OPINION: As Greek tragedy turns into agony, who are the real accused?

As with so many Western languages, the English word ‘agony’ is derived from the Greek for a contest that involves anything from wrestling with adversity to severe struggling with pain and suffering. In its contemporary form, the word-play of ‘Greek tragedy’ does not even begin to represent the reality of the hand that Greece has been dealt off the bottom of the EU pack.

The agony is being piled onto Greece at the moment. It is the outstanding Sovereign example over the last century of a largely innocent prey facing encirclement by lasciviously bloodthirsty wolves… and running out of matches for the fire that might keep them at bay.

The more the media say “visit to USA by Varoufakis has air of desperation”, and “Greeks made informal approach to restructure IMF payments”, the more – as those media know perfectly well – the markets lose confidence, bond yields rise, and the vicious circle of feral dogs forms an ever-tighter trap around a country being crucified to save an ill-begotten and obviously doomed currency.

Three-year Greek debt is now yielding 26% – a level in and of itself screaming to anyone with a functioning pair of ears that the markets expect Athens to welch on its borrowings.

On this long road from the greedy optimism of 2003 to the perdition of today, many can be named and blamed….although few of them shamed: you cannot shame the shameless. They include Jean-Claude Trichet, Goldman Sachs, Evangelos Venizelos, Wolfgang Schäuble, Troikas (various), vulture funds, a disturbingly high minority of the upper professional Greek classes, the European Commission, and latterly the spinelessly empty-headed collaboration of Antonis Samaras.

The last people we can blame along that road are Syriza in general or the Tsipras/Varoufakis double-act in particular. As my many friends in Greece already know, I part company with them on the performance of Yanis Varoufakis as a negotiator at the last gasp. But for years before that, the current Greek finance minister was the only serious economist in the eurozone prepared to stick his neck out and say “These policies are insane”. For the life of me, I cannot see what Yanis has gained by his unseemly retreat when the first Eurogroupe negotiations turned into despicable blackmail. But if he made a mistake, is this a subject for shame? It is not.

Alongside him stands Alexis Tsipras, a man whose deft skills in turning a ramshackle grab-bag of egotistical political nowheres into a Party of power will stand forever as a miraculous achievement…no matter how short-lived the resultant Syriza Government might be.

I do not share the politics of either of these good men, but I do identify with them one hundred per cent as the best battering ram available to bring the Suprastate lunatics to their knees. And I still think that this is entirely possible.

Look back over the history of the imperceptibly dying USSR. It took Hungarian guts in 1956, Czechoslovak hope in 1968, and then Polish balls in the 1980s….but in the end, the dam broke and the waters broke through.

If Syriza fails, there will be Grillo in Italy and Podemos in Spain. And if not them, the farmers in France and perhaps even the Ukippers in Britain.

That last mention will lose me some Sloggers in Britain. If so, then I ask this question of the UK Left: was it not your line-toeing acceptance of an undemocratic, illegal, bullying EU that spawned Nigel Farage in the first place? I detest almost everything this beery loudmouth stands for, but at least he is trying to extricate us from this corrupt cesspit of forced choices.

Yesterday a brave young woman burst into the inner sanctum of Mario Draghi’s kingdom of mealy-mouthed mammon, shouting for an end to ECB dictatorship. Ask the subordinated Greek bondholders, the Cypriot bank depositors, the Swiss gnomes, the Greeks themselves and even some in the EC if they think this lady was a delusional nutter or a speaker of the truth. Of course the eurozone is now under the jackboot of an unaccountable man whose agenda remains at very best suspicious, and at worst profoundly pernicious: only a blind buffoon could fail to remark such reality.

As the UK election draws tediously towards a long-overdue end, I regard the failure of Britain’s three longest-standing Parties to recognise the fascist on their doorstep as an indelible stain upon the culture I once loved. But it is an oversight for which the sociopathic British überbau will not pay a red cent: for they all have their illegally feathered nests of pension and pornographic graft to keep them warm at night.

It is the citizens who will pay. To paraphrase Churchill, “Never in the hedge of human hypocrisy did so few bequeath so much debt to so many”.

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14 thoughts on “OPINION: As Greek tragedy turns into agony, who are the real accused?

  1. JW got to admit I can blame no one person for the failed system of humanity but I can seriously blame all those thieves amongst us who would steal all they can no matter what the cost in human suffering everywhere just to PRESERVE THEIR ENTITLED POSITION.

    When one man can turn on and off all the robots who exactly is going to have any money to buy anything? THE FLAW.
    Being greedy I could exploit the flaw make loads of money and blame it on the non-working serfs! THE CRIME.

    There is no solution for the flaw and if you can see that then allowing otherrs to exploit this is the real criminal act because you are not permitted a defence to stop yourself being exploited.are you?

    Well you are but it will mean commiiting crime and breaking legislation they created and use to chain you as a slave.


  2. Never in history have so many blameless people, in the whole world, been punished for the selfish and despicable acts of the few.


  3. I still do not believe the sprouts will allow Grexit – it would kill of the “ever closer union” as well as show the Euro to be just another currency exchange mechanism. However, they are all taking it to the wire.


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  5. It’s interesting to watch this play out as we here in Croatia will have many lessons to learn watching this. We have been told that we are the last on list, in other words have the highest unemployment in the entire EU. The facts are different between EU reports and what we are being told. Our current finance minister just returned from the EU Commission with instructions that we need to cut our expenses otherwise they EU will cut off the money they have promised Croatians.
    It’s blackmail any way you look at it because our politicians play the “We’re baffled how we are going to cut expenses”, yet their car rental fleet exceeds the debt we have to pay.
    Nobody is talking about Croatia, yet we are in the worse condition than Greeks are. Our average salary here is 500 Euros, yet we pay 1.5 Euros per liter of gasoline, that means that we have to work a whole day to fill out gas tanks. Our farming and agriculture is totally destroyed, we are importing 70% of Spanish fruits and vegetables, yet our farmers are spilling their milk on the streets too because they can’t compete.
    Our people don’t have the stamina to go out into the streets because of so many wars, so many occupations, they are so tired of everything which is working for the EU, we are the silent sufferers.
    I returned to Croatia where I was born from Canada. I lived in Vancouver BC for 42 years and now see with my eyes wide open what is being done to my people.
    No, I’m not suffering financially, we worked all our lives in Canada to come here and retire, but I can tell you, it kills me to pay 25% sales tax when I get nothing from it. The only solution is that humanity wakes up and starts taking their countries back, I’m sorry but non-violent demonstrations don’t work, the police will incite the violence to start arresting us, we need to UNITE together as humanity and say enough is enough. This separation is their achievement to keep us apart separated by politics, religion, race, culture, education and all else. We are all ONE, once we realize this, they can’t stop us.


  6. Fusion with a higher order entity is a first-hand solution to any highly corrupted-odiously indebted state, a solution inevitably favoured by its short-sighted elits. I am not in the position to opinion about UK, but this is stemming directly from the currently completing tragical monetary cycle of my country.


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