germcropDon’t dismiss this as rabid anti-Beastly Hun propaganda. Just try to accept what follows as fact. For sure as eggs are eggs, it is all factual.

On March 12th 1938 – illegally and with no reference to existing treaties – the Nazi Reich strolled into Austria and declared a ‘joining-together’ or Anschluss of the two nations. (Clue: Hitler – an Austrian – was running Nazi Germany).

Later in the Summer of that year, a big hit hit around the Berlin cabaret scene was Ich will mit mein Baby ein Anschluss Haben…a double-entendre roughly meaning “I’d like to shag my girfriend”.

Since I first posted about this in 2011, all the sites referring to the song have been removed by the BundesRepublik. So sadly you now have only my word for it.

Anyway, fast forward from 1938 to 2015, and that same innate German sensitivity is still to the fore.

Next year, the BundesRepublik – as a tribute to the 70th anniversary of little Dolfi’s death – will be issuing a new edition of Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

And in that same year, it is intended that a new jolly tourist attraction will open: the complete reconstruction, right down to the last poisoned dog of Hitler’s 1945 Bunker.

Also this year of our Lord 2015, on being asked to consider reparations for the starvation, executions and plunder they visited upon Greece after 1941, the German response was “The likelihood is zero” – this from CDU luminary Sigmar Gabriel, Angela Merkel’s vice-chancellor.

So no guilt there, then. However, these are the facts:

Having subdued Greek resistance in a matter of weeks in 1941 – after they’d held out for months against Mussolini’s Italian army – the occupation that followed was brutal even by Nazi standards: 40,000 civilians starved to death in Athens alone.

The demand for reparations today focuses on two clear issues: first, a war loan of 476 million Reichsmarks that the Bank of Greece was forced to make to the Nazis –  the Greeks were made to pay for their own occupation, they being Untermenchen an’ all; and second compensation for the destruction and suffering caused by the occupation.

No matter how many circles Wolfie makes in his wheelchair the loan was never repaid. Instead, the Germans got the bulk of all postwar Marshall aid..while we – the Brits who alone had held out against the Nazis – found ourselves saddled with a gigantic debt to the US. You see, we Brits have the same Special Relationship with the Americans that you Greeks have with the Germans. Perhaps this is where the Anglo-Greek affinity lies. I couldn’t possibly comment.

Today, the unpaid German debt would total €11bn….before interest. A Greek commission of inquiry last year determined that Germany owes Greece a total of around €160bn – to cover the loan and the cost of damage from the occupation.

The sanctimony, self-pity, and hypocritical Puritanism of the German élite remains infinite. Earlier this week, they had the audacity to condemn Syriza’s claim to this money as (to quote one German tabloid) “the worst kind of opportunism and money-extraction with menaces from a bankrupt nation”. In reality, the scot-free German escape from any financial or human responsibility for the havoc they wreaked after 1939 has been an issue in Greek, British, French, Dutch, Polish, Russian and Israeli politics for nigh on 70 years.

Is it perhaps about time that the equally Holier-than-thou USA accepted the iniquity in all this, and decided to do something to redress the injustice? Of course it is. But the holding of breath re this one is not recommended.

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  1. I do rather wonder at these sorts of claims by the Greeks. As things stand, the way they did things was so far divergent from the EU norm that they really ought not have been admitted to the EU, let along the Euro. Even if the “loan” were to be repaid, the money would likely never get back to the Greek government anyway.

    In any case, we had better hope that this claim fails, and Greece defaults. This will hasten the decline of Italy and France (not that France needs much help in that respect), and further hasten the demise of the Euro and European Union, hopefully before the EU can sally forth and annoy the Russians any more than it has already.

    Let it die instead, so we can replace it with a web of trade agreements and treaties instead.


  2. All those words are wonderfully chosen and could not be aligned better to give a true understanding of what is actually happening in Europe. I don’t like this German bullyboy attitude and have found it very distasteful over the last few years. You have now given me reason to trust my own instincts again. So, thanks.


  3. yeah sure – the trouble is the americans cannot seem to find that gold and haven’t a clue what might have happened to it. that’s why the german’s withdrew their demand it be returned. lots of red faces all around there. they say fort knox is near empty these days so it is likely not there. i am sure the Feds have someone looking day and night to find that pesky little pile of thousands of pounds of german gold bullion.


  4. O/T,perhaps.We have a result from the first leg of the European finals, Greece 0- Germany0. Second leg postponed for 4 months.Plenty of time for the underdogs to recruit serious management ( Jose Mourinho?) and strengthen their squad (Russia?) and make the next match interesting . Rumour has it that the German manager, Fritz Merkel , is minded to ensure that a defeat in the second leg will coincide with most home fans being on holiday.


  5. 4 months is a perfectly adequate time to undermine Tsipras and wear down Varoufakis. Sadly no one seems to have the cojones to pull the plug on the fiat dystopia and start from scratch. Yes of course things would be tough but are you really telling me that the majority of the people could not be adequately made aware of what this debt based bondage is and despite the short term impoverishment the long term implications of a Euro exit are net positive for everyday Greeks?

    If I was Tsipras I would start a dialogue with the electorate – educate them as to what exactly has been going on – expose the vested interests and fat cats who used the Euro as a get rich quick scheme, explain the mechanics of the debt dynamics and then hold a referendum, Drachma or Euro and let the electorate make an informed decision.


  6. After today s negotiations I do not cravenly crow. I say merely the new Greek flag will contain two Messerschmitts and a Stasi emblem rampant . In four months we will have configured a new debt restructuring aimed at squeezing the bankrupt sloths into final submission. THE FUTURE BELONGS TO MEEEEE…..


  7. What a hissy fit of a post. For all his faults, Hitler took on the international bankers who had screwed Germany over for years. That’s where his anti-Semitism came from. He lost, the bankers won, and the likes of Merkel are still in thrall to them decades later. Merkel isn’t some sort of German supremacist, or even patriot. She hates every day Germans – why else would she call the PEGIDA marchers nasty names? If the likes of PEGIDA don’t succeed, there eventually won’t BE a Germany.

    Sure, Merkel and her cronies will happily screw over Greece to retain their power in Germany, but they are just another example of the globalised internationalist class selling out their people at the behest of bankers. To compare these scumbags to a guy who actually attempted to take the bankers on is ridiculous.


  8. The Americans can’t find the gold. It’s okay, it’s only an accounting error.

    The gold is somewhere – probably India or China by now. It kept the American economy afloat for another few weeks…


  9. Instructions
    1. Randomly substitute terms Hitler/Obama, Nazis/NATO/EU, debt and outdated construct.
    2. read.

    So you see where my mindset was when I became aware of the UK Royals visiting The White House.


  10. You assume that the Greek electorate are not aware of what debt based bondage is and what issues are at stake? That they voted in SYRIZA for some trivial reason…?

    Be glad that this is NOT the case :)


  11. Correct me if I am wrong, but I have read that Wall street funded Hitlers war machine and Standard oil supplied its fuel. So did he really kick out the banksters?


  12. The Real European Union National Anthem Plus others.

    “The most puzzling development in politics during the last decade is the apparent determination of Western European leaders to re-create the Soviet Union in Western Europe.”
    ― Mikhail Gorbachev

    Dedicated to our Eurocrat Overlords. They may not be explicitly communist, but the EU is quite keen on the socialism. They are not so keen on direct democracy and local accountability. Or national identity. Or balancing the books. Or getting basic economics right. Or being honest about their true intention: creating a United States of Europe. Let’s do away with this anti-democratic blight before it is too late.


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  14. Not stunning at sll mein sehr schoene oil baron. I remind you of the rationale : countries who lose the wars win the peace . US france and UK won WW2. Look at them now. Germany Jspan and Italy lost it . Italy had the economic miracle then drank too much vino and lost its way in its own sloth . Japan bestrode the workd like an economic postwar colossus until it fell in love with Keynes circa 1985. And we teutons have trailblazed to current glories . Yes we had our wobble in the Noughtues after reunification but having successfully melded my Ossie compatriots with the capitalist industrial machine and dragooned the other deluded participants into a currency union where one size fits all ( ours) we sit atop a German milking machine that is on autopilot sucking the other wretches dry with the energy sapping drive if an undervalued German euro.

    Oh .. and regarding reparations ….I believe Mr ” Wind…..” should look at the obverse of the coin i .e :
    in how much more of a debt ridden vortex would UK , France, Belgium , Spain , Portugal and the other colonial powers ( not to mention USA and her slave traders) find themselves had they ” reparated” for all their colonial adventures of the past . Apologies are cheap but no money is ever disbursed I notice. Yes , true, even Germany and Italy had their mini colonial adventures but I think German East Africa can now look after itself and Somalia , Libya and Eritrea are now lost to sundry pirateers and beheaders any way so no mileage in reparatiobs to them !


  15. This post moved me to take a quick look at the Wiki entry for the Marshall Plan. It appears that aid payments contained grant and loan elements totalling around 12 billion dollars. Of this, the UK received around 3.3 billion, West Germany around 1.5 billion and Greece 376 million with the division between nations being roughly per-capita. If I’ve read this correctly, I can’t see how it can be true to state that “the Germans got the bulk of all postwar Marshall aid”?


  16. IIRC,it was revealed,some years ago,that what the German government actually did was to bank the aid & issue it as LOANS instead of direct interest-free Grants,which was the true intention of Marshall aid.So,win-win!.


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