Having learned the lessons of German history well, Angela Merkel has been taking pains to ensure zero possibility of a war on two Fronts. With Greece looking like it might tell the EC where to go, Geli spent much of mid February plane-hopping between Minsk and Washington. The mainstream press would have you believe that the Minsk agreement is frail, and more sanctions plus American arms in Ukraine will follow should the child-skewering psycho Putin get any smart ideas about breaking the ceasefire.

The truth is much simpler: Washington and Berlin have given up, and Putin has won. The main reason for this is military: a sizeable part of the pro-Ukraine militias at Debaltsevo are surrounded and running out of food and ammunition. Were the Americans to try and arm the anti-separatists at this point (Merkel was told bluntly by Putin at Minsk) the Russian view would be “bring it on, we could do with some free cutting-edge American guns”. (Yesterday, the Moscow Times was already boasting of the arms haul it had taken).

Because both Putin and Merkel speak the other’s language without any trace of an accent, not even interpreters were allowed in the room while they spoke. Such as got written down in Minsk represents only a fraction of what the two leaders agreed: in a nutshell, the deal was that, in return for only holding plebiscites about allegiance in those regions held by separatists at the ceasefire, the EU/US would butt out of Ukrainian affairs, and the sanctions would be noisily trumpeted….but quietly wound down. Merkel flew two days later to Washington, briefed Obama, and got his firm commitment to the deal.

Despite the peak of shrieking rhetoric during early February in the US capital, we should remember that Congress had voted only for the option to send arms to Ukraine. But it is alleged by one US source that, since the Merkel visit, all the main Congressional and Pentagon leaders have been briefed by the President on the desperate situation of Ukraine’s army. It is now only what the source calls “the lunatic fringe” (for example, John McCain…a man partly bankrolled by defence contractors) continuing to put genuine pressure on Obama. Post Merkel’s Minsk briefing, the White House has no intention of sending arms, and the military seem content to accept spy-satellite confirmation collected by US security agencies.

But as always, appearances in the media must be entirely contrary.

Since 12th February, sabre rattling has continued. Four days ago, Putin threw what looked like a curved ball in announcing on State Channel 1 that “lethal weapons” were already being delivered to Kiev, and in Washington yesterday British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond was still laying it on thick about “the President is mulling all options, including supplying arms to Kiev”. But then, that the Kiev weaponry is very old news (GlobalResearch wrote about the subject convincingly in December): Putin can’t be sure that Obama’s ‘agreement’ can be trusted, and Hammond (himself a eurosceptic) has an election to win. Or – of course – the UK’s relationship with America being so Special – Hammond isn’t in the loop.

To be fair, I’m certain he is: senior British minister and former Foreign Secretary William Hague ruled out sending arms to Ukraine yesterday, and Hammond added that the UK wasn’t “currently” planning to supply any. But what struck me in Hammond’s comment was his use of the term “lethal aid”. If ever there was an oxymoron, that’s it; but the use of sociopathic euphemism in foreign affairs these days continues to depress.

It isn’t over until Geli sings of course: but Obama is halfway through his final term, and doesn’t need to leave the world in a state of global war as his legacy. In theory, he is partially hog-tied by having a GOP Congress, but it is thought by many now that the Republicans are flailing about desperately, and talking tough on Presidential “weakness” is all they have. With an election year now not far off, the Republican Party has no coherent policy, no messianic candidates coming through, and no clue at all about what’s really happening on Russia’s border.

This has never held them back before, of course; but in Berlin, the general feeling among Merkel’s entourage is that she’s glad to have extracted herself (and the EU) from the debacle. All for it at first, she now regrets – she says – being gung-ho’d by the Americans. I’ve posted before about Merkel’s increasingly cold feet when it comes to US influence in Europe. Many disagree with my view, pointing out that her husband is well-connected in the US Intelligence community.

In the end, nobody knows what Merkel’s goals are, because she doesn’t have any beyond the retention of power. Merkel has only ever had options – and they are always open for business. The only certainty today is that the media (including her personal newspaper Der Spiegel, the New York Times and The Daily Telegraph) always follow an agenda – either for proprietor aggrandisement, or money, or both. More on that topic anon in the third part of this feature.

Yesterday at The Slog: The reality of Syriza’s position post eurogroup

35 thoughts on “Reality 2: HOW GERMANY & THE US GAVE UP IN UKRAINE

  1. That just about sums it up. Readers may be interested in this article by the excellent French journalist Eric Zemmour, published a few days ago in Le Figaro:


  2. Frau Merkel is a German politician. They are very different from British ones.

    Deutschland über Alles when used in Germany means “Germany comes first” – only the British have interpreted it to mean “Germany conquers all”. This is something of the British seeing a reflection of themselves in German culture, rather than any genuine observation.

    As a German politician, she will put Germany first – and before herself, for all her need for power. Mind you, if you want power in Germany, you put German interests first. (Which must be rather alarming for the banks who control just about everybody else… )


  3. I’ve seen this coming for quite some time: the EU is clueless about Ukraine and was only following the old German dream of drang nach osten, but by peaceful means. How, for example, was the EU going to incorporate Ukraine into the European Empire without incorporating Russia as well? Ukraine-Russia has a free border, so a proper border defence would be needed to do this. This is also what the Novorussian guerrilla army has been doing: protecting the residents from ethnic cleansing by Kiev. You do not expel hundreds of thousands of pro-Russian Ukrainians if you want to hold the the Eastern oblasts of Ukraine!

    What happens in the long run is less clear. Who will pick up the pieces and subsidise them while a pro-fascist junta is in charge in Kiev? There is still much to do to clear up the ruinous mess created by US interference in Ukraine, especially the Kiev putsch that deposed its only legally elected President, Yanukovych. Will the US allow it? We will soon find out. See


  4. A very optimistic analysis, in my view. I would love to believe it but it does not seem at all plausible.

    Whatever Obama or the loudest GOP’ers are saying in public, the US-Israeli deep state knows very well that de-dollarisation will be calamitous internally (Ferguson was a straw in that coming wind), and the beginning of what is likely to be a non-linear ending to American hegemony.Trade and economic war are already widespread, as you well know, and the outbreaks of kinetic war in Syria and Ukraine appear to be deeply connected in the sense that they are both manifestations of US desire to wean the EU off Russian energy dependency and finally establish them (us) via GATCA / FATCA as an US satrapy. The Americans’ Syrian adventure failed thanks to Russian and Hezbollah intervention, and is continuing to fail despite ongoing covert liaison between US and DASH. It seems unlikely – no, frankly unbelievable – that the Americans will sit back and allow Putin to win in Ukraine also, whatever Obama has told Merkel to the contrary.

    I believe we weill see false flag ops in Ukraine in the next week or so, providing the excuse needed for US forces to intervene in some shape or form. Recent frantic activity at US airbases in Germany indicate that something is being prepared.


  5. As per usual the USA Empire of Chaos leaves behind a failed state in Ukraine. Similar to Libya,Iraq, Afghanistan.
    When they cannot conquer, they leave a booby trap of a devastated country for bordering neighbours to clean up the economic and political mess.
    This Ukraine saga is a long way from over. We now have a failed rump Ukrainian state, controlled by a Nazi Junta in the heart of Europe,
    Similarities to ISIS and the Middle East instability are obvious. This bleeding wound will not cautherize easily.


  6. All three points to Putin……he has quite literally pissed rings around Ukraine by surrounding that place Donutesq…..despite the brave efforts of the Ukranians. Tactically he looks good….
    Everything else is just noise…I agree US policy is driven by arms manufacturers, easy if its not your own back yard…..Obama has been exposed as weak and useless, Merkel was duped but at least played her part to defuse it….


  7. I have to say that I agree with PaulC. The US has always been gung-ho to get Sevastopol. This is a convenient war-opportunity for the Empire to expand. What dos the US care about Europe? It has been convenient until now but the EU has now played out its role. This is the danger with a global empire in decline. It has nothing to lose.


  8. Thankyou for that link. The key to understanding what is happening in Ukraine: the point is to put more pressure on the German economy.

    “I think the Europeans are feeling the impact of the sanctions because this war of words and deeds, in which Washington is targeting Moscow via Kiev, is really destroying the European economy more than anything else.”

    Why the Americans want to destroy an economy rather than deal with it and profit from it in a mutual engagement is a question one needs to look into with some earnestness.


  9. Whilst it has always been a German goal to have some form of control over Ukraine, I doubt that Geli was too pleased with the EU attempt. She knows Russia and the Russians and must surely have anticipated the present result.

    In truth, the result has been quite good for Germany. It is seen as moderate, and the “honest broker”, which will help in the future. It needs energy, and why not from Russia? Russia understands it needs both to sell its energy and to have influential, economically powerful but non-threatening friends. Germany fits the bill nicely.

    Neither want the USA upsetting the applecart, and would be more than happy for the USA to retrench. The problem is that the USA’s economy probably depends on the military industrial complex, so needs enemies.


  10. “The good thing is that in the past the World Bank has always opposed a country growing food crops. The aim of the World Bank in the past, since 1945, has been to make Latin America and Africa and other countries as export plantation crops and buy their food on America from the U.S. farms. This is almost the first time that the World Bank has supported grain production, because that’s what the Western Ukraine used to be, the breadbasket of Western Europe. But in this case, the World Bank has said, we’re going to support you only if you sell out your land to foreigners.
    So the intention is to make the Western Ukraine look something like Ireland in the 19th century, when the British landlords owned much of the Irish land, put sheep on it, getting rid of the people on the land. And even in the midst of the Irish potato famine, Ireland was still exporting grain to England, because the grain lands were owned by the British landlords. In this case, for the Ukraine what you’re going to have is foreign ownership of Ukrainian agriculture exporting food that Ukrainians aren’t able to buy because of the dismantling of the Ukrainian economy that you’re seeing today as they’re fighting the war there.”


  11. The only thing Putin won was a big bill to tidy up the destruction caused by war. I have been to the Ukraine many times and the eastern area is very very poor. I think the Ukraine position would have been to destroy as many homes and business’s as possible and then tell Putin you are welcome to it. They are mostly Russians there anyway. People in Crimea are already fining out how lovely Russian rule is, food shortages, electric 2 hours a day and tourist are down to about zero and many businesses have closed and moved out. The pensioners were given extra roubles from Putin but there are no products or services to buy; just like in the days of the USSR


  12. East Ukraine may be in tatters, JJ, but it has substantial assets in the form of oil, gas and coal. In fact if the rest of the East and South Regions were also given a chance to vote for autonomy then based on their previous vote they too would opt for closer links to Russia, so I doubt if they will be given the chance. As for West Ukraine it is now indebted to the IMF and we can see large US companies like Monsanto already licking their chops in anticipation of the coming fire-sale of state assets. Grieve for the Ukraine. It has sold its soul. Even without the very real possibility of further American intervention it is lost.


  13. Will Mr R Hunter Biden continue to be a wonderful asset to the very good gas company Burisma,or has he just turned into a smelly sock-time will tell?
    East Ukraine sits on vast deposits of gas,coal and iron ore,Mr Ihor Kolomoysky,the multi jurisdictional CEO of Burisma must be thrilled at the inability to access “his” assets whilst the war in the East Ukraine continues.But of course using his gang of friends,Privat the quasi military group,he will “easily” reacquire his gas fields.Although I would hazard he will now be confronted by a battle hardened army and populace who may not be enamoured to his overtures post Minsk.So whilst he is in Switzerland with his supposed billions I can’t wait to see his adventures in the East Ukraine when he attempts to return.If I were him I would eschew private jets for quite some time,particularly if R Hunter Biden were to emerge as a CEO.


  14. The bigger picture still troubles me. My fear is that the Empire will come to the point that it will persist in its aggressive posture in Ukraine and launch a thermonuclear attack. There are constant alarms over false flag attacks in the Russian media, nuclear and otherwise. The latest was today in the Fortrus blog:

    The Novorussia guerrillas have their own website: They hope their two oblasts can join Ukraine under a federal arrangement. Negotiation continue, but there is not a whisper of this in the Western media. I think Ukraine would welcome the ending of the war like this but the Empire appears not to want it.

    paulC put his finger on the problem when he wrote in his 9.25 am post about this. He ends by writing: “I believe we weill see false flag ops in Ukraine in the next week or so, providing the excuse needed for US forces to intervene in some shape or form. Recent frantic activity at US airbases in Germany indicate that something is being prepared.”

    That is worrying.


  15. As per usual the USA Empire of Chaos leaves behind a failed state in Ukraine. Similar to Libya,Iraq, Afghanistan.
    When they cannot conquer, they leave a booby trap of a devastated country for bordering neighbours to clean up the economic and political mess.
    This Ukraine saga is a long way from over. We now have a failed rump Ukrainian state, controlled by a Nazi Junta in the heart of Europe,
    Similarities to ISIS and the Middle East instability are obvious. This bleeding wound will not cautherize easily.


  16. Does anyone know when we might hear who shot down Malaysian flight MH17. Surely they must have analysed all the data by now? Will anyone’s collar be felt?


  17. I’ve been following this. The last I heard the OECD will not be revealing the results until Ukraine (whose territory the crash took place on) gives the go-ahead. This is clearly unacceptable but that is the state of things. Malaysia is of course furious, as the only result that will satisfy Ukraine will be a whitewash job. The Empire has been unable to take any credible pics of the event: bizarre as they can snap a legible image of the numberplate of a car with their technology.

    I’ve not heard anything since then but I don’t think we will get anywhere.


  18. I understand that the part of Eastern Ukraine now occupied by the “rebels” is the industrialised part of Ukraine, and that most of the rest of the country is just agricultural land.


  19. I think the US (and certain people in the UK) are stuck in the past and believe they’re still fighting the Cold War thus can’t see the real potential for WW3 brewing in Muslim-istan.
    I think certain people in the US don’t understand Russia and Russians in the slightest and expect them to behave like Amerians. Russia doesn’t do empire building and world policing and endless political debating; it does strongly defend its interests and often acts with little or no warning.
    “First know your enemy.”
    Our leaders are sleepwalking us toward disaster. Why piss off a country that has a) massive resources that the EU needs b) a massive border with militant Islam and c) a sizeable experienced army backed with nuclear capability?


  20. J.J.
    Any shortages in Crimea, are because of Kiev chocking supply lines, not a lack of support from Russia. You give the impression that Russia has abandoned Crimea?. Nothing could be further from the truth.
    Bottom line is that Crimean’s know very well, that their friends are in the direction of Moscow,… not Kiev who want to starve them out for their insubordination by voting to join Russia?


  21. thankz for the optimistic post JW but my skeptical self inclines to paulC comments and jimsnotes. the good old US of A, in its bankruptcy, will see its ‘lebestraum’ in the outright ownership of western ukraine and the policy of chaos and destruction as a continuation of its previous actions in the mid-east and elsewhere. It probably has the same plans for the whole of europe. If the dollar is not to be king then nothing will !! i hope i am wrong…


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  23. Well in that case that might be a problem as Russia has warned them a number of times. They has also reissued Russia’s military doctrine which is overwhelmingly defensive but states that any attack on Russia will be responded to. No one in Europe seems to understand that the Washington degenerates are perfidious to the core. The Russians get this and I like Putin’s sarcastic reference to ‘our friends in the West’ at his press conferences.


  24. Derek: Look up declassified CIA “Operation Northwoods”: The CIA were planning on using false flag events to justify a Cuban invasion…

    “Operation Northwoods was a 1962 plan, which was signed by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and presented to Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara for approval, that intended to use false flag operations to justify intervention in Cuba. Among things considered were real and simulated attacks which would be blamed on the Cuban government. These would have involved attacking, or reporting fake attacks on Cuban exiles, U.S. military targets, Cuban civilian aircraft, and development of a false-flag terror campaign on U.S. soil. The operation was rejected by Kennedy and never carried out.”


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  26. I agree with you Gemma. I m just glad that sense, even if at gunpoint has prevailed. The sanctions were killing Europe and I, for one am fed up with US meddling, that just makes a bad situation worse.


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