fukuvicUSS Reagan & Fukushima cancer levels miles above comparative levels

US Navy still silent on comparative navy vessel stats

Slowly, the world is waking up: this disaster is real

We have seen strong evidence of poor build quality in the original General Electric construction at Fukushima. We have seen example after example of covered up seriousness and urgency by both Tepco the plant owners, and the Tokyo government keen to keep its ownership of the 2020 Olympic Games. Now evidence is coming through to flatly contradict the Establishment reassurances about cancer levels both among Fukushima residents, and on board USS Ronald Reagan itself

Before we get going, the good news is that California-based lawyer Charles Bonner has confirmed to me that he is still heavily involved in the case of 70+ US navy personnel currently attempting to get redress for various illnesses that have all the hallmarks of radiation sickness. I hope to be able to interview him at some stage over the holidays, but in the meantime there have been three major debunking developments in relation to the Establishment’s “explanations” of what the truth is about the USS Reagan’s crew, and the link between rapid cancer development (RCD) and the Fukushima incident.


Not so…or indeed anywhere near it. I’m indebted to veteran Slogger Tig for pointing out that the lifetime prevalence of testicular cancer in US men is 0.4%….and 5.5 per 100,000 with the median age at 33.

So in each group of 100 navy men you would expect 0.0055 of them to get testicular cancer anyway. Aged 18-25, somewhat less. You’d need a group of 20,000 navy male personnel to even get 1 case of tc via ‘natural’ occurrence.

The USS Ronald Reagan has 5,500 crew, and nowhere near all of them are male. There are in excess of 20 cases of testes ccancer thus far….and counting.


They are.

The media blackout surrounding the Japanese nuclear power plant is slowly imploding. Fifty-nine young people in Fukushima prefecture have been diagnosed with or are suspected of having thyroid cancer. Notably, all of newly diagnosed were younger than 18 at the time of the nuclear meltdown in the area in March 2011. They were identified in tests by the prefectural government, which had covered 239,000 people by the end of September.

Toshihide Tsuda, a professor of epidemiology at Okayama University has called upon the government to prepare for a possible increase in cases in the future. “The rate at which children in Fukushima prefecture have developed thyroid cancer can be called frequent, because it is several times to several tens of times higher,” Japan’s Asahi Shimbun quoted him as saying.

He’s not wrong. Fukushima cancer incidence compared to registration statistics throughout Japan from 1975 to 2008 showed an annual average of five to 11 people in their late teens to early 20s developing cancer for every 1 million people in Japan as a whole.

In Fukushima, there 59 cases out of 238,000 in three years.


Of all the expert ‘opinions’, the unscientific nature of this one baffles me – but is so symptomatic of contemporary bollocks about ‘settled science’. We have never before seen – not even at Chernobyl – radioactive exposure like this in so many ways at such close quarters.

Says a senior medical San Francisco Slogger source, “Everything that’s come out of Fukushima and Washington thus far has been bullsh*t. The idea of cancer development rates being an accepted constant like some scientific norm is deliberately misleading….as every single statement from those concerned to cover up this disaster has been. This is new territory in that there has been atmospheric exposure, waterborne carriage, and loss of control on a hitherto unexperienced scale. The US government should stop treating its citizens like children, and start giving everyone on the West Coast the real heads-up on the situation.”

Because it’s never happened before doesn’t mean it can’t….as we’re about to find out when globalist neoliberalism finally comes apart.

I’m still waiting for a response from US Navy stats…four days on, they have yet to acknowledge my query…which, in the end, I had to route through another pc. I’ll keep you posted on Charles Bonner’s response: he has asked me to call him back, and I will.

Not a nice way to end the run-up to Christmas, but I think there are several signs – and real hope – that in the very best traditions of the Saviour so many wish to honour tomorrow, the ultimate truth will emerge, and justice will be done.

I do wish you all a great season. Stay tuned.


  1. Folks Tepco most recently announced their “final solution” will be to release coolant water tower into the Pacific ocean… as is, this is already an extinction level event… as the cs137 and iodine dispersed into the ocean begin to evaporate and fall into the food and water supply for many many years to come the Western united states will die… and Australia, and when they screw up and expose the REALLY damaged portions any living between the equators might want to consider going above or below them. Truth is we only know the very smallest, tiny percentage of how bad this really is… all the starfish in the Pacific are melting… melting. Seals wash up filled with tumors, game over folks, game over. Merry Christmas.


  2. The incidence of thyroid cancers in children in Belarus and areas surrounding Chernobyl was not only unusually high, but they developed within only a few (3-5) years after exposure to (radioactive) iodine 131. The tumours were if you like a biomarker for radiation exposure because iodine accumulates in the thyroid. The fact that children around Fukushima are reportedly developing similar tumours after such a short time would therefore not be unexpected (iodine 131 was released at the time of the initial disaster). Because Japan has instigated a thyroid cancer screening programme, the cancers are quite possibly being detected earlier than they might otherwise have been, which complicates the statistics. It’s true that in most circumstances the majority of cancers take many years to develop. But for ‘scientific opinion’ to aver that ‘cancers don’t develop that fast after radiation’ is simply to deny the evidence from Chernobyl.

    Good luck JW with your work on this. And have a good Christmas.
    For those of us in a position to enjoy the present moment, enjoy. The Present is all we have.


  3. “The USS Ronald Reagan has 5,500 crew, and nowhere near all of them are male. There are in excess of 20 cases of testes cancer thus far….and counting.”
    Do we have a solid source for that?
    Because the original CALS (that I saw) was very shakey on hard facts, it had one case from what I remember, and one case of another, and then a lot of vague references to all kinds of none specific medical problems.

    And you have people spouting madness like
    “Folks Tepco most recently announced their “final solution” will be to release coolant water tower into the Pacific ocean… as is, this is already an extinction level event… as the cs137 and iodine dispersed into the ocean begin to evaporate and fall into the food and water supply for many many years to come the Western united states will die”
    This was supposed to happen 3 months after the blast.

    Just like the Gulf of Mexico sea bed was going to collapse after deepwater horizon, and that was going to be another extinction level event.

    Its hard to take anyone seriously.


  4. Many Thanks for all your careful investigations on this story JW. I would indeed be interested in what Mr Bonner has to say. The Japanese government have kept it very quiet that immediatly after the Reactor Explosions, the whole of Tokyo recieved a dose of Radiation that would have been much worse had the wind not changed. The US Government then kept it very quiet indeed that a few days later (partially thanks to the change in wind direction) in Early April 2011, Seattle and California recieved a dose of at least 50% of Tokyo, possibly more. Here is the Link http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2011/07/during-april-the-people-in-seattle-could-have-just-as-easily-been-in-tokyo-for-the-amount-of-hot-particles-that-were-there.html

    I am not sure of this site below, but in view of the above, and given that we are discussing the effect on Thyroid Glands in Babies and Young Children in Japan, this link may also be of interest http://www.globalresearch.ca/fukushima-nuclear-fallout-has-damaged-the-thyroids-of-california-babies/5359119

    Whatever, this is certainly another of the worlds very ‘wobbly dominoes’ that are unlikely to continue to remain upright for long into 2014. A very merry Christmas to all Sloggers !


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  6. After Chernobyl the children of Warsaw were issued with iodine tablets . The thyroid takes this up in preference to the radioactive stuff. Cancer does not to my knowledge develop that quickly . So any effects due to radiation will occur in fast reproducing cells such as blood ie radiation sickness. Tumours take much longer such as brain,testes etc. this I’d imagine is the usual money grabbing lawyer crap


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