At the End of the Day

Very briefly tonight, British Home Secretary Theresa May in the Daily Telegraph ten days ago:

Mayabuse23315Bit vague on the ‘other institutions’ there.

A sadly high proportion of the paedophile accusations flying around at the moment are the result of (1) Newscorp distraction (2) Met Police desperation and (3) wannabe victims following the money.

But what we can observe – via the media speaking ill of the dead – is that some of the more solid evidence concerns ‘other institutions’ such as the House of Commons, the Monday Club, the husband of a health-oriented Peer, the Cabinet, Nick Clegg, the Conservative Party, and, um, the Home Office.

What say you to that Theresa, hmm?

10 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. leading on to….
    Dave decides to admit to his lack of vision for the UK and hang up his purple gown.
    He thinks that a ‘new pair of eyes are needed’ as prime muppet.
    Candidates mentioned: Boris Johnson – his eyes are too close together, and mostly on his neighbour’s wife’s cleavage.
    Theresa May – her eyes are oblivious to the hundreds of thousands of immigrants who we were told would be blocked, but a blind eye is turned just to ramp up the economy. George Osbourne – whose eyes can only focus on the parts of the profit and loss / balance sheet that he can understand – missing completely the spiralling national debt.
    They all need to get some qualifications and then some work experience outside the cosy corridors of westminster.


  2. Give Theresa May a break. She at least is raising the issue instead of trying to suppress it. She is dependent on civil servants to find where previous civil servants stuffed ‘lost’ files. She is dependent on relatively junior Met police officers to expose past senior officers who ordered previous inquiries to be closed. She is opposed by most of the Tory Party, probably most of the judiciary and most senior police officers plus whatever Freemason support they can rally.

    Remember schools and hospitals are public institutions. We are still waiting to know who let Savile roam and abuse where he wanted.


  3. “Give Theresa May a break” I think it is possible – and I am a left leaning bloke but accept that the Left/Right split in Westminster are two cheeks of the same arse – that Theresa May may be the one who sorts this out. Simply by being a woman she is above suspicion.


  4. We aren’t still waiting for reports on Savile – the NHS and other institutions have all spent months and millions investigating the allegations, reports have been released and found – nothing substantive. In many cases, the dates don’t match, or the locations don’t match, or the allegation was made anonymously, or the “victim” doesn’t want to give more evidence….
    Try reading Anna Raccoon’s posts on what she found actually reading those reports – it’s a bit of an eye-opener.
    Shame the MSM couldn’t do the same as her.


  5. i rather wondered about Saville. the stories wherein he was cast as the principle demon in the entire hell of upper class sexual perversity, and the complete failure of the plod to build cases against any of the bountiful legion of boy buggerers in Blighty. The word scape goat comes to mind.


  6. Theresa May will fight for the leadership of the Tory Party against BJ and Osborne as the anti-Establishment figure. Exposing child abusers protected by the Establishment will do her no harm.


  7. So Savile was never at Broadmoor?

    All the false accusations by gold diggers are very convenient. TPTB can investigate the stories they know are false and then claim to have thoroughly investigated Savile, while leaving the key questions unanswered.


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