GLOBAL LOOTING: a year on, it is real….and has more slithery tentacles than Newscorp

NYeve2012I wrote the above post almost exactly a year ago today. The piece looks odd today in some respects, but the prediction and the question remain: they’re going to steal from us, and if they do, who will consume with sufficient enthusiasm to keep the show on the road?

There are times when each year feels like another twelve months lying face-up beneath Madame la Guillotine, watching the razor-sharp blade head towards one’s neck. But in many ways, 2013 consisted of a sort of grudging, anger-inducing admiration (on my part anyway) for the myriad scams these people invented in order to soften us up for The Final Heist. And today, another of them has been uncovered.

It’s been revealed that millions of people are being ripped off by government agencies forcing them to use premium rate phone lines. Currently, a third of customer telephone lines across Central Government use higher rate numbers with half of those lines serving the poorest people. More than 130 million calls from the public are being charged at a rate of up to 45p per minute at an estimated total cost of £56 million a year.

Such “ideas” for making money are rarely thought up by politicians, because they don’t do detail, and they don’t have ideas. This little number will have been dreamed up by some sociopathic twannock in the Treasury…or more likely, one of the many consultants they overpay to make suggestions free of any content or ethics. No, this time – for once – we have the legislative Public Accounts Committee (PAC) to thank for telling Whitehall to stop it immediately.

The worst offenders were the DWP, the HMRC, Victim Support (a government-funded charity), the Student Loans Company (a privatisation) and the Bereavement Service. Amazing: are you unemployed, destitute, behind on your taxes, a rape victim, a penuried student or a grieving widow? Excellent! Call us now – and while you’re distracted, we’ll steal the pennies from your eyes.

The Civil Service (which alone represents 53% of Britain’s future liabilities) thus devised a way of screwing yet more money out of people in the sh*t thanks to their illegally gained pension emoluments doubling after 2006. What is the point of Name And Shame if the Sir Humphrey’s do not have shame anywhere in their lexicon of emotions?

“We will squeeze then until the pips squeak,” said Lloyd George in 1918. Except that he was referring to the Germans…and that mindset led to hyperinflation and Hitler.

They never learn. They just never f**king learn.

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27 thoughts on “GLOBAL LOOTING: a year on, it is real….and has more slithery tentacles than Newscorp

  1. I read your stuff but it seems you do not like replies that might not bow down to your every word. I find any password I have ever used ineffectual to pass comment thus I take it you chopped me – like many might have done with you. Reads like you deserved it, perhaps…… John Bank



  2. a.) Well if you can’t afford to pay the call it is the most effective way to reduce the number of calls.
    b.) Then add to the fact the average waiting time is like 30+ minutes really ramps up the cost.
    c.) Automated every part of it so you know you are never going to negotiate the numbers to enter.

    Maximum determent with minimum wage cost so on paper.
    Then up jumps pip-squeak politician.
    Problem solved then.

    Do all politicians live in such denial? Can anyone tell me one that doesn’t?


  3. I have to say I’m getting a little tired of awaiting the Armageddon predicted for several years now by so many soothsayers on both sides of the pond – lay in the tins of food and/ or grow your own, get plentiful stores of water, a generator and/or alternative forms of energy, close your bank accounts, buy gold, get a gun(s) and even retreat into the backwoods. Living in an earthquake zone, some of this advice is par for the course but I suspect all of them combined are not sustainable over the long term when undertaken in isolation whilst the rest of the world carries on with their usual day-to-day lives regardless. Omitting just one of the above recommendations could be your undoing, and what happens when some part of your anatomy seriously fails and you need surgical intervention?


  4. Is one being invited to infer from the first two comments that you’re unable to accept reasoned criticism and that you lie?

    Serious faults indeed if true – but if not, what points are being made?


  5. Alexei, I’m not sure there is going to be a dramatic event (which you refer to as Armegeddon). What is happening is not an event, it’s a process. If you become poorer, you don’t drop from comfortably off to destitute in a day. No, you go without things, and you sell things, and you find you still can’t pay the bills, so you go down and down, one step at a time. Sorry to be so negative. I do agree, though, that we have been on the edge of our seats for such a long time waiting, for example, for Greece to leave the Eurozone and so forth, which logically should have happened years ago and yet never does. Common sense doesn’t get you very far trying to predict events when all markets are rigged, all numbers fiddled, all facts spun to fit an agenda. Ah, me. Must make a New Year’s resolution but not sure what it should be.


  6. @Hazel – Believe me, I do understand (from personal experience) about the slow depletion of one’s standard of living. This is something separate from the “armageddon” forecast by many pundits to follow an “imminent” much larger financial crash than that of 2008, (since about – er, 2009), resulting in those taking it half-seriously becoming sceptical of all financial investing. The advice has been consistently to either convert one’s assets to gold, or place them under the mattress, or invest in a survival kit. in the interim, stock markets have hit all-time highs in the UK and US.
    The eventual implosion of the euro will inevitably result in destablising ripple effects throughout Europe and perhaps beyond, so the same advice as above may be appropriate. As you say, common sense doesn’t seem enough to predict what seems a glaringly obvious eventual outcome of certain illogical and unsustainable situations i.e. the fiat banking system and the one-size-fits-all currency. Perhaps it’s just a matter of timing.


  7. Charging the most vulnerable premium rate numbers for advice is a grubby despicable practise, but thoroughly in keeping with the troughing politicians we elect for ourselves. No doubt this money pays for MP’s heavily subsidised food and drink in Parliament. But we are only little people. How dare we complain about the antics of our betters.


  8. “This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper” wrote TS Eliot, and he lived through two world wars and a number of marriages, so therefore he should know. Armageddon supplies are a way of hedging against food inflation and best case scenario you won’t need them.


  9. No, they don’t learn, because they don’t want to learn, methinks, John. They let other people think for them… The other people are nicely ‘trained’ to fulfil this 260-year plan:

    BUT: the web has an ‘open memory’. E.g. look at Warmongers, Newspapers and the Ruling Class – – about 1891 – 1914.

    and John Bradbury and Thomas Paine

    Maybe, just maybe 2014 will be a year of enlightenment? I.e. those of us who dare to think our own thoughts manage to shine a little light on the dark spin that mainstream media have been spreading ever since they existed?


  10. Since most folks only phone up the DWP or HMRC to claim something back or point out the error of their ways (I doubt that HM Rev. get many calls offering to pay them more taxes)…of course our Illustrious Government wants to make contacting them as difficult and expensive as possible. They hope that we either won’t bother…will decide that resistance to their demands are futile…or that it is not worth the time or effort to claim once we have picked up the costs of the call, and will sod orft and stop making a nuisance of ourselves or think twice before stepping out of line again.

    In their eyes, we citizens should pay for the call (and the call centre) because it is obviously “our fault” for calling them !


  11. John, they’re not worried about consumption rising.
    What they’ve been focusing on is consuming the world’s population. From it’s present ~ 7 billion down to ~ 500,000,000.
    IE they want to get rid of 13 out of 14 people now alive, down to a population level they feel they can control. 1) The Problem, a fairly long essay. 2) The Movie, possible peaceful resolutions. 2hrs +.
    Also contains a Q & A on UN Agenda 21.

    An ex Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, has come out in the open & said that 9/11 was a false flag event ( perpetrated on itself by CIA, Mossad & probably Saudi Arabia) to incense the US populace into backing the “War on Terror”.
    Just as the “Gulf of Tonkin” was a much publicised non event which was used to get US popular backing for the disastrous Vietnam war, in which as JV angrily says 58,000 of his fellow military were killed. & possibly 1,000,000 Vietnamese.
    Also, he’s caught on to the NWO plotters, up to a certain level :
    They won’t let Jesse on the MSM of course.

    He doesn’t mention that there are 3 City States on this planet which pay no taxes, are not subject to the laws of the lands in which they are situated, & have their own police/army. These are :
    1) The City of London = BOE = Rothschilds. Even the Queen has to request permission of the Lord Mayor of London, ( not to be confused with Bulky BoJo) to enter The City. Who’s in control huh?
    2) DC in Washington = FED = Rothschilds + Warburgs + Schiffs etc etc.
    3) The Vatican = Vatican Bank = Jesuits. Vatican Bank owns Bank of America. 10 mins.

    Karen Hudes was World Bank Chief Legal Counsel for 12 years of her 20 year term there.
    She was sacked for failing to desist in her attempts to expose corruption at the highest levels.
    In retaliation she has been in contact with the 188 countries which own the cooperative World Bank, the US Chiefs of Staff, the Governors of all 50 states, the Houses of Parliament, the US Congress &……you get the picture, the lady is not going away, despite lavish bribes offered & CIA threats. She reckons she’s got them on the run. Catch her on youtube.
    Let’s hope she’s right, & stays safe.

    Here in the UK, I’ll be voting for UKIP. Nigel Farage has Lord Christopher Monckton as chief policy adviser.
    Lord Christopher knows the Global Warming/Climate Change scare scam inside out, & UN Agenda 21. Strenuous efforts have been made to keep him away from the IPCC boondoggle meetings. He was once Chief science adviser to Maggie, is a competent mathematician, & commands my respect.
    If Farage turns out to be an empty suit, bought & paid for by the OZ mean machine, then….
    Let’s hope he’s not, & that certain antipodeans can smell which way the wind’s turning. :)

    Thanks for all your great work John.
    Hope you had a smashing Christmas, & a superb New Years to come.
    Here’s to sanity in 2014.

    John, you may publish all, nothing or parts of this as you see fit.
    It’s your blog.

    Best regards,


  12. People are complete mugs with phones. Use SayNoTo0870 as suggested above or write a letter and at the end of it tell them why you have. That way it costs them much more to respond and they may eventually get the message. Doubt it though…


  13. soreron da doo ronron
    It’s the principle, not the money. I don’t give a f**k how much we owe, I just feel sorry for folks for whom 200 quid is life-changing money.


  14. I went to catch a bus the other day. No timetable, just a number to text to be allowed to know what time the bus is coming! They only do it on the stops outside town centres & such. Presumably the fear of the wildeness will encourage the plebs to pay-up with more haste lest they be mugged by the idle poor.

    But on a brighter note, tractor production is up 7.8%


  15. That Jesse Ventura ref is blocked, for some reason.
    Try the words:
    Illuminati agenda New World Order EXPOSED Full Jesse Ventura HD
    It’s 44 mins.
    There’re clues sufficient there to google or youtube it.
    Shame about the OTT Yankee style, but fair play, he’s stuck his neck out.


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