Mothers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your turbines

To lighten up millions of Sundays around Europe, I thought I’d alert you to the fact that there now exists an organisation called Mothers Against Wind Turbines.

I think this sort of surrealism could easily catch on, and I am thus busily engaged in the formation of a powerful pressure group, Cyclists Against Traffic-Lights. It is only a matter of time before the examples offered below come to fore:

Coal Miners against egg cups

Butterflies against Margarine

Rock against Roll

Germans against Lebensraum

The Case against Fred Astaire

Anaesthetists against Badger Gassing
Leaning against the Matterhorn

Nuns against Kittens
Up against the Odds

Accountants against Tsunamis

Game Theorists against Parking Fines

Racing against Time

Jihadists against Mousetraps
Chickens against square eggs

23 thoughts on “Mothers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your turbines

  1. JW A lot of what I have read about wind turbines would persuade me to actually support MAWT. eg you could cover the whole country with them and they won’t generate enough,some of the offshore ones are quietly rusting away because attempts to reduce costs of the finish coating,we had minus 17c a couple of winters ago and no wind and I’m no lefty but they do provide large land owners with humongous income . Will they ever be carbon neutral.


  2. “Politicians against Corruption”?. (Sorry,I was being a bit silly there.)
    “M.P’s against expenses fraud”?. (O.K. – I’ll stop now before I sink into total stupidity.)


  3. I see there’s already a splinter group calling themselves Flatulent Mothers Against Wind which incorporates Motherflippers Against Bad Language. These and the others belong to the umbrella organisation Fantasists Against Reality Theory – if they get their way we could all be gassed.


  4. JW – were you not a founder member of BAFTA (Bloggers Against Freeing The Anus)?
    This is the Angry Young Man movement – 55 years on. Am I perhaps confusing you with John Ozzy Osborne?


  5. Where do I join Motherflippers Against Bad Language? Do they have an affiliate society, Great Grandmas Against Crucifying the English Language? That would really suit me although I don’t fancy any clashes with Modernists Against Language Pedants.


  6. Talking of Wind Turbines!!

    A Cunning Plan

    In this DT article

    There is a link reference to a cunning plan here :-

    • A plan to replace old worn out, unsafe and inefficient turbins after perhaps only 5 to 10 years of operation.
    • A plan to replace with glossy, bigger, taller, heavier and noisier turbines.
    • A plan to use conditions and delegated powers to circumvent the planning system (Think Dawson Farm)
    • A plan to hide the cost and impact of recycling and environment.
    • A plan to ignore the limitations of line connection overload and electrical infrastructure problems.
    • A plan to reset the claimed 25 year life cycle
    • A plan to sell more turbines for the benefit of overseas manufacture and investment profit
    • A plan to use money from our subsidies to fund an extension from 2030 to 2050 by bribery to keep the lights on.
    • A plan to Wash, Rinse, Spin and Repeat the cycle

    What Can Possibly Go Wrong

    You Know it makes Sense



  7. Now, if this had been “Fathers Against Wind Turbines”, wouldn’t there be an outcry from the wimmin?


  8. Actually using mothers is a good idea ! Woman are seen by politicians as a voting demographic and thus we get endless initiatives to please them and buy their support…… So sticking a feminine descriptive into the campaign name at least makes the pols think about the advantage of noticing the issue !


  9. Bonjour JW, you really do have a sharp, witty mind, and your graphics impress the hell out of me..Well done.

    Now, have you given any thought to…shh…big M?

    Earth is totally controlled by the Archons, bad guys from another galaxy. They landed some 25,000 yrs’ ago and started tampering with Humanity’s DNA. They pissed on Divine Laws and reduced our strands from 12 to 2! Barbaric comes to my mind. This has really happened, and the GF is an unimpeachable source. Every Soul is immortal, a God-spark, and thereby gifted immense powers from God, which are encoded in our DNA. Which is why the Dark drastically slashed them.

    Naturally they are scared sh*tless because they are surrounded by 7 billion Souls, each with immense powers!

    The Matrix is crumbling. Thanks to guys like you.

    Have a nice day.

    PS. As in the ‘real’ world, all communications are monitored in the Matrix. There is a ‘Red List’. Oh, and I have heard we live in Sector D. Blue pill or red pill?


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  12. Yes Hb, but there is an opposition group now set up; Dogs against Cats against Nuclear Thermodynamics (DA CANT)


  13. How about. A Long Slow Comfortable Screw Against the Wall.
    I’m not sure what their problem with walls are but I will look into it further …Hick…


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