Is the internet a crock of old poo-poo or what? And if so, is it because of those on it, or the basic idea of it?


So there I was, for the fourth time this week, trying to find a new way into the Chateau D’If French health service, via in the Google search box.

Google sent me 4,600,553 (I’m serious) links to Amelia Earhart, GHS Tiger Cubs paddle past Southmont Mounties, and 18 entries about Amelias – ranging from a movie to Amelia Shepherd….and just for luck, Natamelia Pilates. I’m going to use that name in a novel one day: it may be an exercise class to you, but it’s gold dust as a piece of instant characterisation for me.

Finally reaching the link that says CPAM in English, Google asked if I wanted the page translated into English. The answer would’ve been no even if it had been in French, because Google is the only translator engine I know that’s confused on the nature of meaning, words, sentences, verbs, spelling etc.

I click onto the site, punch in the number – and realise that the English speaking service is all in French……because they’ve got the wrong number in there. Three sites later, I do get an English speaking line: it tells me that my waiting time is approximately 53 minutes.

I moved on to The Telegraph (Android Evan-Elpus is a constant surprise) and saw a prominent piece there advising as follows:

ftsehighCheaper than what – Jack Benny? (One thrown in there for the old folks). Quite how – with the world in a slump – Mr Evans thinks that an all-time high FTSE is ‘cheap’ beggars belief. He may be right that it will go up some more….but it bears no relation whatever to what’s coming, real valuation, business done and so forth. Mr Evans – who has a holiday home on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius – notes as part of his ‘support’ argument that ‘the index is dominated by raw materials: between them, the oil & gas and mining sectors account for 22pc of the Footsie’. Just as we head into the worst depression since 1930.

I gave up at this point, but on the way to the exit I saw Mary Riddle-wrapped-in-a-fluffy-Enigma averring that “Time is running out for Ed Miliband” only 24 hours after new poll giving Labour a six-point lead over the Conservative Party. That’ll probably change after the Straw scandal, and then next week Boris Johnson will be caught in bed with a horse….and the Tories will be back to a 10-point lead.

And so back to Twitter – where I feel as if I’ve actually been for much of the last three weeks. I’ve got a thing these days about the lachrymose and generally gratuitous use of children in ‘news’ stories about atrocities being committed everywhere from Iraq via Syria and the Ukraine to Palestine. As most of us know by now, all atrocities everywhere in the middle east are committed entirely by Israel, whose sole purpose in life is to crush babies under bulldozers. So too, there are no fascists in Western Ukraine, and Putin is the mutinous monster who started all that nonsense in the first place. And finally, two years ago we felt bitter about Assad spraying chemical weapons about while bombing the Turks and ‘freedom fighters’….until the freedom-loving blokes being bombed turned out to be jihadist beheading swine, at which point Bashar Assad became an ally. Next year: let’s depose Erdogan. (I quite like that idea – but it’s none of my business).

Cut it any way you like, there is little doubt in my mind that all of them are lying all the time about everything…especially atrocities against children. Want to get fluffy liberal on your side? Snap a kid covered and blood and shoot her dog. It works every time. Take a look at this map of Gaza:

gazaptnetThe four places I’ve ringed for your attention in red there are the top four places from which missiles are launched against Israel. Four of the top five population centres represent over 70% of all missiles launched in that direction. All of them have schools and homes, and research shows that that’s where most kids tend to be most of the time.

The land available for Hamas et al to launch missiles with near-zero chance of kids being killed during retaliation – in the sparsely populated rural and desert areas – outnumbers people-dense urban areas by 9.3 to 1.  So while the Washington Post and Vox assert that ‘The Gaza Strip is 146 square miles, and has a population of about 1.6 million. That’s a lot of people in a very small area’, the truth is that it is a humungously densely populated country in 5 key centres. Much of the rest of it is farmland. Hamas doesn’t launch from there…but as the attacks increase on both sides, the situation is exacerbated because kids seek refuge in schools under UN supervision.

The key phrase above – from my perspective – is ‘the attacks increase on both sides’. If you trace back through this post and others, you will I hope spot that my agenda is not NATO, it is not Arab, it is not EU, it is not Israeli, it is not pro-Moscow and it is not pro-Ukraine: my sole agenda is anti propagandic truth-bending. And as they’re all – every last one of the bastards – at this game 24/7, I like to think I’m getting as near as possible to neutral.

We all get taken for a ride now and then – it’s unavoidable in this job – but I try to stick to Orwell’s principle: “Journalism is revealing facts those in power don’t want you to know….the rest is just PR”.

So when yet another crying kid with streaming blood appeared in a blatant bit of anti-Israel propaganda on Twitter this morning, I tried to put a pov that was reasonable:

gaza1This was what I got back:

gaza2This was my reply – which again, I hope you’ll agree – has enough humility in it to deserve a response in kind:

gaza3The person then replied as follows, and as The New York Times five years ago printed a piece about me that was 100% Guardian-generated bollocks – my reply was hardly surprising:

gaza4OK, maybe that was a tad aggressive on my part: but the veracity of the ‘atrocity’ claim must surely be in doubt after getting this back:

gaza5Wull squire, fair enough innit? She was a friend of a friend, and I need to piss off, roight? Stands to reason really…I mean c’mon, be fair – that seals it dunnit? So feeling some truth-seeking sarcasm coming on, I sent this back:

gaza6However, what I’d like you to do now is focus on the role of one @damomac in this mix. Because he joyfully retweeted all the stuff suggesting I was a nasty piece of work, but none of the questions I had every right to ask.

So I sent this to esteemed Irish Times journalist , the person behind the damomac ID:

gaza7And this was the link and fact-packed reply I got:

gaza8Aw, bless. Plenty of time to tweet, no time to debate, back up, or display any manners. Well, we’re all rushed off our feet, Damo. But the important will always override the urgent for me.


Anyway, let us return to the title of this post: ‘Is the internet a crock of old poo-poo or what? And if so, is it because of those on it, or the basic idea of it?’

The succinct and pretty obvious answer is, the basic idea of it is fine…if the idea is to be a gigantic library online; that is, if the objective is to inform and tell us something. But that idea has been perverted, as ever, by controlling human minds….and found wanting in the form of unintelligent software.

Today, the internet exists to sell us something, yell about something, lie about something, f**k up the delivery of something – and be economical about the Truth of everything; and if all else fails, to cut the telephone wire and retreat to the Silo of Total Belief….the better to go lalalalalalalalaI’mrightI’mrightI’mright.

I hope to explore this issue on other dimensions in the near future.

This week at The Slog: Some home truths about Ukraine

40 thoughts on “Is the internet a crock of old poo-poo or what? And if so, is it because of those on it, or the basic idea of it?

  1. wonder how much of the problem is that ever more or the users are being fed a diet of “soundbite” (facts) to keep up with the now, now, now (can’t wait for just a couple of minutes) way of life that seems to be ever more the “norm”


  2. You did not handle this well. You should have politely repeated your reasonable request and not given way to choler. Any other method will not succeed.


  3. Outright lying is one thing and its as wrong as it can be – but, as I read in a blog recently, the other thing is we are all inundated with information and given next to no time to wonder what it means or where it came from so we too often give creedence to the lie. Access without understanding and facts without context have become our dailey diet.


  4. Trying to be helpful: you must have a ‘Caisse Primaire’ in your area; their job is to deal with all your health bumph. There is probably a pleasant lady(even an English speaking ‘stagière’) on the end of the telephone and you will get a solution if you follow the procedure.


  5. The plates of truth can’t be kept spinning at 100%, 100% of the time.
    I tend to notice. Some do, some don’t.
    Occasionally I would prefer to buy a pinta from the store and get it home before it curdles.
    I will not stay indoors till some surly wretch arrives with my 52″ flat screen telly at 10pm.
    I can and do live without newspapers and telly.
    I can alternately laugh and shout at the radio.
    Lets be clear. (/snigger). My behaviour has been modified, there can be no doubt!


  6. Follow Rowland’s advice below. Why not get off the Internet and interact with real people a bit more? Indulging in slanging matches with people you will never know is a sad occupation indeed.


  7. John if you are in France you gotta learn their lingo. You don’t live in the UK anymore. Being an expat is a blessing. I used to only read Anglocentric BBC stuff and wondered why Germans didn’t get wound up about bird flu/war on terror/artificial global warming. Losing the sat signal down here was the best thing ever, as it made me switch off British/US propaganda and realise how many lies they tell us. I reduced my social media stuff and contacts – only a few interesting people I follow now. I buy second hand books a Euro each at flea markets. All my electronics is free out of the recycle bin, I get free fruit and veg from the local grocer for helping out. And my understanding of Bavarian (I already speak High German fluent) is coming on well!


  8. Another thing – the French they speak there isn’t the school French we learnt – it’s a patois which is yes tough to get your head round – I struggled with it when we owned a house in Dordogne. However you have to get their way of speaking and thinking.


  9. Truth, like beauty, is mostly in the eye of the beholder. If one sees or hears a ‘news’ item that resonates with our normal prejudices most people simply accept it, even when it is patently daft. If one sees or hears a ‘news’ item that resonates against our normal prejudices most people simply reject it, even when it is patently sensible.

    We all have prejudices, entrenched beliefs, cultural and ideological preferences, and so on. If one doesn’t recognise that then there is little hope for sense. Thus we have people that vote LibLabCon despite their appalling record of stupid, inept and destructive policy making and their widely recognised dishonesty, self-aggrandising and self obsessed character. Only if one deliberately opens their mind and intentionally seeks independent confirmation or refutation is there any hope of finding the truth. Something that has become more and more difficult.


  10. I take it that you mean “Austries” and not Aussies gold.
    As in, “Chuck another Black Forest Gateau on the Barby”, Austries.


  11. Are you sure you’ve not yourself been conditioned by the mainstream media, John? I don’t know about this photo on Twitter and, like you, I have no axe grind either way in the Middle East, but I suspect bloggers are a lot closer to the truth than our press, which is rampantly Zionist.


  12. Another fault is that people – the BBC is guilty as hell on this – seek the “trends” on Twitter as if they were gospel. It was as banal as duringg the 2010 Election Night they were obssessed with the view of the “Markets” and what the “Markets” thought about the voting results, not the people. Both are poor sources of mass opinion. How on earth can a 160 letter SMS be taken to be some kind of truth? Ridiculous.


  13. A suggestion John, just make a personal appearance at your local CPAM office and speak to real people, who, I’m sure will do their best to help you, as they did for us. Give up the email, telephone malarkey it will get you knowhere! As for the tweeting, I would give that up too, it is just so much staccato bursts of words blurted out before you have time to think about it and I am not surprised the MP did not have the time to tweet back, after all most are on Zero hours ( working that is) and doing more than one job due to the appallingly low wages they all receive!


  14. All too true; it is very hard to change someone else’s mind. And all too often it is deemed acceptable to opine from a position of ignorance.
    Those who “know” Russia is the bad guy, despite not being able to point to Ukraine on a map or describe the Maidan protests with any accuracy
    Economists – who ignore debt, insist that humans act rationally and never produce testable models or assess their previous forecasts for accuracy
    Everyone who denies that humans are changing the climate, especially those who can’t explain basic thermodynamics and lack a basic understanding of natural climate cycles and how they work
    Hopetimists who insist that endless growth is possible on a finite size planet

    It is truly saddening to know that so much information is accessible now, thanks to the Internet, but still so many are so woefully ignorant of history, literature, art, music, geography, science, technology etc. having instead filled their brains with celebrity crap and feel-good propaganda.


  15. Thank you, Peter, for : “Truth, like beauty, is mostly in the eye of the beholder. If one sees or hears a ‘news’ item that resonates with our normal prejudices most people simply accept it, even when it is patently daft. If one sees or hears a ‘news’ item that resonates against our normal prejudices most people simply reject it, even when it is patently sensible.”

    This is the way life seems to resonate around me. No sense in arguing with anyone as they merely follow the above and you are done. I think I will post the above quote on my FB page and give them something to mess with!


  16. The Internet is definitely not a crock of shit no. It is the greatest invention ever. A real powerhouse of knowledge. In the old days if you needed to find out the population of Central America you would need to go to the library and dig out the relevant almanac, possibly out-of-date. Now you can look it up in seconds.


  17. “..and wind up being watched, heard and notated 24/7…” If they’re doing that to me, then the hours of fuitless boredom they endure serves them right!


  18. Never got into Twitter, reminds me too much of the kinds of “conversation” we used to get into in the news groups on UUEnet 25 years ago. You’d say something like “Sorry, old chap, but I have a different point of view,” and they’d immediately fire back “YOU F****** NAZI, GO AND GOOSE STEP ELSEWHERE” or some similar pleasantry.


  19. “Everyone who denies that humans are changing the climate” I’m one of them. The science doesn’t fit the propaganda. It’s like Bird Flu, peak oil (I fell for that hook line and sinker) and 9/11 – another hoax.


  20. The four places I’ve ringed for your attention in red there are the top four places from which missiles are launched against Israel.

    Incredible, JW

    You mention ‘missiles’ twice more in your totally misguided conception of the real facts. First of all, Hamas fires home-made rockets that consistently fall well-short of the target. You make it sound like Israel has to endure a constant bombardment, when in actual reality it is the Palestinians who have their homes shelled by tanks and bombed by jets. None of which Hamas possesses. Scant few Israelis have died from the ‘missile’ attacks. 2500 Palestinian men, women, and children, were massacred, this summer alone, by Israeli weapons. .

    All of which are controlled by the Dark. You see, in the ‘real’ world, we really do live in a Matrix. Controlled by the Dark, of course. The Fallen Angels. Having being ejected from many other galaxies, over eons, they ended up on Gaia (Earth) The Last Chance Saloon! The Galactic Federation confirms we do live in a Matrix. The GF, and the countless other civilizations in our skies above, all proclaim they come from God/Creator with naught but hearts filled with Love.

    JW, a mind like yours should be able to reason that Humanity is not the only species that God would create. Only God can create Love. Every time you see your granddaughter running towards you, arms wide, beaming smile of recognition, what does your heart overflow with? Love, of course. Love is the most magnificent creation of all. Love. That emotion, in all its delicious forms, is not an accident of nature.

    The Dark have been in control for 25,500 years. Today, it all starts in school when they teach the children to spell. ‘Spell’ being
    a dark word with hidden occult meanings. There are thousands of words laced with dark intentions. Google Bradley Love. I think you will be shocked to discover just how totally controlled Humanity is by the mere utterance of their own words.

    All makes perfect sense, when you live in a Matrix.

    And without the Internet, Humanity would would be truly f*cked. Which is why the Dark are trying to curtail it. But they are running out of time. And they KNOW it. Thanks be to God and the GF.

    Have a nice day.


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  22. …reading that last post I understand your concern about people who use the internet! scarie stuff.

    I agree with JW it is hard to be neutral when people have an agenda to push. Both sides are killing people, let’s not window dress it.

    The tinternet is a great thing. How else would I get to read Bloggs like this one! and with all the new openess, the politicians can’t hide too much for too long!


  23. The intermook is sh1t because those that have been removed and the souless corporations, paid trolls and sycophantic stooges that have taken their place.


  24. The “another crying kid with streaming blood [that] appeared in a blatant bit of anti-Israel propaganda” that caused you so much concern is actually a photo of a woman from Egypt.


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