Policing the People is no replacement for protecting them

I apologise in advance for tonight’s piece, for a number of reasons. First, it’s going to be longer than usual. Second, it’s a personal account – albeit with massive macro consequences for the survival of civilisation. And finally, it meanders across the UK, France and Greece because they are all suffering from the same problem:  politically penetrated police who protect ideologues, the powerful, the correct, the minorities, the bullies and the Nazis….but rarely these days the ordinary citizens going about their business in a law-abiding manner.


Our immediate story begins in Miramont market this morning, when I was assaulted – thrown to the ground and then persistently threatened – by an Engish cockney cowboy plumber who keeps on insisting I owe him money. The legal view (recently upheld in a formal legal exchange) was that he owes me money, and a ‘received with thanks’ bill for the work to set against cgt tax should I ever sell the main property here. Not only was his installation off-brief in almost every respect, I now have a boiler that won’t maintain its pressure because there are micro-leaks in the system he put in.

Anyway, Chummy decided to knock me over, and then harrass me through the streets of Miramont (to the bafflement of the French stallholders) with the following key highlights of threat:

“I don’t care if have to break every f**kin’ bone in your body, if I meet you in the street from now on I will knock you out and put you in hospital until such time as I get my money you c**t. Now put that f**kin’ cheque in the post by the end of next week, or I’ll put you in f**kin’ ‘ospital”.

Ah, the sweet smell of the English feral classes of a morning.

It won’t surprise anyone to discover that the bloke has a long history of pulling this kind of stunt, but there are some elements of the case that ring all kinds of bells in a broad European Union context. Before looking at that aspect, however, let me issue this warning:

if anyone in the French departements of 33 (Dordogne) or 47 (Lot-et-Garonne) is looking to find a plumber, feel free to contact me on jawslog@gmail.com, and I will be more than happy to reveal the gentleman’s identity as THE person to avoid at all costs. Equally, if anyone reading this already suspects they know who I’m talking about, I’d love to hear from you, as a detailed dossier is now being prepared by various contractors and victims to finally put the guy away – and then accidentally mislay the key.


Contacting two lawyers and other contacts initially today, I took in my stride the reality that the gendarmes wouldn’t want to know, but nevertheless they must log an attestation from me if I present myself with the obvious accusation of somebody demanding money with menaces.

Mayors in France have long been of the view that they won’t get involved in disputes between English residents “because it always leads to unpleasantness”. Nevertheless, arriving at the Mairie for a chat about the issue this afternoon, I was struck by a large poster that headlined, “THREATS AND VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN….RING 3919 NOW”. This is entirely laudable, but must we now assume that the only vulnerable people in society are female? What about threats against senior citizens, invalids, and other defenceless groups? Why doesn’t 3919 apply to every weak person in the community? Wasn’t the whole nonsense about ‘Chairperson’ etc supposed to make gender irrelevant?

Once again, one is forced to the conclusion that the priorities of Western police forces revolve around the obsessions of the élite, not the average citizen.

Anyway, Rapid Reverse now to 2006 in England, when I clashed with a computer fraudster who was downloading personal info from laptops (using the front of a repair service) and then fencing that data on to larger fraudsters keen to know the email addresses – and read the messages – of senior people in Fleet Street, Government, politics, banking and the legal profession….with which my pc was stuffed to the gunnels.

This piece of filth had a record of bankruptcy and illegal re-registration stretching back ten years or more, and had latterly been exploiting loopholes in the banking system to enable him to keep withdrawing funds from pensioners whose details he’d downloaded while ‘repairing’ their pcs. The banks concerned, the Trading Standards Office and the local police force all said they could not proceed because there was “no evidence of wrongdoing”. When this psycho eventually punched his retail next door neighbour through a plate-glass window (after which the victim was hospitalised for three weeks) the police said the contretemps was “knock for knock”. The hardware store neighbour was 5 feet 3 inches tall, whereas the fraudster was 6 feet 6 inches in height. When the cops refused to press charges on this basis, I asked the desk sergeant what was so interesting about his shoes….as all he seemed to do was study them.

It was the first of many encounters with Devon & Cornwall Constabulary. These later led me (via a whistleblower) to horrific allegations in Plymouth – a Gomorrah that perhaps one day someone in authority with a spine will tackle – but all I really want to register here is that the newly appointed Chief Constable at the time put on the heavily promoted D&C website that he was “a leader in cultural diversity policing”. I was not, I must confess, greatly impressed.

Again, there is no desire here to suggest that defending cultural minorities is irrelevant. But the question just keeps on returning “What about the law-abiding majority within every cultural minority community? Don’t they count?”


Fast Forward now to the recent past. It is Spring 2013 in Athens, and there I am trying to get an interview with Alexis Tsipras, because he seems to me the Man Most Likely To. I am taken – very patiently, I have to add – around Athens by my chum Eleni, who quietly shows me lots of other things far more important than Tsipras. These include – apart from a chilling tour of human desperation – a crash-course in how to spot Golden Dawn criminals in civil police uniforms.

They strut and motorbike their way around the Capital City, shoving others out of the way while cat-calling immigrants. They turn a blind eye to neo-Nazi thugs who establish some semblance of “community vigilante” presence to “protect” the older more traditional Greek suburban dwellers who they know live in fear of immigrant crime.

Fast Forward further to the more recent past, wherein French President Francois Hollande and myriad other hypocrites pretend to like Charlie Hebdo. Shortly thereafter, Hollande lets his sureté dogs loose on anyone found guilty (without trial) of saying supportive things about Islam. I have my own very serious issues with Islamist fellow-travellers, but this move by a Socialist President is several yards offside.


You may be now be wondering where I’m going with this, so let me draw together the strands.

What England in 2006, Greece in 2013 and France in 2015 all have in common is that the police are no longer there to protect the endangered citizen. Their job has become a nasty mixture of cynical tax collection and political toadying. Say something deemed ‘homophobic’ (whateverTF that means) and Plod will be on your doorstep within five minutes. But find yourself physically threatened or your bank account emptied, and the boys in blue will come up with 55 reasons why they should do nothing.

This is beyond the shameless menace of idle South African police looking to stop the innocent driver and demand money in order to supplement their already more than ample salary. The civil (in every sense of the word) police forces of the ‘developed’ Western World are being rapidly politicised, militarised and desensitised as part of a process to serve the agendas of fanatics, antilibertarian control freaks and multinational gangsters. In that milieu, Mr & Mrs You and Me count for nothing.

That’s why Boris Johnson has ordered population-submission hardware, US cops look more like National Guard boneheads with every week, senior Met police officers dine out with media moguls, French flics are rude, destructive, unapologetic and invasive…and Greek cops sit around, waiting for the next order that might give them an advantage in the Brutish State to which they look forward with lascivious expectation.


So let’s return in conclusion to yet another reason why any vote the British citizen casts in this forthcoming electoral farce will be a complete waste. Show me if you can – in any of the Manifestos being put forward by the Party contenders – one pledge suggesting that any of them are aware of this Gestaposation trend, and have radical plans to reverse it.

In a democracy, I think it behoves me to vote for the Party most likely to protect that democracy in the interests of the individual. I see none who even recognise the need. So I will not vote.


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