BANKS, COMMISSIONS & ELECTIONS: yesterday you were a citizen, today you are a subject.

I got involved in an immolatory debate with some friends the other day about the average citizen’s reinvented relationship with the retail banking system. I was trying to point out to one guy in particular – a guest I’d never met before – that the change in my nomenclature from ‘customer’ to ‘creditor’ was a cynical (and typical) attempt to justify theft as and when it takes place at some time in the near future.

It went something like this:

“Rubbish,” said my main antagonist, “we’ve always been creditors. It’s just that like most people, you don’t understand the nature of the banking rules.

“Tell me,” I countered, “when you first opened a bank account, do you remember anyone in the bank telling you that if they f**ked up you could lose the lot?”

“Of course not”.

“Well then, why bring it up now?”

“To point out the risks”.

“What do you suggest I do, hide my cash under the mattress and hope the 120 standing orders don’t bounce?”

“Now you’re being ridiculous. Banks provide a service, and in service provision there is always a risk”.

“Tell me, where’s the risk in the service provided by my window cleaner?”

And so it went on. It was of course a pointlessly circular debate, because the thing with those who staunchly defend the indefensible is, they’ve soaked up the spin excuses from the media like so many sheets of human blotting paper. The same is true of the Left, when trying to defend their silence on the issue of the EU’s cynical rape of ClubMed for the sake of the euro: they will put the blind eye up to the telescope on everything from the entire Commission being illegally unaudited for two decades all the way through to a now established pattern of quashing election decisions and breaking treaty rules.

The LibDems too defend their appalling record of support for illiberal legislation from the Coalition by saying that it would’ve been “even worse” without their presence. You have to hand it to Nick Clegg, there’s nobody else in British politics quite so urbane as he when it comes to the polishing-up of turds.

Anyway, today I’ve been doing some thinking about this banker/creditor thing. Actually, I’ve been relaying gravel on garden paths destroyed by braindead plumbers, planting saplings for whom the time to leave the pot has come, and hawking bloody great limestone lumps about. But I do some of my best thinking while gardening. And as I thought about how perrywinkle will grow in the most vile soil imaginable but still look quite handsome, it occurred to me that the same is true of the risible arguments put up by those who beeeleeeve. Especially neoliberal City twerps.

So I thought it might be interesting to apply the bail-in-you’re-just-a-creditor logic to other professions. I think there’s a reasonable chance you’ll find what follows at least amusing, and perhaps even enlightening.

Imagine how you’d feel if, on going into hospital for a simple tonsillectomy, you were told, “Of course you do realise you’re not a sick patient, but in fact a potential victim of surgical risk, and thus due to circumstances beyond our control it is quite conceivable that the surgeon involved in removing your tonsils will in fact graft your head onto an okapi in a brave attempt to add to the human gene pool and thus accelerate human evolution?”

I think we can all agree here and now that potential victims would leave scorch-marks behind in the admissions area as they hot-footed it out of there in search of an African medicine practitioner or, failing that, a back-street abortionist.

Or think about the mental contortions Mrs Lampost from 35 Binary Close in Pickelwitch-on-Floodplain would go through if she presented herself at outpatients with a bunion, and was asked to sign a waiver allowing the Nurse to redefine her condition as not only extremely contagious, but also a danger to civilisation justifying forced euthaniasia for the carrier. Mrs Lampost would not so much hop out of casualty as zoom towards the horizon like a turbo-charged jackrabbit.

What about our children, and the way we all entrust them to the teaching profession: at the Open Day for new parents, the Headmaster addresses his audience and tells those with high hopes for the fruit of the loins that their sons and daughters are not here to be taught the three R’s and social manners, but rather to be buggered stupid by the Art Master, forced to masturbate the Priest in charge of divinity, and taught that cross-dressing as the appetiser for trans-genderism is to be celebrated.

My point here is not to denigrate changes of either clothes or gender, but simply to repeat the rhetorical question: is anyone willing to suggest that the school will be overwhelmed by eager parents fighting tooth and nail in September for their kids to be admitted?

I do not remember once, in my former profession of advertising, ever opening a new business presentation by saying that half the art directors in the creative department were taking mind-altering drugs. Nor do I recall screening for prospective clients our showreel of ads…but saying that of course the past was no guide to the future and if we went out of business after giving their money to the media contractors, then good luck but don’t hold your breath waiting for the money back.

What I do remember vividly, however, is working for financial clients like NatWest, Access credit cards, Barclaycard, Barclays Bank (twice), HBOS, Mercantile Credit and Abbey Life Assurance. However, my mind is a blank when it comes to any of them ever asking me to make it clear to potential customers that they were in fact creditors in grave danger of losing their shirts.

I suspect that, by now, most intelligent Sloggers will have clocked the hypocrisy of all this up is down and black is white surrealism. But if I may – irony of ironies – I would like to close by drawing a parallel to the profession of politics….for do they not all tell us that these days they are veritable professionals?

The Brits face a General Election in just 19 days from now. Call me wacky, but on the basis of banks redefining me as the creditor formerly known as the customer, can somebody please give me an example of the campaign to date in which any politician has redefined us as no longer electors, but merely subjects?

We are subject to the vagaries of five Parties, none of whom has a cat in Hell’s chance of winning power on their own. We are subject to the irritability denied by all five of them (including UKip) going on in the bowels of the EU at the moment. We are subject to the whims of central bankers and Wall Street. And we are subjected on a daily basis to media drivel about what’s really going on.

Face it: we are citizens no more. We are more subjected to unelected power than we were under the tutelage of Charles I….or if you’re reading this in the US, than you were under the reign of George III….or if you’re reading this in Greece, than you were under the merciless rule of the Ottomans.

30 thoughts on “BANKS, COMMISSIONS & ELECTIONS: yesterday you were a citizen, today you are a subject.

  1. Sell the investment bank of RBS Lloyds Barclays HSBC etc to the so called Masters of the Universe for a quid,and the rump/commercial bank returns to its Captain Mainwaring function of providing a plain vanilla utility service to its creditors/customers!
    Simple innit!
    But without utility banks your 120 standing orders would not happen,or all the other things that good old fashioned banks can and must provide to oil the wheels of society that wants to save and transact monies in their daily lives.
    Greek banks were f.cked by American investment banks/RBS by Goodwin and American MBS bullshit.There must be a connection here.


  2. Access credit cards ……. happy days .

    I was still an East German newly graduated technical apprentice then and being eyed as a prosoective member if the Stasi……

    Oh hiw we lowly have risen !


  3. ‘We are subject to the vagaries of five parties’. Only three have candidates in all of England, Scotland and Wales. UKIP will probably receive more votes than the SNP, who will probably have 10 times more MPs than UKIP.Seems to me that our first past the post constituency system no longer reflects voters actual choice. Still, it is an improvement on East Germany….


  4. We are all under the merciless rule of the Ottomans and Mughals – Turks & Pakistanis – whose kebab- &- drugs empire reigns in every UK high street and over the nation’s young after dark. And we are all under the merciless rule of the bankers, and their captured politicians and media friends. But this cannot be a surprise. Our indolence has created all these unelected monsters. We accepted the fiction brought about by the vast inflation of credit (and corresponding import of new & cheaper under class) that has supported our effortlessly rising standard of living over that last 4 decades. Fiction of all it. Feudal serfs is what we have become, but our merciless rulers have had our consent for this all the way.


  5. Bank manager walks up to you and says your money will be bailed in if we screw up.

    We should be demanding a reversion of the system to cash if you choose it and in everything like wages. The thing is then and where the banking system has a terrible problem all this paying in cash no kidding sherlock is ther proverbial bank run. So you are not allowed to operate in cash only (mainly because the banks make it awkward) and they intend to bail you in so either way you lose. Even if they don’t bail you in, your worth in plain view thery will nickel and dime all that worth in charges.

    As I see it in the past cash was king and they had to pay interest else they did not get the money. Now it is already theirs residing in the bank to be confiscated as they wish even if you work 40+ hours a week.

    Extend the question why the above then?

    In reality the banking system since 2008 stole 375 billion pounds in QE from the British taxpayer anyway so why the hell don’t they just do it again won’t need a bail in then OR WILL THEY? One answer really, it’s bigger OH SO MUCH BIGGER THAN 375 BILLION! Has to be, possibly scale it 10x what was done before rendering the QE game even with all the other forms of stealing not workable.

    Prepare to be fleeced.

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  6. I doubt whether your bank is defining you as a creditor (to remind you that you can lose your money) of its own free will, rather than as a result of regulatory decision. Banks have always wanted to look safe, to their customers/creditors. There have always been banks that failed all the same. Anyway you will only lose the money if you have lent the bank more than the government-backed deposit insurance limits, or if the government defaults on those guarantees. Of course you are right in thinking that a lot of banks are a lot less safe than they would wish you to think. But you have been saying that for ages, quite rightly. We can look for better homes for our assets, but then we assume that there are also risks. And we still need bank accounts even if we don’t keep much money in them.


  7. We are being farmed and harvested like domesticated animals. Every now and then, the farmer shuts us in a field and lets the wolves in to remind us what life would be like without him looking after us, and this method seems to have had some success if you watch and listen to the livestock as they debate the finer points of how they should be cooked. The best prisoners are those who do not realise they are in prison.

    My apologies if this sounds a touch cynical; I plead old age and loss of patience with fools in the certain knowledge that this is no excuse whatsoever.


  8. Bankers have cost taxpayers a lot, but only because that’s what politicians want. In listening to politicians campaign in the UK and in the USA what strikes me is their arrogance in assuming they can take anybody’s hard-earned savings, which is what they’ll keep doing till there’s nothing left. Politicians of all stripes hate civil society — once politicians have blown up the existing regime of nation states, civil society will have the chance to determine its own fate


  9. Banks are evolving – in a southerly direction. Computers and Peer to Peer lending are just a part of their demise.
    Only the SPIVS could spin us a bargain bribe like Lloyds and get the QE inflated monkey off their back.

    I was going to spoil my ballot paper, but am voting UKIP for same reason. I never endorse these self satisfying criminals


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  11. This banker principal relationship has been in force since 1848 …..Foley vs Hill was the defining legal judgement.
    This principle has been enshrined into banking regulation worldwide in the intervening years. What has changed (with Cyprus) is that Drizzelboom persuaded he G20 to interpret bank insolvency in the framework of the Foley vs. Hill judgement claiming that it was not “illegal”l to sequester deposits in the event that a bank went fits up.

    It was probably never “illegal” but historically the bankers did not dare use or even publicise todays interpretation in case it led to mass rioting and runs on bank deposits. Your friend who defended the bankers was correct…. you and most others are not aware of this recently introduced bankster modus operandi because it is not widely communicated in the MSM like the Sun or even the Times because the Bankers and governments have done their utmost to ensure minimal publicity.

    If the proletariat understood what “bail in” meant there would be bankster and ministers of finance adorning lampposts all over the world. By the time it is widely understood it will be too late and depositors money will no longer be subject to the contractual “paper” promise to repay deposits on demand which is the other side of the banking contract.


  12. Under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme the taxpayer provides deposit insurance for banks if they go tits up.
    Apart from encouraging them to be reckless, I wonder if they pay any premiums for this service?


  13. The MSM, Mass Sh1te Media, are collaborating, with their govt & corporate owners, to the benefit of their Bankster masters.
    Youtube & put in: Jesse Ventura Global Warming FRAUD Maurice Strong Carbon Dioxide Tax Cap and Trade System NWO
    A 7.55 min video. Reveals the main protagonists of the CAGW fraud: Rothschild & his capo Maurice Strong.

    Youtube again & put in: John Casey Exposes Global Warming Fraud
    A 51 min video.
    John L. Casey was a White House space policy advisor, NASA headquarters consultant, & the engineer called in to find why the space shuttle challenger exploded. He has discovered Relational Cycles in the suns output which is the main climate driver, in particular a 207 year cycle. He predicted 10 months in advance the extra geological activity ( volcanoes & earthquakes) which comes with reduced sun output, & led to the earthquake & tsunami in Japan, 2011.

    I have just finished John L. Casey’s book Dark Winter, in which he explains the mini 20 – 30 year Ice Age we are now entering. Cold Kills, & Maurice Strong’s UN, our govts & media have spent 27 years selling us man-made CO2 warming nonsense.
    This is perfectly in line with the 1%’s depopulation aims:
    Youtube & put in: Agenda 21’s Globalist death plan for Humanity
    51 mins by Lord Monckton.
    I cannot recommend Casey’s latest book highly enough.

    John Doran.


  14. jdseanjd – I will admit to having had an early sharpener or two when I wrote that; I would prefer to think that I’m not usually so brusque, but I look about me and “like the Roman” ….


  15. I consider myself to be a subject of the queen the titular head of the UK, not a citizen which would mean know towing to the unelected political failures on the brussels committee.


  16. As Buckminster Fuller is quoted as saying” You never change things by fighting the existing reality, create a new model that will make the old one obsolete” has some ideas that prove interesting

    See how much each individual is paying to the banksters, and we put up with this?
    We allow the morons who have assumed an authority over the people to destroy our environment, through poisoning our water, air, food, Fracking, Chemtrailing, vaccinations, weapon frequency microwave radiation, creating wars…


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