What do the Telegraph and the Guardian have in common? A desire to see Greece crushed.

About forty minutes ago, I published this obviously bonkers piece about Greece and the eurogroupe trading threats. It featured Varoufakis bringing down the Greek God Ares on Berlin unless Greek demands were met.

This piece just went up at the Telegraph:

threats1Note how the Torynaff is very careful to avoid saying in the above preview that Panos Kammenos – the lunatic who made the threat – is part of Independent Greeks, a near-homaeopathic Party with whom Syriza made a marriage of convenience in order to give it an overall majority. So the phrase ‘Greece threatens’ is completely misleading.

However, Kammenos did make the threat….which just goes to show how far to the extremes of politics the EUnatics have driven the people of Europe. It took just 35 minutes for silly satire to become ‘fact’. Except, of course, that the facts were bent, pulverised, and then twisted beyond recognition.

That’s because the The Daily Telegraph is owned by a pair of twins who have never stood for election, don’t pay UK tax, but do stand on the side of the EC/ECB Hell’s Angels beating all resistance to a mash.

Now let’s move to the other end of the political spectrum, and a newspaper losing readers at roughly the same rate as the Barclaygraph. I refer of course to The Guardian. Kop a load of this as their interpretation of the Eurogroupe’s outright rejection of the revised Varoufakis: their live reports on the meeting said that the proposals ‘had been accepted at a political level’. Anyone out there know WTF that means?

As the site updated itself to stay on message as “The World’s Leading Liberal Voice”, it was more of the entirely unconvincing same:

Eurozone calls on Greece to come up with credible economic reforms….Finance ministers from the single currency area broke off a discussion about Greece on Monday, after little more than one hour in Brussels…The chair of the eurozone finance ministers’ group displayed his frustration at the pace of the Greek government response since Athens secured a bailout extension last month. “Little has been done since the last Eurogroup [meeting two weeks ago] in terms of talks, in terms of implementation,” he said before the talks. “We have to stop wasting time and really start talks seriously.”‘

Let’s just try (impossible as it may seem) to stay real here. As The Slog predicted earlier today, the eurogroupe turned down the Varoufakis paper flat. Solid sources in Brussels, Paris and Athens showed not only this, but also that hardly any eurogroupies had even read the paper. Supporting this is the admission by the Guardianistas that Dieselbang made the comment ‘before the talks‘. Very open-minded of him, then. For a hairdresser.

The eurogroupe discussed the future of an entire member nation for just 58 minutes.

But you see, the Guardian is inflexibly pro-EU. An organisation so corrupt, no auditor on the planet will sign off the accounts. An organisation so nasty that it raped Cyprus in order to get at the mineral wealth in its waters, and save Greek banks….aka itself. (Hat tip to GL for pointing me at that link). An organisation that illegally subordinated Cypriot bondholders and robbed British retirees. An organisation that rejected the kind of debt forgiveness for Greek citizens that would’ve saved European taxpayers half a trillion euros..on a debt that was just 56% of that…but which has been growing ever since. An organisation that has meted out austerity to a people who had nothing whatsoever to do with the debt…choosing instead to work closely with the very oligarchy that ran it up. An organisation that has tried to suppress every democratic vote with even a hint of opposition to its pro-hedge fund, pro-banker agenda.

So there we have it: two right-wing truth benders and a bunch of bourgeois Trots…united in their defence of the indefensible. Were this 1939 – and the issue was the Nazi-Soviet Pact – the Telegraph and the Guardian would’ve been in concert – united in their distaste for liberal democracy.

Both the major British Parties support staying in this mobster-run organisation. The one Party – UKip – is led by the guffawing motormouth Nigel Farage: a man who claims to be anti the EU….but since this latest example of Fourth Reich behaviour has uttered not one word in defence of the Greeks.

There are times when I despair. This is one of them.

Earlier at The Slog: Will the Troikanauts be able to bully Austria?


  1. Do not despair Mr “Church—-en” . I am ever here in your times of extreme psychological and emotional travail. Always cready to cradle your troubled head into the generousity of my ample bosom …… and accidentally suffocate you in my zeal to minister confort and joy. Come to me you poor , you cold , you huddled mass……


  2. About those oil and gas reserves…..

    Total has thus far failed to find ANY significant deposits worth drilling for; and in the deep waters of the Med they would have tested the most likely spots first.
    In other words, it seems extremely likely that Cyprus never had those fossil fuel resources; it’s all hype.
    The question now remains – who benefitted from the lie and who lost out???


  3. That’s right Greece will let ISIS travel to the EU via Bulgaria as long as they don’t cause trouble enroute. Does Greece believe that ISIS will be good boys and stop all beheading until they emerged from the chunnel?

    If something this stupid is said by the Greek defence minister……… “If they strike us, we will strike them. We will give to migrants from everywhere the documents they need to travel in the Schengen area, so that the human wave could go straight to Berlin,”……….. then Greece deserves to be ignored until they act like grown ups.

    Elections have consequences and this nut job turns out to be one of them.


  4. It also fits in with the Telegraph’s campaign to stir up as much paranoia and hatred of Muslims as possible, despite the fact it is years since anyone claiming to be Muslim committed an outrage in the UK.


  5. Er … hello ? I believe you are forgetting the Lee Rigby outrage/ disaster not to mention 7/7 at al. And if Emwazi is proven to have beheaded people of British /other nationalities then a further example of soi -disant
    muslim ” believers” having exported their crimes to locations aboad whilst cocooned in the privileged mantle of British citizenship… Neither forgive nor forget .


  6. The truth: Greek external affairs minister Kotzias said that immigrants including jihadists will massively enter Europe of its eastern border becomes a failed state. For God’s shake, how is Greece supposed to send immigrants to a defendless little poor Europe? By a trojan horse, possibly?

    A link from a Troika-friendly Greek source:


  7. A little off topic, but I’ve been thinking about the plethora of Greek restaurants in Europe. Now they’re not quite as ubiquitous as the Chinese restaurant – even my village has a Chinese. But there is a Greek restaurant in Veenendaal, three in Zeist and two in Amersfoort. There are WELL OVER FIFTY restaurants in Berlin!

    What is going on? My question is this: if Greek activities in Europe were considered part of the Greek economy, would there still be any problems?

    But then, ask a restaurant owner in Berlin to support his government in Greece, he may tell you that he’d rather pay German taxes because this way he gets something for his money – free university education for his kids being just one.

    And a Greek restaurant owner would probably tell his customers where they should sit too; and if you don’t understand why the Germans like this, you don’t know German culture. It’s the key to German success, and it’s the key to its failure too. The German entrepreneur in Europe is a very different animal to the Greek entrepreneur the Greeks bring their food; the Germans have always brought trade (and wealth!) wherever they laid their foot.


  8. They ended a month ago, and there’s been just one since January. I said “in this latest round” -ie, from the ambush onwards.


  9. Well Gemma, they laid their feet on most of Europe from 1939-45, during which they traded largely in Jews, and ripped the wealth out.


  10. Yeah those beastly Germans. Did they bomb your pommes frites selling establishment also John?

    I will say one thing for modern Germany, it has many faults which I complain about every day whilst here but one of the best aspects here is the absence of violence. The quality of life is extremely high, everyone is too busy skiing and preparing for the spring to give a toss about any EU crisis. It is only the Anglosphere which is worked up about ISIS and the banking crisis, and this from a daily glance at the wife’s “Merkur” newspaper.

    To live in a “foreign” culture i.e., not dominated by English panic propaganda, is to live outside the Matrix which we are now increasingly aware of.

    Do the French media have this air of permanent panic we have in the US/UK John?


  11. @Jeremy
    The problem with a group of people who ignore looming problems is that when TSHTF they are woefully unprepared and likely to follow any “strong” leader who promises to end the misery.
    I’m not saying the Germans are going to find another Hitler, but an determinedly ignorant population is not a good thing, however blissful it makes life before the crisis hits.
    If your typical German is ignorant of the problems in southern Europe, the Middle East, the financial sector, the climate, the Ukraine etc. how can they ever hope to make sensible decisions about their future?
    I don’t like hyped propaganda either, but I prefer it to no media coverage at all.


  12. ‘The one Party – UKip – is led by the guffawing motormouth Nigel Farage: a man who claims to be anti the EU….but since this latest example of Fourth Reich behaviour has uttered not one word in defence of the Greeks.’
    John, although I have been away for a while, I have in the past always enjoyed your material for its common sense. However this type of comment is not really helpful, you sound like these frothing wankers in the MSM who are reduced to commenting on Farage’s velvet collars to try to turn us off. You are constantly railing against everything that is wrong with this country, which we all agree with, but this has been inflicted upon us by the incumbent traitors of all the parties. We have to break their strangle hold or at least give them such a kicking that they realise we will not stand for their nonsense anymore and Farage is frankly the only person out there who simply talks sense and appears to actually care for this country. Unless you have spotted someone else amongst the dross out there that fits this bill, a little more support would be more constructive.


  13. Control the media. This was one of the 25 point strategy that Adam Weishaupt included in his plan for global domination finished 1st May 1776, drawn up for Rothschild.
    Another point was ruin the youth through sex & drugs. Look around you at Western ‘culture’.
    Look at Afghanistan. By 2000, the Taliban had the heroin poppy crop almost eliminated. Now after 14 years of the “War on Drugs” Afghan poppy acreage is at an historic high. & HSBC gets a slap on the wrist fine equivalent to 5 weeks profits for 10 years of most lucrative drug money laundering. Join the dots. Book: Pawns in the Game, by William Guy Carr. Published 1955, true today, far as I can see. 250 page £20 paperback, & worth every cent.
    A look at the staggering, middle class impoverishing waste of money in Afghanistan:

    If this seems, at first glance O/T, it’s not. The plot for world domination & the impoverishment & destruction of the taxpaying class is not ocurring just in Greece.


  14. Regarding Farage, I am in 3 minds. Since the Iraq invasion, I’ve spoiled my voting papers: No votes for lying, warmongering, thieving incompetents. If enough people did this, then TPTB would realise that the Westminster Farce is finished. Never gonna happen. Farage talks sense, but I fear he is part of the “Hate Muslim” machinery that is cranking up in our MSM. I don’t know what to do.


  15. Gosh I hope none of you think I’m one of the complacent ones. Far from it. I like to think of myself as one of the few “awakened” ones having navigated through the sorms of the midlife crisis both on a personal level and also I think we in the Anglosphere did, around 2012. That year will go down in history as one of those weird turning points where certain among us “woke up” and started to realise that the world was not all it appeared to be. However I question just how much of this crisis is actually manmade and how much real events. For example ISIS is a largely Western creation born of Al Qaeda’s ashes which was CIA progeny. (imho).

    Down here I am the only one investing time in learning to grow and cook food, indeed I work for a small grocer who pay me in fruit and veg. I possess a garden and grow veg every year, my fruit trees bear apples, grapes and plums which I juice or ferment down – I am the only one here into this permaculture sort of thing. Following the death of my parents I rushed to place my parents’ legacy into a safe investment.

    We’ve had in the UK Hackgate which helped to bring down the Murdoch mini-republic which it was, and the death of Jimmy Saville and the afterward revelations which confirmed lots of what David Icke has been saying, that much of what we’ve been told the last few years have been lies. It is turning out that Peak Oil is coming to be shown to be a lie (I for ne believed in it and was a regular on the LATOC forum). But how much of what we are being told is lies and how much is truth? Check out this piece by Michael (Jurassic Park) Crichton:


  16. “they laid their feet on most of Europe from 1939-45, during which they traded largely in Jews, and ripped the wealth out.”

    And just who put them up to this?

    Remember this: the Jewish people in the Ukraine welcomed the Nazi armies in the 1940s. With open arms. For the Jewish people knew that their brethren in Germany could expect to have a business, not only that, but expect to pass it down to their grand children.

    In Russia, the Ukraine and Poland, Jews slept with a suitcase under their bed because they could have been burned out of their house overnight.

    The problem is this: who paid Hitler’s expenses, knowing what he might get up to next???

    It was your friends on Wall St. who put the cuckoo in the nest. Just as they have with the EU in Europe.


  17. Regarding the above comment – if any of what I’ve stated is wrong I’ll stand corrected.I am not a dogmatic chap!


  18. Just bought “Pawns in the game” on your recommendation. I look forward to reading it to confirm my enlightenment!


  19. I think Farage is like Brand controlled opposition. If any anti-City of London candidate stood he would be supporting a motorway in seconds.


  20. Remember please, Maxter, this was written by the most ardent of Catholics, an adult convert. Wherever, mostly, he writes ‘Jew’ think Bankster. Enjoy. :)


  21. Sadly, Jeremy, I have the same dark suspicions. “This country is a club, & we ain’t in it.” As the late, great George Carlin would have put it. Or, as the dumb David Camoron would lie: “We’re all in this together.”


  22. From how I understand it,the whole Cyprus debacle was a kick in the balls against Russia with some other consequences taped on.


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  25. @Jeremy Stocks

    The determinedly pig ignorant Germans might be less care-free had their banks collapsed in 2009/10 – as they should have done, had they not been bailed out to the tune of tens of billions via poor old Greece. And they’d do well to keep their superiority complex to themselves given that their high standard of living would be a lot lower had their elite not managed to make the EU work rather nicely for their exports.

    Hubris, pure hubris.


  26. Brand talks a lot about compassion. I don’t find that a bad thing at all. Farage, OMG, I’m not even going to use brain-neurons typing about him.


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