For once, I have to admit that Nigel Farage is right…but for all the wrong reasons

ECBriotGrateful EU citizens celebrate the ECB’s opening ceremony in Frankfurt

In the UK, there is an election coming up. As there are several things going on in Europe that would double UKip’s vote and send George Osborne marching into the powder cabinet, the UK media set has decided you don’t need to know about it. So yes, Farage is right when he says we shouldn’t be in Europe – because we don’t care about it and would much prefer Rupert Murdoch as our Lord High Protector; and he is right when he says the UK media have persistently, over three decades, lied about what the EU is really like.

The trouble with Nige is that his solution is to buy one of the proprietors for himself, and this does I’m afraid come under the two wrongs, not right rule of being an idiot. But that’s another debate for another column: all I would say for now is here are some things you almost certainly didn’t read in your favourite newspaper this morning…because with the exception of specialist pages 153-5, they weren’t visible:

* Last night, Greece rebuffed an EC order not to pass the Relief Bill in Athens, and the law was enacted by a huge majority including those with a murky past of Troika collaboration.

* Banco Madrid filed for bankruptcy yesterday, and won’t be bailed out by the Rajoy Government.

* At the last US stress test, both Santander and Deutsche banks were bluntly told by the Fed that that business models “left enormous doubts” about their ability to withstand an “event”.

* The Italian toxic loans figure went up €185bn in January 2015.

* Yesterday, the ECB opened its multi-billion euro f**k-off sign in Frankfurt. The event was celebrated by violent demonstrations from start to finish.

* Several Troikanauts have come out publicly over the last week to say that the Austro-German banking contagion is a far bigger issue than Greece.

* Three days ago, France’s persistent deficit went unpunished: no austerity, no IMF, no Troika, no Schäuble screaming in meetings, no Draghi cutting off their QE liquidity. One law for the rich, and another for the poor.

The Guardian won’t print this stuff, because its attitude to the EU (like that of the Labour Party) is up there with the Flat Earth Society. The Barclays Twin-Turdo powered Daily Telegraph won’t because the Tories are largely pro-Europe, and they want them to win so they can carry on prostituting the paper’s content with impunity. Which is fine because that’s their shtick….and yes, I know yesterday was Budget Day and all that, but it doesn’t explain what none of the subjects above have been given a proper airing….and why, on the day that somebody finally defied the European Commission and their bosses in Troika2, for the British press Greece suddenly became an uncountry.

It is an amazing attitude, is it not, to claim to be passionate about the EU, and then spend an entire election and Budget pretending it doesn’t exist.

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21 thoughts on “For once, I have to admit that Nigel Farage is right…but for all the wrong reasons

  1. The MSM are in Shangri-Lalaland, to conflate this post with last night’s. My mind’s ear is listening to the lupine lunatic’s wheelchair engine revving to the limit, swiftly followed by the sound of ten thousand windows breaking – Lieder of the Pack or Walking in the Sand? Perhaps the latter represents the Euro desert more realistically.


  2. At the last US stress test, both Santander and Deutsche banks were bluntly told by the Fed that that business models “left enormous doubts” about their ability to withstand an “event”.

    Well, these are not US privately held banks, are they?

    The US banks are able to withstand events because they can call on their government to step up to the mark for them.

    (Note to Mr Ward: I have not yet had a response to the question I posed to you about privately held financial institutions in Germany).


  3. The papers are too busy trying to get the Tories re-elected for the benefit of their rich cronies to worry about anything as boring as news.


  4. First of all Gemma, there are more American shareholders in DB than German. Second, the Fed gave an equally bad report of around 0/10 to BoA.
    These three happen to be the three banks all informed commentators have been holding up to the light since 2011, so it seems to me consistent as a choice for chiding.


  5. The media spin machine tried their best to influence the results of the latest Israeli election with bogas polls prior to the election and I’m sure they will do the same for yours.


  6. Who Gains?

    Wasn’t it Nazis who burned down the Reichstag and then made political capital putting the blame for it on their enemies?


  7. It is inherent in human society parasites (who in reality do f*ck all) to the population (working class). This microcosm of human society because it is the building block scales up into macro blocks. So some nations become the worker / slave to the parasite / master ones. Greece has been denoted slave nation whilst France breaking all tne rules is a master nation. What the UK has to worry about is if you do not align yourself with the master nation you become treated as a pariah one and like if Greece attempt or are forced a Grexit then you will suffer isolated because to prosper under a Grexit or alternative will NEVER be allowed.

    I sometime find it hilarious Mr Ward but for rather an interesting truth. Prior to the EEC etc. the economic mechanism of all nations never added up and was deteriorating slowly as we advanced as a species. That our so called leaders in all nation came up with this based on the lies of riches was cras stupidity and if anything the cracks in the EU are not from discourse between nations but rathger they permeated from the initial economic mechanism they built it upon.

    They now struggle to fix what was there at the outset and can never be fixed it is inherent so they result to being the dictator.

    Out please … there was never a pot of gold in this union only a parasite that deceived us to feed on our economic worth.


  8. “A German television host has claimed he faked a video of Greece’s finance minister “sticking the finger” to Berlin in an infamous clip that has gone viral around the country in order to prove how easy it was to spread a negative image of Greece’s “rock-star” finance minister.”
    What was laughable about the UK media coverage was that the finger in the images was pixelated, as if to protect the identity of the digit. The UK presstitue definitely live in a strange world.


  9. I agree that it is almost impossible to find any reporting of this protest. I wouldnt even have heard of it if I didnt read various blogs.
    And my understanding is that this is not ‘anti austerity’, but a protest at the profligate, wasteful nature of the EU high command. This building has cost billions over budget and is already not fit for purpose (not big enough, I understand!) They really are behaving like Marie Antoinette, and we all know what happened to HER!
    Bring it on…….


  10. The Local is a news translation service for ex pats, it merely translates from existing articles, it started life in Sweden.


  11. Highly unreliable. We take the piss out of the Jokal all the time in Germany. If it was paper it would be termed a rag.


  12. Double standards :
    Am I correct in thinking that the current gassing of England is due to the fact that Gerry and his Pole are burning brown coal?


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