prior2Son of Jim Prior just another example of the nepotistic, crony capitalism that continues to blight Britain

I posted at length at the weekend about the bigoted outpourings from the Honourable David Gifford Leathes Prior, the CQC’s Chairman, on the subject of what his mates want what the NHS needs. While pointing out the frailties in Mr Prior’s “analysis”, I came across some interesting snippets about his honesty, or otherwise.

The one that most caught my eye involved his arrest on 14th November 2006 by Norfolk Constabulary, who were investigating allegations of financial irregularities at Cawston Park Hospital (previously known as Cawston College) a private psychiatric hospital in Cawston, Norfolk. He was cleared of involvement in the alleged fraud on 15 February 2007….and subsequently reappointed as chairman of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust. In fact, very soon afterwards.

But while still chairman of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust before this unfortunate embarrassment, David son of Jim was also involved with a private sector outfit called Chancellor Care Limited. Don’t jump to conclusions: this was not an organisation formed to help with the challenged mental state of George Osborne.

Tony Chancellor, who set up Chancellor Care (it owned Cawston Park of David Prior fame) made millions of pounds out of his business over a very short period; but the scandal really involved nothing more nasty than difficult to manage and place psychiatric patients being shipped out of the NHS to private care – the way you do….when you’ve got a business specialising in it, and one of your mates is, um, chairman of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust.

Mr Prior, for he is so honourable, used to be vice-Chairman, Deputy Chairman and CEO of the Conservative Party, posts which in and of themselves require strong evidence of malfeasance at some time in the recent past in order even to make it to the shortlist. (See Slogs passim re Jeffrey Archer and Grant Shapps)

Set a thief to catch a thief? I don’t think so.

And now, while we’re down here, let’s review another 48-hour snapshot of the accelerating death-throes of ethical Britain.

First the good news: “The South Suffolk Conservative Association have voted not to re-adopt Tim Yeo MP as their candidate for the next General Election.  Selection for the South Suffolk constituency will be opened in due course.”

That’s it. Set against that one small victory, the forces of decency are in full retreat on all fronts. Having seen the Gagging Bill make it to the Statute, and a narrowly failed attempt to create the McAlpine Memorial Vexatious Suit Act, following the audacity shown by the Commons in shooting down the invasion of Syria, spookily along comes a Bill to, er, cut out the Commons.

If the proposed Deregulation Bill becomes law, Acts of Parliament that protect your freedom could be removed from the statute book at a minister’s whim. Under the proposed legislation, ministers will have the power to revoke any law they like, using statutory instruments rather than taking the issue to a democratic vote in Parliament. (I should add that while the Conservative Coalition is introducing this Bill of Wrongs, the Legal Instrument was expanded and honed under the last Labour Government: 34,729 of them, to be precise).

Adolf Hitler demolished an entire democratic State without recourse to legislation the like of which is being proposed in the Deregulation Bill. As with all things openly Orwellian about the Coalition, both the title of the Bill and its fascist clauses are hidden behind mealy-mouthed syntax and the branding of cattle. This, whatever your political slant, is a Bill to enable the abolition of MP democracy.

Meanwhile, over the water in Belfast (still part of the UK, lest we forget) one of the biggest trials in banking legal history gets under way tomorrow, when three former bankers face charges of trying to inflate the share price of the now-defunct rogue lender Anglo Irish Bank.

Anglo’s share price reached an all-time high of £14.41 in 2007, but later that year the credit crunch began to bite and rumours spread  that Anglo was in trouble. The share price collapsed in 2008, and Sean Quinn‘s behind-the-scenes build-up of a 25% stake in Anglo was revealed. The bank was finally nationalised in 2009. The bailout cost the taxpayer £24bn. Anglo was subsequently rebranded the Irish Bank Resolution Corporation and then liquidated last year.


The trend pointing towards a dictatorial British State designed exclusively for globalist business in in full swing. And as last night’s Slogpost tried to argue, everyone is to blame. The Tories are to blame for being the main catalyst. The Labour Party is to blame for its spectacular failure to organise any real, inspired opposition to it. The Hard Left is to blame for syntactical squabbling and inability to engage in any kind of united front. The citzenry is to blame for looking the other way (the middle class) or gaping at celebrity TV programmes (the proletariat). And the media are to blame for cooperating in the creation of economic myths while producing the Circus nonsense that makes up their content.

We’ve all at one time or another been complicit in this process, but if only for personal avoidance of too much pain, I’d prefer to keep the self-flagellation as brief as possible. What we need to do now is join forces and Slog the bastards who’ve been getting rich on the back of it….and are now trying tricks on an almost weekly basis to throttle our ability to resist it.

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