ussreaganNimitz class carrier USS Ronald Reagan

bonnerVeteran human rights lawyer Charles Bonner (left) has practiced law for 27 years, so by now he’s pretty good at it. Mr Bonner has been the lead attorney in over sixty-five jury trials involving civil rights cases, police misconduct, child protection and a myriad other attempts to protect the vulnerable poor from the mendacious rich. Now he is leading a class action lawsuit against TEPCO, the regulator/owner of the Fukushima nuclear energy plant.

He’s unlikely to lose it, because he represents 75 sailors who came down with a host of medical problems, including cancers and leukemias, all kinds of gynaecological problems, and tumors on the brain. These service men and women are mainly young people in their early to mid twenties, and no one in their family had ever any of these kinds of illnesses before. Just since Bonner took the case, another 21 sailors have begun to show the same dire symptoms….of radiation sickness.

Their common link? They were all serving on board USS Ronald Reagan during a brief visit to the waters around Fukushima three years ago. As the Ronald Reagan desalinates all its water from the sea for drinking, bathing and other cleaning purposes, all the sailors were multiply exposed to radiation from the Fukushima accident. Calmed by the bollocks being put out about how “harmless” the radiation leakage was, these 75 service men and women now face death.

I’ve just been to eighteen internet sites. I have verified who Bonner is, checked the case credentials (“Cooper et al v. Tokyo Electric Power Company, Inc. et. al. case number 3:2013cv00773, filed with the United States District Court for the Southern District of California”) – and confirmed the case’s existence with Bonner’s law firm. This is not left-of-centre urban myth: this is the best indication so far, in my view, of just how serious the Fukushima disaster is going to be.

But not a single mainstream medium I can find within the US, UK or European mainstream has gone near it.

Al Jazzeera, Russia Today, and every eco-site you can find is crawling with the story. At first – obviously – that made me suspicious. I am always wary of any site with an agenda.

But this is not anti-Americanism gone mad. This is the Establishment in the dock, not the rogue sites.

The story is just beginning to leak into the more “respectable” questioning sites like silver doctors, which concluded yesterday:

‘Three days ago, The News Doctors published a story that drew some skepticism within social media.  Unfortunately, the story is not an internet conspiracy theory. 51 US sailors are reportedly suffering from Fukushima-radiation related medial issues, and have filed suit in US District Court against TEPCO.
Upon further investigation, this is NOT a conspiracy, and appears to be the sort of story that needs to go through multiple rounds of “distribution”  before the mainstream media is forced to cover the story.’

Yet the compainants being represented by Charles Bonner filed their case last April.

We should not be under any illusions: had this case come to light in China or Russia, the western media would be giving us daily 24/7 coverage and analysis of such serious, mass evidence of radioactive danger to human life.

The MSM loves to ridicule the blogosphere as consisting entirely of naive dupes and madcap amateurs. Well, I’d rather be an amateur investigator than a professional whore.

CP Snow said facts are sacred. They’re also inconvenient. I prefer George Orwell’s definition of being a good reporter:

“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.”

orwellStill my hero after all these years

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  1. The U.S. gov’t is one big shameful sham! These kind of stories should be out there for everyone to see! Instead we quietly destroy military pensions and healthcare under the guise of helping “the unfortunate” his is a sad state of affairs!


  2. The lack of Fukushima coverage is the conspiracy, not the triple meltdown, never-attempted manual removal of live fuel rods like hook-a-duck or endless radiation outflow into a rapidly dying Pacific.

    What I don’t understand is this. The world could have intervened and put together a plan to contain the disaster before it literally spilled out to start killing on a global scale. Hey it hasn’t. Why? All I can assume is that the threat to the nuclear power establishment is seen as greater than the threat to peons lives which we know the powers that be don’t value.


  3. Desperately sad for the victims, but vitally important this is made public. Slowly but surely this is going to devastate the Pacific and then creep around the oceans of the world.


  4. “The MSM loves to ridicule the blogosphere as consisting entirely of naive dupes and madcap amateurs. Well, I’d rather be an amateur investigator than a professional whore.”…Exactly so. Now we need to read about the no-hopers (the fastest growing planetary population) who are being “pressed” into service at Fukushima, including the mentally incompetent and disabled, by the Yakuza and other Nihon GovCorp departments. This too requires some explanation:



  5. You were asking me about fukoshima simera… Pare ena arthro… :-((((

    “Μην υπόσχεσαι όταν είσαι χαρούμενος, μην απαντάς όταν είσαι θυμωμένος και μην αποφασίζεις όταν είσαι λυπημένος.”



  6. Ronald Reagan is itself nuclear-powered so that could just be he source but in any case it is rather strange that it wasn’t spotted on any dose badges. Wrong type of radiation? Badges aside doesn’t the ship have sensors?


  7. We have to get used to the fact that the Western media tells the stories it wants you to hear.

    The first and only documentary I have seen about the real victims of sub-prime (those that lost their houses) was on Al Jazeera.

    News out of Greece – none.

    Recent in depth look at income inequality in the U.S. – Al Jazeera

    J. P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs rigging the U.S. aluminium market – none (covered by ZeroHedge)

    If you want to find out what is going on in the West, you can do a lot worse than Al Jazeera (e.g. the BBC).


  8. Well done JW for bringing this story to (slightly) wider public attention than it has had heretofore. I share you scepticism about conspiracy websites but, with that caveat in mind, recommend all Sloggers to look at enenews.com for up to date information on Fukushima. This is almost certainly the most serious ecological challenge we face at present so the circumspect nature of the MSM’s coverage is very worrying. The world’s population needs to be aware of the size of the problem. Those countries with the necessary expertise should be actively cooperating with the Japanese to clear up the mess at Fukushima. This is much to serious a matter for face-saving and obfuscation. .


  9. Ene News has regular updates on Fukushima and the deathly legacy it has left. What appears to be true is that this is SO MUCH WORSE than is being reported. They don’t have a clue what to do and it continues to spew out radioactivity… The MSM are nothing more than corporatist puppets. Thank god for the internet though – at least we can search for the truth. And the more than stupid granting of the Olympics to Tokyo just shows the degree of corruption out there. The IOC should be in court – along with FIFA (Qatar – what a joke).
    Read up about the damage to marine life on the West Coast US / Canada – the lost Sardine fishing grounds…Really FUFU is reminding me of ‘On The Beach’…


  10. Sir Henry, I was typing the same ENE news recommendation at the same time as you. We need to keep spreading the word…


  11. I hate to question this story but…. 3 years is not really enough time for cancers to develop . Radiation sickness yes,but brain tumours ,I don’t think so. I may be wrong but it does seem rather quick. Cancers after Nagasaki didn’t show up for a long time after. I am no expert mind you but perhaps an oncologist could advise


  12. Look at the video, ignore the cloud of dust and rubble, look at the pressure wave that blasts from the top of the reactor, that is not the concrete shell being blown apart by a hydrogen explosion, the only way such a pressure wave could be created would be if there was a massive change in pressure, like in a bomb or the pressure vessel of the reactor itself grenading…

    You will notice the BBC expert considers this explanation but later bulletins row back from this analysis, instead towing the ‘official’ story that only the building blew apart. I would be prepared to wager that the reactor vessel itself is open to the fresh air and that there may have been considerable ejection of material from the core itself.


  13. Sounds pretty bad. Can anyone with a technical bent explain how radiation can pass from contaminated seawater, via a condenser into drinking water? My limited understanding is that radiation must be released by contaminated particles and the radiation can be of any of the 3 main types. Given the aforementioned I am at a loss to explain how a condenser which by definition takes evaporated steam i.e. H2O in a highly energised state, cools it and collects the condensate which is pure water, how this system can yield a product which is radioactive. My feeble brain suggests that any radiation in the seawater would remain in said seawater containment vessel and not pass through the condensers. My chemistry/physics knowledge is quite dated but I can’t work this out, I can’t see how H2O can hold or kick off alpha, beta, gamma, x-rays or anything if it is pure, I just can’t remember enough to write an energy equation to provoke it.


  14. JW, I recently re-viewed this (and another terrifying film ‘Threads’) recently. Nevil Shute told a good tale in On The Beach – he was ahead of his time. But the reality is that the TPTB will NEVER say how bad it is at FUFU, I truly believe it is going to kill a lot of people. It’s very sad.


  15. Colour me sceptical on several counts:

    1. Nimitz class carriers have a crew and air wing complement of around 5500 people. That’s a fair number and some of them will get sick over time.

    2. The USS Ronald Reagan is nuclear powered. Moreover some of its aircraft are capable of carrying nuclear weapons. Furthermore the Nimitz class was designed during the cold war and would be expected in a major war with the Soviet Union to be capable of operating in an radiation contaminated environment. It’s highly unlikely that this particular ship would pump aboard and desalinize large quantities of radioactive water without anyone noticing. The ship was exposed to airborne radiation and was moved farther offshore as a result, but the contamination levels were negligible.

    3. So far all I have seen vague representations of the symptoms suffered – gynecological problems, testicular cancer, brain tumours, thyroid cancer. No firm numbers for each incidence of cancer adequate descriptions of symptoms etc. This is rather important as for example testicular cancer is most prevalent in young to middle-aged men and strangely enough the US navy is composed mostly of young to middle-aged men. It wouldn’t be unexceptional to find 10 to 20 cases of testicular cancer to have arisen amongst the 4000+ male sailors and airmen who served on board at the time of the rescue operation. Likewise, brain tumours are evenly distributed across age groups and therefore it wouldn’t be unusual to find one or even two such incidences amongst 5500 people. Unfortunately there is no indication whether we are dealing with one tumour or 20.

    4. Having observed class action lawsuits up close, I’m not surprised in the least by the vagueness surrounding the numbers and symptoms of the illnesses suffered – it is absolutely essential that the number of victims be padded out as much as possible – too few claimants and the case will fail for the simple reason that without widespread sickness there’s no evidence of radiation exposure.

    5. The lawyer involved, the saintly Charles Bonner (gee John what happened to your generally unfavourable opinion of the lawyering classes?) doesn’t appear to specialize class actions – rather he’s a civil rights lawyer. There are firms that do specialize in class action claims and the fact that this claim isn’t with one of them speaks volumes.

    Pretty thin gruel in my opinion.


  16. The MSM will never admit that the gig is up, they’re still stuck in their old paradigm. They still haven’t come up with a viable funding model, the firewall just makes them invisible. Advertising? Who looks at advertising? TV? Gathering dust in the cupboard. The good stuff comes ad-free on a memory stick thanks to the friend of a friend with excess bandwidth. Magazines? What for? It’s all on the Net free and for nothing from bloggers. Bloggers are their biggest threat and they’re terrified. They’re the proverbial blacksmiths watching the Model T roll off the assembly line.


  17. Heavy metals can exist dissolved in water and survive the desalination process, this is why we got rid of lead water pipes. Radio isotopes even in minute concentrations will be absorbed into the tissues if they are present in drinking water. If reports are true that 50+ of these sailors have thyroid cancer then it seems highly likely that fukushima is the source.


  18. Like I said a while ago, akin to thermonuclear war but, hey! the Olympics are to be held there soon so, everything’s just fine and dandy……
    Oh, don’t eat the fish…..


  19. Interesting that a Google search found RT reporting this news yet when you click on the link there’s nothing there and I couldn’t find anything on the RT Home page either


  20. kfc1404 / Imp Psychologist –
    Don’t eat the fish?
    Carrying a Geiger Counter might be better advice.
    Globally an idea might also to be to boycott these games in protest.


  21. Yes, actually, because Polonium diluted in seawater would be so dilute as to be irrelevant. Litvinenko’s meal was laced with the stuff. Once inside you it decays and bombards your tissues with particles that give you cancer everywhere.


  22. Good luck suing the government for an injury incurred when on military deployment.
    Veteran’s Benefits for medical care in America are rubbish. They are on the sniff for free money, understandable, yes, but it’s a freeloading lawyer and people who are desperate.


  23. There isn’t a cover up. The fact that the USS Ronald Reagan sailed right up to Fukishima and its helicopter crews flew right through the radiation above the reactor is well known. The ship had to be moved and do a decontamination as a result.

    It’s been covered up so well you can read about it on Wikipedia for goodness sake.

    Furthermore, on a ship of 5000 personnel you would expect 36 testicular cancers to have occured normally within 3 years. It is the most common cancer in males and peak age at which it occurs is 30. 90% of them will be cured.

    It is a total non-story, hence the press are not covering it because it ain’t going nowhere.


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  25. You’re a surly beaver and no mistake: 75 crew members out of 5500 total complement aged 21-27 get cancers, and you think that’s par for the course? If it was good buddy, we would not have a global population problem.


  26. Lifted from Max Keiser dot com, comment section, by Nat. ;

    ” “Let’s build a nuclear power plant in a high risk earthquake area with history of tsunami’s. we’ll build in some Resistance to both but not too much cos it’s expensive and honestly how often do big tsunami’s happen?”

    “We have technology to build reactors which go into shut down on lack of power but they are more expensive.. So we’ll build the cheap one that goes into melt down and just keep the power on! What could go wrong?”

    “We’ll have back up power of course in case there’s a tsunami. Hmm.. It’s a real pain refuling the back-up generators so far in land – we’ll make great savings if we have them on the sea side so we can access from the sea so much more efficiently. What could go wrong? Tsunami’s never happen..”

    “So expensive to build separate storage facilities for spent fuel rods and all that transportation and safety regulation for a short distance – we’ll never get enough profit that way. Lets cut costs and put it all in one place above the reactor. What could go wrong? ”

    Essentially, it’s the accountants and banks/creditor pushing for returns who are to blame. Such potentially dangerous things really shouldn’t be in the hands of people needing to make profit. ”



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  28. There are 2000 cases of testicular cancer diagnosed each year in the UK. There are 400,000 men born in the UK every year. Therefore 0.5% of men will be diagnosed with testicular cancer. Out of a group of 5500 men that would correspond to 28 men. The risk age is 20-39. So that’s just for testicular cancer, which corresponds to about 20% of all cancers for that age group.


  29. John,

    I’m sorry but nowhere does it say that 75 crew members out of 5500 have cancer. Here are Charles Bonner’s own words

    “They have testicular cancer, they have thyroid cancers, they have leukemias, they have rectal and gynecological bleeding, a host of problems that they did not have before … people are going blind, pilots who had perfect eyesight but now have tumors on the brain. And it’s only been 3 years since they went in.”

    “rectal and gynecological bleeding” – not proof of cancer.
    “going blind” – not proof of cancer
    “host of problems that they did not have before” – this could mean anything.

    Furthermore, according to this Stars and Stripes article


    some of the plaintiffs aren’t even from the USS Ronald Reagan

    “And while many of the plaintiffs came from the Reagan, some of the sailors and Marines involved in the suit were much farther away — adding to skepticism about the motives behind the suit and reigniting a decades-long debate over the effects of low-level radiation.”

    So now we’re talking a bigger pool than 5500. How big? 10,000? 40,000? more?


  30. John, have you actually bothered to look up the demographics of the US Navy? It can be found here:


    the 18-21 cohort makes up just 18.6% of US active duty naval personnel. This is surpassed by both the 22-30 cohort (46%) and the 31-40 cohort 26.3%),so we’re not talking about a shipful of dying youngsters here. This shouldn’t come a surprise. Running a large warship requires a large amount of institutional knowledge which is only gained through lengthy training and practice..

    And the fact remains that Bonner’s pronunciations on the subject are so vague as to mean we could be looking at two cases of testicular cancer, one brain tumor,one case of thyroid cancer, two adverse reactions to oral contraceptives (vaginal bleeding) and 60 or so cases of haemorrhoids!


  31. Sure, a powerful source will fog a film badge. But the Radiation from specks of say an alpha emitting isotope will be stopped by several centimetres of air, but if the source is ingested then that’s when the damage is done.


  32. @ Me_Again….I think they actually use a process called reverse osmosis as opposed to condenser. Particles below a certain size can cross into the desalinated side of the plant.


  33. I remember not long after the “disaster”, people predicting that within WEEKS the pacific coast of the US would be uninhabitable.
    Nearly three years on, we might have 75 possibles.

    Me again
    “Pure” water is deadly to humans.
    There must be some remixing of various salts and minerals and such to make it drinkable


  34. John,
    I participate regularly in a Financial Times blog called Alphaville. Last week, one of their contributors, believed to be Japanese mentioned the energy problem there (Japan). I asked a factual question about Fukushima;the entry was ‘zapped’ in 2 seconds. I tried again with different wording, as the FT spam filter is pretty daft. A certain power plant site sounds better than F****. Zapped again! Following day, different subject; no problem. Just saying.


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