facadebeerfinalHOISTLINEOh dear oh dear, but nobody is coming out of this Somerset Levels scandal at all well, are they? Breaking this morning was the news that, in the European Parliament, when British Tory MEPs had the chance, they voted overwhelmingly AGAINST maintaining Somerset’s flood defences. And Noah Farage himself was so passionate about retaining prime farming land, he er went down the brasserie with a few mates for a couple of jars and some jolly haw-haw-haw.

Stout defender of British democracy in the face of Brussels fascism Dan Hannan also voted AGAINST. So come on down Dan: now we have more water available, “LET’S GET FRACKING!”

My God but they are a shower, are they not? None of them give AFF about the survival of an Independent Britain, and none of them ever tell the truth. No wonder over 25 Slog Tweetaunts went unacknowledged yesterday: silence can be golden, but in the political class it is more often craven. The hypocrisy of Farage in particular over the last week beggars belief:

At Huffpost: “I think the government’s reaction to this has been pretty poor. They haven’t offered a penny for the farmers, for the people here. My message is: ‘Please government, for once put the people first. It would take a tiddly per cent of the overseas aid budget to say to people, however horrible this is, you won’t suffer financially.” Yes indeed Nige…and it would’ve taken a tiddly per cent your time to go and f**king vote.

At David Icke: “I want to get a better understanding of the problems on the Somerset Levels and I also want to say that people here who are suffering, they will suffer not just emotional distress but severe financial loss because insurance companies never pay out 100 per cent. I just want Government to say ‘we’re going to support these people, the farmers, the householders in this area and we will compensate them for their loss’.” Yes indeed Nige, and you’re an MEP: you couldn’t be bothered to get briefed on this, or to vote for the protection of these people you are now bleeding all over the media about.

At Sky: “The Government is putting money into improving the defences, but not offering any compensation to the farmers here….all we need is a couple of weeks foreign aid money to give our own people some relief…..there is a feeling that politicians turn up for a photo-opps…what really gets me is that UKip politicians were going around here months ago saying we needed to spend more money on defences…we are going to need a public inquiry to find out about flood management in this country…” Yes indeed Nige, and I’d like for you to be the very first witness asked the  very first question: why are you so full of sh*t?

And talking of photo-opps:


For a full list of the useless, self-important, uncaring Conservative plonkers who voted to let Somerset flood and be damned, read the full write-up at Political Scrapbook, whose scoop on this one gets The Slog Hat-tip of the Week award.