This is an extract from the A320 series user manual: (my emphasis)

‘A forward-opening hinge door separates the cockpit from the passenger compartment. It has three electric locking strikes, controlled by the flight crew. In normal conditions, when the door is closed, they remain locked. When there is a request to enter the cockpit, the flight crew can authorize entry by unlocking the door, that remains closed until it is pushed open. When the flight crew does not respond to requests for entry, the door can also be unlocked by the cabin crew, by entering a two to seven-digit code (programmed by the airline) on the keypad, installed on the lateral side of the Forward Attendant Panel (FAP).’

This raises a big issue: it looks like the crew didn’t know the number. Why?

Regular Slog threader Bill Casso tried to suggest the other day that I’m chasing shadows on this one, so let me emphasise again (for the third time): I think it highly likely that Herr Lubitz deliberately put the joystick into descent; but I think the rush to brand him a monster “against whom there was no hope” is just the airline industry playing the Nuremberg Trials card in order to avoid responsibility.

The crew not knowing the entry code was a prime factor in the deaths of 149 people.This was probably a maverick pilot who (a) should’ve been spotted and (b) was stoppable. But clearly, the Lufthansa/Germanwings training and surveillance was well below standard.

Even if we accept pilot burnout as the cause here, the media rushed to condemn in precisely the same way they rushed to brand a teacher in Bristol who died his hair pink “a weirdo childkiller”…and were wrong. In doing so, they allow an easy ride for injustice: nobody as yet understands Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) – and as it’s been around for forty years, it’s about time they did. As it is, Golden Gate Bridge Marathon Madman will be the sole subject of the enquiry….and corporate negligence will get away scot free yet again

The second motive for writing about this incident is one that is too easily dismissed. After years of modern techniques and remastered sound, I now accept that Oswald was a lone gunman – but that JFK was accidentally killed by an FBI gun going off in the car behind him in Dallas. Equally, I’m ready to accept that Andreas Lubitz probably did point the aircraft at the ground below.

But in both cases, we still don’t know why. I mean, really ‘why’ in a manner that goes beyond sadistic killer maniac runs amok and murders 79 innocent kids what a bastard Bild Zeitung ‘why’. Bloke depressed because his girlfriend was about to dump him is not, I’m sorry, anywhere near the mark: his girlfriend was about to dump him? Maybe it was because he was also shagging a stewardess, and was having doubts about his sexuality. But as one tweeter pointed out last week, depressed and gay is not a motive for wholesale murder. His sleep was frequently disturbed by him yelling “we’re going down”. Why did he – a bloke who started flying at the age of seven – worry about air flight being dangerous, when by and large he knew it wasn’t?

The same is true of Lee Harvey Oswald: in the immediate aftermath of the Kennedy assassination, the US media dolloped crap all over Oswald’s history: social misfit, Russian wife, return from the Soviet Union, unbalanced behaviour, handing out  pro-Cuba leaflets and so on. But it remains true that (a) Oswald never displayed anything but admiration for JFK and his family (b) he didn’t kill Kennedy, a secret service agent did (by accident) and (c) he said at the first arraignment that he was “only a patsie”.

Mobster Sam Giancana, however, is on telephonic record as making obscene threats against the President; and Jack Ruby was a minor capo in the mob. He shot Oswald dead 24 hours later.

My bottom line here is straightforward and not nutjob in any way: we have not been told the full truth about motives – and closely associated events – in either of these cases. The tabloids will now move on to slagging off the Greeks. Others should keep digging about the last days of Andreas Lubitz, before too many shredders get going on the paper trail.

Last night at The Slog: Tsipras reiterates resistance to Troika2…where now for the euro?


  1. My understanding is that the crew in the flight cabin have the ability to overide the electronic keypad on the passenger side of the door which in this case is what happenned.


  2. It was also reported that the override function has a 5-minute time-limit, after which the door would open from the key-pad. Given that the pilot had already been for a pee, that 5 minutes was probably enough to see the flight to its destiny in its 8 minutes of descent.


  3. I don’t believe it at all conclusive that he did point the plane at the ground.
    There’s no actual evidence of the main pilot being locked out of the cabin either.
    If he had wanted to crash the plane then surely he would have done it as quickly as possible to take advantage of the very short time the main pilot was out of the room, in other words, a nose dive. But no, instead we have a controlled descent that took several minutes. Doesn’t make sense. And now they say the memory card is missing from the flight recorder – how convenient.
    It’s just far too easy to blame the pilot, then find as much incriminating evidence as possible. Heck, doesn’t everyone surf “the dark side” of the ‘net on occasion?
    John, I think you’re too quick to accept that the pilot was to blame. We need to see the passenger list.


  4. Why, is a natural question.
    Remote MSM offerings are accepted and developed upon too readily.
    “which in this case is what happened” /sarc


  5. John, please have a look at this site. I quote from it:

    The doors Airbus uses on the A320 is by default programmed to lock. But there is a switch in the cockpit that can be toggled from “norm,” “unlock,” and “lock.” In normal circumstances, crew members entering the cockpit push a single button on a 12-digit key pad. It works much like a doorbell: A chime rings in the cockpit, and the captain or co-pilot presses “unlock” to open the door.

    Should the pilots be incapacitated, a fail-safe allows authorized crew to open the door by entering an emergency code in the keypad. That sounds an alarm inside the cockpit; if there is no reply within 20 to 30 seconds, the door unlocks for approximately five seconds.

    Here’s the thing, though: Anyone in the cockpit can hit the “lock” button and override the emergency code, barring anyone from entering. “You can prevent that door from unlocking,” Moss says. “That keypad can only be worked successfully if there’s no response from inside the cockpit.”

    “If the person in the cockpit is deliberately trying to keep people out, there’s really no way around that.”

    The site can be found here, it also contains the A320 video of procedure.


  6. The Dutch media already went over this point. Up front between pilot and co-pilot there’s a switch with three positions: open, normal and lock. On ground the switch is put into the open position and the cockpit door doesn’t lock. In flight it’s put into normal; the door is locked but can be opened from the outside using the code. Pilots were worried, however, that under duress they might divulge the code to a terrorist so there is also the lock position which blocks the keypad access.
    It requires a deliberate action to put the switch into lock as you have to lift a collar to do it, and, if the captain left the cockpit then the switch must have been in either normal or open to let him out.


  7. Watch from JFK to 911 the tricks of the rich ,for a different perspective on not just JFK but the 20th century in general. Interestingly I was hearing that although the cock pit door is bullet proof the walls of the toilet beside the cockpit are pretty thin.


  8. My question is: why are there no intact bodies? Even at 500+mph there would be something a little more tangible than shreds of DNA. Sorry to be so gruesome so early in the morning, and apologies too to relatives of those missing. If one of my loved ones had been on the passenger list I would be asking some very inconvenient questions of the authorities …


  9. If you had seen the televised explanation on day 2, John, you would have seen that there is an absolute manual OVERIDE that is INSIDE the cockpit. This switch overides the cabinside coded overide in case someone has a gun to the head of crew to extract the code and force entry. Which is why they were so pretty bloody certain that the co-pilot did it on purpose and had’t simply fallen asleep or passed out. And they do know from the transponder that the base flying altitude was reset from 30,000 feet to 100 feet a few minutes before the crash. Which accounts for the steepish decline.
    STOP trying to find conspiracy in EVERYTHING.
    If your idea had ANY credibility every pilot on the planet would have pointed it out.
    As it is they all concur with the current hypothesis.
    The only conspirational thing I can see here is that Lufthansa was caught napping on the ‘fit-to-fly’ approval of Lubitz.
    They will be sued off the planet. Or they would be if all the pax had been citizens of the mighty and litiginous USA.


  10. “I think it highly likely that Herr Lubitz deliberately put the joystick into descent” Only the circumstances of the dive that Lufthansa flight 1172 found it self in on the 3rd of March are eerily similar to that of 9525 (or whatever its flight number was). I do understand that there is very little information in the Mainstream Media about Lufthansa flight 1172 – that does not mean it didn’t happen.

    After all, there is now sufficient evidence that has been uncovered to suggest the Mainstream Media were not telling the truth about the shooting down of MH17. That the Media got there first, grabbed the eyeballs (and therefore the minds) of most people only means that the Media hit paydirt.

    But if one is going to believe the things that the Mainstream Media are saying, one must allow that they may not have your best interests at heart. The only evidence that Lubitz did this emanates from the Mainstream. Winnowing out fact from fiction in our day and age has never been harder – especially when most people have an implicit belief in the truth of all they witness on the Nine o’clock News!


  11. This is what I’ve thought odd all along.
    Why instigate a several minute long suicide and risk it going wrong when a steep dive would end the torment much quicker.

    Just answering my own question here though. But would the computerised fly by wire system allow such a ‘death dive’ practice to be carried out or would it always try and level the plane and not exceed the max speed permitted.

    Presumably the technology does exist to stop an event like this happening in that the computerised flight system working with GPS could make it totally impossible to allow a plane to come into contact with the ground at any place other than a specified airport?


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  13. John, please stick with the subjects you know best, this particular blog is out of your area of expertise and merely invites uninformed speculation. Billy’s Bones/Slam Dunc have the correct explanation, just leave it there folks.


  14. 1.Who was on the plane?

    2.Who did they work for?

    3.What was in the cargo bay?

    4.What was the location,nature and extent of the NATO excercises in the are?

    5.How does this incident relate to several other unplanned decents innitiated by the flight control computers. On one incident the aircraft was only saved by overriding the computer manually.

    6. Can the flight control computer be controlled from outside the aircraft ie hijacked?

    7. How is it that this mans private medical records have been smeared all over the alleged news media almost immidiately after the incident? Isnt that illeagal? Against Human Rights Law? Grounds for stricking a doctor off?

    8.What verifiable proof does anybody have that he had ever suffered from any mental illness?

    9.Why does the shitstorm of unverified, contradictory, bizzare ‘news’ stories look suspiciously like a NATO/five eyes/intelligence psyops disinformation excercise?

    10.Qui Bono?


  15. Some of us do not automatically believe everything broadcast by the media. We wouldn’t be reading this blog if we did.
    There is no proof that the main pilot was actually locked out of the cabin so this entire keypad theory could very well be just another spin off from the original disinformation provided by the authorities that are trying to cover up the truth.
    And why is there no impact site? The wreckage is spread all over the hillside. Isn’t it just a little coincidental that the biggest piece of wreckage found just happens to show the plane’s registration?
    Where are the engines? They’re huge lumps of steel and wouldn’t just disintegrate into small fragments.
    Remember Lockerby? That was a much faster uncontrolled descent but there were still many large pieces of identifiable fuselage, luggage and seats. How come this crash totally obliterated everything except the registration panel?


  16. Hi John. I am a Certifying Aircraft Engineer, type rated on the A320 series Aircraft. The Flight Deck Door control panel has 3 positions. Open / Normal / Overide. In Normal mode the door can be opened using the door code on the external keypad. This unlocks the door after a time delay to ensure the Purser is not entering under ‘duress’. The flight deck crew and the Purser are usually the only people with the access code. This is monitored, usually by a video camera which shows the area outside the Flight Deck door, or a spy hole in the door if the camera option is not installed.

    In overide, the external keypad only informs the crew that someone is seeking access to the Flight Deck.

    Sadly, I believe this is just one of the most selfish suicides ever. With regard to the questions regarding a ‘Nose Dive’. You must remember that Flight deck Crew are superior beings and everything is made as easy as possible for them. Simply selecting a new cruising altitude of 100 feet on the FCU /FMGC and hit the execute button. Job done! Aircraft assumes a 4000′ / min descent. The Aircraft stays within its normal operating Flight Envelope (term for safe flight operation which ensures the aircraft does not assume an abnormal flight condition and essentially employ ‘counter measures’ to bring the Aircraft back within the normal Flight envelope). Any attempt at a Nose dive would have been automatically corrected by this very smart aircraft.

    On a lighter note I have seen many times the crew forgetting to select ‘open’ on the ground and both locking themselves out of the cockit because the code is securely in their Flight Bag. They are only human!


  17. “petitb
    MARCH 31, 2015 AT 9:12 AM REPLY
    John, please stick with the subjects you know best, this particular blog is out of your area of expertise and merely invites uninformed speculation. Billy’s Bones/Slam Dunc have the correct explanation, just leave it there folks.”

    Additionally to the post from Petitb, the inaccurate and lay interpretation of the manual procedures, with the high security bits never published, would suggest malicious brutal treatment of cabin crew could gain entry. Ergo the armoured doors are a complete waste of time and money. Not so.

    In this matter, John, you are showing tendencies of a nature possibly afflicting Lubitz.


  18. I don’t find the scenario of the pilot being locked out of the cockpit plausible in the first place. A plane-load of passengers in fear for terror for their lives would have found a way to batter down the door whether it was locked or not.
    The titbits we’re being fed daily by the compliant and corrupt mainstream media look like ‘protesting too much’ because the entire black box story is a lie.
    As to Lee Harvey Oswald, I think the Warren Report conclusion of a lone gunman has been completely discredited. The fog of conspiracy theories about Kennedy’s assassination, including the Oliver Stone film, have been deliberately generated to attempt to further cover up what was probably a coup d’etat – carried out by or with the complicity of traitors within the American government.


  19. “The crew not knowing the entry code was a prime factor in the deaths of 149 people.This was probably a maverick pilot who (a) should’ve been spotted and (b) was stoppable. But clearly, the Lufthansa/Germanwings training and surveillance was well below standard.”

    In short, bollocks, for the following reasons.

    If he’d told the truth about how ill he was, modern staffing practices would have seen to it that he would have lost his job entirely. Given that there is no “looming pilot shortage,” as the industry constantly insists, there is no reason to keep a guy like him on if he gets ill, due to litigious eyeball-rollers like yourself. Companies like Lufthansa have no problem finding replacement staff.

    The post 9/11 security modifications also include an override function that the pilots can engage to lock the door entirely. The keypad is mostly for the convenience of getting into the cockpit when the aircraft is on the ground. (Otherwise how do you get into the cockpit when you are at the start of the day?)

    The door can be fully locked and the keypad isolated because the idea is that in a hijacking, the first thing that a terrorist will do is torture the cabin crew to obtain the code. Most of them have no reason to be on the flight deck and so most of them deliberately don’t know the code for their own safety. If a terrorist is that aggressive, you override the keypad because you know they are serious.


  20. When I was younger and deep into the analysis of some complicated technical problem I resented somebody (usually managment!) who knew little of the subject “crashing in with uninformed speculation and question”. This would take me away from my thought processes and analytical trail while I tried to answer their questions which was annoying to say the least.
    However as I got older I realised that very often the process of answering “the idiots” and explaining why their speculation / suggestion did’nt hold water often led me down avenues of thought that led to a solution or even an improvment quicker than it may have done, so now I welcome questions by people who have little expertise in the area in which I work it often helps see the wood from the trees so to speak.

    I will touch upon one other comment here as regards Pilots commenting to the world, they won’t, there is a lot of insecurity in the Airline world as regards loss of job seniority etc. Like most employees they are forbidden by their employers in talking about their work except through approved channels, so it is unlikely that one will see much comment from the flying community on blogs such as this.

    Johns general take on Controlled Flight into Terrain implicates failings in the Aircraft is not IMHO valid, each of these incidents has to be taken in isolation and in the vast majority of cases the common factor is as in this case crew action (or inaction!).

    There are differences in philosophy between the Airbus and the Boeing way of implementing automation and crew interaction with the aeroplane and most pilots have a preference for one or the other sometimes quite fervent preferences.
    However both unfortunately have reached such a degree of reliable automation that complacency can set in without it really being recognised as such.

    One could make the argument that had there not been a first officer on the flight deck then this particular disaster would not have occured, and make no mistake financial executives in the industry are very questioning about the value that a second pilot brings to a shorthaul operation.


  21. One Malaysian flight has vanished despite all the tracking goodies of the 21st century. I find this hard to believe. Another Malaysian flight crashed in the Ukraine and who and what caused this crash is still disputed, presumably the truth could embarrass certain parties and conflict with the given explanation. With the Lufthansa crash the copilot is held responsible almost immediately. This may be true but it is also very convenient.
    Were any Nato aircraft in the vicinity on exercises?
    Is crash Debris normally so small?
    Is the explanation for a crash normally released before a thorough study of the wreckage and flight data records?
    As yet the flight data recorder has not been found. This may or may not have backed up the speech recorder


  22. @Tom – I agree entirely about Kennedy. The best book that I have ever read on the subject is JFK and the Unspeakable by James W Douglas. When all the evidence that he has accumulated is viewed dispassionately the “Lone Gunman” hypothesis is indefensible. The layers of disinformation put out by the guilty, including the coining of the term “Conspiracy Theorist” as a pejorative to smear those that did not believe the official story actually adds to the idea of a sophisticated conspiracy of the Deep State. Douglas details the earlier attempt on JFK in Chicago and it shows many similarities with the events in Dealey Plaza. Most damning however are the multiple violations of Secret Service protocols in Dallas. It is difficult to come to any other conclusion, other than that the assassination was an inside job.


  23. Until there is proof that the pilot was locked out of the cockpit this whole story of the co-pilot suiciding himself will remain as speculation. Sadly i suspect that the combined investigative talents of Columbo, Thomas Magnum, Jessica Fletcher and a large team of the world’s most highly experienced aviation accident investigators would indeed struggle to come to a conclusion on this as fact. Flying a large aluminium tube nose-first into a mountain at 600 odd miles per hour would probably have a large amount to do with that.

    Some of the other points i am still uncertain of though are:

    1. was the remaining fuel dumped before impact? – if it was then it might strike some doubt into the suicide theory being pushed out.

    2. the fighter jets – one Italian and several French apparently – that were in the vicinity of this aircraft when it crashed.. why did they leave the scene and not offer visual assistance/information?

    3. aircraft of this type have long been fitted with remote hijack recovery systems – why was this not used when the plane went below a safe altitude for the region it was travelling across?


  24. Leaving aside the technicalities, the MSM response was unanimous & immediate in blaming the pilot, without any investigation whatever. But all had been fed this poor chap’s history. That’s a conspiracy. It’s impossible, in a sane world, but it happened.

    9/11, Bush & his cohorts knew instantaneously “Al Qaeda did it. Osama bin Laden did it, again, no investigation necessary.
    All the MSM were on song, unanimous. Small problem: 2 planes hit 2 towers, but 3 buildings came down in perfectly controlled demolitions that day, & somehow, I don’t know how, the Barsteward BBC managed to report the “fall” of Building 7, 23 minutes before it happened. All impossible, but it happened, a conspiracy. Tony Rooke refused to pay his BBC licence fee, arguing in court it would be illegal for him to fund a terrorist complicit organisation. He won his day in court.

    This incident IMHO will turn out to have been a conspiracy. How & why, we don’t yet know, but as a chap earlier said, the flight list should be scrutinised.
    Or, put in search box: 9/11 Truth v BBC (court case 25/2/13) – Tony Rooke

    Rook had Architects & Engineers for 9/11 truth backing him. video is 8.05 mins.

    I have over 5 hrs of excellent critiques of the 9/11 Pentagon & Twin Towers sites, if anyone’s interested.

    John Doran.

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  25. An early report on the door locking mechanism said that cockpit control over the door locking was controllable between 5 and 20 minutes and, implicitly, 20 minutes was the maximum.


  26. I most certainly do petitb & maybe if Leveson had used is power wisely to actually stop MSN being judge & jury then professionals could get on with there work,to get to the bottom of this without fear or favour,now unless what the press is saying is found to be the conclusion they themselves draw i the press will lose face again & that can not be allowed ii holes will be picked on the out come has mistrust of authority continues to grow iii that mistrust has no chance of recovery whilst such kangeroo explanations are going on,leveson had a chance to redress falling standards of behaviour in the press but because of the elephant in the room ,we are where we are & i see it only getting worse not better


  27. Blame web publishing. We now expect stories to be updated with extra detail every hour or so. It also seems that inexperienced interns are prone to inventing new content!


  28. Flightradar 24 receives ADS-B data from various 1090MHz transponder receivers around the world, one of these close to the crash area was receiving data from the germanwings flight in question. In the data stream are a number of messages indicating that the autopilot height selection was changed from 38,000 feet to 100 feet (the minimum) with an intermediate value of 13800 feet (which is about where one twist of the knob would get to before another twist reached the 100 foot setting). There is another message which indicates that the Open Descent button was pressed. These actions are only possible from within the flight deck.

    Flightradar24 has supplied the captured ADS-B data to the BEA to be considered as part of their investigation.


  29. One picture of wreckage clearly shows a turbine disc from one of the engines, it is intact but is missing the turbine blades.

    An engine rotating at a normal power setting when hitting a hard object will tear itself apart, only the strongest pieces (forged titanium turbine discs for instance) will be mostly intact after this type of impact.


  30. Oh keep on with the conspiracy theories all you aviatioon expert paranoids.
    My god why don’t you all go get a life.
    And John PLEASE stick to Greece, the Euro and neoliberal globalism.
    There you are Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much more credible.


  31. Could it be the reason the debris is so small is because the plane is flying at 300+ miles an hour hitting solid rock ? I don’t think there is any conspiracy here . However 911 ,JFK that’s a different matter.


  32. They make it up as they have to.
    Worth checking out perhaps these reports from French pilots before the official version hardened.


  33. Had a filling in my tooth a few days ago,.. wasn’t from my usual dentist,… he apparently left unexpectedly without notice, a few months ago. Here’s the thing , yesterday when I touched the filling with a fork, I got an electric shock. I think I’ve been implanted with a tracking device. I’ve read up about it, but I’ve lost the pdf link. Apparently, it’s called ‘the internet of things’. The object is for them to implant us all with an individual Http: address, so they know where we are at any time of the day !
    Oh,… and I’ve noticed a high pitched whistling noise in my left, ear,… and guess what,…. the very same side as the tracker filling.


  34. For accuracy’s sake, the main pilot is the ‘Captain’, the cabin as reffered to is the ‘flight deck’, or ‘the office’, the flight data recorder does not have a memory card, but a system of backup recordings similar to a hard drive.
    I shall wait for the official report to be published, only then can I speculate and theorise,,,, only joking.


  35. I forgot to mention above, that now the whole world knows how the cockpit door operates, another system will have to be found to keep anyone out of the flightdeck.
    This whole weird thinking of security is just that, weird. To someone who wishes to do a workaround on any security system it is not as they say ‘rocket science’. I think I had better stop now, further discourse could be unwise and even land me in jail in the usa; hello, is that a knock at the door?


  36. I think we are in completely different territory here. One source suggests that the co-pilot, befuddled by SSRIs, may have thought he was in a flight simulator. I think its even weirder than that – there was once a German film called “The goalkeeper’s fear of the penalty” or something. I reckon this is “The co-pilot’s fear of being alone in on the flight deck” – the whole thing has to be looked at from a pholosophical point of view – German’s are like that.


  37. The Express is reporting: BREAKING NEWS: Germanwings passenger recorded video of final moments inside doomed plane

    The interns say it was stored on the SIM card – internal memory much more likely.


  38. The consensus seems to be that the co-pilot selected the plane.
    Perhaps the plane selected the co-pilot it was seeking.


  39. Unfortunately, there is actual evidence – a passenger’s phone with video on it has been found that shows what was happening and the panicking passengers. I have no doubt that as things progress more of these passenger videos will surface. The full cockpit voice recording that has not yet been released also gives a lot more information. The passengers were aware that something was going horribly wrong from about 6 minutes prior to the crash and some were trying to run to the back of the aircraft. It does not bear thinking about.


  40. Well done SlamD for trying to speak some sense in lala land! Almost every point raised — blog and comments — has been covered by the tens of thousands of words published/broadcast/televised so far and the air accident investigation is still only at its very earliest stage.


  41. Well, well, well.


    Keep going. Dom’t ever be put off by the paid stooges. Several of these paid bullshit artists have been exposed in the past, as well as an operation by US/UK intelligence and even the brit police to use tax payers money to recruit and support proffesional disinformation artists to troll the internet and muddy the waters.

    The louder they whine, the more they use the “conspiracy theory” mantra, the more the little pigglets squeal the more you know you are touching a raw nerve. Ie something they want to bury.

    All of my posts here are flagged, side-tracked, read by humans and either disappeared or posted later. Without my consent.

    This is because our paid servants have started to believe they are our masters. Time to throw them out onto the streets.

    PS. Never fall into the trap of trying to reason with them. They are PAID bullshitters. They dont care/.


  42. John you are suffering from stress. Take some time off. (1) JFK was Killed by the mob given the OK by the power structure. Period. the facts are simple (a) Lee Oswald was run by the CIA from the time he left David Ferries CAP (b) the evidence for this is so conclusive and interlocking that it is beyond question (c) He was given his job in the Dallas book depository long before the JFK trip was planned in detail (d) the lack of security , the placement of the limo in front with no outriders the turn on Elm were all against the Secret service rules in fact the turn onto Elm via Houston was crazy ( use Google earth to see) (e) the autopsy the missing brain the doctored pictures and the rest of the post Mortum irregularities (f) the magic bullet !!! John are you a shooter?? do you reload your own ammo? obviously not I could go on for hundreds of pages.
    Furthermore, even Far more detail can be given about the other ” overt”. criminal actions by our rulers including such divers topics as how the Nazis were funded, the Murrah and WTC bombings, and various and sundry other unsavory acts.
    You are very sophisticated and knowledgeable about the financial world but you obviously do not have a clue about the vicious world of mobsters, CIA, guns, and murder, which underpins our rulers.. Stick to what you know.


  43. I wonder if it is absolutely certain that the co-pilot was inside tge cockpit and the captain outside? It turns out the captain was 34 – close in age to Lubitz. Their voices were possibly very similar. According to the crd Lubitz told the captain “You can go now” (to the toilet). Would a junior tell the senior when to go to the toilet? It doesn’t help that there is a steadfast refusal to release any photo of the captain. That is bizarre. The story is he was the hero yet no photo and the most scanty details. Could a pilot on one of those surpressed fighter jets have seen who was in tge cockpit?


  44. “biggest piece of wreckage found just happens to show the plane’s registration” – This very fact is just so unreal considering no other large pieces were recovered……smells like deception to me also.


  45. So if the CP was unconscious, when the captain returned and pressed the ‘doorbell’ he would have got no answer. The captain then spends some minutes knocking on the door. Finally realising that there is something wrong, he should then use the emergency code.

    My question is: is this code a per-airline, per-aircraft, per-flight, or per-crew code. Who decides what the code is going to be and how is it programmed?

    What is the checklist item for this code: emergency access code memorised – check?

    Who has the code? the captain, all flight crew, cabin staff?

    It strikes me that in a situation where all of a sudden your are heading towards the ground to certain death, are you going to remember a code that you PERHAPS briefly looked at once and hour ago?

    Unless of course the code is written down somewhere – which then kind of negates the whole security thing.


  46. Your link took me to;

    While the investigation into the crash of the Airbus A320 is now redirected to the personality of Andreas Lubitz, a former captain noted several “inconsistencies” in the detailed official release Thursday by the prosecutor of Marseilles.

    Crash de l’Airbus A320 : Canal+ attise la thèse complotiste
    The official version of the circumstances of the crash of the Airbus A320-plausible? While the investigation is directed to the personality of Andreas Lubitz, the first officer would have voluntarily crashing the machine, Arnoux Gerard, president of Watch Committee and aviation safety, former captain, has identified “inconsistencies” in the version unveiled Thursday by the prosecutor of Marseilles.

    According to former driver, called Thursday on Grand Journal plateau, three elements do not stick with the official version.

    1. Breathing copilot
    First, according to Gérard Arnoux, it is impossible to hear the sound of breathing pilot inside the unit. Yet it is on this element that were based investigators to suggest that the first officer was aware at the time.

    “The prosecutor said that during the descent, the first officer of breath means,” begins the former captain.

    Now, I have made ​​18 A320, I can assure you that you can not hear the breath of anyone, unless it’s an asthmatic. And again, I’m not sure. Because we even asked the company to give us earmuffs so we could not talk. The A320, especially the first generation, was extremely noisy in the wind tunnel. So, I can assure you that you can not hear the breath. That’s not possible.
    2. A noise during the activation of the system?
    Second inconsistency under the old driver: activation of lowering system makes absolutely no noise. Yet again, the prosecutor of Marseilles had said that investigators had heard the co-pilot deliberately operate this system.

    “It does absolutely no noise” assures Gerard Arnoux. “There is the flight parameter recorder that will tell. By against the descent is consistent with such an action. ”

    3. And the door alarm?
    The last anomaly identified by Gérard Arnoux respect the cockpit door. According to him, it should have issued a warning signal if the first officer had refused access to the captain.

    This may be an oversight of the prosecutor, but normally when the captain called for the opening of the door, he made ​​the “standard” at first, with a code. And if it does not respond, it does so with an emergency code that is specific to that machine. At that moment, the door must be opened after 30 seconds, unless the other pilot prevents it. But we never talked about the loud noise it made ​​for 30 seconds. Yet it is an extremely strong alarm …


  47. Another;

    Stick with what works. Screw eye-witness accounts – they don’t speak english. More importantly: what Pr0n web sites did the co-pilot visit?

    Germanwings A320 plane crash: ‘Explosion and smoke’ before Airbus plunged into French Alps

    Then there’s this entirely unrelated incident in a Lufthansa A-320 reg. #D-AIDP from three months ago (vs. this #D-AIPX crash), curiously also flying from Spain to Germany.

    Another Airbus incident not instructed descent through frozen angle sensors cause loss of altitude of 31,000 ft to 27,000 ft (in German)

    See if you see the obvious gay, suicidal-homicidal pilot twist: Nine minutes after takeoff from a rainy Spanish runway, both Angle of Attack sensors on the A-320 froze at 4.2° and 4.6° of nose-up indication unbeknownst to the pilots. The first officer disengaged the confused autopilot and attempted to slightly lower the nose, resulting in a sustained 4000 ft/min descent at a nose-down ange of -3.5° (vs. D-AIXP’s 3,400 ft/min descent). After pulling the stick as far back as possible, the pilot was able to get the aircraft back in level flight. They couldn’t engage the autopilot again and ended up restarting the flight control computers, which didn’t help as the AoA sensors were still frozen. They had to manually pull back on the stick 50% of the maximum in order to continue to maintain level flight. After about 40 minutes of investigation, the airline mechanics (on the ground) figured that the AoA indicators might be frozen. Turning off the #2 Air Data Reference unit (to ignore the frozen sensors) finally allowed the pilots to maintain level flight without holding the stick half-way back. The flight eventually landed safely an hour later.

    The New York Times either fabricated the ‘French Military Official’ Cockpit Voice Recorder story or their source lied to them. These are supposedly the aviation industry reporters. They report that ridiculous story as fact, and never even bothered to see if there was anything similar for an A-320? Not only was there a damn suspiciously similar incident, but it happened on a LUFTHANSA A-320 a few months ago and it happened on a SPAIN TO GERMANY FLIGHT.

    Holy crap! Doesn’t the New York Times have the internet yet?? Maybe their reporters are restricted to Facebook-only fact-checking to verify their made-up undisclosed sources.

    The title for this post is accurate: Any pilots flying Lufthansa A-320’s with unreliable AoA sensors DO HAVE suicidal tendencies.



  48. Ash yes another reason the “take the pilot out of the cockpit” morons should be prohibited from breeding. Fifi may be a wonderbar birds to fly when all goes well but give me the Boeing with its control cables and manual auto pilot disconnect every day. The trouble with computers is they can’t think they have not got the experienced pilots sensory inputs, they just follow programs. if there is a glitch anywhere that upsets the program many times they cannot overcome it. The trouble is often so many so called airline pilots have no ability fly the bird without instruments, if the need arises, and Fifi just like all the fly by wire birds limits the pilots override of the computer. The scary thing is the Automation idiots want more of the same


  49. sorry about the last post did not read the 2 day old story of the cockpit voice recorder seems like the it was suicide after all


  50. Pingback: John Ward – Greco-EU Standoff Becomes Inertia : When Is Time Running Out Really Just Playing For Time? – 1 April 2015 | Lucas 2012 Infos

  51. The JFK theory about the secret serviceman in the car behind pulling out his rifle once the first shot/s were fired, and then stumbling and letting off a round (accidentally) to kill the President, is the most plausible explanation yet of the main event in Dallas, and simplifies the magic bullet flightpath into simple geometry. If it was wholly true, they could have fessed up eventually. But the Warren Commission were directed to stay in the world of fiction, and on no account get near the truth.
    The problem is the “accidentally”.
    Nefarious interests were queueing up to take a pop at Kennedy. If it is eventually conceded that Agent Hickey fired the shot, it opens up a whole new can of worms.
    How and where they picked up Oswald after the shooting, Ruby’s connection, LBJ’s seamless transition into power, the Mafia connections …. Too many other coincidences that can’t be excused by happenstance or an intangible and loaded word like “accidentally”.


  52. As to the Lubitz disaster, we are now at least questioning the information we are fed by a very captive media.
    Not a bad thing.

    It does seem -more and more- that we find that secret hands made all sorts of things happen. from black-flag events, ISIS funds, 911 Pentagon, 911 Building 7, the senior executives in the twin towers who had business out of Manhattan on that morning, Maidan Square, Gulf of Tonkin, Gadhaffi, the burial at sea of some guy from Abbotabad, TWA Flight 800, Lockerbie and all the important people who didn’t catch that flight, Italian bombings and Aldo Moro, -why even Hillary’s wiping clean of her email server.

    Lubitsz’ story doesn’t sound kosher at this point, but maybe some crazy things happen.


  53. ‘The titbits we’re being fed daily by the compliant and corrupt mainstream media look like ‘protesting too much’ because the entire black box story is a lie.’

    This sums it up.

    When the crash was first reported, my partner said ‘isn’t it a bit weird that there’s another plane crash?’, to which I responded along the lines of it just looked like an accident, and there was no conspiracy.

    However, the absurd ‘suicidal copilot’ narrative then came from nowhere and was hammered relentlessly across the world. At this point it became obvious that there was a cover up, but it was too early to know the motive.

    It didn’t take me long to discover the nose dive incident in Pamplona, Spain in November last year, and the subsequent bulletin that AIrbus released soon afterwards, describing a very serious fault which occurred when the sensors used by the ‘fly-by-wire’ system froze over, and a rather dubious workaround involving physically disconnecting the on-board computer to avert disaster.

    The fact that the outrageous ‘suicidal copilot’ theory was promoted over this much more logical possible cause within 48 hours of the event made it quite obvious that it was a boldfaced lie.

    We do not have enough information to draw any conclusions at this stage (and we probably never will), but there is overwhelming circumstantial evidence in favour of the official story being a complete fabrication.

    I understand that the French and German governments each hold a 12% stake in Airbus, and therefore had every reason to concoct a false narrative to protect their interests.


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