TSIPRAS/MERKEL SUMMIT: You thought Greek politics complicated? Wait until you tot up the seismic splits in the EU

eusplitsTake a close look at the timeline since Thursday night’s mini-summit marathon between Alexis Tsipras and Angela Merkel.

After a 3am Friday finish, German Chancellor Angela Merkel described the meeting as “good and constructive,” but warned that the Greek government will have to meet commitments before it can access EU money. She gave Syriza exactly seven days to offer fully detailed “reform” proposals to Troika2, and then left clutching several haunches of Venison and 683 sausages for her beloved fridge.

A few hours later, however, Jean-Claude Juncker – the President of the European Commission (EC) – announced a completely unconditional 2 billion euro contribution immediately available to Greece to boost growth, tackle youth unemployment and help with the “humanitarian crisis”. Juncker said the cash for this would come from “unused EU development funds”.

When I called the EC press office this afternoon and asked how this circle might be squared, there was much scurrying about and promises of getting back to me…none of which materialised.

Those EU schisms in full

This is what’s really going on here: pissed off by the degree to which Germany and the Troikanauts are increasingly adopting the Führerprinzip in relation to EU affairs, the EC as led by J-CJ is doing everything in its power to be good-cop to Greece in general, and Tsipras in particular. This is a good old-fashioned Nazi Party power struggle, and there is every opportunity for Athens to exploit it.

But equally, we must remember that on another level entirely, Francois Hollande of France got away almost scot-free last week on deficit failures that far outweigh those of Greece….but was forced to bring in Troika-demanded laws about tax evasion…and ECB diktats about bank liquidity. This has not gone down well in his Party.

The Parti Socialiste de France doesn’t like this crap because (like many of us) they foresee the wholesale handing over of millions of votes to Marine Le Pen’s Front Nationale.

So then: we have the EC at war with Berlin and Troika2, plus France at war with Frankfurt. But just when you thought you had it sussed, more fractures appear.

For Wolfgang Schäuble is at war with Merkel over his single-minded obsession to become Supreme Leader of the as yet unformed Fiskalunion…and fighting a second front against Mario Draghi’s ECB, which in turn is fighting on another front entirely with Jens Weidemann and the German Central Bank…who rightly think that Draghula is working not for the euro, but a planned eurodollar spookily approaching parity with, um, the euro. And Merkel too distrusts the ECB boss’s motives….preferring as she does to keep her options open on the subject of which way to jump in the Dollar v Rublenimbi chasm.

Confused? You will be after this latest episode of Eurosoap. But there are far more plot lines and faultlines to develop before your confusion is comprehensively constructed.

There is the coming UK election, and the increasing likelihood of the ‘biggest’ Party needing to do a deal with EU-secessionists. There is the growing secessionist and europhobic tendency in Italy. There is Podemos support in Spain growing with every act of defiance from Greece. There is the Austro-German bank collapse epidemiology threatening everyone from Santander to Deutsche. And there remains the implacable unwillingness of Viktor Orban in Hungary to have anything to do with globalism in general, or the euro in particular.

Face facts: the EU is imploding.

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19 thoughts on “TSIPRAS/MERKEL SUMMIT: You thought Greek politics complicated? Wait until you tot up the seismic splits in the EU

  1. It seems that we’re living in very interesting times indeed.
    John, do you think that these apparent differences (obviously reflecting different perceptions of personal, national or other kind of interest) could result in such a dynamic able to disrupt the formation, at least in Europe, of an explicit super-state without any democratic legitimacy? Or an “invisible hand” or a “deus ex machina” will conveniently intervene in order to iron-out the differences so that things proceed according to whatever plan has been put into play?


  2. Sadly, Orban is now in a very precarious position indeed. There is an almighty power struggle going on inside Fidesz, with one of the old Communist-period oligarchs (criminals) doing his best to oust Orban and take over. The gentleman is independently obscenely wealthy and is being aided and abetted by the CIA, via the Norway fund. As Orban is one of the better pols in Europe (and as John says an anti-globalist) he deserves our support.


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  4. EU the one body in the world that to hide its corruption can never produce an audited set of accounts for scrutiny EVER leads the Troika-demanded laws about tax evasion charge :-)) mwhahahahaha …
    The hypocrisy of this argument as supported by the LibLabCon in the UK … amazing it really is all connected, like one set of thieves speaking to another BECAUSE the UK government would not demand what it cannot prodiuce either would it?

    On all that connectivity like the electric chair the removal of the UK government is as equally valid as removing (leaving) the EU.


  5. paulC +1
    Poor Victor, anyone who is likely to stand up against unrestrained finance capitalism/fractional reserve banking/neocon globalist hegemoney — is bound to draw fire. See Iceland and even our Patron JW. How can we offer support?


  6. “…there remains the implacable unwillingness of Viktor Orban in Hungary to have anything to do with globalism in general, or the euro in particular”.

    To which I say “Good for him”.



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  8. My conspiracy hypothesis is that the current situation is exactly what Germany wants to achieve as it results in their 10 year borrowing costs at 20 odd basis points above zero and a currency that is matching the yen in weakening against the USD. What an ideal situation for an nation that relies on capital and consumer goods exports for its well being. It may even throw a few crumbs to the suffering Southerners as a sign of its compassion and solidarity.
    Meanwhile we are being led to believe, by the financial press, that Janet Yellen is neither patient or impatient about raising rates in the US, thereby committing economic suicide through a stronger USD and weaker exports.
    Do we really need highly educated people to do this? Could we not just get a few of the larger primates together to make this decisions? The results would be as incoherent but we would be paying in bananas!


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