Here in one screen capture is what’s wrong with the contemporary Labour Party:

lgbtJust by writing this, of course, I will immediately be pigeon-holed as a blue-rinse Surrey Tory – although being that might well mean I’m a cross-dresser. But that’s nonsense.

What more rights do Bi, Tranny, Gay and Lesbian people need? They’ve gone legal and public, they have their own sites, clubs and pressure groups, the consent age has been dropped, they can get married, they can adopt, they have the same legal rights as straights. I mean, whatTF more do they need?

That obvious question aside, witless pledges like this from Miliband would be OK if we all lived in Wonderland and life was beautiful all the time. But contemporary life for 95% of people in Asia and Africa – plus an increasing number of those in the EU and US – sucks in a way quite unimaginable in my youth. Sexual orientation has no right at all to be on the political agenda in that context.

I’m not and never have been a Labour voter. But I would support them to the hilt if they made the following pledges:

* To ban all monied political lobbying and donations

* To disown the unelected and banker-infected European Commission

* To commit to the dismantling of the neoliberal capitalist model in favour of a more mutually balanced economy and communitarianism

* To withdraw from the farcical ‘special relationship’ we are alleged to have with the US

* To interrogate vigorously some of the more destructive of their social policies involving State interference in families – and the sad loss of personal responsibility that has engendered.

And do you know what? When viewed in the light of currently high voting abstention levels and changes working people most want to see, a Labour Party embracing such principled radicalism would sail home effortlessly.

Fortune favours the brave, and fate cheats the tentative. It did for Cameron in 2010, and it may yet do for Miliband in 2015.


  1. As a Brit intermittently working is the US, I can tell you that the ‘special relationship’ is dying, whatever the increasingly irrelevant UK pols say. The yanks want a single euro voice, and they want an European satrapy. If our vile and spavinned leaders sign up for FATCA & GATCA, the fascists in Washington will have succeeded.

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  2. You sum up my view perfectly. I have been having a vigorous Facebook discussion today as I don’t see the point of voting. I have no one to vote for who matches my views. Voting Green is a complete waste of time in 95% of the country, sadly and they are the closest.


  3. I never dreamed I’d say this as an eco hippy type but voting Green is a complete disaster. They hate any kind of monied growth.


  4. I’m planning to put a single diagonal line through the boxes on the ballot paper from top right to bottom left (no political significance in that BTW!) and write ‘NONE’ right across the descriptions of the candidates. If everyone who feels there is no party worth supporting did the same, we – the disaffected but not disconnected – would ‘win’ this General Election.


  5. Ah yes, very clear I don’t think,, the point you miss is simple, ” people,, voters,, the great un washed come out of their cells every now and then voting on the basis of balls
    nd bacon begins.
    Funny that isn’t it …”goodnight one all ,……. But not really


  6. Absolutely right, Lance. I particularly approve of their stance on Travellers’ Rights …

    “Travellers’ Rights:
    RR700 The Green Party recognises that Gypsies and other Travellers are sections of society which are greatly disadvantaged and discriminated against. We recognise also that the travelling people have ancient, valuable and valid lifestyles and cultures, and have a right to preserve these. Legislation concerning Travellers should aim to ensure equal rights and community obligations for Travellers as citizens, without imposing unwanted conformity to the values and lifestyle of the dominant culture.”

    I’ll remember that the next time I see another vacated site filled with unbelievable mountains of rubbish, crap and general ordure. Good ole Green Party, say I :-)

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  7. ‘On a visit to London, when he also met with senior Tories including former Times executive Michael Gove, Richard Murdoch warned News Corp executives that a Labour government would try to break up the group and instructed them to be much more aggressive in their attacks on Labour and more positive about Conservative achievements in the run-up to the election.’
    Well, that’s made my mind up. Anyone wanting to bring the Dirty Digger down a peg gets my vote!


  8. At Labour’s recent rally in Warrington both Ben Elton and noted tranny Eddie Izzard (looking vile) were prominent for the cameras – surely a strong coded hint of what to expect from an Ed-led govt. Regarding the remarkable co-ordinated effort put into courting Gays by the Political & Media Class regardless of how well it goes down with everyone else, I can’t help suspecting that the NWO elite regard LGBTs as the ‘New Man’ of their secular global liberal regime, and court them accordingly. Being an agglomoration of individuals in many ways at odds with tradition, and with no history or natural future to their ersatz ‘nation’ to speak of, their social relations are the template from which a biddable rights(-conferred-by-the-State)-defined atomised cost-centre-numbered citizen can be hewn (so the thinking likely goes).

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  9. Question to the declared non-voters?
    Just suppose for a moment there was new legislation : a kind of ‘Three strikes and you’re out’ legislation which determined that anyone who didn’t vote on 3 successive elections, lost their right to vote.
    Would you as an avowed non-voter be O.K. with that?


  10. Why would anyone introduce that kind of new legislation? What happened to freedom of choice? Nothing like a good bit of compulsion, I suppose. Mind you, if it meant that, by being ‘struck out’, I was no longer bound by the laws and statutes of the society that instigated that course of action I could be persuaded to stay at home :-)


  11. “Why would anyone introduce that kind of new legislation?”
    If people with a right to vote constantly don’t turn up, then why stand the admin costs, and postage costs of millions of voter papers. It seems perfectly reasonable to take folk off the voter register if they never turn up to vote. It they are not minded to vote, why should society be minded to give a s**t about including them, and their rights to vote?
    The legislation would not need be a permanent exclusion. As with the ‘Speeding Awareness Course’, to save from points on your driving license, the legislation could demand that to be re-instated to the voter register, an absentee voter ( 3 absences ), would have to attend a full day ‘ Citizens Awareness Course ‘? The fee for the course would be paid for by the person wishing to re-instate their name on the voter register, set at a nominal cost of say £50?
    Seems perfectly reasonable to me.


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  13. @ GrandPa
    You are probably right, but is it not, reciprocally, society’s right to say that your constant absence from the ballot box, means that *you* are not worth the 0.26p postage cost of sending you your Voter Card ?


  14. @indigoboy
    If the ballet papers included an option of RON (Re-open nominations) or “none of the above” maybe your suggestion might have some validity. As it is, why should we be penalised just because no-one standing for office offers anything worth voting for?

    More appropriate perhaps that the politicians have some kind of three strikes and you’re out penalty. If voter turnout is less than 70% three times in a row then we get automatic electoral reform, or if an MP votes on bills against the wishes of their constituency three times, it triggers an automatic by-election. I know logistically these are probably unworkable, but what I mean to say is that political apathy is the fault of the actions of the political classes, not those people who have become disillusioned with the feckless, untrustworthy politicians.


  15. Indigo Jones
    This is a potty argument. In 2020, every Party puts up 650 turds, nobody votes for them, and the next day Grant Shapps declares a dictatorship in which all voters are declared too lazy.

    Do you vote Screaming Lord Sutch? No, neither do I: because they don’t represent me or anything I stand for. Voters don’t abstain through idleness chum, they abstain through cynicism, desperation and lack if real representation.


  16. Personally I think IndigoBoys suggestion is a reasonably democratic one. Ultimately though somewhat irrelevant. If we remain in the EU much longer (10 years ?) they will ban all elections and referenda anyway. The EUs history shows they do not like democracy and often ignore voters or tell them to vote again and again until they come up with the ‘right’ answer. What else do you think ‘political union’ means ?


  17. I’m not sure why it’s a potty argument JW. If someone decides on principle that voting is *not for them*, it seems perfectly sensible to take them off the voting register and be done with it. It seems far more potty, to keep sending out Voter Cards to millions of ‘dedicated non voters’, at great public expense, and to recipients, who perceive it as annoying junk mail as it lands behind their front door?


  18. Indigo Jones shows that he doesn’t understand how the voting system works. You have to register to vote every year – there is not a register which you are on for years, from which you can be chucked off for misbehaviour.

    And if people stayed put, it might be feasible to stop them from re-registering again. But people move and that would mean you’d have to keep a national register of voting behaviour so when anyone tries to register they can be refused if they haven’t always done their civic duty.

    But that strikes me as being a bit totalitarian and pretty expensive. In fact it sounds like the sort of rubbish Ed Balls might have dreamed up!


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