tells them to, happy to do so, no conscience, just wanting to get their dosh and go home to play on their computers…to zone out…

    What truly brought it home to me, with a sledgehammer was what they did to Rolf Harris, unfecking believable!!!

    I spoke to many at that time, young journalists, crap brains…puddlemuddle thinking, towing the line, not questioning, nor bothered, happy to remain in their cage, as in the wonderful Native American story, about The Wild Wolf, captured and put into a cage, who spends the rest of her life trying to find and fight her way back to Freedom, back to The Wild…Her cubs, born into Captivity never even try to Find Freedom for Captivity is their ‘normal’, their ‘wild’….

    “You can’t turn him into a company man, you can’t turn him into a whore…”

    Oh, god, FIND that Last DJ, find that Last Journalist, clone him and get TRUTH and ELOQUENCE back out there! Get back The Last Journalist who has NO FEAR, who is prepared to stand up To The Boys Upstairs..and The Girls too, even more so..because they are about to close the cage upon us all, for so many of The Wild Wolves are dying, fading, giving in, disappearing into The Mists Of Time…and we will leave behind A Nation Of Cubs who no longer understand, who no longer know what it is to BE Wild & Free!!

    “There goes your freedom of choice….there goes the last human voice………………”

    Just feck all these total Bastards & Bitches! Feck ’em ALL!


  8. Another election scandal that nobody seems interested in looking at and even less, allowed in comments in the MSM is the fact that at least two city councils have given EU immigrants poll cards with the right to vote in the Parliamentary election. I know it’s true my wife is one of them.
    Imagine if this is replicated across the country, that’s several million “turkeys who won’t be voting for Christmas”.

    Welcome to Downing Street Ed.


  9. The establishment are circling the wagons, with their media stooges waging their usual campaign of deceit against the public. Anything to save their empty vessel of a Prime Minister.


  10. @Lizzie Cornish – There are a few principled journalists still out there even if you do not agree with their political sentiments. They may be identified by the fact that they have been ousted from their former positions with the MSM. Off the top of my head I would name Obourne in the U.K., Chris Hedges in the US and John Pilger in Australia. There are others, but I agree they are becoming thin on the ground and are certainly not allowed access to the mass audience of the mainstream press.


  11. Well Lupulco I am only 65. I would say I am one of the last generations that were actually taught to think at school although it was not every school that did so even then. As one teacher explained the standard meme was ‘….. you go to school to learn, you go to university to be educated’. Recent changes, especially the upgrading of polytechnics, the taking over of school inspections by ideologues and Blair’s fatuously ignorant 50% target reduced almost all education, whatever the sector to rote learning and nothing else. I noticed in the 1980s (where I was working as a Technical Officer/Manager) that the majority of ‘professionals’ across the board under the age of 45 – 50 simply did not really understand their fields. Ask them anything that required logical extension or delved a little deeper technically and they floundered.

    As to shutting down free speech in the press, well PC et al have done that somewhat but as I pointed out before, and we have all noticed the gradual elimination of truly investigative journalism as the situation returns to norm. they can’t afford to. Just like the LibLabCon is effectively one party as far as policy goes, the media sees supporting the Establishment as in their best interests, they are an integral part of the establishment and often the political class, after all. The media is too useful to the political class to shut it down effectively without doing themselves unacceptable harm. Only if the media attacked the political class as a whole and was successful would they act. The internet with blogs, social media and streams from other countries is of course different, they would shut it down in a heartbeat if they thought they could get away with it, instead they are trying to kill/control it by creep. Might take another decade or two but they are well on the way.


  12. Its my understanding that some of the papers during the election debate actually posted stories about the poor showing off Mr Ed Moribund before the debate had actually taken place.

    Another propaganda war in the offing. The UK free press’titutes. Democracy has never looked better, lets export more of what we have around the world.


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