globalismpt11315Ted Levitt’s globalist fantasy turns into a nightmare

In an act of Pearl Harbor audacity, the US today revised its crude oil production upwards for 2015 amid signs that the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries will maintain production at current levels. This is, of course, yet another reason to take a baseball frack to Britain, given what we need is expensive and dangerously water-threatening fossil farts to get Britain powering forward.

But none it makes any sense unless you’re trying to crush a country whose export business depends on oil. For example, Russia.

I don’t hold so much as a wax-drip let alone a candle for Vladimir Rasputin, but this bollocks has gone far enough: if we split Ukraine into Russia-leaning vs Western-leaning parts, who dies, who loses, who is dispossessed?

The US and the EU look increasingly like two pea mutants in a sci-fi pod: it is not enough to accept peaceful co-existence, the enemy must be crushed…..even though it’s now clear to the Obama administration that the Ukrainian anti-separatists can’t win.

In order for Troika2 to achieve that “crush them” aim in relation to Greece, the newly rebranded Troika1 (you’ll have to excuse me, the new names keep coming through every hour) is back in Athens. I understand from unreliable sources that the latest version is ‘Santa’s Little Helpers’.

But Signor Dragqueen must be well-satisfied: the euro is near to Dollar parity – perfect for a currency conversion, what? – and with the Greek minimum wage at minus €3.50 an hour, we are Go for liftoff in Operation BeatAsians…..the bid to produce crap at an even lower price and shorter life than disabled North Korean goats can manage.

And of course – with a global sell-off related to oil-price depression – the counter-intuitive news from the gold sector is that the price has done with testing $1160, and is moving on to take a poke at $1150….which it challenged briefly this evening CET, and now stands at $1154.

In the next episode of Acropolis caught in the headlights of Apocalypse, The Slog tackles the key issue of the day: have we gone from war as an extension of business into business as a field-weapon of war?


  1. Ted Levitt? Look, he was out of date when I left business school in 1976.That being said, we live in uncertain times, everybody is devaluing their currency, except for the Swiss and Obama, who has not got a clue, apart from his golf handicap .So, where are we? Japanese Yen, I was in Tokyo 6 months ago, and these guys have a fantastic infrastructure and a COLLAPSING currency. China, do not make me laugh, (South Sea Bubble,etc.). Australia, nice guys , shame about iron ore. OK, so we are on to Canada ( look get real, they call their currency’ loonies’, I wonder why).. As for Sterling, does anybody else remember John Major’s crap about a strong pound, as he drove the UK into recession.I never thought I would contemplate this , but there may be a case for physical gold.


  2. Excellent article JW I agree with you entirely. It’s been my contention that we should have bought Russia in from the cold years ago.


  3. think I would go for something physical that is almost a pre-requisite for human life existence (food related) if things are going downhill so fast all over the place ~it could still be used to great effect to barter for all those other things if the urge actually overtook you


  4. Of course I am personally known in my fiefdom ( I refer to Germany and not — yet — the whole eurozone but that is coming ) as ” Mothers’ Little Helper” . This because I instruct Wolfie to dispense copious gratis quantities of Valium and Mogadon thus maintaining German womanhood sweet, docile and passive — ready to lovingly welcome home their husbands and family after a hard day at work or school .

    Thus are any rebellious aspirations of the populace kept professionally under control.


  5. I am becoming increasingly bored with the scare-mongering bollocks put forward by the MOD/5/6 mouthpiece in the Barclaygraph, Con Coughlin. The tragedy is that he sometimes has something pertinent to say, but such is the blatant and wholesale regurgitation of O’Brien’s pronouncements that no-one takes any notice.

    Must dash – off to MiniLuv for a bit of overdue re-education.


  6. Anyone who can’t see that the current demonisation of Russia & Putin is purely a result of Western banking and corporate interests is a fool.
    Demonisation of a countrys leader is the first tactic of war., as we have seen in Iraq ,Libya, Venezuela etc.
    The wars in Syria and Ukraine are proxy wars against the interests of Russia by the US and its puppets.
    One reason why he is so vilified in the West, is because he is a sovereignist, not just a nationalist. He represents willing interaction with any nation or groups or alliances but won’t cede any authority to the exceptional USA and its attempted hegemony.
    The rest of the non-West world sees him as the best leader because he is showing the way to the future.
    We’ve seen this process so often now that there’s no longer any excuse for ignorance of what’s going on here.
    If you can’t get it that way then it shouldn’t be too difficult to work out that the West is not interested in democracy, human rights or sovereignty and territorial integrity,but in loot and plunder of nation states ,as in Greece at present.
    The Achilles heel of the Western bankster regime is the dollar hegemony backed by the military power of NATO. Remove it and watch the entire house of cards fall.
    This process is underway and the US is in a panic, but Russia and China ‘get’ it, and will continue to sell dollar holdings and trade direct in rubles and yuan.
    The US empire is collapsing, due to corruption, arrogance and hubris, we are in the endgame at this stage.
    This is why Putin is in the cross hairs of the USSA.

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  7. fascinating viewpoint…
    another one might speculate that the US is standing behind Germany, who as the lynchpin of an ever expanding EU, and with much enormous high tech investment already in Russia, are cultivating Ukraine, including Eastern Ukraine’s strategic manufacturing ability to the last straw objection of Putin. This in turn re-examines NATO and the west’s position overall.


  8. If Business is little more than legalised Theft and all Governments are controlled by Business does that then mean that there isn’t a single Government in the World today that isn’t controlled by some form of Mafia?


  9. Salford Lad has the picture precisely. If the US/UK/EU/NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation) Bankster Empire can’t achieve global hegemony through chains of debt, then the world will be dragged into WWIII.
    We’ve had months of John Kerry & the rest of the US Muppet politicians repeating the lie that Putin has “Invaded” Ukraine, while the US has deposed a democratically elected, albeit corrupt President Yanukovic, using neo-nazis as their tools, invaded the Eastern Ukraine, & been repulsed. I understand there are now 300 US troops on the ground to “train” the Western Ukrainian conscripts, who have no heart for attacking the NovoRussia East, while they are being put up against men defending their homes & families. Madness.
    This is from 2013, dated but not out of date:
    Or, put in search box: Sibel Edmonds Explains Who’s At The Top Of The Pyramid
    The whole US economy is built around war, & that’s why 9/11 had to happen.
    1 hr. 8 mins.

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  10. @Anon

    Politics is a necessary part of business. To control industries it is necessary to control. Politics and the regulators and thus make society go to work for you, the monopolist.
    So the two principles of a successful monopolist are, “First, let Society work for you; and second, make a business of politics.”
    These are the basic “rules of big business.”
    International oligarchic finance prefers to deal with central governments. The last thing the banking community wants is laissez-faire economy and decentralized power because these would disperse power. Bankers do not like risk or the risks that competition entails. Monopolies are their favourite means of business.
    Sadly, Westerners are deluded, gullible and easily manipulated. But this has been true of all citizens of Empire, since the dawn of civilization.
    It is hard to accept and very disillusioning to realize just how irredeemably corrupt and evil are the West’s supposedly democratic systems and the political and business leaders who own the process.
    The USA is best characterized as a decomposing corpse of a nation lorded over by a tiny clique of oligarchs who control the herd by wielding Orwellian methods of deception and propaganda. So far gone is the populace that most of them think that things are just fine and cannot see the chaos coming down the pike


  11. It wont be long before the gold miners go bankrupt due to the supression of the gold prices.

    Who will pick them up and ride the gravy train when gold reflects its true worth?


  12. On a related note, and the war in Syria.

    Over here in neigbouring Barnsely we have a newpaper (front page) lauding the heroism of the death of non military individual who went to fight for the anti Assad forces.

    You know the type, our kind of ‘freedom fighter’.


  13. Good on Farage for his, “Who do you think you are kidding Mr.Junker?” – Glad to see that the Hitler BS didn’t stick and is still flying around the political corridors.
    Don’t allow the neocons and NWO operatives to hide behind the “US” designation, if at the same time you are prepared to mention Putti personally in the same breath.
    There should be a rule where one Putti = one Kerry/McCain/Nudelmann/Hitlery.


  14. Excellent comment.
    The US dollar is propped up by the military which in turn only functions as well as it does because of the status of the dollar.


  15. This is all rubbish hubris and piffle. It is an incontrovertible fact that tepco have absolutely no idea what they are doing and that most if not all of the Pacific ocean is now contaminated such that California levels of Geiger counter radiation are some ONEHUNDREDANDSIXTYEIGHTIMES the levels pre Fuk-U -Shima.
    These talking heads in the video are paid lobbyists for the nuclear industry .

    When your children die agonisingly they will ask you in the afterlife why you succumbed to this propaganda …sir !


  16. My wife and I are sitting quietly in the garden on this chilly morning reading the newspapers and doing some wi-fi.
    After some discussion we ask ourselves where all this talk of ‘hegemony, banksters, USA, NATO, Mafia, oligarchs,etc’ stems from.
    This is very unsettling coming from so many commentators. We wonder if there are shadows stalking us that we have never before seen. We just thought that we were having a normal day. War frightens us very much. With a general election coming soon, have we missed something? What can we do to alleviate this imminent doom and armageddon, if anything??


  17. You may not care too much for Nigel Farage, John, but occasionally he makes a lot of sense – such as his latest attack on Juncker’s euro army proposals in which he pointed out the total failure of our western interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. I am also wholly with Salford Lad on his assessment on the risks inherent in demonising Putin. The US is pushing us into a totally unecessary and dangerous confrontation over the Ukraine, and the inane statements of General Breedlove and of our own foreign secretary, Philip Hammond, only make things worse.

    I despair of our pathetic politicians in the UK ever freeing themselves from their poodle-like subservience to the USA and acting instead in OUR best interests. Russia has no wish for a confrontation with the West, but the neocon establishment in the States seems determined on having one.


  18. Then you are one of the minority among us who are “waking up”. Be warned the Rabbit Hole is frightening when you start to navigate it. Many of us thought this was all codswallop until we sterted to think for ourselves.


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  20. Keep reading this site, UR, & sites like
    It is indeed unsettling to realise that we’ve been living our lives in a web of deception woven by both our media & politicians,
    & that the multinational corporations & central banksters in fact control both the media & govts.


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