pintlead  Britain’s burning ambition on May 7th

This time, it looks like we aren’t going to see UKip surging as did the LibDems at about this point in the 2010 election. The Party of Hairgel Mirage is stuck on 15% and showing no signs of moving much. And in Thanet itself, things aren’t looking that good for the Blessed Nigel.

One sure sign of this is that Mr Garage us returning to his old theme of the fairer voting system….one of the few things about which his gripe is entirely justified. But if he loses at Thanet, the bloke is history.

Diving into a UK election these days is a bit like slipping off the observation platform of a cess pit. Even if you started off just wanting to look, the stench of decay soon turns into a personal interface with mass defaecation.

The Telegraph website last night headlined one rogue ICM poll showing the Conservatives with a 6 -point lead, while conveniently ignoring two others showing the Big Boys neck and neck…and a third giving the Labour Party a 3 point lead. But long ago in this General Election, it was accepted by all those concerned that, when democracy has its day, the first casualty is Truth. The Daily Twinograph is no longer a newspaper, but merely a static PR medium for hire. It has moved on from debates about ads it will and won’t accept to a more pragmatic approach in which advertisers can choose the honest full page ad, or the hidden persuasion of an opinion column from which to launch their own particular perversion of the empirical.

Much as I would no more vote for Ed Miliband than join the English Maypole League, the determined desperation of the Tory press is a sight to behold whatever one’s leanings. The Daily Mail yesterday ran a splash-piece showing that if Cameron’s wife Samantha held the reins of government, the Conservatives would have an 8-point lead over Labour. They may well be right, but then I’m sure that if Ukip was led by Rin-tin-tin, they’d be about to form the next Government. This is just garbage that used to be reserved for The Sun.

Funniest event of the Election so far was a 10 year old kid asking Cameron who he’d most like to win if he lost. Very clever question, because it revealed him for what he is: a man with no respect for anyone except himself and his tribe. He burbled and blustered, and the camera went ECU on the girl, who was obviously thinking “jerk”. The controlling side of Cameldung’s seemingly affable nature is that he has one approved biographer whose galley proofs are being corrected by Party bigwigs and Sir Humphreys as I write, but is furious that his sworn enemy Lord ‘Shadyperson’ Ashcroft is writing an entirely unapproved version…and the PM has ensured that everyone cooperating with Asphalt is beaten to a pulp, metaphorically speaking.

But on a more serious note, as the Twins know nothing at all about economics, they very rarely interfere in those pages, and so this morning we see the Torynaff’s business hacks headlining as follows:

Rarely has an election campaign seen so many economically silly ideas

This is an election fought on the basis of an economic lie

The Eurozone’s economic crisis is far from over

I’m sure the Barclay Boys know that, the residue of their readers being deadheads just gagging to keep warm next winter by burning peasants, they rarely go to the finance pages…thus, even the most biased, corrupt and empty title in UK medialand knows what The Few know: all of this election nonsense will be blown away by the euro’s collapse and global debt correction.


Until the nights get a little warmer, use the voting card to start your open fire. It is the 21st century equivalent of burning your draft card. Let’s show the world that abstainers are once more burning with ambition to do better than this shower.


  1. The most likely result is a coagulation. It used to be called a coalition, but the number of clots involved ensures that this can no longer be the case. The only blood on the carpet will be ours, as our thrombotic ‘democracy’ heads for another infarction.


  2. Funny enough, JW, I’ve come to the opposite conclusion: since the 2003 Iraq invasion, I’ve spoiled my voting papers “No votes for lying, thieving, warmongering incompetents.”
    This time I’ll vote Farage, purely to show my hatred of the EU.

    Here’s hoping Greece & Putin explode the corrupt & undemocratic nest of eugenicist globalists, to the betterment of the world.

    A 17 min talk by a clear thinking man:
    Or, put in search box: Bjorn Lomborg: Global priorities bigger than climate change
    A 2005 Ted talk.


  3. Count yourselves as very fortunate to have the voter choices you do. Out here in the fabled New South Africa we are lumbered with an obscenely corrupt one party state headed by a semi literate buffoon of questionable morals and ethics who has just spent a quarter of a billion Rands of TAXPAYERS funds on a make-over for his PRIVATE HOME in his neighborhood of Zululand.
    Would that we had your ‘troubles’ at election time Mr. Ward!


  4. Didn’t get a card not on the electoral register anymore because it is all a waste of bloody time.

    I do watch the clips of the idiots poncing about, the guy making the music at Cameron’s gig as the merc bodygaurd agressively threatens with chest puffed out etc. You need to wear a mask mate, not because you are ugly but you are now identified :-)


  5. “This is an election fought on the basis of an economic lie”

    None of the parties, leaders or candidates are spelling out the truly desperate economic mess we are in let alone how they intend to deal with the situation. This whole election is a complete stage managed sham. No party leader meets real people they just travel between staged managed events for photo and TV opportunities with their party membership acting the role of loyal grateful members of the electorate. Cameron is frequently flown between events before getting out of his limousine onto the party bus around the corner so he can get back off again for the camera’s. The joys of the British DDR.

    In these circumstances what the hell is the point of voting?


  6. There is one question that I would like to see some bright eyed pundit put to Mr CamMoran, as the Unspoken Elephant in the Room of his European Policy. Should the Tories retain power in any way, and go off to re-negotiate the UK position in the EU prior to a promised 2017 Referendum….then the result can surely be either very minor tweeks of little significance, or returning home totally empty handed.

    What the past year in the politics of Europe has very ably demonstrated is that there is not a ‘cat in hells’ chance of there being any new EU Treaty with more radical changes, in the foreseeable future. Lisbon will quite possibly go down into history as the very last time there was ever any full European Union written consensus..

    Hence the Tory position on “European Referendums after ‘Re-negotiations”‘, IMHO is a total nonsense, and it would be great if someone, somewhere in the UK Media, were to expose the myth and ask them some very awkward questions !


  7. The Tory promise of a referendum is a lie hidden in plain sight. Cameron knows full well he will not get a majority and therefore will be ‘beholden’ to his coalition partners, which we all know have no intention of holding an EU referendum.
    Should by a miracle, he win enough seats to govern outright, then another ‘excuse’ will be found, there’s no way on God’s earth that we are going to get a say on the future of the UK and the EU.
    People just don’t get it. There still will be no referendum even if Farage were to win enough seats to govern outright, you think that TPTB are going to let a usurper spoil their plans?


  8. Its a point that’s been made by Peter Hitchens, Cameron knows full well he wont win an outright majority and as all the other parties do not support a referendum his great promise to the British people will never have to be redeemed and he has the perfect escape clause no majority for legislation. Its startlingly similar to Nick Clegg and the big Liberal promise of free university education immediately binned once in Government.


  9. Every vote DOES count. Even if you live in a constituency where one party has an unassailable majority.
    In an election like this one it may well be that the winning party with most seats has less actual votes than the second place party. While this gives the largest party the legal right to govern the greater the actual vote margin the less they have the moral right to govern. If this gap became large enough then it could well have a bearing on who actually takes power.

    Regarding not voting. I strongly disagree and think there is a moral obligation to vote. Far too many good and innocent people have lost their lives in the past and during the present to protect our freedom to have a democratic voice. I also believe that if you do not vote then you lose any moral right to then to complain about policies that the government introduce.



  10. Good morn Mr ” Grave—-”
    You may well not vote for Mr Millibandstand over the Maypole League and
    we do not doubt you .

    But be honest…. do you not harbour a secret deepseated desire to vote for
    …….. me !!
    Just think what France would be like if it were Germany ……


  11. and yet the electorate holds the power to show their disgust by vote outing out every one of the existing incumbents. Such a move would also serve as a salutary lesson to the incoming MPs not to take the electorate for granted and make ridiculous promises that they cannot possibly keep……


  12. John, I regard your blog as one of the most honest on the web. Your hatred if the EUSSR is patently obvious, however our three main parties, or perhaps I should say LIBLABCON all want to stay wedded to it, UKIP is the only party against it. They are not perfect, but they seem to reflect the fears of the nan in the street, and the only party that wants to get out of the EUSSR which is takibg over more and more of our liberties. Please don’t keep knocking it in the same tones as the Torygraph, Sun, and the other crap MSM medua we now have in the U.K.


  13. I’m sure the PPI scammers are already getting ready for their big telesales offensive. No problem if you have no income just coerce your elderly relatives to exercise their new Osborne given right to cash in their pension pots. Everyone’s a winner.


  14. jimresearchnotes when I read that mad idea the image me doing my best John McEnroe impersonation was not a pretty sign. He cannot be serious, my impression of housing assoc’s is they are a typical Tory dodgy attempt to circumvent councils from having any control or providing any social housing , by transferring it to a non accountable non investigate able Quango composed of local business men, well that what the two we have are like. We have a catastrophic low cost housing problem in this country and this back of a fag packet idea is going to sort it out how.
    What really depresses me is that we keep going back to discredited ideas of running things , be it reverting the train network back to a failed 1923 model or relying on private landlords to maintain high quality low price rental accommodation without massive handouts from the rest of the tax payers. Who owned and never spent a penny on the slums we spent most of the post war period trying to get rid off , yes private landlords.
    Owner occupation is the only way forward, but only by compulsory purchase of land designated as needed for housing at agricultural land prices, that way the social stratification so beloved by us Brits is maintained by the cost of the house built not the land price creamed by the rentiers. The private builders, councils and mortgage companies did a great job between the wars producing the best housing stock this country has ever seen, during a real depression and it’s all around us and upgraded to modern standards still at a build quality today’s breeze block crap cannot match. Please do not mention timber frame construction especially here in the west cost of Scotland, folly utter folly.


  15. Skirmish, I completely agree and would go so far as to say that voting should be a legal obligation – with one important caveat – that on the ballot paper is the option “None of the above”.


  16. I’m not sure there is any evidence Farage is struggling in Thanet. This is establishment propaganda to try to keep people voting Tory.


  17. If we had PR then yes every vote would count, but most votes are wasted because a different candidate wins. The vast majority of votes are a waste. You also have the problem of finding a party to vote FOR. Many Labour and conservative votes are cast to prevent another party winning rather than voting FOR Labour or Conservative parties.

    I’m suprised anyone thinks there will be a referendum on the EU. There should be as it will re-affirm our commitment to the EU. There has been and still is with Dave a half-in half-out approach to the EU. The reforms of the EU he claims he wants have never been revealed because they do not exist. Furthermore he has next to zero influence in the EU as he has no friends or allies apart from the little dictator in Hungary.


  18. Skirmish’ s fervent support of our sham democracy via the voting charade convinces me more deeply that my policy of spoiling my voting papers since the 2003 Iraq invasion was the correct one. If enough people did this they could no longer maintain the democracy illusion.
    Having said that, this time I’m voting ‘out of EU’ Farage.


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