THE SYRIZA EXPERIMENT: Wolfie the werewolf goes Greece-impaling

The German finance minister has been talking at a CDU conference about how the Greek Syriza experiment is doomed to fail. He’s been talking to most of the press as well, and apparently at one point buttonholed a startled security guard. Later he was seen accosting passing strangers and saying, “I have been talking viz all my friends who helped create zis perfect currency zone und none of them can tell me vot zis crazy Syrisa plan is about, zose cheeky little Greekies eh, hohohohoh.” Poor Wolfie gets bored very easily.

Anyway, Wolfgang Schäuble hasn’t a clue how the Syriza plan is going to work. Herr Schäuble has a wonderful modus operandum that goes like this:

1. Impose mad anti-economics out of anal German 1923 complex, removing all ability to grow or consume.

2. Forbid Papandreou the right to a referendum.

3. Make nasty noises about the Greeks being foolish enough to vote against pointless austerity.

4. Conspire with Italian capot and Dutch hairdresser to strangle what’s left of Greek banking system.

5. Ambush Varoufakis and give his wings a crewcut.

6. Shake his head and say, “What on Earth makes you think you can fly?”

It’s an old trick, and if you’re a completely tonto ball of bile, it’s also really quite logical: “Haff you effa notissed how, ven you pull ze legs off a spider, it goes deaf? Even if you are zrowing it on ze fire, it cannot hear the order to get off ze fire. Ziss iss vairy interestink.”

Except of course, Schäuble is neither stupid or mad, just cunning in a germanicallythe controlling manner. Example: how do we solve the Greek debt problem caused by poorly targeted banking loans and a greedy elite at the top of society? Easy: do a deal with the greedy elite, ignore the evidence condemning the banks, and tax the backsides of the ordinary Greeks who had nothing to do with it.

When the piggy-eyed elite get deservedly booted out by the People during one of those unfortunate flaws in democracy An Election, get spiteful about the fact that the greedy elite you trusted so much has been rejected by these ingrates, and even more hacked off about the fact that Athens raised some money without the help of Brussels-am-Berlin. Offer support as follows:

ZH Schauble

OK sports fans, join up the dots in this plausible dishonesty. “By doing something practical towards making an examination test (set by me) vaguely possible to complete in four months, the examinees have destroyed all confidence in the exam, despite the fact that neither I nor the markets have displayed any confidence in it from the outset, and we changed the entire content of the paper the night before the exam. These people are just impossible to deal with”.

Bild Zeitung is holding the front page as I speak. Meanwhile, down in his anti-discussion attack shelter, Dr Strangelove (for it is he) is playing with a little bird for the amusement of his kittens Portugal, Spain and Italy:

“Kom’ hier mein kleiner’s Kinder, und observe as ze little Griechenvögel triess to hop avay, I snatch him backhahah. Take zees broken vings und learn to flyhohoho. Und errinern Sie immer: alvays remember to schnitzel before you noodle. Uzzerweiss you might schizel in your Strudel, and zen zere vould be a terrible mess, nicht? Und if zere is von sing ve Germans cannot stand  it is mess. Vell…mess, and being defeated. Auch zen havink to pay for ze damage. Und Untermenschen mit de strinkvests und ze greasy hair poking through. Zey should stick zose marbles up zeir fat arses. Effryone tells me zis Varoufuckvit is a great game planner, but he iss an amateur – an amateur I tell you. I vill show you game-plannink: zat Yanis, he blows three veeks getting nowhere but I, I Schäuble Zer Grosse….ven I play games viz ze media, one plan is kaput, half a day.”

Ah well, Happy Tuesday. Onwards and Upwards, or something.

Last night at The Slog: How political wordworths pose as wordsmiths to screw the culture

55 thoughts on “THE SYRIZA EXPERIMENT: Wolfie the werewolf goes Greece-impaling

  1. Spot on (as always) John!
    As a matter of fact it is more than obvious that the usual mobsters (the real toika i.e. Wolfman Wheelie, Count Draghula and Gerund DieSellGloom) had no intention whatsoever to negotiate. They only demand submission to their “rules”.
    Such “policy implementation” in the past was only possible by means of establishing a friendly (to the pickle factory) dictatorship.
    This is, to my best knowledge, a historically first attempt to enforce such policy measures of pure submission within a democratic context.
    That is why it ought to be IMPERATIVE for all Europeans that such unprecedented bullying MUST FAIL.
    It is not about giving Greece and the lazy Greeks blah blah a free ride. THE STAKES ARE MUCH HIGHER THAN toilet-tissue rags such as BILD or FOCUS would have you believe.
    I do not know if this particular Syriza + ANEL coalition is up to the task but there must be an initial resistance to the plans of the Eunatic Werewolves until VLAD the IMPALLER steps in (exactly how it happened some 70 years ago).


  2. So what are we to do? Are we to print money to give to the Greeks and see the Greeks sit down and enjoy another coffee on the terrace?

    There are forces of economic laziness at work here. The Greek grower sold his fruit to Germany because no Greek businessman could can those peaches as cheaply as a German could. The Greek businessman, faced down by the material, economic facts said:

    “What can we Greeks do? It’s cheaper for me to send them to Germany than do it myself. With all of my Greek friends doing this too, the competition is so strong here that I cannot otherwise compete in this fierce market. I give up.”

    After all, young Greeks don’t want to work in a boring canning factory watching peaches sloshing into metal tins, do they? Leave that to a German robot. There was a sensible suggestion that Greece could make its own toothpaste rather than importing it. The economic facts were all there, all a businessman had to do was start thinking about the details of how to create work for his fellow countrymen., Do you think for one moment that a Greek businessman wanted to do that? Too much of a risk…

    No. Either they’ve bought a ship, registered it in Cyprus through a business registered in Delaware and live on Long Island – or they set up a Greek restaurant in Dresden, Darmstadt or Lille.

    Economic figures don’t just appear out of nowhere.


  3. Dear Gemma.

    I award you 10+ (Distinction) for your Euconomics 101 essay.
    You get the extra mark (no pun intended) for the extremely well integrated stereotyping arguments and oversimplistic analogies and last, but not least, not mentioning anything about the good, honest, hard-working Siemens-type German businessmen and their extra-curricular activities to promote the impressive German economic performance.
    Please keep on reading Bild and Focus – they write the truth directly from Ministry of Truth since 1984.
    Finally I now see the light: we lazy, coffee-drinking, ouzo-swigging, souvlaki-with-extra-tzatziki-eating untermensch must be such a burden on our hard-working, honest, clean and Arial supermen allies that it is HIGH TIME we GTF out of this alliance so that ALL problems of this so-called Union are magically resolved!!!!
    Happy now?


  4. Okay: you complain… that in agreeing that you are lazy, you are worthy of praise for this. Yet you give no answer. At least MINE WAS A FIRST STEP.

    If you are to GTF out of here, will you be able to develop an atmosphere where the Greek businessman would establish a factory to produce toothpaste as suggested by people with a genuine interest in Greece?

    Remember this: if there are more successful Greeks, there will be more BMWs sold. That is what Germany is banking on.

    What they don’t want is another state like Mecklenburg-Vorpommern to drain their coffers.


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  6. Madam,
    your nonsense refers:
    You just added canned peaches to our long list of – do not buy german and support the bullying jackboot.
    Thank you.


  7. Give an answer to what exactly?

    The stereotypical roles you ascribe to Greeks?

    Your belief that all German businessmen are successful because they worth it?

    Your belief that Germany has actually contributed a single cent to Greece throughout the years of crisis?

    The fact that Germany, by providing “financial aid” to Greece, has so far gained HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS EURO in interest?

    That, my dear Gemma, at least in my books, is not financial solidarity. Persons or countries who borrow at practically 0% interest rate and then proceed to lend at 3% or 4% are not called allies – Loan-sharks is a more appropriate description.

    Greek economy being a mess and in dire need of reorientation is a hard fact of life. We, as a people, have to face the consequences of the prevailing mentality in Greece during the period 1980-2010 that led to particular choices and not others (Governments we have elected, joining the then EEC, the single currency, tax-evasion by those who could, exhibitionist consumption, clientelistic state, etc. etc.).

    The main problem of Greece is NOT in essence economic. The particular economic state of Greece is simply a particular manifestation of the shredding of the moral fiber of the Hellenic society as a result of the transformations that were at play during the period 1980-2010.

    What we DO NOT NEED by “people with a genuine interest in Greece” or plain enemies is moralistic talks about what we should or shouldn’t do.

    IMHO the best option for Greece is to exit both the Eurozone and the EU and establish some sort of loose economic ties with the BRICS. Simply because if we are to remain in the so-called Union of “equal” (LOL) partners we must always be obedient servants of every deranged future Wolfman Wheelie.


  8. Madam,
    your nonsense refers:
    we have added canned peaches to the long long list of – do not support the bullying german jackboot.
    Thank you.
    Are you still doing the chinese lingerie business in Hamburg?


  9. Gemma every indicator including entry to the Euro was based on fixed markets & false accountancy practises & undertaken by a corrupt group that benefited from it,no the Greeks do not get a free ride all those involved should be jailed & the extortion of innocent people stopped,has for lazy your ignorance only matches your own laziness in not wanting to learn the truth


  10. “and establish some sort of loose economic ties with the BRICS.” – why aren’t you doing that now? Surely it would be a good idea to? These things do take time to establish, after all.


  11. Let us examine something a little ‘left field’ as the Americans term it. Because Greece is discussing its woes with the wrong people, isn’t it?

    Greece ought be discussing its economic woes with Britain! Britain can tell the Greeks how to become part of the new BRICS bank. This would help Phaedrus in his attempts to deal with expanding economies outside the EU. The Krauts aren’t interested in a BRIC bank, are they?

    That really would be a one-fingered wave to Germany, like the British one to their American masters last week.


  12. Madam,
    the HRT therapy is clearly working in overdrive. I hope that you have booked the easter weekend in the bunker with the kommandant – and that your blooming libido will be truly satisfied for a short time.


  13. So it would seem, Phaedrus. Why then all the bickering when your government is doing the kow-tow to Germany instead of Britain?


  14. If you read my reply to your earlier rubbish you would have your answer,return to true values,you can only sell to up market places because trickled down economics restricts money to a few countries & they are the last places were profit can be made but those markets are dwindling,as money is extorted from it peoples & people flock(immigration) to the concentration of money & why am i right quite simple the wealthy have never had it so good been so wealthy but why aren’t they investing because their are no opportunities to invest because of trickledown economics,the wealth “creators” have destroyed the real wealth from which they made their wealth,No matter how hard you work if it isn”t valued right it is wasted economically for no matter how small you cut a apple up to sell at what people can afford many will be dead (literally & economically) the next time around because it is below existence levels ,it’s that half of the equation that Hayek & Friedman conveniently never included in there flat earth economics theory


  15. I regret to inform you that I thought I that this conversation with you was an intelligent one and grounded in logic and arguments.
    I was wrong. This is huge a waste of time.
    You are free to have your beliefs. I have not a single iota of interest in changing them. This “debate” just proves the futility of this whole EU experiment – if there ever were any noble motives behind it.


  16. Dear Ghost, the reason that the EU has not had its accounts signed off in 60 or so years is because it was set up with funding from an American agency of dubious reputation.

    Look carefully at the kind of manipulation the banks and corporations get up to in bringing governments to heel and you will see why Germany needs bringing to heel too. The German government needs to be told in no uncertain terms that a corporation has the right to pluck the low hanging fruit in an economy, and be funded by governments through dubious anti-market measures as well.

    As to “something not being valued right” – this is an issue that strikes to the core of business attitudes. In what way would you suggest determining the correct value for a product? In “oversimplistic analogies” because, as Phaedrus implies, these are too simple for intelligent businessmen to be able to avoid with complex arguments.


  17. In other words, you point in one direction and walk in the other – and claim that this is logical. You can’t have it both ways and please an accountant.


  18. +1 Phaedrus this mess is made by lazy people who want to extort the work from others to keep power & privilege for themselves to save themselves from honest hard work & play God


  19. Hence why tax is important ,you may not know the true price of anything but you can observe the consequences of those price & tax accordingly,it is failure to tax the rich & keep economies in balance that is at the core of the mess,giving tax cuts to the wealth to generate more wealth is false & reduces markets to monopolies,for the difference between price & true value is the damage that is done to economies being rent labour or profiteering


  20. I have to come to the defence of Gemma my docisl doppelganger .

    To basics : the eurizone has lent Greece billions to get out of the mess of their own duplicitous making over at least the past twenty years .
    The new administration in Greece ( effectively ) wants someone like The vPope to declare a debt Jubilee so they do not have to pay anyone back either principal or interest and can continue in their slipshod lackadaisical ways with a clean slate.

    Why ? That is wrong . It is wrong financislly , morally and intellectually. .
    As your Thatcher said ” IT S OUR MONEY AND WE WANT IT BACK ,,”


  21. luvvies
    my grandmother always used to tell me not to open the brandy before 6 in the evening, and that ladies never to talk religion or politics, especially when on the rag.


  22. Now that’s all the Greeks are saying about war reparations ,yet you what to change the rules & ignore your responsibilities on that one,so either pay up,& take your last chance or repeat History
    ps i do understand Angel better than you were you would like to be & treating a very dangerous path towards it,if Britain leaves the EU it is very vulnerable but if you keep losing good will you will be playing into our hands


  23. professor, is ad hominin attack the only arrow in your poor quiver? you divert useful exchange with cheap personal comments and avoid the issues at hand. i do not neccessarily agree with Gemma, but am happy enought to hear her out and think about her commetns and Phaedrus responses.


  24. And I agree with you, Ghost.

    If you had any idea how difficult it is to avoid taxation in Germany, you’d know why the banks have their eyes set on it as their enemy – and have the money to inform people through the media to this end. Starbucks has a fairly simple way around the nasty issue of paying taxes in Germany, so filtering off the cream to Holland where the taxation laws are advantageously phrased.

    Perhaps that’s why the EU was set up?


  25. I am glad that I am not the only one who sees his relentless comments in my directions as ad-homs. I believe it is something that Mr Ward does not tolerate.


  26. Dear Angie.

    Let me provide an alternative view of the reality you are perceiving:
    A) The euro-zone members have LENT Greece the money – at a HUGE interest profit – thus it was by no means a financial aid that could, potentially, justify, at least some of, the moralistic bollocks coming from gangsters such as Draghula, Diesellgloom and Wolfman. Hypocrisy won’t cut it at this forum. Are we all clear on that?
    B) Very recently, it has been admitted by a high ranking IMF official (a gangster as well – someone please help me with name and exact statement link) that almost all loans given to Greece so far have been used EXCLUSIVELY to repay debts to French and German banks and not “to get out of the mess of their own duplicitous making over at least the past twenty years.” I can assure you that not a single cent of all the billions that you refer to has been used to alleviate the effects of the “financially, morally and intellectually” correct policy that dear-old Wolfman Wheelie so stubbornly insist upon. More than 13.000 suicides DIRECTLY RELATED to the homicidal austerity policy have been recorded thus far in Greece. Is this fact not enough to, at least, consider that something is going wrong here?
    C) Let us now explore the third point you are making: “their own duplicitous making over at least the past twenty years.” I would say that the period exceeds 30 or even 35 years. But, since it takes two to tango, why do you keep on ignoring the second dance partner, namely the French and German (mainly) defence industries who have demonstrated a “Greekness” that have surpassed all possible “Greekness” in business double-dealings, pay-offs to corrupt Greek officials in order to secure overpriced contracts etc. etc.? And what about the Lidl accounting practices?
    D) Since I am living in Greece I am at a privileged position to hear the official government statements in Greek and, more importantly, observe what kind of policy this government is trying to implement. I am not having as a source of information toilet-paper rags such as BILD, FOCUS etc. There has been not a single official government statement to the effect of “a debt Jubilee so they do not have to pay anyone back either principal or interest and can continue in their slipshod lackadaisical ways with a clean slate.”. What I have heard though is that it makes sense to negotiate loan repayment terms analogous to the ones offered to Germany after WW II (development clause etc.).
    E) Finally, does it not strike you as at least suspicious that Wolfman Wheelie, who has repeatedly argued – and I AGREE with him on this point – that the most severe problems in Greece were caused by a decadent and corrupt political and economic elite, has offered all the support he possibly could (even by directly and explicitly intervening to the last elections in Greece) to the VERY SAME MEMBERS OF THE CORRUPT AND DECADENT ELITE THAT HE CONDEMNS??????? And why is he trying, openly now, to overturn a democratically elected government that, at least in principle, does not seem to include members of the corrupt elite and has declared a war on such long vested economic and political interests that have been plaguing Greek society for almost 4 decades now??
    Can you come up with any more smart-arsed answers to the above points?
    Give me your best shots!


  27. Can I leave a +1 for Gemma please for stimulating a debate. If you take a few steps back and look at this whole EU mess from a distance it is obvious to me that people are trying to rationalise a faulty concept. There is no conspiracy, no men behind the scenes or hidden hand, it was simply a very silly idea. People will never agree on a solution if the concept is silly, they will just have different views. This is why the EU has lasted so long, it’s brilliantly silly, a work of pure comic genius.


  28. Er…. no . I do not need to . Basically in cold hard business ( which is after all what a loan is ) terms one need not care what the lent money is used for or the collateral damage ( suicides, penury etc). These are affairs that happen under the borrowers roof and not the kenders concern. The only criterion ( which the Troika et al have signally failed to implement) is to secure sufficient collateral such that there us an incintrovertibke lien existent were the loan(s) to be reneged on as has happened here.

    Regardless of this blatant faux pas it is not precluded that the lenders do not continue ( all else failing) to scream for the rational request for THEIR money to be RETURNED. Hissing into the wind pissibly but at least a safety valve to the pent up outrage.


  29. If there was no conspiracy in the formation of the EU, there would have been no need to conceal their accounts. European bureaucrats are pretty good at sticking to the letter of the law (which is brilliant if you can afford a few bent tax lawyers). The law is that accounts are signed off as being in order.

    That has not happened since the EU’s inception.


  30. angie it has been returned with interest just the terms were manipulated based on fraudulent data & therefore to hold them to it is extortion,i suggest that Greeks actually go to the German courts & contest the legality of the terms


  31. @ the ghost
    HOW THE DUCK can anyone expect Greece to repay the non-odious part of the debt when Wolfie, Drugie et al. are very creatively making it impossible to produce the necessary wealth without inducing genocide?
    Maybe debt repayment is not what they truly are after. If anyone reads John’s posts about Greece’s geopolitical importance and the possible existence of high value natural resources maybe, just maybe, a debt-enslaved Greece is a first class ticket to the theft and raping of this country YET AGAIN by the same bastards.
    All this, apparently, is right “financially, morally and intellectually” Angie dear? After all the new slogan reads “Money Uber Alles”, nicht?


  32. Hi Gemma
    If you look at the structure of the eurozone CBs and the ECB, you will note it is absolutely impossible for the Greek default (which happened 2 years ago but is still being denied) to ever cost either the German taxpayer or their government in Berlin one red cent. In fact, Germany’s income alone on the interest repayments from ClubMed (given to them as the largest ECB shareholder) is in excess of 130m euros per annum.
    Ordinary Greeks DO NOT cheat the EU: they cheat the Government who cheats the EU. They cheat the Government because they know where their hard earned taxes go…..into back pockets.
    Not forgetting, of course, German submarines (2) where only one (1) arrives.
    The eurozone isn’t black and white: it grey…grey, dull, corrupt, lazy, bureaucrat riddled and banker controlled.


  33. Prof, Gemma offers stereotypes, not solutions as she suggests others should, not very helpful.

    You offer ad homs, actually destuctive of the quality of discussion on this fine site.


  34. Angel, you talk complete bollix.

    The money lent was to save French & German banks, The money lent was imaginary, monopoly money created at the click of a mouse, it’s called fractional reserve banking. The principal was & is imaginary, therefore the interest is fraudulent.

    Greece should walk away from its fraudulent debts, arrived at by collusion between Goldman Sachs & the no doubt well rewarded Greek politicians who arranged this feudal farce to place the debts of banks on the necks of small taxpayers.

    Varoufakis is no doubt burning the midnight oil negotiating with the now returned Putin to join the BRICS & break the monopoly on the Western World presently enjoyed by the Rothschild owned Bank of England & the US Fed.


  35. About the submarines fiasco. Not only one of the two arrives but it is also DEFECTIVE!
    Apparently it does not float correctly but it always leans towards one side (I do not recall which one).


  36. I have to + 1 that, Gemma. The EU was a fraud from the start. Sold to us originally as an attempt to prevent future wars in Europe, & a trade only agreement, it was & is actually a bankster funded conspiracy, an attempt at one European Govt as a stepping stone toward one World Govt.


  37. My comment was aimed more at getting Greece out of the cul-de-sac it seems to have wound up in, economically. Default or no default, in or out of the eurozone, the Greeks do need to pay their way. Either that or they are prey to the bankers. This is where the ordinary Greek needs to stop cheating their government and conversely, their government needs to start taxing their corporations and large businesses that shows the government respects their citizens.

    Now: when you say “Germany’s income alone on the interest repayments from ClubMed” – are these not paid to the German Central bank in Frankfurt? Do remember that this is a privately owned institution in the grand tradition of the Rothschilds. This is VERY DIFFERENT from suggesting that these interest payments go into the coffers of the German government.

    I am interested in your response to this issue, because it is all too easy to tangle privately owned banks, privately owned central banks and the treasury of a government.


  38. Are they stereotypes – or general characteristics that can be adapted to the situation as it finds itself?

    Stereotyping suggests that the person cannot work with general concepts – and so must fall back on legal frameworks or evidence to justify the decisions they make.


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  41. It is surely encumbent upon any lender to enquire and ensure the ability of the borrower to repay, while some of the points made above are home truths, there has has been a spectacular failing of due diligence .We can talk about it until the cows come home but the fact remains the maths dont work whoever is to blame and we are where we are. Maybe a return to the Drachma and cheap holidays is the way forwards .


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