“They would’ve rejected the proposal whatever it had said. It was dead before being read”

While admittedly not from a high-up Brussels source, this person has never let me down before. It seems that there is “a large majority in the Eurogroup for the rejection” of the second proposal for ‘reforms’ put forward by Syriza for today’s meeting. The rumour was confirmed by another source in Athens half an hour ago.

Let me give you the word-for-word on this Brussels mole’s certainty:

“It is an open secret here that the eurogroupe had made their minds up to reject the paper out of hand. That much was crystal clear last Friday night. They never had any intention of agreeing to it – they would have rejected it whatever it had said.. Because they didn’t make this clear last week, Greece has lost another day before facing the IMF payment next Friday. It’s all designed to put Athens in a corner with no escape.”

As I mentioned briefly yesterday, a senior Paris source claimed Sunday afternoon that he thought very few groupe members had actually read the 11-page Varoufakis document.

So what now for Syriza? Stay tuned.

Earlier at The Slog: Was Yanis Varoufaked?


  1. The view from Frankfurt, or at least from the FRANKURTER ALLGEMEINE on monday morning:

    For years, we’ve supported our cousin and tried to help him to stand on his own two feet, because he couldn’t make it on his own. One day, he says:” I am going to do this on my own, but I want the money all the same.” Oh no, he is told, that’s not how it works. “OK, then I will poison your hens until you cough up”. That is roughly the political understanding of the new Greek government. Its mini-reforms are a total failure, but it now threatens to unleash all its refugees on Germany. Nobody wants that, but they are even more averse to being blackmailed.

    I would say JW’s version of the conspiracy against upstart Hellenic lefties is dead right.

    Angela! Please speak to me
    Your bail-out plan’s all Greek to me.
    Don’t you think it somewhat quirky?
    Wanting Greece to go cold-Turkey?


  2. John, your m8 Juncker is at it again, this time suggesting that there should be an European Army.

    What could go wrong?


  3. They are fishing for war with Vlad. Reset system and get rid of Vlad in one action the stakes are so high even the game theorists would back strategy.


  4. I’d say they were going a bit further than fishing! Outright provocation are the words I’d use – coupled with Western MSM propaganda to delude the masses about “Russian empire building” (why, when they have SO MUCH land and resources already?) and Putin’s “aggression” in Ukraine (but never mention the US interference that caused the problem in the first place, of course…)
    The problem, of course, with igniting a war with Russia is that a) they provide 1/3 of Europe’s energy needs b) we need their help to fight Muslim extremists and c) it’s a really, really stupid idea regardless of points a and b as debts will become even more un-payable due to the costs of fighting.
    But the US doesn’t care for any of those reasons, and no-one in the EU has the balls to tell the Americans to F right off.


  5. TFS;
    I figure the Brussels finance ministers of the eurozone see the need to have their own army
    in-order-to enforce ‘change of gov’t’ with EU member states who aren’t paying their bills….


  6. I watched Crufts for three nights on the trot and Clare Balding was, as always, a very good presenter and she looked great as well. You have a photo of her with “best in show” at the top of your writing but not the expected congratulations to her on a job well done. In fact, there is no mention of her or Crufts. Please enlighten us.


  7. I was afraid that was the case but would not accuse the Slog of being gratuitously offensive in case there was some mistake. Nif that was a joke it was worthy of a fourteen year old schoolboy who has learned neither manners nor respect.


  8. Maybe they feel the need for an ‘EU Army’ simply to defend Brussels from its own citizens once they all finally wake up, realise what’s been done to them and turn up there with pitchforks rampant.
    I’ll be in that mob – better to die on your feet than live on your knees.


  9. I don’t think there is any ‘bash Russia’ or ‘bash Putin’ in this really. To me it is more likely a case of using the current unrest and propaganda as a pretext for furthering ‘ever closer union’, in other words just another push towards the Federated States of Europe, a European Army being an essential pillar. While must folk think the federal dream is dead, to the true believers, and Juncker is truly a true believer, current circumstances are but a bump in the road, soon to be put behind us. The Federal Dream lives on and the vested interests that matter, big business, big finance, the majority of European government machines and all the European Establishments and a majority of the political classes (‘though they dare not admit it) are still firmly wedded to it.

    Take a look at to see how the mechanisms and protocols are still inching forward.


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  11. Hazel
    Wordpress managed to swallow the post, but not the shot. It was a poke at the Telegraph. On such stupidities are charges of misogony based.


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