GREECE/EUROGROUP: We’re going to Threatcom Warp factor 9…

The days get more surreal with every week. This morning on Twitter, Rupert Murdoch was offering advice to Hillary Clinton about dealing with her email scandal. That’s like Goering advising Cameron not to bomb people or take drugs.

Yesterday, Yanis Varoufakis casually lobbed a pre-Eurogroupe grenade called “We’ll have a referendum if we don’t get the deal we want” into the mix. This morning, The Slog quoted several sources as being certain that Troika2 sorry, the Eurogroupe, had already made its mind up to reject the Varoufakis revised ‘reform’ proposals.

So just how silly could it get? God alone knows…but if she does, she’s not letting on. So my best bet is that Varoufakis will have to up the threat ante.

Indeed, news is coming through that the Greek finance minister has just launched the ultimate deterrent….

aresA stern-faced, lantern jawed and very bald Yanis Varoufakis this afternoon warned Eurogroupe members that if there was any more pissing about, even as an atheist libertarian Jihadist, he would have no choice but to let loose the Gods of War upon his oppressors.

“Be warned,” he told the EU inner circle, “Ares embodies the physical valour necessary for success in war. He is a dangerous force – overwhelming, insatiable in battle, destructive, and man-slaughtering. Not for nothing did he sire the sons Fear (Phobos) and Terror (Deimos). Any association with Ares endows places and objects with a savage, dangerous, or militarised fate. We shall slaughter your firstborn, rape your grandmothers, and if necessary reverse the sexuality of every German citizen, thus condemning you to catastrophic demographics that will reduce you to a…(11 pages in total)

5 thoughts on “GREECE/EUROGROUP: We’re going to Threatcom Warp factor 9…

  1. Is the EU Mission statement:
    “To create strange new worlds
    To squeeze out the life of old civilizations
    To badly go where no elite has gone before”….?


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