EUROBLOWN: EC preps for market Greek fears by pumping out Disneyland

You can always tell when Brussels is nervous, because the delusional drivel warp factor hits nine on the scale.

So it is that Bloomberg gives us:

EUdrivel..and Berenberg economics trots out this:


I particularly enjoyed, “Labour reform catapults Italy near to EU top”. How can an opinion work a catapult, I wonder.

You may have noticed that the ‘source’ for this crap is Brussels…and the ‘sentiment’ being tracked is really nothing more than the triumph of hope over experience. Or mind altering drugs. Or possible data-altering bureaucrats. (It’s happened before – remember May 2012 in Italy?)

Yes sports fans, Spain and Italy are up there with Germany in being thrilled and excited about the dazzling economic future that lies ahead of them.

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth:

* The € lost a cent against both $ and £ this morning

* Spain’s left-wing protest Party Podemos is growing faster than Syriza

* Austria  –  where banking reality has finally hit – they’re not very happy at all

* France – where deficit reality has finally hit – is also in a fit of glums

* Greece is negative, but the EC saw fit not to mention it. (I’m now doing so – and with a bit of luck I’ll get away with it)

* The 2015 debt-to-GDP forecast for Italy is 133%, with growth forecast at 0.8%….so that’s really going to mean a massive drop in the water table.

Watch all this vapourise when the next few days of Δαυίδ v Goliath begin to unravel.

18 thoughts on “EUROBLOWN: EC preps for market Greek fears by pumping out Disneyland

  1. I do not know what to say, how long can people continue to delude themselves that this debt based fictional dystopia is a workable way to organise man’s affairs.

    2008 told us one thing, eventually greed will come and bite you in the bottom, these pathetic attempts by Cameron and other leaders to rebalance the economy whilst elsewhere central bankers print themselves into oblivion simply underlines the economic illiteracy of the current order.


  2. It seems to me as if we are unwilling members of an audience who, were forced to pay an entrance fee, to watch a performance that we don’t like, and now, we can’t leave until the fat lady sings, which could be some way off yet.


  3. Initially I thought of the Magic Flute with AM as the Queen of the Night but then again I thought this is Greece…..

    Well this EU is systematic, hydromatic, ultramatic
    Why, it could with Greece tightnin’!
    We’ll get some overheads lifted and some pork barrel deals, oh yeah
    Keep talkin’, whoah keep talkin’!
    Funds injection cut off and uncompleted progs, oh yeah
    We’ll get her ready, we need to get her ready!
    With the Troika on the floor, they’ll be waitin’ at the door
    You know that ain’t sh*t when we’ll be gettin’ lots of it
    Greece tightnin’

    Go, Greece tightnin’
    You’re burnin’ up the Euro piles
    Greece tightnin’, go Greece tightnin’
    Go Greece tightnin’
    You’re coasting through the Fin Min trials
    Greece tightnin’, go Greece tightnin’
    We are supreme
    IMF chicks’ll cream
    For Greece tightnin’
    Go go go go go go go go

    We’ll get some people pitched dog fights and dirty back room deals, oh yeah
    An economic car crash where no one wins, oh yeah
    With tax boosters, cuts and shocks
    we can get off our rocks
    You know that we ain’t braggin’, she’s a real pushy woman
    Greece tightnin’


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  5. The disasters coming down the road are not just financial:

    John Casey, the scientist & engineer called in to sort the disaster when the shuttle Challenger exploded, exposes the GW/CC scam as a $22 billion pa fraud between politicians, bureaucrats, 2nd rate venal ‘scientists’ & the MSM, Mass Shite Media.
    He is shunned. We are entering a 30 year cold spell which could see:
    * Send oil to $300/ barrel.
    *Cause food prices to triple, & be completely unavailable in some places.
    * Lead to violence in suburbs.
    * Cause govts to topple, nations to descend into chaos, & international wars to break out.

    I believe him, & I believe it’s all been planned.


  6. Your privilege. I must say I find it interesting that the US Govt commissioned a CIA report 1974, which also predicted this cold spell. instead of preparing for it, they prepared the ground for the global warming con. Hansen made his speech to Congress, as planned between himself & Senator Tim Wirth, on thetraditionally hottest June day, in the middle of the 1988 heatwave. Just to make sure the Senators were sweltering, Wirth & Hansen had sabotaged Congress’ air conditioning. It was a con from the start. And cold kills. This country loses more old folk each winter than the scandinavian countries. UK leads this eugenicist plan.
    Moritizio Morabito found the CIA plan on the wayback machine, where he also found the list of 28 who the BBC lied were “scientists & experts” who had persuaded them the warming con “science was settled”.


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