Is it a spin-leak act of Game Theory…or a genuine outcome being planned? Nobody can be sure: but as a widely confirmed story, the ‘news’ that Greece will not pay the next IMF tranche of debt has gained traction over the last 72 hours.

Having picked up this ‘tip’ three days ago – and since heard three ‘confirmations’ of it – I now note it is leaking out into the MSM, and so must air what I know.

As of 1pm CET today (Good Friday) I’m led to believe that late pm next Wednesday 8th April, a Greek intention to default (by not paying the next IMF loan tranche) will be announced. As the banks will then be closed during four days of Easter Holiday, the time will be used to plan a crossover period during which new Drachmas (already printed) will exist alongside euros.

The current beat of the street in Athens (and elsewhere outside Greece) is that a struggle is still going on within Syriza as to whether this is a fall back plan, or a decision that is final.

However, there is an obvious third possibility: that this is exactly what the Greek government would want the Eurogroup to think in order to increase the pressure on them to compromise. However, one source told me this morning, “A clear majority of [Greek] Ministers are now strongly of the opinion that the ‘working hard to effect a deal’ spin coming out of the EWG is pure bullshit”.

Certainly, after Wednesday’s wrap of the negotiations there was much blamestorming – as well as several respected and connected commentators saying “both sides are as far apart as ever”.

I don’t know enough as of yet to vote one way or another on the validity of this story.

Stay tuned.


  1. As long as default is declared by one or all of IMF/EU/ECB (and not SYRIZA) this may well happen.
    After all, any new loan to Greece would involve, for the first time, real physical money from national budgets. Can’t have that ;)


  2. Yep, 30275 has slipped into another dimension, though I could read it on my email page.

    My first experience of disappearing was a Janet Daley article in the Telegraph saying “The politicians have been lying to us, our economic system can’t last”, or something like that. Dec 2012, I think it was. I tried to go back to it, but it had been wiped, even from my laptop’s memory. Maurizio Morabito ( got it for me, from the wayback machine.
    Big Brother IS watching us, & Winston Smith is still at work.


  3. So…
    1) Due to the EU’s megalomanic attempts to:-
    a) expand eastwards (encouraged by that nice Mr. O’Barmy), and
    b) impose a Viertes Reich by financial crookery,
    they have poked a stick into the hornets’ nest that is Boris’s Kremlin and they have no clue regarding Boris’s response or the potential consequences for the rest of us.

    I also received 30275, which appears to have been digitally redacted…
    However, I must take issue with the comment therein “… there can’t be 77 virgins waiting in Heaven for every male Muslim…”.
    Since the gender of the “virgins” is not specified – come to think of it, neither is the species, there may well be a 77 to 1 supply…


  4. This has been rumoured far and wide for days, if not weeks, backed up by Varoufakis’ use of the word “rixi” i.e. default as mentioned to one of a mass of people who met him in Crete (last weekend?) and then reported on Greek TV news. Default and Drachmaisation is now openly being discussed on the Torygraph and Zerohedge. Of course, if the Greeks do plan to nationalise their banks and issue Drachma it would probably be far more shocking / unexpected to do it over the course of the Christian Easter Weekend, Monday being a Bank Holiday in northern Europe.

    Tsipras can then announce the move standing shoulder to shoulder with Putin, on Monday.


  5. 8th April is the date Tsipras visits Putin.
    9th April is the date the IMF repayment is due.
    I still prefer the outcome of Putin ‘helping’ Greece repay the IMF. It would poke two fingers in US eyes for Ukraine, as well as strengthening Russian ties into EU countries to help end sanctions.
    Whether the US will allow this to happen is up in the air. My feeling is still that they will tell Merkel et al to raid the piggy bank again.
    Could Greece really have printed and distributed Drachma again without anyone spilling the beans?


  6. Dangerous times..

    I can’t see Vlad just handing Greece actual $ money to pay debts with, if I was Vlad I would be pushing for Greece to be the spearhead of a new currency paradigm with Moscow providing physical security in terms of bullets or butter or both in the intervening time whilst the new system is established.

    As you say, I can’t see the US allowing this in any way shape or form and so more $ will be hypothecated and funneled through whatever corrupt hierarchy they can find to kick the can just a bit further.



  7. I would really like to have a bill from the first run of the new drachmas to frame and hang in my office. If the world is full of like minded folks then the roll out of this new currency should go well.


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  9. I was able to read post 30275 (and still can, and have indeed copied it just in case it disappears) BUT when I clicked on “Comments”, it produced a page saying “Oops, that page can’t be found”, followed by “It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try one of the links below or a search?”. Unsurprisingly, “searching” also failed to produce it, though inserting the words “Arianna Huffington” did come up with some historical posts which were not altogether complimentary about her or her sell-out to AOL. Any theories as to who is doing the censoring?

    Wrt the illogicality of the infinite number of “72 virgins” being available into eternity, there is nothing logical in Religion; it is supposedly a “matter of faith”, meaning everyone believes what they want to. Yesterday, it was announced that Islam was the fastest growing religion in the world and by 2050 would outnumber Christianity, not because of conversions but demographics. The West continues to blindly sleepwalk towards eventual extinction.


  10. With the ever increasing likelihood of ‘Vlad in the Med’, there must be some very interesting and highly charged conversations taking place. Must be placing some incredible pressure upon Merkel, particularly if Tsipras is going to take it to the wire and, perhaps beyond. And, what if there is money ‘found’ to pay the IMF, folks will know it didn’t come from Greece. All speculation though, personally I’m still expecting a fudge, it’s what they know, what they are good at. Sort of exciting though, thinking that Syriza might just push the envelope beyond Merkel and Schäuble’s remit, ah, just me dreamin’…But, nevertheless a delicious thought that the German people could put that jackboot straight up the arse of that unf*ckable lardarse (Sarkozy’s words, not mine) for lying through her teeth to her electorate. Still what’s a little lying to the electorate or, a little paedophillia these days? Par for the course if you ask me. Suppose it’s business as usual. Oh, enjoy the golf tomorrow Barry…


  11. There is still a surplus of virgin sheep available in New Zealand although even there the ratio has shrunk from 30 to 10 per New Zealander. Wellington boot sales are holding up!

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  12. By coincidence I suppose April 8th is being trumpeted as the first date that the window opens to Russia’s attacking Ukraine. Between 4/8 and 5/8, which is VE day. The most significant day on the Russian civic calender. With a NATO/US convoy now parading through Europe on the way to Ukraine let me suggest that Greece is now a sideshow. With Greece now being cast as an enemy since it is a friend to Putin.


  13. Really? Imagine, in a New Zealand accent, two shepherds running amongst a herd of sheep, and one says to the other, “Why are we running?” and the other says, “Well, don’t want to get an ugly one”…


  14. O/T. Here is a long range weather forecast for Friday, 8 May, from the Met Office, in parliamentary seats. Libdumps 30-25, SNP 40 minimum , UKIP 2-5, Labour 260 minimum, Conservative 290 maximum, others 25 or so. Expect prolonged rain with thunderstorms, as dawn rises and the new sunshine is a Lab/ Libdump/ SNP coalition. Enjoy your breakfast of ‘Cameron toast.’


  15. “I’m led to believe that late pm next Wednesday 8th April, a Greek intention to default (by not paying the next IMF loan tranche) will be announced. As the banks will then be closed during four days of Easter Holiday”
    Surely Orthodox Easter starts on the Friday?


  16. New post on The Slog.

    by John Ward
    Herwith an opening extract from Adrianna Huffington’s article entitled ‘How Neuroscience Can Unlock Sleep’s Mysteries’.

    What have you found in your research on the “neurocircuit basis” that supports sleep?

    In specific reference to our recent work on the brainstem slow-wave-sleep promoter “center,” we showed that this region of the brain is first connected (synaptically) to an important wake-promoting region of the brainstem that in turn is connected with important wake-promoting circuitry of the forebrain, which itself connects to the cerebral cortex. Essentially, we provided a circuit “wiring diagram” by which activation of brainstem sleep-promoting neurons might produce “whole brain” sleep. The reason I emphasize the word “neurocircuit” in our work is because I believe that in order to understand how the brain accomplishes virtually anything, one must first understand the functional cellular and synaptic “scaffolding” from which brain phenomena emerge.

    I think the first thing to unlock is what TF this bloke is on about.

    I am not a big Adrianna fan.

    Seen on Twitter:

    Justin Welby ن ‏@JustinWelby 1h1 hour ago
    Good Friday, Jesus reaches out arms of love, nailed and crucified, to embrace and transform into holy love every person who receives Him.

    I realise this is irreverent of me, but then I think Christian bollocks should receive exactly the same treatment as Islamic bollocks. As men and women are roughly equal in terms of numbers, there can’t be 77 virgins waiting in Heaven for every male Muslim. The more converts the Jihadists achieve, in fact, the more impossible the idea becomes. And yes, I know one can’t have degrees of impossible, but you can with religion. That’s why I don’t believe in any of it.

    In the same vein, if Jesus is nailed to the cross, he can’t reach out and do the transforming thing, can he? Unless he performs miracles, and I don’t believe they exist. I mean, they’ve nailed him to a cross, but the parrot is dead. He is an ex Messiah. End of.

    John Ward | April 3, 2015 at 10:14 am | Categories: Uncategorized | URL:
    Comment See all comments


  17. That’s the one, indigoboy. If you doubt my word, check with Maurizio. I haven’t forewarned him. I passed him as a thank you. You can reach him through his website, or we both comment on a roughouse climate change site:
    The thing about removing posts & later reinstating them is that they are past, gone. They will have lost their impact.

    Again, if you doubt me, ask JW if he’s had posts containing “inconvenient truths” disappeared or delayed.

    Ask Gail Combs on:

    By the way, Janet Daley was ahead of the curve, yes?

    Probably too many links, & it’ll disappear, but ferck it. :)


  18. HAHAHAHAHA. You could not make it up indigoboy.
    I just posted a reply, which has been “held in moderation”, which JW does not do.
    “They” hold replies so their immediate impact is lost.


  19. Really OAH , I would not have thought that of you. Your number is only slightly on the high side : six would be closer.

    But half of them are boys : still, whatever gets you through the night . . . .



  20. (@jdseanjd) If JW doesn’t hold posts in moderation, should I find it suspect my comment re how it’s probably this weekend, not next, for the greek drach-drama to premiere is still in moderation? Was posted yesterday lunchtime BST.


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