Here’s one of those classic ‘TINA’ statements from a Spanish politician yesterday: “For Greece, there is no alternative to being part of European solidarity”.

It’s what real Nazis do; not the fake ones invented by the radical Left 30-40 years ago: real Nazis who know that if Greece pulls the trigger, it’s over for them. Nazis like Draghi, Schäuble, Blankfein, Samaras, Osborne, Dimon, Paulson, Murdoch, The Barclay twins, Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt. People who know only too well that lying their heads off and crushing all opposition around the clock is the one strategy that stands even the remotest chance of success.

Thus, a crumbling third-rate empire based on a currency prison for the criminally insane is European solidarity. But if and when Greece does fire the starting gun, it will be over for Italy, Spain and probably France. It will be over for the ECB, for FiskalUnion and ludicrously overpriced bourses. It will be over for the Greek oligarchy, for the IMF, and for Wall Street when betting the wrong way finally surfaces at reality level. And it will be over for the paper-chasing, unbalanced and over-hyped UK ‘recovery’, for the Southern property price bubble,for the City of London, and for a bent legal system that has looked the other way for too long.

Above all, it will be the end of the euro. All of these people – their daft derivatives, their farcical Friedman worship, their savage attacks on key institutions – we be as dust. Unless.

There’s always an unless. In this case, the unless is “they can keep this nonsense on the road long enough until the final global heist takes place, and they get to have all the gold, and then leverage its ‘value’ tenfold”.

Take a look at the 30 day chart on gold’s alleged price:

30dgold3315During all the mayhem, threats, imminent defaults, Ukrainian bluster and general madness of the month just gone, gold dropped four price ranges.

In the three years since gold peaked at $1800, the shiny stuff has lost one third of its entire value. during one of the most tumultuous periods in financial and economic history.

There is no natural, market-based logic to this. “But the stock market’s rising and we have zero inflation, so nobody needs a safe haven”. Rubbish: the bourses are living on a free money scam that Draghi is set to repeat, and fiat currencies have never evoked less trust than they do now. Without QE, gold would be at $3000 an oz today.

Read all the codicils in the Basel IV document. Join up the dots. Gold is now the only thing that can pay off the West’s debts completely – and give China a hedge against them doing that as hyperinflation kicks in to eradicate the rest of it. The gold is heading quietly into CB reserves, Russia and China at an illegally knocked-down price.


  1. Gold heists and WW3 comming soon, unless of course Europe realises in enough time that its time to change course away from being one of the many American vassal states.

    Time to let America stew in global exile.


  2. The fact that so few understand these dynamics is the key to the depth that the deception has now reached. People want to live in the matrix where they are cosseted by the fiat myth and can profit from chicanery and graft. These grafters all occupy the top levels of the pyramid so the serfs at the bottom receive nothing.


  3. “From a broad historical perspective, we can see that the capitalist market economy normally delivers either zero or very low inflation. It is the period of the 1970s and 1980s which is most unusual, and whose nearness distorts our perspective.”
    P101, Butterfly Economics(1998), by Paul Ormerod.


  4. Greece would do well to sell all private & public property on 99yr(remortgage) leases to China &,Russia,rent out seaports for 99yrs for paying of their entire debt to the world & auction of oil for trillions of dollars/or the new currency over the same period & then laud it of the rest of Europe for eternity


  5. Since 2008 the Chinese money supply has grown by more than the US money supply, yet the Chinese stock market has halved in value.
    FT 11/11/14


  6. Agree that gold will play an important role in the future monetary system, alas, it will most likely be illegal to own it privately.

    “Singapore Exchange, Southeast Asia’s biggest bourse operator, will introduce a wholesale kilobar gold contract as the city state seeks to increase its share of the US$18 trillion industry. The contract for 25kg of 99.99 per cent purity may start as soon as September, according to a joint statement from the exchange, the World Gold Council, the government’s trade-promotion body and the Singapore Bullion Market Association.

    Singapore is vying with China to boost its presence in physical bullion trading as the industry discusses changes to the century-old fixing benchmark in London and global demand shifts east. Asia accounted for 63 per cent of total consumption of gold jewellery, bars and coins last year, up from 57 per cent in 2010, according to the council, which plans to hold a meeting next month on changes to the fixing. “


  7. I fear we are all waiting for an event that isn’t going to happen. If Greece should ‘pull the trigger’ which I very much doubt it will, well, not until Golden Dawn have the reins, then they might. But if Greece were to now, the systemic risk would force all hands to do whatever it took to stop European collapse including effectively invading Greece and taking over. The Dream is not going to end over a little country like Greece throwing a hissy fit.
    I’m afraid it’s still business as usual folks..


  8. Currencies won’t collapse, how else would they maintain they’re control if their worthless paper was suddenly ‘worthless’. How would they pay the sheep to drop the bombs or fire the guns. Now, they might frighten the sheep by pretending that their worthless, dollar,pound, euro, cowrie shell etc will spontaneously combust, but this won’t happen. think Blazing Saddles:

    In 1849 Gutle Schnapper, Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s wife dies. Before her death she would state:

    “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.”
    And before you say, it German was a special case.


  9. thanks JW for some sane words and ‘the ghost’ for a good option for the greeks. vis a vis gold well get it while you can..


  10. Another brilliant piece, JW. Imagine if you had 12 strands hooked up!

    …it’s over for them. Nazis like Draghi, Schäuble, Blankfein, Samaras, Osborne, Dimon, Paulson, Murdoch, The Barclay twins,

    Not to forget Bush and their crime cabal over there. All Zionist/Illuminati controlled by the Rothschilds, who in turn are owned by the Dark. You will note ‘zi’ is one half the word ‘nazi’! No accident. Long dark history.

    Cloning and total mind-control are basic skills for the Dark race which controls this planet. Which they booby-trapped with various atrocities. Like twenty nuclear bombs hidden inside Israeli embassies scattered around American cities. And not to make light of that, but that is just the kids’ stuff!

    They have held, using wicked technology, Humanity…and their Spirit/Souls…captive for 25,000. Humanity is an ‘experiment’ which has taken millions of years’ to evolve. Throughout the Universes, our DNA is known as ‘the royal DNA. You can bet your sweet arse the GF won’t let that fail!

    Being held captive in a rapidly crumbling Matrix controlled by the rapidly crumbling Dark.

    Interesting times lay ahead. Keep up the brilliant work.

    Have a nice day.


  11. PS.

    It is well-known amongst my assoc that Netanyahu is a mind-controlled clone!

    Let’s see what he has to say to the Zionist gathering in Congress starting 19 mins ago!


  12. HMIYE!
    Glad your boogieman is real – a true measure of your sanity!
    mine are all self-induced and a measure of my insanity… [at least I’m friends with mine so they leave me alone]


  13. quite intriguing…
    Could it be that Netanyahu has ideas to revalue the barter system in the region, or,.
    perhaps If gold returns to a pivotal position in the global monetary system, then the developed world will have to follow the largest economy in the world. This is in the process of changing from the U.S. to China.
    My senior adviser – Rt. Hon Gemma Lamb-basting of Frankfurt renown published a gold sell note last July, and is strongly suggesting an equities opportunity for handsome yields at least until July 2015 after which the great financial balloon is expected to head south at the average speed of a percentage point per week for at least a year.


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  15. Greece would do well to tell the Euro-fanatics where to stick it & start issuing there own debt-free currency.Oh,but hang on,Lincoln did that & got assassinated,& Adolf did that & got warred on.So there is a risk involved.And John,I must take issue with this “Nazi” thing.Did you not know that this favourite curse word disguises the fact that Hitler’s party was the “National SOCIALIST German Workers Party”?.As one chap said,”The difference between National Socialism & Marxism is so small that you could barely slide a sheet of paper between them”.& as that chap was Hitler,who are we to argue.The main difference was that Marxism demands a privately owned central bank – (gosh,wonder who will be the owners/profiteers),& National Socialism issues it’s own debt-free currency.AS DEMANDED IN THE U.S. CONSTITUTION.FOR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!.


  16. Good,but you missed out the Dutch tulip economy.Damn,what a success that was!.At least as good as the South Sea bubble!.


  17. I recently came across a comment somewhere which called Benny “Benjadolf Netahitler”.I thought that was as good as “Benny Nuttyahoo”.


  18. No,sorry Prof.Benny will do what Israeli “leaders” have been doing for the last 30 – count’em – 30 years.Warning us that Iran will have nuclear weapons within 18 months.Now consider that Iran,through it’s oil/gas supplies to China,India,Pakistan,& it’s geographical importance to Russia,& that all of these are nuclear powers of varying degrees,don’t you think that by now Iran could have bought as many nukes + delivery systems as they wished?.After all,during the apartheid years,Israel was happy to sell 8 nuclear bombs to South Africa.& help in the developement of a biological warfare virus/bacteria which would target black people.FACTS.


  19. He has issued a call for all Jews to return to the mother country. What is he privy to that we aren’t? Oh, maybe he has the ear of Congress.


  20. We also had the run on the shekel caused by the Israelites melting down their gold to make the calf of the same metal.


  21. Will WW3 be used to conceal another wheel coming off the Ponziopoly bus or will they hold out until they need the WW3 Ace in the Pack to conceal the fact that oil reserves are significantly lower than reported.


  22. The ACTUAL price of gold is not shown in the chart shown. The chart shows the 30 day price, which is influenced by market traders’ expectations of the future plus current needs to cover existing positions.
    Supply and demand is better reflected in the Spot price.
    Incidentally, there is not nearly enough gold (metal) in the world to redeem all the paper GLD issued by the markets. If you think you have gold but don’t have physical possession of it, you probably don’t have any gold at all.


  23. 1, The return on capital for German industrialists was highest under Hitler.

    2, The inclusion of the word ‘socialist’ in the Nazi party name was to appeal to German workers, so attractive was the philosophy that socialism represented.

    3, If the Nazis were ‘socialists’ why was attacking trade unions and locking up socialists and communists in concentration camps two of the first few things they did?

    Seriously, get over it.


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