GREECE BREAKING: Live Parliamentary debate poses a challenge to Troika2 that could not be more open, honest and damning

tsipsam30315An interesting study in body language

Antonis Samaras offers mendacious self-pity in return

This could be the moment when those previously not paying attention to Greece’s potentially pivotal, epoch-making role in challenging the Brussels-am-Berlin dictatorship finally wake up to reality. There now follow some direct quotes of statements made by Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras during tonight’s emergency Parliamentary debate in Athens….following yet another gratuitous rejection by the unelected in Northern Europe of the real wishes of ClubMed citizens.

“… The country has stopped being a debt colony…the previous government’s tax arrears plan garnered 70mn euros in 5 months – while in a week the Syriza government has already collected 100mn euro….we must develop a process to reverse the disastrous policies that devastated greek society and economy.

“….the bailout failed and is history. Now we have the opportunity to move ahead with the reforms that society needs and which will serve the majority…the current Greek government is the only one that can implement these reforms, because it is not beholden to anyone and draws its power from The People.

“….the new Greek govt has submitted its list of short-term reforms, real reforms that will change the face of the Greek state and economy. Indicatively, measures to crack down on tobacco smuggling, audit of remittances and offshore companies etc…yes – we are ready to implement the February 20th [eurogroupe] agreement, but we call upon the Opposition Parties to support our negotiations and government legislation designed to stop this pillaging of the middle class and salaried workers. That is our plan. This the language we know how to speak, the language of truth. We ask the citizen-victims of the memorandum to stand by us, and support our effort to raise our country and our people from the mud of the memoranda. This is why we have the overwhelming majority with us.”

I now offer an anti-Syriza Twitter “analysis” of what Tsipras said:

anti-syriza30315Carping on behalf of the Opposition formerly known as The Toadies, Baron Antonikis of Kalamaras told his audience that things had all been just fine until the dastardly undemocratic Commies in Syriza’s midst went rogue and began shooting Troikanauts without asking his permission…thus bringing to a halt the boom that he alone with the help of his lithe Coalition partner Mr Windsock Veryzealous had kept just around the corner for Greece during 375 years of painstaking patience.

Major hat-tip here to Greek contact Porosity for a stunning live feed


What we all need to recognise is that what’s being said and done inside Greece bears no relation whatsoever to those who twist, strangle, censor and accuse from the outside. Some of this is pure ignorance of the facts, but rather more of it, I think, is a billionaire-owned mass media desperate to protect its privilege.

You do not have to be left-wing to oppose unwarranted privilege. The urbane expression of privilege among the upper reaches of society – and undeserved demands for it from some at the bottom – all serve the same end: they pervert the key democratic principle of equality of opportunity.

Everyone willing to do the best for their community deserves an even break. The European Union (during more healthy times) was called The European Community – or EC. That EC has become the European Commission…the same unelected Commission that spawned diabolic Dutch wannabe hairdresser Jeroen René Victor Anton Dijsselbloem and his witches’ coven of Eurogroupies.

Like him or loathe him, Alexis Tsipras is up for an even break for those against the EU superstate.

At another end of the political spectrum, like him or loathe him, Viktor Orbán is up for an even break for those against the EU superstate.

Like them or loathe them, Podemos are up for an even break for those against the EU superstate.

They’re all against the depraved neoliberal globalist mercantilism of the élite’s majority. But the élite’s majority is, at best, 1.5% of the global population.

Be in no doubt about this: Ed Miliband, David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage are for it.

This above all else is what links the appalling suffering of the Greeks to the voting intentions of the British electorate.

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11 thoughts on “GREECE BREAKING: Live Parliamentary debate poses a challenge to Troika2 that could not be more open, honest and damning

  1. To clarify, by ‘Ed Miliband, David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage are for it’ do you mean that they are supporting the 1.5% unelected elite, or that they are ‘for it’ in the sense of facing disaster at the polls? Or both? (Wishful thinking perhaps…)


  2. I can’t remember a more despicable UK election campaign. The Tories refuse to say how they’re going to cut spending and Labour are refusing to say how they’re going to raise taxation.


  3. This is brilliant. Tsipras has called it 100% correct: “Stop this pillaging of the middle class & salaried workers” & “Citizen victims”
    Our European govts now openly serve the 1%s & flay the middle class with taxes galore.
    Maurice Strong, UN founder & funder, Rothschild lieutenant, architect of UN Agenda 21, eugenicist & faux environmentalist:
    “What is not sustainable? The middle class is not sustainable.”
    This is pure Agenda 21: a post industrial future, after a vast depopulation, with a feudal society of Lords & serfs.
    The Hunger Games is what the 1%s have planned.


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  6. Indeed, its the speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil campaign 2015.

    The worst aspect is that none of the politiciansare willing to even approach the monetary chasm which we approach and the utter cynicism of how they use the 2008 crash as some kind of externality rather than as a product of regulatory and fiscal ineptitude is bordering on criminal.


  7. However tinfoil hat your suggestion may seem to many, I have to agree that all the empirical evidence shows that this is the end-point that is envisaged by the 1%.

    The fact is that the 3 bedroom house, 2.4 children and a family saloon on the drive was simply a high water mark of society where the wave broke and then rolled back. The growth rate and monetary expansion required to deliver this Thatcherite delusion of wealth was never going to sustainable in the long term and we are now in a period where aspiration is being steadily beaten downward. What is even more worrying is that the monetary system is still being debased in order that people are able to spend just a few more years in the delusional bubble before it finally implodes.


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