dltsmileBut Dave Lee Travis is still virtually bankrupt

Having been found not guilty on 12 out of 14 trumped up Plod charges (with no verdict returned on the other 2) DLT is right when he says “I’m still not over the Moon about this”. Not only has his life been utterly buggered and his spirit very nearly broken, he is also broke.

Bearing in mind that he is the victim of a politically motivated police campaign, it must surely stick in every decent Briton’s throat that this essentially daft bear of a bloke has been prosecuted by a State (aka Camerlot) which also tried to foist onto the Statute a McAlpine’s charter designed to make gratuitously vexatious libel prosecutions free to those who wanted to bring them. Yet now he – an innocent man – finds himself broke as a result of merely clearing his name. It is iniquitous beyond belief.

My heart goes out to this guy whom I met briefly many years ago, and thought nothing more than a harmless buffoon. His next door neighbour in Ealing Patricia Chiswell warned me in advance about his antics, and I was grateful for that warning. But to see him dragged through the merde as a result of malign forces did at least make me realise what an utterly sociopathic culture exists among Britain’s soi-disant ‘élite’ in 2014.

Previously at The Slog:

‘…..it is truly Orwellian to listen to Dave Lee Travis being questioned about groping grown women, and then reading blogs and tweets the next day breeziliy referring to the bloke as a paedophile pest. The BBC Seven arrests will be shown up at some point as quite the nastiest attempt to use paedomania for political and media advantage in British history.’    5th February 2014

‘….At the moment, the main sacrificial lamb on the Stonehenge altar is Dave Lee Travis. DLT’s alleged victim told the Court this morning that he fondled her breasts live on radio as she introduced Woman’s Hour. She was 26 years old at the time. Travis is and always was a sexist prick, but he is assuredly not a paedophile, and not a rapist: it is pointless and dishonest to use a Courtroom in which the attitudes and behaviour prevalent in the 1970s are viewed from the perspective of 2014. But that’s what we’re doing.’    14th January 2014

…..Following the ludicrous arrest of Paul Gambuccini 10 days earlier, I posted on the subject of why Yewtree (the DJ/celebs investigation) was almost entirely focused on the BBC. It has become a distraction from the Newscorp trial, it has become a focus of libellous allegations by Tory Chairman Grant Shapps, and it has become a series of bright feathers in the caps of the Boys in Blue.’   19th November 2013

The tide is turning in this saga.

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