UK BUDGET MEETS GREEK DEFIANCE: One legislative vote in Athens makes a mockery of Osborne’s “long term plan”.

Pretty much the entire UK pre-election Budget presented by George Osborne today is predicated upon an optimistic growth rate going forward at 2.5%. But 1,984.2 miles away in Athens, the passage into Law of a defiant anti-poverty Bill has ensured that Britain’s biggest trading partner is likely to be in a zero-import chaos for the rest of this year.

The Greek parliament overwhelmingly adopted several EC-vetoed clauses in Syriza’s Anti-poverty bill this afternoon. The Bill is about tackling Greece’s humanitarian crisis by helping its poorest people – those whose lives have been unimaginably destituted by a yet to be properly rationalised, German-led EU ‘austerity’ policy.

This first package of social measures put forward by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ radical left-wing government drew support across the board in parliament – including from the Conservative Nia Demokratia Opposition. Thus are those who prostituted themselves forced to fall in and help the destitutes who resulted from their spineless collaboration.

An immediate sign that Brussels-am-Berlin aka Troika2 had been stunned by Finger Day was the immediate attempt by French foreign minister Pierre Muscovici to suggest that the EC hadn’t vetoed anything. But this is a tough case to make: yesterday evening CET, EC Commissioner with specific responsibility for monitoring Greek debt, Declan Costello, told the Syriza-led Coalition government in Athens to postpone its vote on what he called “unilateral” measures. The actual quoted (and agreed) words were:

‘Commissioner Declan Costello orders the Greek government to stop the Bill from being enacted in the Greek parliament’

When is a diktat not a diktat? When a dictator is trying to save face.

With Muscovici offering a cigarette to the truculent Greek legislature, his predecessor and IMF (air)Head Christine Lagarde weighed in with a cosh late yesterday: in what was described by those listening in as ‘a short and bad-tempered conference call’, the IMF top brass called Greece “the most unhelpful country the organisation has dealt with in its 70-year history”. Stand by for a brimstone-laden shower of blamestorming over the next few days.

Meanwhile, over at the two-fingered ECB building in Frankfurt, word reaches me that old curly-teeth Draghula is quietly briefing favoured MSM chums to predict a 90% loss for EU taxpayers on Greek bonds, and the now “near certainty” of Grexit….the formula-cum-process for which has yet to be discovered by the Alchemists in Brussels-am-Berlin. The usual round of lies and myths apply.

Something tells me that the Russians have broken through, and a strange atmosphere is pervading the Reichsbunker. And many other somethings are telling me that Yanis Varoufakis has proved to be something of a diappointment to Alexis Tsipras. Google a translation of his Parliamentary speech today, and you may well see what I mean.

Earlier at The Slog: How can a “Labour Party” face itself in the mirror AND support the EU?

8 thoughts on “UK BUDGET MEETS GREEK DEFIANCE: One legislative vote in Athens makes a mockery of Osborne’s “long term plan”.

  1. Paul Craig Roberts trusts the China way more than the crazed neocon Nazis running US:

    I wonder.

    Is UK a trojan horse for the Western Central Banksters, within the new AIIB bank?
    I wonder.

    I think it’s now passe to think in terms of countries, because the powers that be are now determined to destroy ALL countries,
    including US & Israel, in their quest for One World Govt. Banksters want to destroy borders, & their Trot or Nazi useful idiot followers have the same diabolic dream.


  2. The fools and knaves who run the EU are merely following an immeasurably long line of generations of fools and knaves who think that they are immune to a universal law – “to suppress a truth gives it force beyond endurance”. Well, they ain’t immune and the only variable is how loud and devastating the force will be. The tragedy is that many innocent people will suffer as a result and the commissars who are responsible for the suffering will escape justice.


  3. Now here’s a curious thing I have been a subscriber to ‘The Slog’ for some time, but around 10 March I stopped getting it. I don’t comment much on here as I prefer the couple of sentences coniseness of twitter. Odd thing is the past few months twitter has gone strange. I keep on being denied access indeed twitter mobile says Big Kev does not exist to me but everyone else can find my twitter feed fine. I inadvertantly found a back door by going into retweets of other users but guess what that too was stopped. I could logon to my twitter fed for a second or two only to be turfed off again over a period of hour or more.

    Needless to say even to me it sounds a tad conspiracy theorist, so please spare me from the usual trite dismissive comments. On twitter I have majored on economics and Elm Guest House and I have been vocal.

    Though and behold my subscription to the Slog has been either erased or for reasons best known to John’s deleted me, or someone in say Chelterham decided that this bastard must be denied amunition. Who would have thought that John would write an article about the budget and who want to limit its exposure limited? Cameron and Osborne were introduced to bullying at public school and to their feeble minds it equates to leadership, so dealing with non violent subversives by silencing them is subtle and clever according to these half wits.

    There is a clear and present danger to the integrity of the British state as epitomised by its establishment and any and all means are authorised to counter act the threat from these bloggers and tweeters.


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