PAEDOFILE SPECIAL: After Shapps attack, BBC’s Paul Gambaccini fitted up, sorry, arrested

Paul Gambaccini, Jimmy Savile, Newscorp, Jeremy Hunt, the Met Police, Alistair McAlpine & Grant Shapps: how one BBC mistake allowed the Establishment to evade guilt

gotcha1finalgotcha3finalNow that the openly gay Paul Gambaccini has been arrested and questioned relating to charges of “past sexual offences” I think it’s time to nail some colours to the mast on this one.

I have felt for nearly a year now that – whatever one might feel about the BBC one way or the other – the attack on its alleged sexual depravity is nothing less than dirty Establishment tricks. The last time I spoke to a valued source about this was over six months ago, but the remark made at the time turns out to have been hugely prescient: Gambaccini was one of the names mentioned as being “outspoken in private” about what was really going on. (As it happens, Jeremy Paxman was another: but he’s probably far too erudite for the Met to dare having a go at.)

Gambaccini’s big mistake was to join in a Radio Five broadcast on November 12th 2012, just as the news was breaking. He made two crucial points which have since been totally ignored by the MSM….but were (it is alleged) immediately spotted by those keen to destroy the BBC. The points made by the DJ were:

1. None of the alleged offences now being use to slur the BBC took place on BBC premises, so it is difficult to see what the BBC has to apologise about.

2. Savile’s particular predilection was for mentally sub-normal minors. This is so far out of the mainstream of paedophilia as to be almost homeoaepathic in its incidence. If you read the data (which pols and hacks never do) you will see that over 80% of all recorded cases take place entirely within private families. Surely there is more of a case for damning the mental care sector rather than the BBC in the Savile case…and a strong case for the cops to follow up domestic incidence rather than just looking away. There’s a relevant reason for the last observation: Savile I am now convinced was abused by his father as a minor. Join up the dots.

Paul Gambiccini has been fitted up here, and there’s a reasonable chance that, at long last, some of the less rabidly Conservative-supporting press might actually get off the celebrity phone line and look into it. Rather than mumbling complete denials and then walking off, Paul has already had this to say:

“On Monday night, 28 October, I attended an excellent production of the Kander and Ebb musical, the Scottsboro Boys, at the Young Vic theatre. It concerned a group of black men in Alabama in the 1930s who were falsely accused of sexual offences. Within hours, I was arrested by Operation Yewtree. Nothing had changed, except this time there was no music.”

Perhaps Plod has chosen a bridge too far this time. The Gay Community, for example, will be all over this incident like a rash. But what we have to do here is look at a straightforward sequence of events going back to the accusations made against Lord McAlpine, then at what happened immediately before that….and since. Case histories tend to be long and bitter, but public memories are short and sweet. Somebody somewhere high up in the Met Police and the Conservative Party is gambling on that always being the case.

On 2nd November 2012, McAlpine was mistakenly implicated in the North Wales child abuse scandal, after the BBC Newsnight TV programme accused an unnamed “senior Conservative” of abuse. McAlpine was widely rumoured on Twitter and other social media to be the person in question. The damage was caused in part by the publication on Twitter of material which linked him to the unidentified individual mentioned in the broadcast.  Lord McAlpine was entitled to have his reputation restored. But he chose to sue the BBC, not Twitter…even though he then made great play of successfully suing prominent Labour supporter and Speaker’s wife Sally Bercow about her actions on Twitter.

McAlpine duly got a grovelling apology from the BBC on 10 November 2012. In addition, he was entitled to substantial damages to compensate him for the damage to his reputation, his distress at the accusation and to provide him with “vindication”.  The BBC agreed to pay him £185,000 – a sum which a legal/media specialist website at the time described as “well in excess of the ‘going rate’ that would be awarded by a court”. But this wasn’t enough for Chemical Ali: he pursued ITV “for £500,000″, and claimed he would bring claims against “10,000 Twitter users“.

Looking at the ITV/Twitter and of this:

1. His claim that viewers could see his name on the list handed to David Cameron by Philip Schofield on an ITV Breakfast programme was nothing short of risible, and legal opinion I consulted at the time told me, “It is ridiculous to suggest that any viewer beyond Superman could see Alistair’s name on the list….there really is no case to answer here”. This was from my own in-house freebie legal advisor; he has never been wrong in three years of working with him.

2. McAlpine’s claim for damages against half a million Twitter users was silly and impractical, and in the end came to naught…but not before some mugs had coughed up money to McAlpine’s solicitor Reid, whose threats quite clearly defied every rule given by the Law Society in such cases. His Lordship did, however, win against Bercow, a result another legal contact (a judge, as it happens) called “a potion of ineptitude and incompetence accompanied by a strong odour of interference”. Almost the entire population of left-wing tweeters nevertheless headed for the hills, leaving a trail of erasure behind them.

My opinion – and that’s all it is – would be that this was a turning point for members of the Conservative Party’s Sh*t wing. At was a moment when they finally became convinced they could get away with anything. For example, given an open opportunity to confess to how the BBC’s mistake had occurred, Lord McAlpine answered on Radio 4, “I’ve really no idea…well, I have some idea, but I don’t want to go into that”.

jimmac  It’s not hard to see why Alistair didn’t want to, one could suggest: the gentleman to your left there is McAlpine’s distant cousin Jimmy, a man whose infamy when it comes to child sodomy was and is well known in both Wrexham and Chester. At the time, I rang the Beeb twice begging them not to run with the Newsnight piece, because the mistake was obvious to anyone closely acquainted with the case. But that’s the dark side of the BBC, I’m afraid: once the liberal morons get the scent in the nostrils, there’s no dissuading them.


Let’s stay with the timeline. In September and October 2012, almost a year after his death, claims were widely publicised that Jimmy Savile had committed sexual abuse, his alleged victims ranging from prepubescent girls and boys to adults. By 11 October 2012 allegations had been made to 13 British police forces, and this led to the setting-up of inquiries into practices at the BBC and within the National Health Service. (You will note that nowt, zilch and diddly-squat has emerged from the NHS ‘enquiries’. But then, the NHS isn’t an allegedly hostile broadcaster, merely a victim).

Unlike Gambaccini, Savile’s mistake was to be dead. His other problem, I feel on balance, was that he was almost certainly guilty of at least some of the things of which he was accused.The point is, he was a large and famous target. As for the ‘wide publication’ of claims against him, an ITV documentary, Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile, researched and presented by Mark Williams Thomas, a police investigator on the 2001 Jonathan King child-sex prosecution, was broadcast on 3 October 2012. ITV is, of course, a competitor of the BBC. But anyway, following the broadcast of the ITV documentary, the real rush began, as hundreds of self-assigned ‘victims’ came forward to make allegations.

Many bloggers (most notably Anna Raccoon) have since used extremely well-researched posts to prove beyond much doubt that a huge proportion of these latter claimants were what the cops are wont to call ‘bounty hunters’. But curiously enough, this wasn’t the way the UK press pack played it.

Equally odd is that they didn’t at first want to know about it. Miles Goslett was the first journalist to air allegations of child abuse involving Savile in a piece for The Oldie magazine in February 2012. All seven Fleet Street majors rebuffed his story.

But back then, the landscape wasn’t what it had become by October of that year. Barely a month after the Goslett piece, Rebekah Brooks was arrested on charges of conspiracy to pervert Justice. Then during April, James Murdoch gave some damning testimony about Jeremy Hunt, QC Peter Jay at one point asserting, ““It’s pretty clear you were receiving information on the lines the UK government on the whole would be supportive of News Corp.” Murdoch Jr then admitted Hunt had told him he “personally had no issues” with the bid, an entirely improper thing for a Minister of the Crown to admit to a senior executive involved in a takeover under his personal review.

In May, I reported how Plod was now going into overdrive on Hackgate. Murdoch was clearly feeling cornered, and shareholders in the US were beginning to question whether Big M’s family were the fit and proper sort. Finally, on 31st May Andy Coulson was arrested, and the link between Newscorp and the Prime Minister was thus made even more obvious.

Rupert Murdoch had already lost the News of the World and the BSkyB bid. Now he saw his political influence close to the point of extinction. Things were looking very dark indeed for two organisations that had been (and still were) corruptly involved with one another: Newscorp and the Conservative Party. By 12th June, Cameron had to defend Hunt against widespread MP outcry on the BSkyB issue, with their Coalition LibDem allies withdrawing their support from the Culture Secretary. Cameron himself was branded a liar for persistently evading questions about his Boxing Day lunch the previous year with senior Newscorp executives.

But in many ways, things were looking even worse for the senior bods in the Metropolitan Police. By mid 2012, so many Met Officers had obvious links to Newscorp, it was blatantly clear that at the very least there was a conflict of interest involved.

Andy Hayman – A former Chief Constable of Norfolk Constabulary and Assistant Commissioner for Specialist Operations at London’s Metropolitan Police, resigned in December 2007 following allegations about expense claims and alleged improper conduct with a female member of the Independent Police Complaints Commission. During Operation Caryatid, the investigation into the interception of phone messages at Clarence House by journalists from the News of the World, the officer in charge of the investigation reported to Andy Hayman.  Hayman told the Home Affairs Select Committee in July 2011 that he had met with News International executives during the investigation, something he considered as not unusual as it would have been odd if he had cancelled the dinner. Andy Hayman went on to work for News International as a columnist for The Times.

John Yates – A former Assistant Commissioner in the London Metropolitan Police Service, resigned in July 2011 over criticism of a July 2009 review of Operation Caryatid, in which he decided in one 8 hour sessions that there was no fresh material that could lead to convictions. Yates received further criticism when it was revealed that he, Sir Ian Blair, Andy Hayman, and Paul Stephenson had attended a number of meals with representative from various News International newspaper titles around the time of the review.
Then, in May 2012 a report into phone hacking by the House of Commons select committee found that John Yates and Keri Starmer were culpable for failing to properly investigate evidence of phone hacking when it was first brought to their attention during the Operation Caryatid investigation.
Paul Stephenson – The former Metropolitan Police Commissioner, resigned after questions were asked about his relationship with former News International journalist Neil Wallis, who was arrested in July 2011 as part of Operation Weeting. It was revealed that Paul Stephenson had met or dined with Neil Wallis on eight separate occasions between 2006 and 2010, more than any senior executive or journalist on any other newspapers, and that he had accepted £12,000-worth of hospitality at a health spa. Stephenson later resigned.
On 28th September 2012, the Guardian trailed the ITV documentary about Savile of which I made mention earlier. On 9th October 2012, the Telegraph ran a piece saying ‘Police are investigating claims that Jimmy Savile abused young women on a national scale over a 50 year period’. By the end of the sordid revelations, the police were claiming that Savile ‘had groomed a nation’….and Newscorp took that opportunity to run the line word for word on both its Sun and Times front pages the next day….the only time this has ever happened.
A rash of Tory MPs immediately started asking aggressive questions to both a delighted Prime Minister and reporters elsewhere. By 23rd October, Daily Telegraph columnist Cristina Odone couldn’t resist triumphalism as she wrote ‘The Beeb gloated over Hackgate. It’s trembling now’ as the headline to her piece, which continued, ‘its DG, George Entwistle, is being grilled by the Culture and Media Commons Select Committee, about the corporation’s handling of the Jimmy Savile scandal. The last time the Committee was under the spotlight was during Hackgate, when Rupert Murdoch and his son came under fire for the telephone hacking and bribery carried out by their NewsCorp employees…’
Interesting connection made: job done. Odone concluded, ‘Only if the Corporation truly cleans out its filthy stables will we, the public, forgive it.’ So then, not exactly sitting on the fence as she noted how the stable door was closed, but inside she was sure it was filthy. Columnists of the Right like Odone hate the BBC: those trying to distract attention from the Newscorp-Tory-Bent copper axis were thus pushing at an open door. Probably to the stables.
Here we have three major institutional players, all in deep poo. And bubbling under the Newscorp sleaze was a recurring story alleging a penchant for paedophilia in the Conservative Party. Prominent among these were accusations against two former Cabinet Minister associates of Margaret Thatcher. The Met, Newscorp and the Tory seniors had both a proven means – and obvious motive – to shift attention away from them and towards the BBC.
One or two of the more street-wise BBC management I suspect saw this for what it was….and very probably the Newsnight fiasco was at least in part their attempt to fight back. But the BBC team made a fatal mistake in misidentifying  the accused. Speaking on the phone from my home in Devon at the time to a former Sunday newspaper editor close to the saga, I was not surprised to hear him remark, “The bloody Beeb have f**ked it up for the rest of us”. As indeed they had.
It was time for the student of Machiavelli and master tactician Alistair McAlpine to make the most of the opportunity thrown unexpectedly at his feet. I have written elsewhere (and never received so much as a warning, let alone a writ) about the truly remarkable way in which Alistair McAlpine, in the weeks that followed, played the public and the press with a skill few have ever matched….in precisely the manner her had written about in an earlier book. But be the time my piece (and others of a similar nature) had run, it was as a whisper in the face of a hurricane. The game was over: the BBC had lost, and the guilty had won.
The ridiculous charade of then arresting sad old gits like Stuart Hall, Freddie Starr et al has retained a spotlight firmly on the BBC – even though Starr only rarely worked for the Corporation. Hall strenuously denied the one charge against him of molesting a nine year-old girl, but eventually caved in…after which every single report used a Stepford-wife consistency of words, “some of whom were as young as nine”. Stuart Hall did not molest that girl: he cut a deal, because he had no choice.
But Paul Gambaccini is made of sterner stuff. And we have yet to get at the truth about the Max Clifford arrest, which the publicist pointedly shrugs of the charges to this day by observing “Obviously I am totally innocent of these charges, from seven anonymous ladies.”
This could yet explode like a bomb in an Islamist’s contorted face. I sincerely hope so. Meanwhile, compare and contrast progress on this Operation (Yewtree) with that being overseen by London Mayor and Murdoch ally Boris Johnson on the goings on at Elm House (Fernbridge).
Thus far, we  have established that Cyril Smith attended this paedophile brothel, but then he fits the usual id perfectly as being a LibDem and dead. A couple of minor players who ran the place have been arrested. A list exists alleging that former Cabinet Ministers, Royal Equerries and other notables were regulars. The abuse which quite obviously took place there involved not only MPs, but also the overtly corrupt Tory Richmond Council, who supplied the traumatised flesh for the delectation of the sexually psychotic.
It is clearly a massive and toxic scandal, because the most widely accused player leads directly back to the Tory Party in general, and the Camerlot Cabinet in particular. Well, Mayor Johnson has, after almost a year of investigations, fresh leads, imminent arrests, and spin, declared himself “very satisfied” with progress on the case. Which from his perspective makes entire sense, as there hasn’t been any.
Meanwhile the latest Top Tory to pile into the BBC is…..Grant Shapps. Stay tuned for more on this tow-rag later.
The entire saga looks and feels manipulated to me. Time for some journalists to start earning their money for a change. Time for Tom Watson to start marshalling his forces.
Postscript, 2016: All charges were dropped against Paul Gambaccini, whom I met several times to offer help. His post-trauma party was a hoot. Grant Shapps left his Tory Party post in disgrace. Tom Watson backed off any further enquiries. Mark Williams-Thomas remains at large, confusing the issues in his standard manner. The BBC remains under sustained attack, and has been invaded by friends at top Conservatives at all levels. Rebekah Brooks returned as CEO of News International. Rupert Murdoch married Jerry Hall. And the Daniel Morgan cover-up continues.

Related to this tale: Full details of Hackgate are contained at The Slog’s dedicated page here.

The complete depth of dirt on Jeremy Hunt can be viewed at Hunt Balls.



28 thoughts on “PAEDOFILE SPECIAL: After Shapps attack, BBC’s Paul Gambaccini fitted up, sorry, arrested

  1. Becky’s finally in the dock (sort of)…time for Rupe’s troops to fire up the distract-o-matic and churn some filth they can puke in front of the masses while they all work the deals


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  3. >>McAlpine’s claim for damages against half a
    >>million Twitter users was silly and impractical,

    Isn’t that the whole point of libel laws?

    Every initial libel claim is “silly and impractical” – its called an ‘opening gambit’, or perhaps a ‘shot across the bows’.


  4. As you suggest, there are many dots to join here. However there’s one dot in your constellation that just doesn’t exist — the suggestion that Jimmy Savile must have been abused by his father to therefore become an abuser. This notion is largely a myth. Only between 17%*-33%** of convicted child sex abusers were themselves abused as children (*FBI report, **Australian Institute of Criminology). In other words, the vast majority of pervy perps are acting entirely out of their own psychopathic tendencies, never having suffered the cruelties themselves when in their vulnerable youth. Sadly, many sex offenders (note, only when they’re caught — and there’s evidence that amongst their rings they coach each other on this) start yelping ‘but I was a victim too!’ in the usual petty game of ‘Look Not My Fault, Feel Sorry For Me, It’s Someone Else’s Fault Really’ that psychopaths are always playing on humans. Believe this old load of rubbish, and you’re also putting the victims of paedophiles very unfairly into the category of ‘probable present/future sex offenders’. That’s just wrong.


  5. Holly
    With all respect, in market research circles, if the median is (say) 25%, we would call that a clear correlation, not a myth. For instance, there is no correlation at all between murder and parental influence, nor is there one between parental behaviour and infidelity – which is interesting.
    Having said that, the weedling ways of psychopaths are well known to me. I’ve only met three in my life, but it was three too many. The point you make is a good one.
    For a Government study, I did once interview five further psychos – none of whom were paedophiles, but all of whom betrayed the same hallmark signs of infinite self-pity coupled with superiority megalomania. The latter of these was always their downfall, which is funny when you think about it: they all thought they were more clever than the law, yet they were at the time all banged up for life.
    I would say based on that fairly meagre experience that two senior Conservatives and one Labour Shadow Minister show very clear psychopathic tendencies. But were I to name them, the law as it stands would have ME banged up for a long time, a prospect I’m not wild about.


  6. I think with the benefit of hindsight and having now read the Solicitor rules of conduct (SRA) McAlpine’s solicitor probably realises that those threats were not going anywhere if he pursued them and would have damaged any remaining credibility he had. The whole thing with their website inviting tweeters to settle was threatening to derail the whole action and turn into a scandal similar to the file sharing speculative invoicing cases.

    Although the wrong outcome was clearly reached in the Sally Bercow case, the amount he settled for was far lower than the figures apparently being demanded early on. Hopefully that change in their position was brought about because they realised that the libel actions, in terms of amount of damages and who they pursued had the potential to blow up in their faces. I still think Carter Ruck completely screwed up the case.

    Anyway to address the point, how someone first approaches a libel claim is very important and is one of credibility. If they conduct in scattergun tactics and demanding huge unrecoverable sums, nowadays they will be shot down in flames by anyone to understands libel law – and their own regulator.


  7. John did the BBC run the program which started this process regardless, to think that within the year & in history these things tends to last much longer the matter was shut.
    Infiltration of all our institutions has been going on for some years now & they know the game is coming to a end & therefore swinging to the right has fast has possible
    They have only one weakness,what if there is no revolution no civil resistance all this money preparing,they will have to start there own,but they are being watched,then they will be shutdown & i keep saying they are there own worst enemy


  8. Ah, you seem to have neglected to mention that, the story about Mcalpine was not run by the BBC rather, collated and presented to the BBC by an outside media group that just so happened to have Bercow’s hubbie as a major shareholder. As for Savile, to the best of my knowledge the police now believe that the number of victims runs into 4 figures and the idea that there’s a huge pile on of “me to”, is tad disingenuous towards the world class psychopath that was Savile. It is also typical of psychopathic behaviour that, on their death, they leave a trail of destruction in their wake as part of the mental affliction that is psychopathic behaviour, is to also believe that, the world simply isn’t fit to survive their passing ergo, any fall out post their death, is perfectly fair game.

    As for Gambaccini, there is an assumption that, he’s been arrested for some sort of sexual offense, it could be he has been arrested and questioned under caution to circumvent certain attempted fixes by the establishment it could well end up that, Gambaccini is “suspected” or has been accused of some offense that they find no evidence to support a prosecution and yet,, under questioning, he provides some salient information about other investigations. Given what I and everyone else in the music biz had heard about the likes of Savile and few others, many were very surprised that Gambaccini was not questioned under caution within weeks of the Savile revelations becoming public. Not because Gambaccini had done anything wrong rather, he was there, he heard it all. To be a gay celebrity in the 60s and 70s meant that you were made aware of just who to avoid, on a social level and given the details of just why. To that extent, Gambaccini has effectively become a historical default spokesperson for that community.


  9. My feeling has always been that Fleet Street were sitting on the Savile stuff and only started publicising it as a desperate distraction ploy from the allegations of hacking and corruption they were facing. While there is no doubt there has been a lot of throwing to the wolves going on – and I am sure people in higher places have indeed so far escaped justice – my hunch is that the allegations against the people you mention are serious and credible (although of course whether they are actually innocent or guilty remains to be seen). Celebrities have too much money and support for the police to risk deliberately fitting up.
    There is a campaign against the BBC going on in the newspapers – but I think that has more to do with their falling circulations and a certain amount of panic. They don’t realise that that kind of thing really turns off readers, so no wonder their circulations are falling.


  10. isn’t it the same British Police who have arrested Gambaccini on certain charges that have chosen not to arrest Grant Shapps on what they consider to be issues of ‘fraud’? Something odd here! Who’s behind this I wonder?


  11. SD23
    ” there is an assumption that, he’s been arrested for some sort of sexual offense”.
    There is no assumption: the Met Police have made it quite clear in their statements that this is the case.


  12. As JW observes, there is no news coming out of the investigation into Savile’s involvement with the NHS. I presume that this is in order to hide who gave Savile the authority to intimidate medical staff in Broadmoor and elsewhere.


  13. It seems that Edwina Currie is in the picture. She though ‘outed’ Tebbit for appointing Morrison as Deputy Chairman of the Tories while knowing of Morrison’s predilection for boys. Tebbit denies this. Was Currie responsible? Was she persuaded by someone else, presumably, more senior in the Cabinet?

    Also let’s not forget that Savile was a friend of Charles Windsor.


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  15. Saville had a particularly odd relationship with his mother so it may not have been his father and someone told me years ago that when Saville heard of his elderly mother’s death he visited the body in the morgue, and so the story I was told, that the body had been disturbed. Read into that what you will.

    The public focus is being skilfully directed only at Saville’s celebrity friends at the BBC but not his Royal or Political friends. The police friends have come under some scrutiny but many of these will be safely dead as they were of Saville’s age or older. In some ways Saville is the ideal red herring as titillation of Britain’s moral prudery can be given full vent while at the same time getting all the gory details.

    My guess is the collective attitude was, so what if the dirty old perv is having his way with a few 16 year olds and maybe one or two younger, he has the ear of the Royals or the blessed Margaret. Never mind the police, the security service must have done reports on the man in graphic detail, no one cared he had a get out of jail free card. The security report on Saville will be shredded to bits.

    Whereas Shapps would have been sent off to the drawing room with a loaded revolver and a bottle of whisky he now will be bumped quietly up stairs, but this shows how the spivs are pulling the levers of power.


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  17. I recall David Cameron remarked that this whole idiocy would become a witch-hunt against gay people.

    Interersting to see the “gay brothel” that Exaro reported Cyril Smith attending has now been morphed into a “paedophile brothel”. Constructing facts to suit yourself? Or are you just ensuring you don’t get screwed for fomenting Hate Crime somewhere down the line?


  18. You need to take your foot off the paranoia pedal chum, and read the history more thoroughly.
    There seems very little doubt that in its infancy (if you’ll pardon the expression) Elm House was your everyday gay brothel. But then it got invaded by those with a taste for the tight orifice based on tender age rather than back-bottom entry.
    There is ample evidence to support this if you just wish to look.
    One other thing: please don’t accuse based on ignorance. Otherwise I’m going to wonder if you might be a paid troll.


  19. I must admit that the more i delve into the ”saville charade” the clearer it becomes that the tories, their friends in the media and the plod have much to hide …if only we had people in the know who would come out and name names that were really relevant to this truly shocking cover up


  20. Already been in some discussion here so I know a little about it.
    about Elm House.and there seems little suggestion it was a “paedophile brothel”. Does such a thing even exist outside of your imagination I wonder. It was most certainly classed as a “disorderly house” but all the newspaper headlines of the day relate to it’s homosexual linkages as the real “scandal”

    This article:
    seems fairly comprehensive. The place had it’s “infancy” in the “late 1970’s” and by 1982 was under surveillance by the notoriously intolerant Special Patrol Group of the Met – and then it was busted so there was little or no time for it to change to suit your story. Carole Kasir had two children, they were both taken into care as a result of the scandal. It’s hard to reconcile your notions with a woman whose own children lived in this same house and where were all the powerful people to help her out? Given that she must have had all the info on them if any of the tales now being touted were even vaguely true?.


  21. Senator Stuart Syvret the whistleblower of Haut de la garenne child abuse has been sentanced to 3 months jail on data protection offences. He refused to take down blog posts accusing 4 men of criminal offences.

    Emma Martins brought the case – the 4 men have not brought a libel case against Stuart Syvret. Emma Martins has used funding from a mysterious source to fund the case. She is refusing to say where that money has come from.


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