Rona Fairhead, crony capitalism at the BBC, Sajid Javid, and yet another disappearing Slogpost.

This morning, there was going to be a 2,800 word Slog post here about some disturbing relationships between HSBC, the Daily Telegraph, the FT, new Chair of BBC Governors Rona Fairhead, her appointment by former Deutsche Bank hi-flier and Tory Culture, Media & Sport Minister Sajid Javid, similar skullduggery at The Times, and the incestuous, privileged relationship that exists between politicians, bankers, media gargoyles, and the continuing attempt to turn the BBC into an instrument of Mammon.

Sadly, I was stupid enough to outline my intention to publish all this to a Greek source…via gmail. When I went to line up this article for publication, it had disappeared. As in the last case of this ten days ago, no copy left, nothing in drafts, nothing in the recycle bin, nothing on the admin page…it had vapourised.

And as in that last case, the usual suspects were involved: vulnerable banks, amenable media owners, crony capitalism and the Conservative Party.

WordPress will not let you trash an article without warning. Even if you ignore the warning, you can easily retrieve it from the trash. WordPress automatically saves everything you write every 90 seconds. It simply is not possible for a WordPress client to accidentally wipe 2800 words – irretrievably – at a stroke. The visual below is all that remains of the post:

BBCpaintnetThis is nothing to do with a Greek contact. It is just more irrefutable evidence that every email you write with key robot words in it will be checked out for evidence of non-violent extremism…aka, something in the way of facts or extrapolation that They don’t want to appear.

42 thoughts on “Rona Fairhead, crony capitalism at the BBC, Sajid Javid, and yet another disappearing Slogpost.

  1. Here is one to disappear quickly. I have been doing the sums of Isl*m in Britain. Taking into account free housing, free education, free health care for all there relatives, policing the paedophiles, benefits etc. The musl*m commity contribute about 10% of what they receive. 90% is paid for by the over burdened tax payer.


  2. ….watch out for the ‘Saumur Fizz’…….I understand that there may be an announcement forthcoming from the scientific community concerning to the connection with this and other concoctions to third degree amnesia……..

    but also, elementary computing involves ‘COPY to WORDPAD’ …..SAVE….. .and voila……only Microsoft in the CLOUD can be blamed if anyone can touch it, which they cannot….


  3. the phone’s ringing already….saumur fizzz……could be dangerous…..or was a micky finn??


  4. probably a micky finn. One can never fully trust an old chump since the gchq recruitment drive last year….


  5. They are watching everything, everyone, monitoring everything…………every email account, every bank account, key words set off alarms…………….if we are to resist, it will not be by digital means. They have that covered.


  6. @ super fm
    your profile photo looks just like a wannabee gchq muppet in disguise
    What do you know about the cheltenham ladies club fibre optic telephone exchange network ?


  7. So how many times does this need to happen before you learn to back up your work to a local file?

    The cloud is not your friend.

    Copy/paste your stuff into word/some other text editor and save a local copy, especially if it is ‘sensitive’.

    I know you shouldn’t have to, but it’s time to accept that the real world is not all ponies and lollipops.


  8. john- as mentioned bu others- the solution is simple . compose yr article in local text editor saving it as you go . when done- copy and paste into WordPress .


  9. Yes, this is what I do, using the wordpress pages. So in the event of failure it is still there. Pages even give you statistics of your work (like length in number of words in page document) I don’t have a private website though.


  10. Leave the title till the last moment. Rambling text is puzzling to human brains, let alone to the ‘overseers’


  11. Worth a test, though; how about putting up a bogus post with all the “right” key words, see if that too disappears.


  12. I honestly believe that– –is a less intrusive email provider. It is a ‘paid for’ service.


  13. Prompted by your post I just read about WordPress, a system I knew nothing about, and in particular their T&Cs. There doesn’t seem to be much you can do about your posts being taken down – if this is what is happening – apart from practicing normal self-defence: compose and store your information locally and upload it en bloc when it is ready.

    There are other suppliers of blogging facilities about of course, such as Disqus and Yammer, but since I don’t bother running my own blog space I know little about them. I publish my longer and more in-depth articles on my own server which lives in a server farm outside the EU/US censorship area. Technically, I must admit that I find the facilities offered here a tad on the primitive side, lagging even markup and editing functionality. In your shoes I would probably be using something else (Disqus has the best facilities of the systems I use regularly).

    Anyway, it is important that system-critical analysis and opionion is freely published and made accessible so I hope you find a solution to your disappearing data :).


  14. It looks as if the Slog is going to have to establish a code here.

    A variant on the ‘book code’, only this time employing code-words that have little meaning to a bot, but can mean a very great deal to the more imaginative human. Add a picture showing the meanings and all is set for some laughter.

    Add to this a man whose creative abilities lie in the realms of humerous prose.

    Put these together and you have the following: someone writing about teapots being filled with boiling water. In the image, the teapot is shown to represent the banks; the hot water is shown to represent the money created to pour into the said banks to keep them afloat (to the computer, these are digital codes that need rendering as pixels on a screen). I am sure that someone who is far wittier than I can construe some overtly asinine pieces that pass straight under the noses of the WordPress/government bots, yet conveys a clear message.

    A computer cannot see images: open a .jpeg with wordprocessing software and the resulting gobbledegook is as astonishing as it is mind-numbing. The computer doesn’t mind being bored because all it does is tick through the 1s and 0s in a mechanical fashion without a murmur of complaint. A computer will do exactly as it is told, hence the problems when software engineers express their limitations in the code they create.

    Anyway: endered onto a computer screen, the human gets the joke and the computer goes on to the next series of commands.

    I’m sure there are codes to allow a computer to read letters stored in .jpeg format; again the wit of the human can be employed to good effect here too. Oh, and a little intelligence too. It’s what is needed to get one’s head around the concept of a book code, after all.


  15. I would guess someone has hacked you John. Which if you are looking for a sliver lining means you must be annoying someone in the security services.
    Down load OpenOffice or LIbreOffice and use either of these, save files as “.rtf” and copy and paste. Check your anti-virus log to see if anyone has tried to access your system. You could also try to find the file with a file undelete program like Recuva if you have not had to much disc activity ( whole lot available from Filehippo site). Or try a more sophisticated internet firewall like Zonealarm (costs unfortunately but way less than the cost of the time you lost writing the article in the first place).
    I would guess they do not like you publicizing the complete lack of Dave’s skill set back in the day.


  16. It would seem based upon the evidence you present that this is not a simple case of Windows 8 being pants. If the black hats are playing games then the only way forward is to take proactive steps to secure your operation.

    You might consider moving the slog to its own domain, hosted in a more secure location. I could go on listing 101 different measures but it really does depend on how much effort you wish to put in. I am sure there are people loyal to this blog who would offer help and support on the technical aspects.

    If this is happening then it is time to consider such measures, I fully understand your point with Windows 8 and the tyranny of crapness that Micro$oft has become but this is a different dynamic altogether, I for one would have loved to have read 2800 words on the above topic but now that is denied me by the blackhats.


  17. Being monitored by a dumb machine looking for key words is one thing: having your work monitored by a person would be worse. Is it possible that your PC has been hacked and your posts censored by some dark force, I wonder.


  18. I believe you were about to accuse that lot at the start of this article of being a bunch of incestuously intertwined scumbags whose combined “dodginess” goes off the scale.Previously it would have been merely your accusation.BUT NOW WE KNOW THEY ARE!.


  19. Who would be prepared to build John a system based on the new Raspberry Pi 2 platform – could be done for less than £100 and would be almost impregnable from the dark forces, maybe running TAILS.


  20. Gemma – ‘A computer cannot see images’

    They can ‘see’ all sorts of stuff. Have you used google images image search by dragging and dropping an image from a web page or your PC into the image search? It’s pretty powerful and fast.

    RouterAl – ‘Down load OpenOffice or LIbreOffice and use either of these, save files as “.rtf” and copy and paste.’

    If you copy and paste from either Word/OpenOffice/LibreOffice then you are likely to get the gibberish code which is underlying in these applications along with your text. It’s much better for non-techies to copy/paste from notepad or wordpad because these don’t use the underlying code because they are much lighter applications.

    Many web editing softwares have a special button which you can press in order to strip out the code which comes from copying from Word/OO, but it’s much better practice to avoid copying from those applications to web editors in the first place and to back up your draft posts in a lighter/cleaner program such as notepad.

    As for John being hacked, I’m not so sure. I’m not even convinced that this disappearing post is likely to have had anything to do with sending an email via Gmail. I would guess that when John saved it as a draft in WordPress, their algo flagged it and deleted it at that point.

    You will find that with any publishing platform which monitors and deletes postings in order to indemnify themselves from problems (they are liable for whatever they publish regardless of who has written it) that the algos they use are far from perfect. Quite often one particular word triggers moderation and also that word is often taken completely out of context.

    For example, I have had posts go into moderation on Disqus (commenting on Daily Telegraph) because I used the word sc…um (without the dots) once in a particular posting. I tried really hard with the rest of my post to not be offensive and cause moderation, but by using this one word the whole post gets trashed.

    At times I found myself feeling that they were stifling free speech, that they had it in for me, that certain themes were causing me to be moderated, that it was all really unfair and then one day I reposted and changed the one word to ‘sc*m’ and I had no problems at all.

    It was then that I realised that the world wasn’t against me as much as I thought, that they weren’t actually stifling free speech, but in fact they were doing the best they could to avoid litigation while allowing thousands of people per second to publish on their platform and therefore having to rely on computers and algos rather than human intervention to police these incredible amounts of postings.

    Many of these publishing organisations (and I believe that wordpress is a non-profit?) are having to cover their backsides while trying to deal with the same oppressive political sc*m as we are ;-)

    Sorry to preach John, but the first rule of self-publishing is to back everything up on multiple hard drives that you control, if you prefer to never lose your work. Have a great day, no offence intended by attempting to correct anyone and don’t take my word for anything – check my assertions out, see if they stand up and take them for what they are worth – about two penneth.


  21. Wishing I had the luck of JW whereby my bank loan documents would disappear into the ether as rapidly as his articles.
    Alas, they’re as permanent as the 12 commandments – chiseled in stone!


  22. John,

    I suspect you have a person assigned directly to your account, that is deleting anything controversial. You have to know you are high on the monitor/ watch list. A computer system will not be able to identify the essence of the contents.

    May I suggest that you draft your documents off line next time and then cut and paste the contents into word press at the final moment. It will prevent the spy’s from reviewing the document and aborting the contents. If they some how manage to prevent it being published you can always cut and paste the contents again from the base copy on your PC hard drive with a slightly different title.

    All the best, and thanks for your valuable documents.


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  24. John, as a proud northerner it goes against every parsimonious instinct I’ve ever held dear, but I’m sure a fair proportion of your band of sloggers wouldn’t mind contributing a little in return for your prodigious output. Just set up a proper, secure website with a paypal “buy me a coffee” button and it’ll fund itself. Every little helps, eh?

    I’m in – anyone else?


  25. Aren’t the spooks in smallville building the largest server farm in the world? What if they are all directed as exit nodes etc? If you have more nodes than everyone else then you have access to all the info passing through.


  26. Thanks, Ex Rat.

    Duly noted.

    The software behind imaging is increasing fast.

    As to the likes of Open Office et al – isn’t it possible to remove that code by editing the html soucecode of the page? Or is it hidden from the WP sourcecode editor?


  27. IP : Tails not yet working on the Arm processor of the Raspberry Pi, more is the pity and I don’t know if they have any plans for it.
    If Microsoft can access your computer and make changes to your system then it seems probable that this is an easy back door for the dark hats. They probably have John’s number and all of us visitors – we are all NVT now.


  28. Howzit John? I would be very tempted to see if is available. If it is and you get it, it would then be possible that you could write your post in drafts in blogger before publishing in WP. If WP then trash your efforts then you could publish in blogger and show the link to that page in a quickly written explanatory WP blog. It could be an interesting exercise as it may show whether or not WP is overzealous in their snooping and trashing.
    I have no love for Google blogger nor do I for WP, interestingly enough though, my hits on Blogspot are far far in excess of the same posting on my WordPress site…go figure!
    Go well, Nuffzed.


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