Does Ed Miliband have the remotest idea what exploitation really is?

The robotic way in which Ed Miliband refers to European migrants as “exploited” by their employers is, I’m afraid, one of many reasons why I really cannot take the bloke seriously.

We need to take a closer look at the full range of exploitation involved here.

Here in France, for example, we have seen a flood of Polish workers. They are mostly very reliable, meticulous craftsmen…all charging less than the French worker….but almost all working on hourly rate – with a majority “preferring” to be paid in cash.

Put another way, they consume the minimum possible in the French economy, evade tax, and work on the basis that everything they do – including the correction of their own mistakes – is charged at an hourly rate. Thus they are exploiting French workers paying tax in return or benefits, exploiting the French State, and exploiting clients via low prices with zero guarantees and little or no public insurance.

This is yet more kneejerk tribalism from the Labour leader. And one expects, of course. the identical sort of kneejerk from their ‘opponents’ the Conservative Party.

Both are avid supporters of the EU. Neither is prepared to admit flaws either within themselves, or their allies. they all have fingers in the pie, but none of them have a finger on the pulse.

12 thoughts on “Does Ed Miliband have the remotest idea what exploitation really is?

  1. The EU is only for the ‘elite’. We, the people are just cannon fodder, they don’t care a jot for us, just keep the gravy train rolling that’s all that matters, that’s why there is no discernible difference between them, they both seek the same thing, and birds of a feather, flock together.
    And, as far as I’m concerned, they can all flock off…


  2. The way these european migrants behave … wait for it … it is tax evasion for the poorest :-)

    Can you blame them though? If you have an income of say £100 quid yet government would tax you 20% even if it costs £100 to live in the UK. Not the bullshit numbers the government comes up with all the time. That’s the issue here government would force you into poverty while they carry on partying.

    I no longer express the anger, pointless really just daydream of a future where PAYBACK is the new normal.


  3. Everybody (British) I have employed for household repairs, has wanted to be paid cash in hand. Some of them have taken days off to go back home miles away to sign on the Dole. This is what right-wing shitheads wanted, so this is what we’ve got. All of them, with the exception of the two who went back home the farthest, did a really unsatisfactory job which we still living with, trying to put right. So much better than a properly planned economy ,you know.


  4. I remember Tony Benn and Peter Shaw opposing British membership of the Common Market because they said it would drive down wages and working conditions. Remember when we had politicians like Benn and Powell who actually believed in something.


  5. Just as May the 4th is Star Wars day, Election day should be filled with back to back George Carlin.

    There is nothing better than a reality check before people waste time in the belief of changing something.

    Many an atheist will be voting on the day. How ironic that they have faith in the Political system to bring about change.


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  7. What I find truly surprising is that the issue of the cost of Corporate Welfare has not come up in this elections I guess I am being very silly in not believing that all politicians are in thrall with business because if one stars to add up all the tax breaks, working credits, housing benefits to people in work etc etc I am confident it is a cost that exceeds welfare budget currently that IDS is slashing with a zealot’s fervour.

    A recent study in US, where corporate tax is 28 rather than 22% in UK found that Corporate Welfare there is much higher than their welfare cost I am confident the UK will prove to have the same profile..


  8. @ Altergoman
    You can’t make that sort of information available to the people. It might just make them think for themselves. Then where would the Government be, or the jump on the bone idle benefit scroungers be?


  9. @Robin Banks

    Its a long distant memory…….

    Now, they get backhanders by corporates to do their bidding.

    Corruption is ripe when it comes to the EU, and this culture has infected our MPs.

    Definition: Lobbying, otherwise known as a bung promised or given for the MP being lobbied.


  10. @Lupulco, you do every body and yourself an injustice when you say “bone idle benefit scroungers be”… Do you really think most people do not wont to work and improve their lot? If you consider yourself a hard worker, why would others be different? Every body wants to improve their families lot and i bet what you call “benefit scroungers” can be counted on one hand.

    You are believing the media propaganda….have you not heard of divide and conquer?


  11. Ash, I believe Lupulco is saying “or the jump on the bone idle benefit scroungers be?” referring to the rhetoric the Gov and MSM would have us believe – not that he considers those on benefits to be bone-idle!


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