ED MILIBAND: Hell yes – he’s a phony tough guy, just as David Cameron is a fiat currency

If there is one thing even funnier than David Cameron trying to be the Common Man, it is Ed Miliband trying to be macho tough-guy. No doubt most of you saw that debate last week where he was asked the palpably braindead question, “Can you be tough if the occasion demands it?”

Edward the Ruthless Rabbit had been waiting for the question all evening, and thoroughly relished the chance to say “Oh hell yes!”. The trouble was, his perfect received Oxford pronunciation and startled eyes somehow made the response ridiculous – as if Bertrand Russell was making it. There was also a dimension of the Transexual from Transylvania in The Rocky Horror Show – who asks Brad what does he think of the man he’s created, and Brad answers “He’s OK I guess” to which Frank replies, full-on bitch, “Listen dear, I didn’t make him for yooo“.

If you asked him if he could be a Hell-raiser, no doubt Ed would reply, “Oh, yees – Hell – I just don’t care! I may drink my shandy in halves, but I always choose a dirty glass”.

Twitter of course has been loving it all week, and a virtual female chum and I have been exchanging names like Ed Mirambo, Ed Milibond, and so forth. For me though, I’m afraid he remains either Ed Milibland or Moribund: the standard issue, perfectly right-on-message Oxymoron who’s never thought out of a box in his life….and has, empirically, an atrocious track-record of avoiding tough decisions at all costs.

The odd thing is that Miliband is no good at being a fake, and this is what lets him down. I watched him during a key Environment debate in the House seven years ago, and as the Secretary of State he looked very impressive. I still think much of what he said (and says) is twaddle, and he has – like almost all politicians now – no concept at all of any negative commercial ramifications firmly attached to his barmy ideas about electric power and lighting. But his performance that morning was top notch: he is a good set-piece debater, and in that context is very much at ease, thinking well on his feet. Put him in an unscripted media show, however, and he thinks with his feet.

When push came to shove with the EU, Ed Miliband showed what he’d be like when dealing with the mad folks across the Channel: the CO2 commitment he signed up to was insane, and showed zero awareness of the NASA research that has blown much of the CO2 culprit out of the Dock. If you look at the output of just two generators in China, for example, they churn out more so-called greenhouse gases in a month than the entire UK does in five years. Two wrongs do not make a right…if they are wrongs in the first place. Ed’s problem is that he likes settled science. Uncertainty unsettles him. The best PMs thrive on uncertainty….as indeed do genuine scientists.

As for the floods fiasco of last year, Ed got off very lightly. All the hypocrites from Farage downwards did….but somehow Miliband managed to suggest that Tory denial about climate change was to blame – and the dredging neglect was a direct result of Coalition cuts. That was a lie – and as Environment Secretary at the time, he must have known this. Directive 2007/60/EC on the assessment and management of flood risks entered into force on 26 November 2007, and quite expressly insisted (for the EC knows no other mode) that all Member States should:

‘assess if all water courses and coast lines are at risk from flooding, to map the flood extent and assets and humans at risk in these areas and to take adequate and coordinated measures to reduce this flood risk…this Directive also reinforces the rights of the public to access this information and to have a say in the planning process.’

In short, the failure to do anything began on his watch. But there is no hard evidence to prove either that Miliband oversaw such an operation or that David Cameron canned it. What did happen after the flood disaster – always the way with economists and politicians – was a determined effort to turn up and look sad. It was, as I wrote at the time, the Week of the Westminster Wellingtons. Even in that situation, however, Ed Miliband looked somehow delicate:

edelicateflood6415  “Ooooh, Justine’s going to have such an epi if this water fills my Aigle wellies and ruins the Hackett socks she bought me for Christmas…”

Dear old Nigel Flood-barrage, God bless ‘im, waded into the deepest darkest currents he could find: not for him the fear of filling his boots. His press statements were full of shit mind you, but let’s not get upset about it – anything was better than George Osborne – who pitched up minus either tea or sympathy, telling the locals that this was a freak occurrence, almost certainly caused not by global warming, but by rain. You’ve got to hand it to the Chancellor, deep down he’s shallow – and not even floods can change that reality.

My bottom line on Mr Milibean is this: if I could find anything hopeful or promising in a Government headed by him, I would vote for him with alacrity. A majority of Brits, if inspired enough, would I believe prefer lots of alternatives to that of King David of Camerlot. But I have searched in vain for hope or promise from this dull man and his bourgeois Stalinist Brownites: he is as likely to shake up Britain for the good of the majority as Breszhnev was in the Soviet Union of the late 1970s.

At the risk of repeating myself, libertarian democratic politics is supposed to be about genuine choice. The 2015 UK General Election offers – at the grounded, realistic level – the following choice:

Between a nasty corporacratic shower of wide boys and scammers working for multinational business, idiot bankers….and the EU; and a fluffy rag-bag of rigid ideologues with little understanding of entrepreneurial economics, working for a set of minorities that are nowhere near a majority in total…and the EU.

This is, boiled down, a choice between the incoherent and the intolerant. And per-leeeze, let’s not have any threads about all the Kingmakers I’ve left out, because that’s all they are. Whatever the final outcome of post-vote horsetrading, those two choices between evils will represent the overwhelmingly dominant influence in the Government that emerges.

To those trolls who say I never offer a better alternative, I say (a) the search engine on my site does exactly what is says on the pack and (b) mutualist communitarianism breeds far more solid, economic and social success than any form of neoliberal capitalism. From Waitrose to FCUM, the evidence is there for all those who would see it.

Last night at The Slog: Seeing the funny side of universal claptrap

41 thoughts on “ED MILIBAND: Hell yes – he’s a phony tough guy, just as David Cameron is a fiat currency

  1. As a practising non-voter:
    I favour the colour blue this time. Anything too red is downright dangerous for your children.


  2. John,
    Mutualist communitarianism – yes! It doesn’t mean do.gooders or fluffy sociaiism but a mature, ADULT sense of responsibility towards other people. Not the immature twitterings of those who would seek to govern us. It means that if one has been favoured, one should should favour to others, I don’t mean by giving things away necessarily but helping, giving time and imparting knowledge..

    I have a sports car (yes, I know, mid life crisis!). I’m taking advanced driving lessons and take it as a responsibility to be a good driver BECAUSE I’m in a fast car and to be aware of others mistakes without rising to them (very difficult sometimes!), being better than them but allowing them room. To me at least, mutualist communitarianism is something along those lines.



  3. @DavidC. I agree with your sentiments and would support such a society, If on a small enough scale it might also limit the damage that could be done by the psychopaths that apparently constitute 5-10% of the population. At present the unprecedented concentration of power in a few hands has been entirely to the benefit of the most efficient and ruthless of these psychopaths and we are seeing the results in full technicolour. I would support any move to put politics back to a more human scale where those that cause misery for their own ends are more easily exposed.


  4. Introducing Ed Merelyblind the unseeing face of the new left and David Cameltrouser whose only depth is in his pockets. Two cheeks of the same derrière, with Knickerless Clog the constipated hole in-between. Not so much a coalition as a coagulation, the clots have it. A dead heat and we’re dead meat.


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  6. This election has been turned into a “reality TV freak show” or “the freak reality TV show” where comments by Farage on being fully black or Cameron and Forest Gump (who by coincidence was a little backward) are now the new normal. It is so amusing and annoying to watch at the same time so I suggest this we have a series of telephone numbers you can phone who you would like to be elected.

    The cost moves to the callers then at a £1 per second so all those who think it is rubbish don’t bother phoning whilst all those who do can waste their money for a change and nobody elses. Take bets on the storyline after that so callers get to pick an alternative ending like “Milliband accidentally drowning” then we put that into the new storyline as chosen by the viewers.

    I like the caller idea because all those who are so dumb and gullible can phone in and pay for their own stupidity for a change.


  7. A future Labour Government is committed to outlaw the scourge of Islamophobia by changing the law and making it an aggravated crime, according to the Party’s Leader Ed Miliband.
    “We are going to make it an aggravated crime. We are going to make sure it is marked on people’s records with the police to make sure they root out Islamophobia as a hate crime,” Miliband told the Editor of The Muslim News, Ahmed J Versi in a wide ranging exclusive interview.


  8. “…and showed zero awareness of the NASA research that has blown much of the CO2 culprit out of the Dock.”
    If you are going to make such a strong assertion (which incidentally is total bullcrap) you need to provide evidence in the form of a supporting link to said research.
    In actuality, NASA GISS – the part that deals with climate research – is convinced by the evidence that CO2 is a “greenhouse” gas in that it traps long wave (warming) radiation in the lower atmosphere thus warming the climate. Research is now focused on investigating the effects this undisputed warming may have and how large the effect will be. There is no dispute among reputable scientists that increasing CO2 increases overall global temperature and reducing it decreases overall global temperature. The experimental evidence for this effect has been established for over 100 years and proved many many times since.

    “If you look at the output of just two generators in China, for example, they churn out more so-called greenhouse gases in a month than the entire UK does in five years.”
    And? So what! The CO2 (and other noxious gases) still end up spread around the world – we all need to clean up our act. We did it for sulphur emissions to reduce acid rainfall, we did it for CFCs to protect the ozone layer, some of us have clean air regulations to limit smog. China emits pollution so we in the West don’t have to; they get to make our goods but we don’t have to account for the pollution.

    “Ed’s problem is that he likes settled science. Uncertainty unsettles him. The best PMs thrive on uncertainty….as indeed do genuine scientists.”
    And your problem is that you don’t have the faintest clue about climate science, have been told so on numerous occasions, given numerous links to help you rectify your gaping ignorance in this area and yet still spout off your Denial crap as if it’s gospel truth.


    The climate is warming at roughly the rate predicted – and definitively within the confidence intervals (which are needed to account for natural climate cycles that cause warming and cooling on annual to multi-decadal cycles.)

    The effects of feedbacks are still in some cases uncertain – clouds being one of these areas – and much research still needs to be done, but the consensus is that the climate is warming as predicted and human CO2 release is the primary cause.

    Several “tipping points” are either close by or already unstoppable – loss of Arctic sea ice (will change northern hemisphere circulation patterns), melting permafrost (ongoing unstoppable methane and CO2 emissions), destabilised west Antarctic ice sheets (unstoppable sea level rise for tens to hundreds of years) and destabilised east Antarctic ice sheets (unstoppable sea level rise for hundreds of years, topping out at 200 feet above today’s level). All these are documented and the subject of ongoing research. Blind denial will not make these uncomfortable facts go away.

    And here’s the usual link for anyone that DOES care what the science ACTUALLY says http://www.skepticalscience.com


  9. In the unlikely event of Ed Mittelfinger having the chance to form a government, what are the odds of a PLP “Night of the Long Knives” choosing a new leader. You never know, they could even select a Socialist.


  10. “To those trolls who say I never offer a better alternative,”
    I don’t think anyone really expects you to give an alternative, because you clearly don’t have one. The really intriguing part is why those of this fanciful … (I’ll show ..em,.. I won’t vote..!), think that their *non vote*, can instil anything greater than derision,..a shrug of the shoulders, and a… “So effing what” from the political class?
    At least people who take the trouble to turn up and wipe their arse on the ballot paper will get a mention ….. [ The number of spoiled ballot papers is,….xxx.. ]. Does anyone seriously think these b*st*rds care that the *mutualist communitarians* stayed in bed (protesting) from the 6th to the 8th of May scratching their communitarian mutualist nuts?
    If I’m wrong, ..Pray tell me,… when in history, did the last Political Revolution begin with someone sitting in their armchair with their finger up their arse, probing their prostate?


  11. Rowan
    As you’re a long-term threader here, I’m going to waive the usual rule about personal insults and let you stay. But one more instance of verbal abuse, and you will be banned with no second chances. Second chances are merely the denial of first principles.
    Climatology is another of those sciences that isn’t a science, because it is still at the phlogiston stage of understanding. The Earth constantly throws up new variables which make a nonsense – regularly – of what went before. And whether it suits your book or not Rowan, I read the NASA CO2 escape volume study from end to end, and its finding was that warming gases escape the atmosphere at six times the previously accepted rate. If you want to scream at people in denial of that, fine: but not on my Manor.


  12. Indigo
    Same applies to you as to Rowan. One more instance of this crap and you’re out.
    The alternative – stated here and at length elsewhere at The Slog – is scaled down localist government based on the mutualist principle of entrepreneuralism, and banks reverting to their traditional role in supporting that.
    I don’t know whether you’re merely an amateur or a paid hack, but I’ve invested a lot of time and my own money in this site, and I will not have a perfectly viable and proven solution rubbished by those operating under false flag.
    You have been warned…for the last time.


  13. f you asked him if he could be a Hell-raiser, no doubt Ed would reply, “Oh, yees – Hell – I just don’t care! I may drink my shandy in halves, but I always choose a dirty glass”. he said slapping his thighs?

    Oh I almost burst my sides laughing!

    John you are being disengenuous at accusing our taxyoutodeathifyouarenotrich david, of not being able to make a descision, one needs practice, and as one can tell, he just does what he is TOLD.

    God Bless our Rowan,oh my so masterful, so sweet, so wrong! Okay here’s the thing… the planet is very old, we have gone through at least tens of thousands of years,with lots of changes,and now someome woke up wanting to make a fast buck and become famous..hell they shout the sky is falling…and to stop it falling you must pay money…hm oh them carpet baggers.

    The climate goes in cycles, we even have seasons in some places, climateologists -new name-new money from TAX.
    …but you know, if the world was flat It may well burn by god’s angry hands to punish us sinners.

    …”when in history, did the last Political Revolution begin with someone sitting in their armchair with their finger up their arse, probing their prostate?”

    So, what do you suggest? we vote for something we do not agree with, so that ‘they’ can say we are popular we got voted in. Party politics are not democratic or, as it is now being shown; useful to the majority of the populace, they do not serve the people, they serve the queen, who takes her B/S from her government! yeah democracy dontcha love it when they say it like they believe it?


  14. You are absolutely correct. look at the stats they are always stacked to give the answer that is required. In other words loaded questions.

    Monkey and organ grinder comes to mind.


  15. I actually find a undertone of change,Public seeing through the propaganda for what it is,seeing the weaknesses of all if not that they are naked .at least that they are semiclothed,from such small changes comes real change, i really believe many many people see the attacks on the SNP with great anxiety,to turn on such a large group of people(they represent 4m+) who are British with they’re own experiences leaves many bewildered at the moment,it not the political way people want,they are tired of divide & rules,it as run it’s course & people are now asking & saying this is not good enough!
    I still think people should vote & always will but it not my vote & never should be!
    Has for climate change the world surface & climate is always in a state of flux & we are all guessing from what ever modal your data comes from
    So one last thought Darwins survival of the best adaptors,when trees became to powerful nature destroyed them,when temperatures rose nature brought on a ice age,when ice became to dominant ,the pole melted,the world/nature is always trying to find balance & is being pulled in many directions as nature can not just flip a switch only set conditions to destroy what ever is becoming to dominant


  16. Well it didn’t take Millipede long to jump on the screw the BTL market. The problem with Labour is they think they know how to spend your money better than you. So the last bastion of investment that worked is to be ruined because a few landlords are bad ‘uns. The fact that the vast majority are not is irrelevant to him. Any potential populist policy at screwing ” the rich”. They ruined pensions. We have zirp from the banks. Yet despite this the top 0.5% have seen their wealth double.


  17. I look out of my window and see an 8,000ft mountain. Right on the top of this mountain is rock made by the shells of tiny sea-creatures billions of years ago, squeezed and baked by enormous pressures of tectonic plates and heat from the earth below. These little creatures soaked up most of the Co2 and it ended up as rock. I look halfway down this mountain and see folds and fold of strata bent back on itself as if it were cake-mix. By massive forces that laugh at our vain and puny self-importance.

    Most of Europe 50 years ago was covered in smog from filthy power stations, domestic coal, traffic and industrial pollution. We have basically none of that now and you can see for hundreds of miles across a green and verdant Europe. That took vision from sensible and objective people.

    Any idiot who thinks global warming (as if there is anything other than a natural cycle going on) is being caused by us, needs to get out more and see for his own eyes.

    If you want to do anything, try and convince Asia to learn from our mistakes and not poison their children with their pollution.
    If you think building wind turbines is the direction to invest your efforts, heaven help you. If you fell for Tony B.Liar’s ”nuclear is clean” hypocrisy, there is no hope. Hydro-electricity and geothermal are the only useful sustainable energy sources for UK -and don’t need huge subsidies. That and a bit of common sense will do for us.

    Some people need to be sent back to primary school.


  18. But Mr.Ward;your idea would require the existence of huge numbers of people possessed of morality & integrity.Do you know of any?.


  19. Mutualist communitarianism.

    We should become Quakers: the real problem is the lack of any moral fibre, from the top down.

    John – you should come home on the 8th May and start a new party on this broad principle: you would likely have my support.


  20. I think Mr Carlin had your number a long time ago.

    Photosynthesis is a rate limited reaction ie. CO2 levels control its efficiency being the rate limiting step. If you don’t understand this then you don’t understand science and why manmade global warming is a load of manure.


  21. I’ll say one thing for Millband, at least he prevented NATO from bombing al qeada into power in Syria. The MSM hasn’t forgiven him for it.


  22. I dunno. Sometimes I think the UK is making a meal of the adjustment from relatively important country (say pre 1950) to mid sized nonentity. Boy is it taking a while!
    Seen from the global point of view or just from the (also declining) USA we are simply irrelevant. Even the EU has little interest in us, perhaps the ultimate put down.
    I guess our hopeless politicians are still grappling with the problems and class structures of the last century cf. A little trace of vision from any of them would be welcome. As would some financial acumen and, oh dear, honesty. Why must they insist on competing to be the most obvious liars?
    We get the idiots, sorry politicians we deserve.


  23. Still no link though – so I am unable to check where you’ve gone wrong in your understanding of the alleged “NASA CO2 escape volume study”.
    Here’s the best I can find after a quick Google:
    but seeing as it says the exact opposite of what you’re trying to claim I doubt it’s the piece of research you refer to…
    “Water vapor and clouds are the major contributors to Earth’s greenhouse effect, but a new atmosphere-ocean climate modeling study shows that the planet’s temperature ultimately depends on the atmospheric level of carbon dioxide.”

    As to your claim that climatology isn’t a science – I’m shocked. Truly shocked. Science is a means of understanding the world achieved through testing hypotheses by repeatable experimentation. This is exactly what climate scientists have been and are still doing.
    Your own understanding of climate science might be at the “phlogiston stage” but there are resources out there to correct your abysmal lack of knowledge in this area. Start with SkepticalScience and work your way up the knowledge tree to the likes of Isaac Held’s blog – if you can’t understand the physics presented there you cannot possibly claim to be informed wrt climate science.


  24. Miss B,
    Perhaps you don’t realise that the entirely of human civilisation took place over the past 10,000 years in a fairly stable climate. A climate that continued CO2 release is currently destabilising ever faster every year.
    Indeed the planet is very old – we have actually gone though BILLIONS of years of changes let alone tens of thousands. But humans weren’t there for most of it – go back just a couple of hundred thousand years and modern humans (Homo sapiens sapiens) were yet to evolve as a distinct Homo species.

    Perhaps you could enlighten me as to who you believe woke up wanting to make a fast buck and achieve fame out of climate change?
    It wasn’t the energy companies – they’re funding the Denier side.
    It wasn’t the climate scientists – if you can name a single climate researcher that made their mint from their research I will be so impressed I’ll eat a bundle of Scotch Bonnet chillies and post a video here.
    It wasn’t the governments – they’re doing all they can to keep growth going despite the warnings.

    God Bless Miss B – she knows not how idiotically wrong she is.


  25. I really wish you would take more care when you write your comments, sometimes I have to read the same collection of words 2-3 times before I am able to mentally insert punctuation or correct grammar/spelling in order to understand what it is you are saying.


  26. @Hieronimusb, the second one is the Jet Stream, refreshed every three hours, also the site is interactive, click on the word “Earth” to get going.
    Talking of hallucinogenics ;);) you may be interested in this very exciting research:
    I’m going to the seminar.


  27. All true.

    These days I buy stuff across Europe and look in vain for the translation into English.

    Cameron is a throwback, a latter-day Mussolini trying to persuade the Brits that they can recapture a long-distant Imperial Glory.


  28. Mr. Milliband stopped the agreed Anglo-American decision to take miitary action against Syria, dead in its tracks. I said at the time that America was unlikely to allow that rebuff to pass unpunished.

    Now here we are, with this extended piece (laboured beyond its natural limits) whose purpose seems to be to belittle Mr. Milliband.

    All rather strange; are you funded by the CIA?


  29. To be succcessful in politics you have to be a good little whore. Make sure that you are backed by the people from the ‘inner circle’ and have done all the rifgt , cosy little deals before you enter the race.

    Having been in business for several years I can tell you that there are no laws that cannot be ‘bypassed’ by bribing the right people.

    You CANNOT conduct a successful business without greasing the machinery of government anywhere in eordisneylad or der americanisher state.

    A political career is a short window of opportunity to tout for as many bribes, kick-backs, promised directorships, share packages and other bribes How obviouse does it need to be. These whores enter politics penniless and leave carryint many times more than they where official paid. Where the hell do people think the money came from ?

    The policies have already been decided. The front men, politicians, are irrelevant. They have no power. The control NOTHING. They are NOT running the country. They are just actors reading the script handed to them.

    Since anyone who has an I.Q. bigger than their hat-size knows this, I have to ask, “WHAT THE F’KING HELL ARE YOU VOTING FOR ?”

    PREDICTION: More ‘austerity’ (direct transfere of wealth from peasant to master.), TTIP will be signed (resulting in a direct transfer of power from state/law to big money interest.), the rich will get richer, the poor will get poorer (codename austerity) the law is all but gone already, state benefits will be eradicated (codename – arbeit macht frei.), the population will get even more stupid and ignorant than they are now (codename – education reform.), the NHS will be flogged off on the cheap (codename fraud).

    Its called FASCISM. Big money dominates the state institutions and duuh peepil are reduced to a powerles peasantry. Worker drones. Bonded slaves.

    But of course, we should all vote for whoever we think has a chance of winning. Whoever we think looks best on the moron-o-scope. Because its a horse race.


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