At the End of the Day

If any thought can ever be a crime – in that by definition it is self-regarding – isn’t everyone who accepts the existence of thought crime the ultimate fascist?

If hate speech is a result of thought crime, is it really hate speech….or one side’s attempt to render the other side ‘incorrect’? In my experience, hate speech is never restricted to one side only: all humans are, I respectfully submit, created equal in their ability to hate.

If hate speech incites violence upon one community by another, whose fault is that…the host culture that nurtured the violent response, or the hate speaker?

If the host culture is avowedly anti-violence, does that give an inbuilt advantage to the minority hate-speaker whose intolerance will be appeased by the self-appointed ‘correct’ cadres?

If the violence allegedly created by hate speech leads to feelings of superiority, will that provide permission to kill the objects of hate as being Communist, Turkish, Russian or Slavic Üntermenschen…and behead Christian, Jewish, Buddhist or Sikh adherents as being Kafirs?

If the soi-disant Herrenvolk or Ummah translate their superiority into an excuse to invade other cultures and replace it with their own, what are the peacemakers to do?

To paraphrase for a second, ‘Real World Wars from imagined Thought Crimes grow’.

There is no such thing as thought crime. There is only inter-tribal hate and its nemesis, genuine pacifism and the aspiration to achieve universal Love.

A Happy Easter to all.

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8 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. A lovely message for Easter. Which thoughts are crimes? Who decides, and based on what? The printed press are suspiciously quiet on these matters. By definition we live in an authoritarian state, various laws enacted on a piecemeal basis have eroded any freedoms we thought we might’ve had.


  2. I wholeheartedly agree. When religious people are so devout that they find it justifiable to kill their neighbours for their beliefs that is the point where religion becomes the root of evil, “religion” taken in the broadest possible sense. I refuse to accept thought or hate crimes as part of a legal system.


  3. How long will it be before the gendarmes arrive and say ”if you’re thinking what I’m thinking, then I’ll have to arrest you and imprison you for 6 months’.
    Then we’ll all be in prison with the model agencies who’s girls were too thin.


  4. Very philosophical ‘At the end of the Day’ JW, & a happy Easter to you too.
    Don’t do too much digging & garden duties.


  5. Hate Speech, Thought Crime are invented crimes used by the morality police to control the population. There is no free speech anywhere in the world.


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