dieseltwat915“Stop wasting my time,” suburban teasy-weasy tells Greek Government

And why the real problem is Syriza running out of electoral goodwill

Further to the Slogpost of yesterday about Austria and Greece, You may remember I ended that piece as follows:

‘It’s going to be really interesting to see what trap the Blue Meanies leave for Red Yanis this time. Let’s hope he’s more awake than he appeared to be a fortnight ago.’

It now transpires that Mr Varoufakis (allegedly) knew exactly what was waiting for him, as he’d been tipped off. This wasn’t a major Greek security coup, given that even the lowliest Brussels official seemed to know.

But Varoufakis went along with it anyway. This too, he decided, was not the “f**k you” moment. Three days before that, The Slog had wondered – it was no more than that – if the Syriza game plan was to edge the Troika out and deal direct with the markets.

Yesterday, Varoufakis was bluntly told that the Troika still existed. Draghi taunted him by using the term over and over again. Eventually, another official suggested maybe it would be better if the Troika was allowed back to Athens. Varoufakis said fine, but they must not be called the Troika.

In some circles last night, this was being hailed as a major victory. Even the more allegedly ‘balanced’ account at Macropolis still consoled Greeks by opining ‘the outcome of the meeting left Athens in no worse a position than it started the day’.

So, things didn’t get any worse, and the Troika will be the Troika but not called that. The Persian fleet has been sunk by our glorious forces! It is a Salamis moment!


I know some of my Greek friends and acquaintances will find this sarcasm offensive; but real friends are there to tell you when you’re deluding yourself. Also, I am not coming at this from the same belief system as many of those friends, so allow me to be brutally frank: I loathe the EU, I loathe the ECB gangsters, I loathe the EU’s drunken President, I despise the featherweight Dutch cheese who runs the eurogroupe, and above all I fear the people they’re in bed with: triumphalist German spooks, globalist Wall Street sociopaths, and the long Nosforatu fingers of the US State Department.

From Day One I said the euro was a daft idea, and laid 15-1 at Paddy Power in 2009 that it would be dead by the end of 2014. OK, I lost: but I’m not wrong. Next there’s Italy, then Spain, then Austria, then a major bank, then Orban’s implacable stance in Hungary, then a French Bank, then the Germans yelling like a Schlieffen Plan. The euro is doomed. The last thing Greece should be in is this pointless piece of make-believe toilet tissue, because – like all of ClubMed after Germany has squeezed all it can out of a rebranded cheap ‘Mark’ – the euro is a ten-ton export millstone.

Greece is paying the price of two things: a tiny elite at the top who thought borrowing money was a pissing contest; and bent politicians from around Europe doing grubby deals as the scramble to get aboard gathered pace. Little did you all know you were hanging on to the last helicopter out of Saigon.

Perhaps Varoufakis is playing a very cunning and clever game. But by the end of this week – even more so by the end of this month – he’s going to stand accused of having moved on from appeasement to collaboration.


The strategy being employed by Troika2 seems to me eminently clear and clever: just as with Hitler and the Czechs in 1938, then Draghi/Schauble and Cyprus in 2013, the attempt now is to snow-job the Greeks into submission.

And the tactic is work, work, work.

Work to provide another reform list within two weeks. Work to provide more detail within three days. Then two days to find the second instalment for the IMF. Then another 3 days for the third, then four days for the fourth.

Dijsselbloem is a gobby little twerp who gives himself away with every brainlessly insensitive thing he says. At a Volkskrant Rally in Amsterdam at the weekend: “The Greeks have almost no money left in their money-box”, and his parting shot at Varoufakis yesterday, “We are wasting too much time….you have a huge amount of work to do over the coming days and weeks.”

You must work. You must pay. You must lose.

After the first eurogroupe meeting, Frances Coppola gracefully suggested that Greece had restored some trust. No, no (says a panicked Finn, Valdis Dombrovskis, European Commission vice-president for euro policy) the Greeks must not be allowed to move forwards: “only adhering to its commitments will be a first step to restore trust among its peers” he told Finland’s Helsingin Sanomat newspaper.

Observe, Greeks: you are nowhere near even making the first step. You must plod sideways in the lead boots we have given you as a means of rising from the treacle.

Work, work, work. For Arbeit macht frei, nicht?

My contention is that it would be better for Tsipras and Varoufakis to work it out that Page One tactic – rather than fulfil idiot tasks. By this Friday, Athens will be two weeks into the trial period. Syriza has enough cash to pay the second of four loan instalments to the International Monetary Fund due this Friday – or so some government and banking sources confirm – but must also pay the final two on March 16th and 20th. That’s €1.5bn in total, and its dwindling reserves (with the crooks in Frankfurt acting as a catalyst in the process) are certain together to keep all the major Greek players occupied…..and distracted.

Syriza will lurch from one urgent crisis to another – and nothing important will get done.


In trying to pull some strands together at the conclusion of a piece I confess to having found uncomfortable to write, I ask the Greeks supportive of Syriza to revisit two things, and then take note of two other developments.

First up, talk of a series of tactical retreats is bollocks. The one-legged bird does not make tactical retreats from the fat cat: it attempts one hop, and is instantly snatched back. In this way does the fat cat train her obedient kittens.

Think back to what Syriza wanted: No Troika, no blackmail, end of austerity, release from programme, bridging loan, way forward on Moscovici plan.

Their achievement on that spectrum of promise is zero. That’s not a tactical retreat, it’s a rout.

Secondly, what has been meted out to ordinary Greeks by these Nazi bastards (busily working with the Vichy traitors represented by Samaras and Venizelos) is not adequately described by the word austerity. It is nothing short of neoliberalism on steroids. Call me a foreigner if you like, but I saw Athens for the first time post-madness in March 2013. I saw half-dead European beggars, hopeless kids shooting up in closed-down food markets, men in good quality but threadbare suits picking through the garbage cans, a 14 year old kid asking me if I wanted her for money…and much more.

The people who approved and then instigated this policy are not reasonable, and they cannot be appeased. They are ill, pissed witless with power, and indescribably dangerous. Economically illiterate, they are modern-day Lilliputians who insist that the way to recovery in a capitalist economy is to starve the consumers, and burden the State with ever-increasing strata of mathematically unrepayable debt….but whose job is to tell an elected National government that it is wasting their time.

The only thing missing from this darkly surreal viewpoint is tulips costing 45,000 guilders each.

And so the Third point, and the present day:  I’m sure many of you are aware of the recurring rumours about what Troika2’s medium-term Game Plan is. Nobody in the West seems remotely concerned about this, but it is a compelling scenario: that Berlin wants squeaky-clean To Potami (a counterfeit media invention) to lead a government of National Solidarity. Syriza would emerge from a future election irreversibly weakened.

Here I must revert to being the bewildered foreigner and tell a story against myself. Early in 2013, I had a private meeting with what I will loosely call a consultancy in Athens. They were describing the exact To Potami concept, but without naming it, and were looking for someone familiar with Greece to write articles supportive of it in the Western press. There was talk of money payable “and not in euros”. I told them politely that I was for Tsipras as the only credible anti-euro candidate. But we parted amicably – they did seem to me like nice guys with Greece’s best interests at heart – and I never did get the Tsipras interview I wanted.

When George Papandreou launched his Flop of the Decade recently, I put 2+2 together and made 9. Having been busy with Newscorp, Jeremy Hunt, the Elm House paedophile ring, moving abroad and observing crooked Met Cops for a year, I’d spectacularly failed to notice To Potami. I assumed Gap was the chosen leader of the MOR liberal group being brokered.

I’m now 85-90% certain that the outfit I’d been invited to ghost for became To Potami.

The moral? Even an ignorant foreigner can unwittingly support a logical rumour. And the rumour in turn supports what I feel now and felt the minute Tsipras became PM: every black op you can imagine is under way in Greece, and it is the usual ring of suspects who are involved.

Finally, at the weekend, a survey conducted by Marc for the Efimerida Ton Syntakton newspaper showed 64% of Greek voters had a positive opinion of Syriza. That’s a pretty good expression of solidarity.

But 17 days ago, the same research agency recorded a figure of 83.6% approval. Almost a fifth down in 17 days.

There is a reservoir of goodwill towards Syriza. Reservoirs evaporate when the water gets hot. Goodwill is, in fact, all Syriza has got: and that goodwill itself is dependent on standing up to the Nazis. Everyone should bear this truism in mind: the more powerful Varoufakis makes them look, the more indefatigable they will seem to middle-class Greece.

Thanks for reading.

Earlier at The Slog: Is new technology merely the apprentice fooling around in the Sorcerer’s lab?


  1. Your twitter feed still sports your earlier photo Mr Ward . Thought you d like to know

    BTW Mr Dutchinbloom and I share the same hairdresser .
    You will have noticed the tonsorial resemblance in our respective styles.
    ( as opposed to Mr Janice VariousFacets who decides to regale in the strict skinhead look)


  2. Friends are friends John.
    You are a good man, and a talented writer.
    It would be boring if we agreed in everything.
    I support and feel the same, with all the above, except one thing:
    IMO, Syriza is part of the disease, not the cure.
    But we are soon to find out anyway….
    All the best.


  3. Greece represents an insignificant percentage of Eurozone GDP. Sterling is a WEAK currency. The Euro is collapsing against sterling, on a daily basis. The market has already priced in a total Greek default, whether it stays in the Euro , or not. Given that the Clubmed countries are all basically insolvent, think of what is coming down the road for the German taxpayer!


  4. Syriza has it’s roots in a soil that is 90% sand, from which the moisture needed for sustainable growth – the tears and sweat of the Greek people – drains away before it can have any effect. They should have called themselves False Dawn.


  5. I would say Tsiparis real game plan is to find out if all those leftists parties in the EU will, when the chips are down, really support Tsiparis and Syriza or not. Hence the plebiscite. If Tsiparis phrases it right and outlines his plan to the Greeks and hard sells it as a sign to the entire world., he will win a referendum. Then the Left will be in the put up or shut up position in each of their own nations, to pressure the ECB into spreading around more of the QE style magic dust. Its a no brainer that the nationalists in other nations such as the FN will go along, if its a referendum on specific easing policies. But in the case of new elections in Greece, Golden Dawn will insist on either following its own plan, a Grexit followed by a new trade partnership with Russia, or if they are shrewd will promise to follow Tsiparis’s plan as long as it works but insist that people vote for them because when the banksters fail to go along with Syriza there must be an alternative.
    That’s my take on the future. of course my Crystal ball may be a bit clouded.
    Any way all this serves to force Draghula out into the daylight and you know what happens to vampires when exposed to light.


  6. Here is a thought.

    Greece had been told that if they left the euro and returned to own currency then such currency would devalue by 40% against the euro.

    As it turns out and starting with last spring/summer the euro has devalued against the dollar by 30% (dropping from $1.40 down to almost parity).

    This is the result of Merkel’s internal devaluation on the eurozone so that Germany remains trade surplus competitive.

    If the euro continues to drop to say 1 euro = $0.85 then the devaluation heralded by the drachma move would have been achieved by other means.

    So Greece would be in a position to walk away from the euro without suffering additional damage since the euro has taken it upon itself to do Greece’s work in this regard.

    Any German savers here? :)

    And of course there is time urgency because after 6 months or so Germany would lose the Grexit terror lever over Greece since Berlin would have managed to achieve the same devaluation on its own paving a velvet Greek exit.


  7. Mr Ward,

    Read the article and I align with so many points but why? I align with humanity NOT those who believe they are the entitled eilite.

    I wait to die thanks and kick ass on the way Greeks can go weep that they do not understand this. The argument is you strive for life but it will never happen and the only alternative was death anyway. For all Greeks suffering you die anyway but the question is at what cost?

    The consequence is already written but I so tire when nobody is prepared to contest it should be better. Then ask why not?


  8. What happens afterwards though? Will the Greeks start printing money to save having to borrow on the open markets – that is to say, what the Americans have been doing in order to avoid taking nasty decisions?

    Leaving the Euro leaves a good number of questions unanswered.


  9. Will Mr Jarndyce VariousFawcets find the money tap, or will Mr Diss’llgobang be overtaken by events? Does the tonsorial resemblance mean you both get the same haircut??


  10. Interesting read, thanks. Hoping that V&T do actually have a plan that will be revealed at some point.

    There was a series of articles on Strauss & Howe’s The Fourth Turning (1997) book and thesis recently – makes interesting reading for any that are interested in seeing the current order replaced (tl;dr: good news – it will happen, probably by 2030; bad news – likely to involve a large war)

    My thoughts re. gold – arguably, the gold price is just a function of USD strength right now. It is a currency after all. Likewise, I am looking at which other commodities are holding off their lows right now – many of them e.g. gold, oil, gas, wheat. For any that continue to do so, the rebound when the dollar rally fizzles could be considerable.


  11. So quick to abandon Syriza, I see.
    Look, I don’t know one-tenth about the situation in Greece that you do.
    But what we all know is that the Greek people voted to put their foot down, and are now having to deal with the evil powers — including the Greek leaders who sold their people out — that put them in this awful predicament. Just because their back is against the wall doesn’t mean their cause should be abandoned. A little bit of divine intervention wouldn’t hurt.


  12. Jeremy Clarkson ‘punch’: Top Gear episodes to be dropped

    “And a petition calling for the BBC to “reinstate Jeremy Clarkson” started by political blogger Guido Fawkes has been signed by more than 120,000 people since it was launched on Tuesday afternoon.”

    Guido Fawkes petition about things that really matter.


  13. very intriguing….if not devilishly crafty…
    one would have a few good reasons cited in various enlightened press reports that there ARE pots of money stashed away for a rainy day. These could help Greece pay her short term debts until June. Meantime…the euro currency has weakened further….which helps the outlook for the whole can of worms immensely.
    No…IMHO….this is posturing from Greek hold onto power as a sop to the voters. The people want to stay in the euro….and that’s what will happen.
    Maybe Spain will have the ……..something… make the break away from the dominating jackboots. Or maybe they won’t.



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