At the End of the Day

600 ATEOTD’s later, an absolute truth

Somewhere in the past century or so (I’d call it circa 1953, when Britain finally stopped queuing because consumers had some money again after the War) the chaps in charge of designing things lost the plot. I use the word ‘chaps’ advisedly, because no women whatsoever at that point were in charge of designing anything outside the limited fields of clothing and kitchens. I’m not being right-on-message when I say here and now that I’m sure the male domination of design has played a major role in creating the plot amnesia.

The key criterion mislaid by designers was that all design – directly or indirectly, without exception – is supposed to have human beings in mind. Not systems or egos or crankshafts or trees or alligators, but people. To take the most random of those alternative considerations, a swampland may be designed to maintain the diet of alligators, but the hope here is that by so doing, the gators won’t start leaving the reservation and eating people. The politicians of North Queensland ignored this danger some twenty years ago, but ever since the river crocs began dragging off cops to hang under the water for a few days, they’ve been learning fast.

The Socialist Planning mistake of mid last century occurred when earnest architects chose to copy the USSR’s ill-advised example of brutalist high-rise apartment blocks….and thus destroy the naturally horizontal social nature of all strong neighbourly communities.

This was swiftly followed by the designer’s cast-iron certainty that electric cookers and easy-clean hobs would eventually wipe out gas in the kitchen. Men didn’t cook in those days: they yelled “Honey I’m home!”, which was the signal for wifey to panic and ensure that the dinner would be on the table by the time Fred had changed into his ganzey, grey-flannel trousers and tartan carpet slippers. So the designers had very little idea how much easier it is to control gas flames than the three-toed sloth that is electric hob heating.

But by the early 1960s, being warm was the big thing: and so in came central heating. Don’t get me wrong – a great idea: but it was the way Ideal Home Exhibitions at the time couldn’t resist flogging it as an excellent reason to close up every chimney in the house that was silly. Millions of people did just that – until it dawned on first a minority but then almost everyone that you can’t toast currant buns on a radiator, and an open wood fire is of elemental importance to species contentment.

I could go on all night to provide examples of how bubble-dwellers in the professions, media and politics omitted the People dimension: extreme feminism, turning a loose European economic community into a Unionist neo-Sovereing tribe far too big for any human being to even grasp – let alone love, political correctness, neoliberalism insisting that the only thing anyone wants to do is work as a serf and then play with the beads offered in return, Big Bangers convinced that sociopaths would obey the rules….and banks weren’t really there to aid entrepreneurial development anyway, dropping the warmth and mutuality of the Building Society for the faceless plc, replacing the British tradition of Saturday afternoon football sport with overpaid clowns kicking off money-dominated diving at anything from 11.30 am Saturday to 8.00pm Monday, replacing shopping communities with lots of Walmarts and Tescos out of town – and last but not least, designing virtual friend-networks online to let Big Brother in via the front door….and family solidarity out the back.

What we have seen over the last 65 years is the replacement of the normal (“boring) with the abnormal (“inclusive”), and the decline of admiration for all things natural in favour of the celebration of all things forced and unnatural.

This has been, above all, a wholesale rejection of everything we have learned about anthropology in general….and social anthropology in particular.

Natural science in 2015 stands challenged – indeed mocked – by those who would shout down the logic of empirical observation employed to human advantage. With a UK General Election coming up this May, it would be comforting to see even one Party beyond the Greens resisting this suicidal species trend: but the Greens too are all for Big Government, and ordering people about based on data which are at times, to say the least of it, flakey.

Does Ed Miliband oppose the inhuman doctrines of the EU and multinational globalism, or question carbon climate change theories? He does not. Does David Cameron oppose the idiocy of building on arable land? No, he encourages it – and takes the money of those who are all for it. Does Nick Clegg really think that…um, no let’s leave that sentence there: the Labour vote has caught up with him in his Sheffield constituency. I’ve always liked Sheffield. Does Nigel Farage regret the deregulation of the City? He does not: he opposes the EU for the one wrong reason….to replace such regulation as there is with ‘anything goes’.

And therein is the final rub, the final false assumption: these inhuman pillocks think they can go on selling us shit as putty forever and a day. But they can’t.

Greece today is the living example of this. The Greek bourgeoisie is, I’m hear to tell you, about as thick and self-satisfied as they come. For years they have swallowed whole the illogical vomit handed down to them by the New Democracy/PASOK oligarchy, and the eurozone/ECB Masturbators of the Universe they serve. But now all that is changing. Syriza may not survive in its current form, but the myth of Berlin-Brussels-Frankfurt invincibility is about to be blown away.

Even if the Greeks capitulate, there are Spain, Italy, France and Britain still to come. The idea of a unicultural Europe in which massive tribal differences are crushed under one deranged wheelchair cannot survive. This is the beguiling hope I dangle before you as Easter approaches.

For those who’ve read all 600 ATEOTDs, you have my sincere condolences.

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18 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. Ref our Soviet style architecture. After the war they did an official study of nazism and concluded that too much aestheticism was one of the causes. The UK then deliberately imposed aesthetic poverty on all cities through all possible means, including architecture. They completely ruined the red brick towns, which although grim had aesthetic coherence and some prettiness.
    The scheme completely back fired. The UK’s urban environment was so grim that it affected people – it was one of the chief reasons for it’s industrial collapse.


  2. ATEOTD It’s always a hope, the written word is always beguiling but the mass media relies on voice and sight, no need to read and think or if you do then create an obvious choice, I am right and you are wrong therefore you need me. Good night.


  3. Condolences? I dont feel sad in knowing the crack, just frustrated that not many other people will, because they’re assholes, harsh maybe, but thast is what many people must be.


  4. I latched onto “Central Heating”. Central heating was not, and is not, a great idea. Two years ago I had my entire central heating system removed; I now rely on one single source for heating, a bog standard radiant gas fire (5k output) – I live in a detached two bed bungalow – Many reasons why I took this course. At its heart, a whole industry of people feed of the central heating business. Most all of them exploitative.

    All ages have there must have things. Today’s age, motor car, central heating system, cell phone, Sky TV, foreign holidays, computer/internet etc. The unthinking (why think when the trend setters do the thinking for you?) masses duly subscribe to that which is required.


  5. I always thought the “Schultz fraction” was a mathematical expression equal to the square root of sweet FA…..


  6. So the bottom line is Will they engineer a war with Russia/China as a diversion from the wheels comming off the ponzi scheme or will a revolution take place?

    I notice across the pond in Amerika, the greatest democracy the world is likely to ever see is currently seeing the California run out of water. Is it mere coincidence that a two month ‘Jade Helm’ exercise is being held there amongst other places. What could go wrong?

    On 9/11 the US Government was practicing drills er against the hijacking of planes and flying them into building. The game turned from fiction to reality.
    On 7/7 the UK Government was practicing drills against trains in London being blown up. The actual trains in the simulation actually did get blown up, fiction turned to reality.
    In Washington

    The Boston Bombing, and yet another training exercise turned from fiction to reality, with many looking at the prograganda/presstitute media conviction of the Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. The trial is on, check out for updated commentary of the trial and background.


  7. Sitting here ,log fire burning,looking at the setting sun on the snow covered mountains opposite after a great days snowboarding ,with a fine lunch time meal and wine at the Sanglier qui fume ,I haven’t thought about the uk all week . In fact I haven’t watched the news all week either,nor will I next week. Apart from reading this blog and a couple of others it’s amazing how little importance it all seems away from the monetarist ,materialistic little world we live in where simplicity of life style has been replaced . Where kids don’t play any more ,but have to be entertained,or taken places . This is not advancement! …anyway back to the wine


  8. Ugly buildings remind me of a quote by the travel writer Paul Theroux. In a response to the question of what he believes Paul said that ” nothing matters and no building should be higher than a palm tree.”


  9. John, I think you said some extremely important things in this ATEOTD, I don’t agee with absolutely everything, but you do lay bare the ideological chasm between what you stand for -cherishing individuality be that at national, provincial or city/town level- and what neoliberal globalism is achieving namely one size fits all, and that’s one of the reasons I support this blog.

    However, you may have had the unbounded pleasure today of reading the BBC news site and stumbling across the joyful piece on Jose Manuel Barroso’s view of the Greek affair. Now, in the past, pretty much anytime the man opened his mouth he said the wrong thing, seeming to me to be the diplomatic equivalent of an unfortunate encounter with some pavement dog shit, a shoe and a deep pile Axminster. Then this quote caught my eye:

    “I believe they would lose a lot if [Greece] leaves the EU, because today, in the 21st century, versus the US, China, countries of 60 million people cannot speak at the same level – they do not have the same leverage – and we have to use the EU and our common leverage to count in the world.”

    This is the sort of thing which, I imagine, sends many a Slogger reaching for the phone to pledge undying fealty to Nigel Fartage. Nevertheless, it is exactly herein that the whole problem lies. On the one hand, you have the Ukippers terrified of being slurped up by an EU superstate and on the other, the latin countries (in particular) needing to stand together, to integrate if needs must, in order to stand a chance against being overrun, bought out and subjugated by all things Anglo-Saxon or the alternative, Chinese.

    So, in a way, you see, their fear is not so very different to your own, just the way they see to combat it is. With this much common ground there really ought to be a way to keep both sides happy. Unfettered dialogue would be a good way to start.


  10. I just want as many people to know I AM NOT DEAD. No, not even Dying with a modernity deficiency!

    I have just moved house, where I am not allowed to have a coal fire/wood burner…Green policy you understand!
    Not only would my choice of heating, heat me up, but it will inevitably burn the bloody globe, ‘apparently’ As I shiver …I think not a bad idea at all.

    I agree with you John on many things.
    60’s sexual freedom ( unless you were gay/lesbian). this meant men did not have to ‘try’ and woo a female.(romance did die) Now, if you go to any night club, you can see male predators lifting their chosen prey from the gutter,(panda eyes, one shoe off, and knickers in handbag) holding her against a wall and ‘free loving’ her…sometimes without her knowing.- He then puts her back to her ‘comfort zone’ as she waits for her taxi home. Sexual freedom indeed!

    And what about the ‘feminists’ do we all want to be Manley and butch, well no. I loved being a wife and mother, I went back to my career, I loved it, we as a family benefitted from it, what the F** is wrong with that? well, we should be looking after house, cooking, mothering children properly, taking care of our menfolk’s ( giggles) fixing his tie or shell suit bottoms what ever applies nowadays, AND having a full time job…erm no thankies… falls into slave category. Because WHO looks after the ‘wife’.
    Well no one really. so keep that and shove it!

    Also with the sexual freedom came the ‘unmarried mother’ growth, seen by men as ‘single mothers – easy pray and scrounger’ although the reality is: vulnerable woman, taken in by a love rat, commitment phobic…’ love em and leave em’ brigade.

    The social engineering is also in disarray, but that is for another day.


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