At the End of the Day

I love the term “bad bank”, don’t you? It puts me in mind of a brainless dog, to whom one must constantly say, “Down bank, down boy! Bad bank! Bad bank!”

If I ever do get a dog again (highly unlikely) I’m going to call her Bank. It will give me a sense of power I don’t really have over any bank anywhere. (The reason for saying ‘her’ by the way is that I really do not have the energy any more to deal with status-obsessed male dogs: it’s like owning the canine equivalent of Nicolas Sarkozy).

But we need other words to describe banks that lose tons of money by being egocentrically dumb. ‘Bad’ is dull and generalist.

How about Naughty Step Bank? Or Right, you’re Grounded Bank? Leveraged Multiples in three figures are You Nuts Bank. Seat in the Lords Guaranteed Drug laundering Bank.

The only flaw in steering things in this direction is that pretty soon, every bank is a bad bank.

OK, fine. I can live with that.


Yes alright fine, I admit it….I now have a pony tail. After decades of being rude about pony tails, I have finally realised their advantages: when gardening in the wind, they do curtail the ever-present danger of death by hair suffocation. Also the money saved on combs is phenomenal.

I finished weeding the veg patch today. This was after I’d hung out the unspun washing (repairman verdict – blown circuit board) washed the kitchen floor, degreased the cooker, cleaned my wet room, vacuumed the bedroom, emptied the dishwasher, reloaded it, cut some grass, repaired a tractor-mower puncture, mown more grass, laid gravel in the place where Donald the Motor Home will live, conversed in Franco-Polish on the subject of motorised septic tanks, and shopped for next week’s food.

Life here is definitely not sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. It doesn’t even qualify for rock-n-roll. Wok-n-Pole is about as good as it gets.


The Daily Torynaff’s “news” page offers “the latest breaking UK news, including politics, crime and celebrity.”

So it looks like they’re devoting an entire issue to Grant Shapps. Or Lord Mandelson. Or Boris Johnson. Or Ed Balls. Or Jeremy Hunt. Or Tony Blair.

This is a long overdue development. But sadly, whereas the Telegraph at one time offered insight, it now seeks only to incite. In this sense, it joins the Times, the Mail, the Express, the Guardian and the Financial Times.

The press pack is thus united. To what aim, we can only guess.

Earlier at The Slog: Tribal denialism leads inevitably to propaganda

12 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. Dogblokes bring their joy … remember the old Deb’n saying, “Iffen yer dog barks in the night, turn over and go back to sleep. Iffen yer bitch barks – git yer gun”


  2. Bless, pony tail. That got me sacked from corporate world back in 2000. Mine was ginger though, not white.

    Question John, I’m ex pat in a former CCCP country … BBC News website changed recently, and is now so dumbed-down that it is no longer my daily MSM first visit of the day. Horrible, digital carbuncle.

    The trouble for me is… where else do I go? Reuters? Guardian ? Torygraph? Im told the MailOnline is up there in the top 10… but no way…hell freezes over first. Which news sites ( apart from RT, I’ve had my fill of their lies over Ukraine ( my neighbouring state) do you recommend?


  3. Peter – Good god yes, I agree completely, the New BBC news site is APPALLING!. What member of the twelveyearoldocracy came up with that hideous shambles I wonder?


  4. RT merely give a less biased more accurate view of what is actually going on in the Ukraine. If you want seriously biased news try the BBC or any American network.


  5. Am taking the kids to the bad disney land,the bad Man Utd club,but am damned if i can find a good newspaper,having a good businesses head but a bad economic head is Neoliberalism in it’s full glory


  6. O/T. C4 news have made a plausible connection between the Kincora cesspit in NI, and Elm House and Dolphin Square. RIP Sir Peter Morrison et al.


  7. Some good news newsbomb has published what is being whispered all over Greece the Political situation is now a 3 horse race with Golden dawn at 26.28. the left coalition that split off of Syrizia at 24.08 and Syrizia at 18.67 Samaris’s den of corruption ND has collapsed to 6.87 and the rest to next to nothing. If this holds what that means in real terms is another Leftist coalition this time with the Grexit people in the drivers seat and Golden Dawn as the Official opposition GD cant win outright even with the 50 delegates plus there own 69 to 75 they will have only 119 to 125 of the 300 MPs But Tsiparis will have to agree to the Grexit or GD will form the government


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